Priviledged Functions
OP Only Functions
Functions - Caps are only for emphasis.

/join - Announce your arrival and be greeted by the channel bot.

/part message - Announce your departure with your default message or an optional specified message.

/partb - Suppresses your default part message.

/quit message - Announce your departure from IRC with your default message or an optional specified message. (Useful for computer crashes, etc.)

/quitb - Suppresses your default quit message.

/nick nick - Change your handle.

/henshin nick - Just like /nick, but more shiny.

/me message - Do an IRC style action.

/away message - Do an IRC style away: message, also sets you away in the user list.

/back - Clear your away status and announce your return.

/look person - Look at someone and see their description. You must type the full handle name.

/info person - Prints out the background info of a character. You must type the full handle name. (Thanks, Nate. ^_^)

/coin - Flip a coin.

/roll {number of dice}d{sides}+/-{modifier} - Roll some dice with an optional adjustment to the total. Defaults to 1d20 if nothing is specified. Limits are 20 dice at 1000 sides.
Ex: /roll 3d4+3 OR /roll 6d6 OR /roll 1d20-4

/logsize - Check the size of the chatlog.

/textmode me | ooc | tele | sing | love | angst | plain - Set your handle to use the selected function in place of normal text, or plain to return to normal text. All other functions work as normal. Changing this will affect that handle in all channels until that handle uses the /join, /part, or /quit command. The /nick and /henshin commands will copy an existing textmode to the new handle. (Thanks, Nate. ^_^)

/plain message - Make plain text when you have a textmode set.

/ooc message - Speak out of character.
(( Blah blah, Real Life, blah blah. ))

/tele message - Telecommunications: Television, Telephone, Telepathy, etc.
Sirs, I think you should come down and take a look.

/sing message - Warble out those sweet tunes.
Frank's 2000 inch TV~

/love message - Express the squishier emotions.
OMG, I luv U! ^_^

/angst message - Speak darkly.
You people and your happy emotions. -_-;

/shout message - Speak loudly. Please, don't abuse it~ (Thanks, Nate. ^_^)
- I R Shouting! -

/spoiler message|subject - Hide your text behind the black with an optional subject of spoilage.
[SPOILER for Empire Strikes Back] No Luke, *I* am your father.

/quote message|source - Spout those classic lines with an optional credit.
“ KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! ” —Admiral James T. Kirk



::heart -> ♡
::music -> ♫
::ae -> æ
::AE -> Æ
::oe -> œ
::OE -> Œ
::tm -> TM
::shiftyeyes -> ¬_¬
::ismile -> v‾v
::cat -> =^_^=
::icat -> =v‾v=
::caramell -> p^_^p q^_^q
::dansen -> q^_^q p^_^p
::redrose -> @}-,-'--
::orangerose -> @}-,-'--
::yellowrose -> @}-,-'--
::bluerose -> @}-,-'--
::purplerose -> @}-,-'--
::pinkrose -> @}-,-'--
::whiterose -> @}-,-'--
::redtulip -> ------
::yellowtulip -> ------
::whitetulip -> ------
::pinktulip -> ------
::purpletulip -> ------



Topic Log: Click the blue button by the topic to see older topics.

Handle Finder: Registered users will find a list of their handles by clicking the up arrow next to the 'nick' field.

Tabs: Use the red, green and blue tabs to run multiple characters at once. Quick switch between tabs by entering !1 !2 or !3

Menu: Login, Logout and access your account here. Also set the channel password (if applicable).


Priviledged functions - Caps are only for emphasis.

/topic message - Set the channel topic.

/kill nick - Remove a name or names from the nick list.

/setpass password - Set the channel password (if applicable).

/clearpass - Clear the channel password (if applicable).


OP Only functions - Caps are only for emphasis.

/op message - Make an announcement or show that you are enforcing the rules.

/ban nick - Ban a guest using the last IP address they posted from.