[23:20] >>> Tuesday Dec 20 2011 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[23:20] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] I wonder why she's never brought home any of those jelly beans.. :/
[23:20] > Daisy (robe) gives Izumi another one
[23:20] > :3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit) NOMS!~ :3
[23:21] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Chocolate. :3
[23:22] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice.
[23:22] [Daisy (robe)] what do you do?
[23:22] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Me-nya?
[23:24] [Daisy (robe)] yeah!
[23:25] > Whisper steals a jellybean from izumi
[23:25] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Go to school, play video games, hang out with Logan. :3
[23:25] > :3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit) glares at the owl.
[23:27] [Daisy (robe)] where do you go to school?
[23:28] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] It's a private school in Crystal Tokyo.
[23:29] [Daisy (robe)] oh! my mama and papa lives in crystal tokyo
[23:31] [Daisy (robe)] and my sisters and brothers too
[23:32] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] My mama does part of the time. Sometimes she stays at your school.
[23:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Crystal Tokyo a nice place to be?
[23:33] [Daisy (robe)] it's biiiiiiiig
[23:33] [Daisy (robe)] and briiiight!
[23:33] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Yeah-nya. :3 It's pretty and clean and mama says it's a really safe place to live.
[23:34] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awesome.
[23:36] [Daisy (robe)] and the queen is really nice!
[23:37] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Have you met her? :O
[23:37] [Daisy (robe)] only seen her on the TV!
[23:39] > :3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit) nod-nods. "Me too."
[23:41] [Daisy (robe)] to be honest I shouldn't be here >.>
[23:41] [Daisy (robe)] I snuck out <.<
[23:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Uh oh. Hope you can get back without getting caught.
[23:43] [Daisy (robe)] mama doesn't like me traveling here too much
[23:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Too dangerous?
[23:46] [Daisy (robe)] says I'm too young
[23:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ah.
[23:51] [Daisy (robe)] so sometimes I sneak out!
[23:55] > :3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit) yawns.
[23:55] [Daisy (robe)] tired?
[23:57] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Yeah-nya. I'm going shopping with Logan tomorrow, I dunno how early he wants to go.
[23:59] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Thanks for the jellybeans. :3
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Dec 21 2011 <<<
[00:00] [Daisy (robe)] okies..I should go too
[00:00] [Daisy (robe)] no problem! you stop at my place sometime!
[00:00] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] Maybe I'll bring Logan too~ :3
[00:01] [:3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit)] See ya-nya~ Night, David-san~
[00:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Take care, you two.
[00:01] <-- :3 Nekonata Ɛ: (Santa Outfit) [Neko-neko@moe.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (*yawn*)
[00:01] <-- Daisy (robe) [DragonGrl@hogwarts.edu] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:01] <-- Whisper has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And now it's just me.
[00:11] > Miara wanders down the hall again, drinking some juice
[00:11] [Miara] You're still here?
[00:13] [Kadran] snoooow
[00:14] > Kadran (future) is sitting on the ceiling..again
[00:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey.
[00:15] [Miara] 'Dran!
[00:15] [Miara] Snow's cold D:
[00:15] [Kadran (future)] Miara :3
[00:15] [Kadran (future)] I just came from a snowy place
[00:15] > Kadran (future) flips down and lands next to Miara
[00:16] [Kadran (future)] never know cold till you've been on Tarlis
[00:16] [Miara] Nooo go away, I spent hours getting warm again :/
[00:17] > Miara shifts a cushion over
[00:17] > Kadran (future) laughs and pretends to try and hug her
[00:19] [Miara] heeeelp
[00:19] > Miara hides behind Davie
[00:20] [Kadran (future)] bringing the coooooold
[00:21] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks behind him, "Heh. Goof." :P
[00:23] > Kadran (future) tosses something towards Miara
[00:24] > Miara catches
[00:24] > Miara hops over the couch again and sits next to him
[00:25] > Kadran (future) tosses Miara a disc with a button on it
[00:26] > Kadran (future) presses the button on the disc..which envelops the area round them in a warm aura...like a warm comfy blanket of heat
[00:26] [Miara] neeeat
[00:27] [Kadran (future)] very useful :3
[00:28] [Miara] Where's Tarlis?
[00:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oooo, toasty.
[00:30] [Kadran (future)] it's in the constallation of Cassiopia
[00:30] [Kadran (future)] cold as heck
[00:30] [Kadran (future)] entire planet is made of ice
[00:30] [Miara] It is pretty?
[00:32] [Kadran (future)] no! it's dull dull dull
[00:32] [Miara] aww
[00:33] [Kadran (future)] and coooold
[00:33] > Kadran (future) presses a cold hand to miara's cheek
[00:34] > Miara shivers
[00:36] [Kadran (future)] which is why I used this
[00:36] > Kadran (future) takes the disc, puts it on his chest
[00:36] > Kadran (future) hugs miara
[00:37] > Miara hugs back tightly
[00:37] [Kadran (future)] :3 this better?
[00:39] > Miara nods
[00:41] [Kadran (future)] ya knoooow
[00:41] [Kadran (future)] they say in cold you need to have shared body heat
[00:43] [Miara] Have you been on xcheamo in winter?
[00:45] [Kadran (future)] nooope
[00:47] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Meh, better get home.)
[00:48] [Kadran (future)] what's it like?
[00:48] [Miara] It's not romantic in the slightest. You've got like 20 people in fur buried under a mountain of blankets
[00:49] [Miara] But there's lots of storytelling.
