Ship's Log, Eh.. One.

You may be wondering just what the smeg is going on here. If you've never seen Red Dwarf, we suggest you search it out and give it a watch. However, you're welcome to follow along anyway as it's not entirely critical to this particular story.

Our purpose is to be a friendly and inviting community in the form of a roleplaying chat. Original characters as well as pre-existing characters from any sort of media are equally welcome, so long as no one is already playing them. Everyone is welcome to establish casual storylines and character quirks as well as more serious story arcs as they see fit (within the guidelines established by the rules).

Our setting is the mining ship Red Dwarf, of its namesake television series. Currently in lunar orbit in the present day of the real world. The Universe in our setting is not the Universe of the Red Dwarf television series, but rather a parallel Universe where many continuities collide. Particularly heavily represented are elements from Star Trek and the various incarnations of Sailor Moon as well as minor elements from other sources. The crew of Red Dwarf are not native to this gestalt Universe, but stumbled into it sometime after the events at the end of the television series. The ship is native, however, and thus shares some technology with that of Star Trek. It should be noted though, that being built by the lowest bidder, and due to the cutbacks by the JMC, it is every bit as shabby as the one depicted in the television series. The events that led the crew to this Universe and this time frame have been recounted at various times elsewhere and would take too long to go into here.