[00:50] > Miara hugs him again
[00:50] [Kadran (future)] what kind of stories :3
[00:51] [Miara] anything you can think of, traditional to made up to Terran
[00:52] [Miara] it gets really lonely here, sometimes...
[00:54] [Kadran (future)] well I can keep you some company if you want :3
[00:58] > Miara nods
[00:59] [Kadran (future)] cuz...a girl like you needs the company ^_~
[01:01] > Miara makes a face a him
[01:01] > Kadran (future) returns a face
[01:04] > Kadran (future) brushes his tail against her "I still feel cold in the tail"
[01:06] [Miara] Well...maybe we should go elsewhere, then.
[01:06] [Kadran (future)] sounds like a plan
[01:07] > Miara gets up and runs down the hall
[01:07] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (if you can catch meeee~)
[01:07] > Kadran (future) follows after her
[01:08] <-- Kadran (future) has left #reddwarfbeta (the hunt is on!)
[19:26] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:26] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[19:26] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[19:27] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) walks in, holding onto her cellphone
[19:29] --> Aratasujou has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Aratasujou
[19:29] > Aratasujou floats and skips into the room, singing happily. =^^=
[19:29] [Aratasujou] Oooo! Matsy-lady! Konichiwa!
[19:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh hi there
[19:34] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) texts something on her phone
[19:34] [Aratasujou] Hiiiiii~! What you doing?
[19:35] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] helping my brother
[19:37] [Aratasujou] Oooo? He be in trouble now?
[19:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] he's panicing
[19:39] [Aratasujou] Me go help him! Me make him not panic! :D
[19:39] > Aratasujou hops up and down several times, spinning in midair as she does so. She then stops.
[19:39] [Aratasujou] Uhhhh...where he be anyway? ^__^;;
[19:40] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] he's at the hospital with his wife
[19:42] [Aratasujou] Ahhhhhh!! Wife no get hit by car~!!! That bad! That bad!
[19:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] noooo....
[19:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she's having a child
[19:44] [Aratasujou] BABY!!!!!!! :D
[19:45] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) nods
[19:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] poor guy is panicing about it
[19:46] > Aratasujou bounces around the room, squealing with glee! :D
[19:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh
[19:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] calm down
[19:51] [Aratasujou] Wanna see baby! Wanna see baby!
[19:54] [Aratasujou] Wanna dance and sing and cook and trill and play with baby! =^^=
[19:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I don't think the baby is born yet
[19:59] [Aratasujou] Awwww. :<
[20:03] [Aratasujou] When will baby be born? Soon?
[20:10] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I don't know
[20:12] [Aratasujou] Okies! We play with new baby soon! Lots-lots fun!
[20:17] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:17] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh maybe
[20:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey.
[20:18] [Aratasujou] Konichi-wa!!!
[20:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's going on?
[20:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hm?
[20:23] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, it looked like Ara-su's excited, and was wondering what's happening.
[20:23] [Aratasujou] New baby! New baby!
[20:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh really? Who's it?
[20:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Er, whose is it?
[20:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] my brother's and my sister in law's
[20:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh cool. Any idea when the child will be born?
[20:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] nope
[20:31] [Aratasujou] Wanna see! Wanna see!
[20:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, I'm sure you do, Ara-su.
[20:37] [Aratasujou] Me likes baby! :3
[20:37] [Aratasujou] ^babies. :3
[20:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] right now it's a waiting game
[20:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gotcha. You get to be an aunt, Matsumi.
[20:49] > Aratasujou goes over to the blanket pile and starts making a little nest for the new baby (when he or she arrives that is).
[20:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anyway, how're you two doing tonight?
[20:54] [Aratasujou] Me good! Solar-kun busy though. Wants kill lots of...
[20:54] > Aratasujou looks really confused.
[20:54] [Aratasujou] Lots of...ugly little things.
[20:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What, Ara-su?
[20:57] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) is away
[20:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What do these things look like?
[20:59] [Aratasujou] Uhhmmm...small...feathers...make ugly quack-gobble sounds.
[21:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, the turduckens.
[21:07] [+David O'Cain (casual)] They're still giving him trouble?
[21:09] [Aratasujou] No-no. All Turd-ducks dead now that came from big circle-gate. But he wants kill more.
[21:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh.
[21:14] [Aratasujou] He go to Strange Place soon! Bringing lots-lots soldiers with him! And tanks!
[21:15] [Aratasujou] Things called...Preee-da-tours and Chee-mra!
[21:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Predators and Chimera?! What the hell?! O_o
[21:17] > Aratasujou nod-nods.
[21:17] [Aratasujou] He want to bring a big-BIIIIIG thing called a Ban-breed, but it too big.
[21:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] A BANEBLADE?! Is he nuts?! O_O
[21:19] [Aratasujou] It no fit! No take!
[21:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Still, sending in a tank THAT big is overkill!
[21:23] > Aratasujou shrugs cutely. "Maaaaaybe! Maaaaaaybe not! Solar no dumb."
[21:24] [Aratasujou] Turd-ducks bite! They peck hard!
[21:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Of course.
[21:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I bet they do.
[21:34] [Aratasujou] What go on in Strange Place anywho?
[21:37] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I really don't know. Something about the Delmo base being overrun by those turduckens.
[21:42] [Aratasujou] Stupid Turd-ducks.
[21:45] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[21:45] [Aratasujou] Ooo, time for beddy-bye with Kits! Wanna be there! Byes!
[21:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Bye, Ara-su.
[21:46] <-- Aratasujou has left #reddwarfbeta (NYORO~!! =^^=)
[23:08] > +David O'Cain (casual) finds himself a seat somewhere in the room
[23:10] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) summons her flute
[23:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Welcome back, Matsumi.
[23:10] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) starts to play a carol on it ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdnrHE6FP5w&feature=related
[23:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Very nice, Matsumi.
[23:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh thanks
[23:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anything new from Matsuo and Ami?
[23:28] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) looks at her phone "...just more panicing from my brother..."
[23:30] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmm. Any suggestions on how to calm him down?
[23:33] > +David O'Cain (casual) shrugs
[23:35] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] no idea
[23:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I don't know either (gets up and starts mixing himself a drink at the bar).
[23:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh I just hope it turns out alright
[23:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Same here. Maybe then he'll calm down.
[23:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hopefully
[23:57] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a sip of his drink
[00:00] >>> Thursday Dec 22 2011 <<<
[00:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] just a waiting game now
[00:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yep. Just sit around and wait.
[00:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] yuuup
[00:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] so how are you doing?
[00:16] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, doing pretty good. You?
[00:18] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh just fine..wrapped gifts up and put them under the tree today
[00:20] [Azumi Kiribayashi (casual)] Cool.
[00:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] (( God damn it! >_< ))
[00:21] <-- Azumi Kiribayashi (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Hehehe.)
[00:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What the...um, yeah. Anyway, good to hear, Matsumi.
[00:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh
[00:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] it will be a nice family christmas....
[00:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what about you?
[00:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what are you doing for christmas?
[00:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, the plan is to visit Masaki and Azumi's families. Although, truthfully, I'm not sure how well it'll work out this year. ^_^;
[00:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] your guy friend dragging you away from that?
[00:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You mean Solar? No, I don't think that's gonna happen. Masaki would be PISSED if I skipped out on Christmas.
[00:28] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] knowing her..yes
[00:30] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So heading off to Gensokyo to help him out's gonna be delayed by a week. Maybe then Masaki and Azumi can come with me.
[00:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well what's more important to you..family or duty?
[00:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] When Solar first mentioned the excursion and when he was planning on going, I had to remind him that this weekend was Christmas. I'm planning on spending Christmas with family.
[00:35] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) smiles and nods
[00:35] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] he should too
[00:36] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[00:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what a day to give birth, eh?
[00:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. Quite a special Christmas gift, don't you think?
[00:42] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] espcally for my brother
[00:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] such a lonely man
[00:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Come on, he isn't that lonely. He's got us and Ami.
[00:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh true
[00:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, I better get home. Catch you later, Matsumi.
[00:52] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] night david
[00:53] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) sits on a sofa and watches her phone
[00:53] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Night.)
[01:02] > ~Matsumi's phone receives a text message.
[01:03] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) blinks and checks her phone
[01:03] [Ami Shin] Shin Yuki, born 12:45 AM, 2.75 Kilos, 47cm ice blue hair and Matsuo's eyes. ^_^
[01:04] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) giggles and smiles
[01:04] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) texts back "congrats! Aunty Matsy will visit tomorrow."
[01:05] [Ami Shin] We'll be waiting. ^_^
[01:06] [@HOL_6000] Oi, that's odd...
[01:06] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) smiles
[01:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hm?
[01:06] > @HOL_6000 blinks up on the monitor.
[01:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what is it, Hol?
[01:06] [@HOL_6000] It's snowing. Around the whole northern hemiphere, look.
[01:07] > @HOL_6000 brings up a vid of Earth from several angles.
[01:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...that...is weird
[01:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh funny
[01:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] it snows on the day my niece Yuki is born
[01:08] [@HOL_6000] Started about 20 minutes ago.
[01:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] .....when she was born
[01:10] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ......wow that's either a huge coincidence or it's tied to her
[01:11] [@HOL_6000] Bet that'll make a few headlines. Looks like it's stopping everywhere except Tokyo now.
[01:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh Yuki..a little snow girl indeed
[01:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ready for the holidays, Hol?
[01:16] > @HOL_6000 makes a santa hat and white beard appear on his face.
[01:16] [@HOL_6000] Just call me Father Christmas. :D
[01:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh glad to hear it!
[01:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] so have any of the others been getting in the spirit of things?
[01:18] [@HOL_6000] Yeah, the skutters have been stringing up lights down on E-deck.
[01:19] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what's the other crewmembers been up to
[01:21] [@HOL_6000] Lister and Kochanski have set up and decorated some trees. Cat's been napping mostly and Rimmer's just been quoting regulations at everyone.
[01:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what else is new 9_9
[01:23] --> Isabella (nightdress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:23] [@HOL_6000] Isabella (nightdress) reporting for duty.
[01:23] [Isabella (nightdress)] good evening
[01:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh hi Isabella
[01:23] [Isabella (nightdress)] Hol....may I ask you a favor...
[01:24] [@HOL_6000] Yes?
[01:25] [Isabella (nightdress)] the lights on deck F are a little bright..can you turn them down...makes it hard to sleep ~_~
[01:26] [@HOL_6000] That's odd. They should go out two hours after ship's night.
[01:28] [Isabella (nightdress)] they were on when I got down there...
[01:28] [@HOL_6000] I'll send a skutter to check on the timers.
[01:30] [Isabella (nightdress)] thank you ^^ you are so kind
[01:30] > Isabella (nightdress) gives the screen a kiss and walks off
[01:30] <-- Isabella (nightdress) has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh
[01:35] > @HOL_6000's image blushes a little behind his beard.
[01:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh are you blushing?
[01:37] [@HOL_6000] No, no of course not. <_<
[01:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I can see it through your beeeeard
[01:40] [@HOL_6000] >_>
[01:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) just giggles
[01:43] [@HOL_6000] Oi. I'd better go make sure the skutters are doing their jobs and not goofing off like usual.
[01:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] seeya then
[01:44] <-- @HOL_6000 [Queeg@reddwarf.co.uk] has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:50] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) stretches a bit
[01:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] eh I should get home
[01:58] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (I get to visit my niece tomorrow!)
[21:17] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:17] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[21:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[21:18] > +David O'Cain (casual) gets some coffee brewing over by the bar
[21:50] > +David O'Cain (casual) pours himself a mug of coffee and then sits near a window overlooking the moon
[21:52] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[21:52] > Matsuo Shin (casual) walks in, grinning from ear to ear and hands David a (bubblegum) cigar
[21:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, hey, Matsuo.
[21:53] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes the cigar, "Heh."
[21:54] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] :D what a GREAT NIGHT
[21:55] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good news, I take it?
[21:58] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I am proud to announce the birth of Yuki Shin :D
[21:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, congrats, man!
[22:00] > Matsuo Shin (casual) looks happier then he has for awhile
[22:01] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a sip of coffee
[22:04] [Minako Kaioh] Otou-san!
[22:04] --> Minako Kaioh [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minako Kaioh
[22:04] > Minako Kaioh glomps Matsuo! ♡
[22:05] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] WHOA
[22:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, evening, Minako.
[22:06] > Matsuo Shin (casual) chuckles and returns Minako's hug
[22:06] [Minako Kaioh] I'm so happy for you! Ne ne, does it feel good?
[22:07] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh VERY good
[22:07] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] it's the funniest thing too....just after Yuki was born..it started to snow
[22:07] > Minako Kaioh gives him another squeeze before letting go.
[22:08] [Minako Kaioh] Ehehehe~ You don't say? ♡
[22:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Really? That's a bit unusual.
[22:09] [Minako Kaioh] Yeah, it -never- snows in December...
[22:09] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nevermind. ~_~
[22:10] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] all over the northern hempshire at the same time
[22:10] [Minako Kaioh] And you even planned her name ahead of time. Ohh, and she was born on the Solstice! :O
[22:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Wait a minute. All over the northern hemisphere?
[22:13] [Minako Kaioh] Well, I'm glad Ai will have another friend to grow up with. Maybe Mako-chan won't be too far behind there! ^.^ Or even Artemis and Luna!
[22:15] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh..well I hear Setsuna might be next
[22:15] [Minako Kaioh] The ENTIRE hemi..hemiph.. hema.. thing???
[22:16] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] yes apparently
[22:16] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] it even snowed in death valley in the US
[22:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Wow. Now THAT'S really unusual. That place is practically a desert.
[22:18] [Minako Kaioh] Wow... you must have a special little girl.. I'm kind of sad nothing special happened like that when mine was born.. :(
[22:18] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] that place is a desert, david
[22:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Probably snowed a record that will probably won't be beaten any time soon.
[22:24] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] you should see her....
[22:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] pale blue hair...has my eyes ^^
[22:25] [Minako Kaioh] Maybe for coverage.. but I don't think there was that much.. course I've been too busy to watch news.
[22:25] [Minako Kaioh] We'll come by tomorrow if you'll have us!
[22:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] of course!
[22:25] [Minako Kaioh] I'm DYING to see her but didn't want to be a pest.
[22:26] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] we'd love that
[22:26] [Minako Kaioh] I did have a lot to do with her creation, after all. ♡ ^_~
[22:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, yeah. A Merry Early Christmas to you and Ami, Matsuo, for Yuki's birth.
[22:27] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh that you did
[22:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I will admit...I was..sort of panicing through the entire thing
[22:29] [Minako Kaioh] Let me know if you ever want help with another. ♡ I promise I won't use my trick on you again unless you ask.
[22:29] [Minako Kaioh] Now... Artemis or Ivan....
[22:30] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] how about both XD
[22:30] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] and what about that raoul fellow while you're at it
[22:30] [Minako Kaioh] Mayyybeee~
[22:30] [+David O'Cain (casual)] By the way, either of you want coffee? There's a pot already made at the bar.
[22:31] [Minako Kaioh] No thank you. I'm going home shortly to go to bed, I just wanted to see Otou-san.
[22:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright, Minako.
[22:32] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] goodnight then, Minako ^^
[22:32] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] it was wonderful to see you
[22:32] <-- Minako Kaioh [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Ja! See you tomorrow!)
[22:36] > Matsuo Shin (casual) still beams with pride
[22:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Look at you all smiles. :P
[22:38] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] is there something wrong with that?
[22:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nope.
[22:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anyway, here's to Yuki and may she grow up well (drinks some more coffee).
[22:42] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh I hope so too!
[22:46] > +David O'Cain (casual) leans back against his seat
[22:48] --> Aoide [song@olympus.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Aoide
[22:49] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at Aoide
[22:49] ➣ Aoide: A short, pretty girl of indeterminate age with afro-textured ringlets, dark skin, and brown eyes, wearing an old style Greek dress. She acts like a teenager, and you may hear music or feel a burst of creativity around her.
[22:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hello.
[22:49] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm?
[22:51] > Aoide looks around a bit, humming
[22:51] [Aoide] Hello~
[22:52] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um..who are you?
[22:53] [Aoide] I'm Aoide.
[22:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice to meet you, Aoide.
[22:55] > Aoide looks at David a moment
[22:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yes?
[22:57] [Aoide] You're Davedokan, aren't you? The warrior of Quinox?? How exciting!!
[22:58] > +David O'Cain (casual) chuckles a bit ^_^;
[23:00] [Aoide] It's been so long since we've met a war hero!
[23:01] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks in surprise at this
[23:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, my actual name is David O'Cain. As for being a war hero, I don't think you're far off from that.
[23:03] [Aoide] You should tell Cora more stories so we can have her write them!
[23:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You sure? And if I may ask, where are you from?
[23:05] > Aoide giggles
[23:06] [Aoide] Olympus, of course! What a question. Why not? Is there something wrong with your stories?
[23:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Thing about is I don't know how the ancient Greeks knew about Quinox.
[23:08] > Matsuo Shin (casual) just listens
[23:09] [Aoide] No, but Cora wrote about it! Miara told her! It's such a poignant story!
[23:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oooooh, okay. I was really confused about what you were talking about. ^_^;
[23:13] [Aoide] Well, we were excited about it.
[23:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see.
[23:19] > Aoide spins around a bit before going to look out the window at the stars excitedly
[23:22] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Pretty out there, isn't it?
[23:26] [Aoide] Oh, yes! They're so hard to see from the surface anymore :<
[23:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. You'd have to go to very remote areas to get a good look at them from the surface.
[23:29] [Aoide] Even then, there's smog you all have put in the air...even on Olympus it's been deminished.
[23:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see.
[23:44] [Aoide] Oh! I should get back. Wait until I tell the others! Hee, I'm so lucky!
[23:45] [Aoide] Goodbye, Mr. Davidsir!
[23:45] <-- Aoide [song@olympus.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] See ya.
[23:47] > Matsuo Shin (casual) is back
[23:47] > Matsuo Shin (casual) walks back in with a drink
[23:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ^_^
[23:52] > Matsuo Shin (casual) drinks
[23:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Welcome back, man.
[23:55] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hey thanks
[23:55] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] actually I should probably get back home
[23:56] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I have a wife and daughter to look after ^^
[23:57] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] goodnight,david!
[23:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright, Matsuo. Take care then.
[23:57] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Friday Dec 23 2011 <<<
[00:06] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (I guess I'll head home.)
[18:30] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:30] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[18:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[18:30] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) walks in with an object wrapped up by loose clothe
[18:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...where to put it...
[18:31] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) puts the object under the tree...and starts to remove the clothe
[18:33] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) finishes and smiles...having put a small nativity set under the tree
[18:34] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] there we go ^^
[18:50] --> Isabella (dress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:50] [@HOL_6000] Isabella (dress) reporting for duty.
[18:50] > Isabella (dress) walks in and lights some candles
[18:50] [Isabella (dress)] oh! hello, miss Matsumi
[18:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hello, Isabella ^^ don't mind me
[18:51] > Isabella (dress) smiles and nods
[18:56] > Isabella (dress) walks over and adjusts the nativity but winces at touching it >_<
[18:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh!...you..probably should keep away from it
[18:56] > Isabella (dress) looks at it sadly and nods
[19:00] > Isabella (dress) walks off after lighting all the candles
[19:00] <-- Isabella (dress) has left #reddwarfbeta
[19:01] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) adjusts the nativity..making sure the three kings are in their proper place..and that the shepard is near his sheep
[19:07] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:07] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi, Matsumi.
[19:10] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh hi, david!
[19:10] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) places Mary and Jospeh in their proper place
[19:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're you?
[19:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh I'm fine
[19:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you?
[19:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Doing fine as well.
[19:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] More decorations, eh?
[19:18] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) nods
[19:21] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at the nativity scene
[19:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] It's very nice, Matsumi.
[19:45] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] yup
[19:48] > +David O'Cain (casual) smiles a little as he looks over the scene
[20:03] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) nods
[20:16] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a seat near a window
[20:17] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) just watches the tree
[20:17] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:17] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[20:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[20:17] [@Nate Detroit] Evening all.
[20:18] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] evening, Nate
[20:19] > @Nate Detroit walks to Matsumi and lifts her chin into a kiss.
[20:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Nate.
[20:19] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) returns the kiss
[20:20] [@Nate Detroit] How is everyone?
[20:21] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh I'm alright
[20:21] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) adjusts the shepard on the nativity set
[20:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm doing fine, man. How about you?
[20:21] [@Nate Detroit] Fine. Got out of work early. Getting the last of the frantic shopping ripples.
[20:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] how's the family doing?
[20:24] [@Nate Detroit] Well. I almost think Marty knows something is going on.
[20:25] [@Nate Detroit] I hope his mah's brains went along for the ride with all those other kitty traits he has..
[20:25] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) giggles
[20:25] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I visited my niece yesterday
[20:25] [@Nate Detroit] Oh yes, Matsuo and Ami? She finally burst?
[20:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] yup!
[20:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] very cute little girl
[20:28] [@Nate Detroit] Glad to hear it. Too bad the poor dear will have a birthday so close to Christmas.
[20:28] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I would think that would be neat
[20:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, maybe she'll get double the presents.
[20:29] [@Nate Detroit] You would? All your presents would lump together, and your parent's finances would be stretched too much at one time.
[20:30] [@Nate Detroit] I thought most people disliked having birthdays close to Christmas.
[20:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well I'm sure her father would love it XD....you should have seen him..grinning from ear to ear
[20:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] so proud
[20:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh yeah. He was really smiling when I saw him last night. He's really proud of becoming a father.
[20:31] [@Nate Detroit] Heh, I bet. I'm glad he's happy. Umm... can he... support a child? Like, financially?
[20:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] he gets paid pretty well
[20:32] [@Nate Detroit] More than most people can say. Especally most people with no work history prior to a long forgotten era.
[20:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] now I need to buy the little girl a present XD
[20:40] [@Nate Detroit] Somehow I don't think she'll be too picky. ^.^; I tried to keep Marty's gifts simple, though he might be getting some Nintendo plush. Hopefully he grows to like the role models I looked up to.
[20:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well hopefully so!
[20:44] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) pours herself some juice and drinks
[20:46] [@Nate Detroit] Any big plans for Christmas worth discussing?
[20:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] not really
[20:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] just a quiet christmas day
[20:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nope. Just going to visit family.
[20:50] [@Nate Detroit] Well, how exciting..
[20:50] --> Miara (catsuit) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (catsuit)
[20:51] [@Nate Detroit] ~ Well, how exciting. ~ Hello Miara.
[20:51] [Miara (catsuit)] Yo
[20:52] > Miara (catsuit) falls back onto a couch and lies there a bit
[20:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Miara.
[20:53] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hi, Miara
[20:56] [@Nate Detroit] You're looking hot. What's the occation?
[20:56] [Miara (catsuit)] What're you guys up to?
[20:56] [Miara (catsuit)] 'Sfor climing.
[20:56] [@Nate Detroit] Discussing Christmas plans, or the aparent lack thereof.
[20:56] [Miara (catsuit)] *climbing
[20:57] [Miara (catsuit)] Got any, then?
[20:59] [@Nate Detroit] Working tomorrow afternoon, spending the evening with my little family, then making things up as we go. I need to ask Kryten and Kaede if they're cooking.
[21:00] [Miara (catsuit)] Ah.
[21:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] (( bbl ))
[21:01] [Miara (catsuit)] (( later ))
[21:02] > Miara (catsuit) stretches, cracking in a few places
[21:02] [Miara (catsuit)] Hmm, better.
[21:02] [@Nate Detroit] Sounds like it.
[21:04] [Miara (catsuit)] A good climb always feels good, right?
[21:04] > Miara (catsuit) goes over for juice
[21:05] [@Nate Detroit] Heh, if you're the athletic type. I'd probably be whining about how sore I was if it was me.
[21:07] [Miara (catsuit)] I'm Lupa, good exercise feels good, like knowing you got there and accomplished something.
[21:14] [Miara (catsuit)] Want anything?
[21:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Some water, please.
[21:18] > Miara (catsuit) grabs a bottle of water and tosses it to Dave
[21:19] [Miara (catsuit)] Well, I'm gonna go change, I smell like dirt now.
[21:19] > Miara (catsuit) is away: changing~
[21:22] > +David O'Cain (casual) catches the bottle and guzzles
[21:25] > @Nate Detroit is away: Have to handle something.
[21:26] > Miara (skirt) is back
[21:27] > Miara (skirt) comes back in, toweling off her hair
[21:28] [Miara (skirt)] http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/Lupa/Miara/divine%20dolls/a3miara.jpg
[21:30] --> C Langister (Death) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, C Langister (Death)
[21:30] [C Langister (Death)] Hehehehe~
[21:30] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Konbanwaaaa~
[21:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, hey there.
[21:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And nice look, Miara.
[21:32] [Miara (skirt)] Uh..hi?
[21:32] [Miara (skirt)] Oh, thanks ^_^
[21:33] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I know the reason why the Turduckens are overrunning Gensokyo~ And also why Scorpion tanks appear at random between the Blue Lunar Army and the Scarlet Devil Army~
[21:34] [Miara (skirt)] What are you talking about?
[21:34] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] ...Turduckens
[21:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Start talking, Catri.
[21:35] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] A creature that is a turkey, duck, and chicken combined~
[21:35] [Miara (skirt)] Or any of the rest of it.
[21:35] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] ^_^
[21:36] [Miara (skirt)] Why would you want to eat that much bird meat?
[21:36] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I was doing a little bit of magical experimentation with genetics of poultry commonly consumed during the holiday season~
[21:36] [Miara (skirt)] That's like...children's food.
[21:39] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Or dog food
[21:40] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Anyways~ My experiment went exceedingly well creating a single turducken...
[21:41] [Miara (skirt)] me sits, pulling out a few markers and writing in a notebook
[21:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] But then it went haywire since your dad and everyone else is pretty much fighting them off.
[21:42] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Well i was trying to create something that replicates easily to help with world hunger~ ^_^
[21:43] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see.
[21:43] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I didn't think the duck genes would make them so ornery...
[21:44] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] But the spell to replicate them went a bit haywire due to TEWI drawing an extra symbol in my incantation circle...
[21:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Tewi?! That little s[SMEG]t! >_<
[21:45] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I just haven't told dear old Dad about my involvement >>
[21:46] > Miara (skirt) wonders if it's from overpopulation or poor food transport?
[21:46] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I made sure to leave the most ornery in Yamaxanadu's office~
[21:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] She better have a damn good reason for messing things up for you, Catri.
[21:47] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Knowing Tewi? It was just because she wanted to >\
[21:47] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I was trying to do a good thing for the hungry people in this world T_T
[21:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Any way of reversing it besides mass killing the birds?
[21:49] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] nope. I washed away the incantation circle so they won't replicate anymore.
[21:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright.
[21:51] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] She added "9 9" to my incantation circle >>
[21:51] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] 999,999,999 turduckens were produced >>
[21:52] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] about 900,000 still remain
[21:52] [Miara (skirt)] ...what're you gonna to with 'em
[21:52] [Miara (skirt)] ?
[21:53] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Feed Gensokyo's human population! :D
[21:53] [Miara (skirt)] Won't it drastically change the ecosystem if you just put them all in that little space?
[21:53] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] And also feeding the youkai XD
[21:53] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Surprisingly not....
[21:54] [Miara (skirt)] How?
[21:54] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Yuyuko has eaten about 9 million....so far...
[21:54] [Miara (skirt)] Or are you going to kill them first?
[21:54] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] We'll kill them first :D]
[21:55] [Miara (skirt)] What're you doing with the blood?
[21:55] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I take it Yuyuko was really hungry.
[21:55] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Eh? I haven't done anything with the blood...
[21:55] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Yuyuko has a black hole for a stomach, David.
[21:55] [Miara (skirt)] Can I have some?
[21:55] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] She's ALWAYS hungry
[21:56] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Sure, Miara :D
[21:56] [Miara (skirt)] You could probably start a pillow or duvet factory, too.
[21:57] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Yeah and I'll donate all the money I make to the red cross and Doctors Without Borders to help make dozens of lives better :D
[21:58] [Miara (skirt)] That's always cool.
[21:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, nice. But back to Yuyuko for a moment, did she eat them while they were still alive?
[21:58] > Miara (skirt) is away
[21:59] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) grins "nope, she was cleaning up after the lunar and scarlet devil armies."
[22:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ah, okay. Fully cooked?
[22:13] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) shrugs
[22:14] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Well, Yuyuko IS a ghost... she may not have eaten them fully cooked, though I know Mokou was happily burning many of the turduckens >> So they may have been overcooked too
[22:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh. Those girls are something, aren't they?
[22:21] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) nods
[22:21] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] But when Yukari wakes up in time for Valentine's day, I'm going to tell her alllll about the turduckens!
[22:22] [+David O'Cain (casual)] She'll be thrilled about the mess.
[22:22] --> Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masaki O'Cain (casual)
[22:22] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) walks in
[22:24] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Hi Masaki-sama! :D
[22:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Masaki.
[22:25] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I guess I'll take my leave~?
[22:26] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] hi there folks
[22:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How's one of my beauties doing?
[22:27] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] fine..got a call from papa
[22:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's up?
[22:28] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] he's looking forward to us coming
[22:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good.
[22:29] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) starts to tiptoe away, seeing as David is distracted
[22:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And where do you think you're going, Catri? :P
[22:38] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Eheh~ To give you and Masaki-sama privacy? ^_^
[22:39] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] hm?
[22:40] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) stretches
[22:40] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Eh, alright. You can go.
[22:41] > +David O'Cain (casual) goes up to Masaki and gives her a big hug ^_^
[22:41] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) returns the hug
[22:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Been getting any last minute shoppers at the store?
[22:45] <-- C Langister (Maker of Mischief) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (WHEEEE~ Home free! NO PUNISHMENT TIME)
[22:46] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] a little bit yeah
[22:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Guess they either waited too damn long or were just clueless.
[22:52] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] heh yeah really
[22:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Surely nobody tried to rob the place. That would not look good for the would-be robber.
[22:56] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] well I don't think anyone would dare rob it
[22:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Exactly. Because they would be stupid to do so.
[23:07] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] for more the one reason
[23:07] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] *then
[23:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yep.
[23:11] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] I don't think I've had someone try and rob my store since I left that one guy half dead
[23:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah, any crooks would be wary of trying ANYTHING against you.
[23:14] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) grins
[23:19] > +David O'Cain (casual) kisses Masaki
[23:19] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) returns the kiss
[23:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Quiet night here.
[23:27] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] yeah sort of dead air
[23:30] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] wonder what's up
[23:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] No idea.
[23:38] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] you want to head home?
[23:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Sure.
[23:39] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) takes David's arm
[23:40] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Nothing wrong with a quiet night at home.)
[23:41] <-- Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (nope!)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Dec 24 2011 <<<
[00:47] > @Nate Detroit changes topic to `Merry Christmas from the Red Dwarf crew!`
[11:12] --> Miara (comfy) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (comfy)
[11:12] > Miara (comfy) comes in and puts on a movie, curling up on a couch to watch
[12:31] --> Ryoga Hibiki has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ryoga Hibiki
[12:31] [Ryoga Hibiki] Hello.
[12:32] > Miara (comfy) waves
[12:32] [Ryoga Hibiki] Mind if I watch?
[12:33] [Miara (comfy)] Sure ^_^
[12:33] > Ryoga Hibiki sits on the floor and leans on Miara's couch.
[12:33] [Miara (comfy)] How're you?
[12:35] [Ryoga Hibiki] Not bad. Just waiting until later. Mako-chan is making a nice Christmas dinner for me and Ukyo.
[12:36] [Miara (comfy)] That's great.
[12:36] [Miara (comfy)] You and Ukyo are doing good?
[12:37] [Ryoga Hibiki] Really good. Thanks for sending that girl to help me pick out gifts for her.
[12:38] [Miara (comfy)] Hm?
[12:39] [Ryoga Hibiki] Oh, wait, wrong girl.. sorry. ^^;
[12:39] [Miara (comfy)] I don't remember anything like that?
[12:39] [Miara (comfy)] Heh, okay.
[12:44] [Miara (comfy)] Have you thought much about China lately, or are things better?
[12:47] [Ryoga Hibiki] No, not really. I've been trying not to wander too far from Ukyo, and help her and Mako-chan at the restaurant. Someone is advertising a construction project starting this spring, not far from her, and I applied.
[12:51] [Miara (comfy)] Oh, that sounds like good work. And I'm glad ^_^
[12:52] [Ryoga Hibiki] Yeah, about all I can do is fight and carry stuff..
[12:54] [Miara (comfy)] Maybe on the surface.
[12:54] [Miara (comfy)] But there are lots of things in there, just like Uyko sees.
[12:54] [Ryoga Hibiki] But I did make a little money helping some people chop wood and move things this fall, so I bought Ukyo some nice things. ^.^
[12:57] [Miara (comfy)] Hee~
[12:58] [Miara (comfy)] I suppose I should find something for the ARMS peoples. They celebrate.
[12:58] [Miara (comfy)] *AMRS
[12:59] [Ryoga Hibiki] Who?
[13:01] [Miara (comfy)] Uh...accidental magic revers...wizarding people I know in the UK. They're having a party tonight ^_^
[13:05] [Ryoga Hibiki] Oh. Okay. Ung.. I kind of hate magic right now..
[13:05] [Miara (comfy)] It's a different kind.
[13:09] > Miara (comfy) giggles at the movie
[13:11] [Ryoga Hibiki] What's this movie about?
[13:14] [Miara (comfy)] A Human guy raised at the north pole and he goes to NY to find is dad.
[13:14] [Miara (comfy)] It's funny ^_^
[13:17] [Ryoga Hibiki] Heh.. sounds funny. This is pretty silly.
[13:47] [Miara (comfy)] Hmm...well, I guess that's over.
[13:49] [Miara (comfy)] I better get going. Nice seeing you, Ryoga
[13:49] <-- Miara (comfy) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[13:52] [Ryoga Hibiki] Bye!
[13:53] <-- Ryoga Hibiki has left #reddwarfbeta (I should clean up..)
[19:18] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:18] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:18] > +David O'Cain (casual) walks over to the window seat, sits on his knees, and goes into a silent prayer
[19:21] --> Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masaki O'Cain (casual)
[19:21] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) walks in with two glasses of wine
[19:21] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) sits next to her husband
[19:22] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits on the window seat, and takes the glass of wine, "Hey, beautiful."
[19:23] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) smiles and raises her glass to david
[19:24] > +David O'Cain (casual) raises his glass to Masaki
[19:25] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) clicks the glass and drinks
[19:25] > +David O'Cain (casual) drinks as well
[19:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice night on Christmas Eve.
[19:27] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) just nods
[19:29] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) sips her wine and leans against David
[19:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, how're you this evening?
[19:29] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] happy
[19:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good.
[19:31] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes another sip
[19:33] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) just snuggles against david, not saying much
[19:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What kind of wine is this? It isn't bad.
[19:35] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] blackstone
[19:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Blackstone? Never heard of it.
[19:37] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] does it matter *just smiles*
[19:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I suppose not. Must be a new type.
[19:40] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) finishes her wine..and just puts her head in david's lap
[19:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Whoa. I take it work must have worn you out.
[19:42] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] no
[19:42] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] I just.....want time with you...
[19:43] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright then. Just making sure things were alright at work.
[19:46] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] tonight..no talk of work ^^
[19:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Sure.
[19:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Mind if I get up for a moment?
[19:50] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) nods and moves to let David get up
[19:51] > +David O'Cain (casual) walks over to the nativity scene and starts moving the figures around in different configurations
[19:51] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] huh? what's that thing?
[19:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] It's a nativity scene of when Jesus was born.
[19:55] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Surely you've seen one before.
[19:56] > +David O'Cain (casual) stops a moment to look it over
[19:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Care to join me over here?
[19:59] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] in front of some churches...I guess..never knew what it was all about
[19:59] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) walks over to where David is
[20:00] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] (( dinner time for me sorry ))
[20:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] (( Okay. ))
[20:00] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] (( probably bbl >.> sorry again... ))
[20:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] (( It's cool. ))
[20:42] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits down on a sofa after setting his glass of wine on the bar
[21:12] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) sits next to david
[21:13] > +David O'Cain (casual) wraps an arm around Masaki
[21:16] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) leans against David
[21:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Love you, Masaki.
[21:30] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] love you too ^^
[21:37] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Guess everyone else is relaxing elsewhere.
[21:40] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] mmm..they have their own familes to be with
[21:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's true.
[21:52] > +David O'Cain (casual) kisses Masaki on the cheek
[21:52] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) smiles
[21:57] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) lays her head against David's chest
[21:58] > +David O'Cain (casual) smiles and holds Masaki close
[22:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Shall we head home?
[22:14] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] lets ^^
[22:15] > +David O'Cain (casual) picks up Masaki into his arms
[22:16] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Always nice to be home for the holidays.)
[22:16] <-- Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (mmhm)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Dec 25 2011 <<<
[00:20] --> Isabella (nightgown) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:20] [@HOL_6000] Isabella (nightgown) reporting for duty.
[00:20] > Isabella (nightgown) walks in quietly...
[00:22] > Isabella (nightgown) lights the christmas candles
[00:22] --> Anubis Saotome (Casual) [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:22] [@HOL_6000] Anubis Saotome (Casual) reporting for duty.
[00:23] > Isabella (nightgown) gazes on the christmas tree
[00:24] > Isabella (nightgown) folds up her wings
[00:25] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] Hello Miss Isabella
[00:26] [Isabella (nightgown)] OH! *turns around*...oh mister anubis
[00:26] [Isabella (nightgown)] you startled me ^^;;;
[00:30] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] I am sorry for that. I thought you heard me coming. ^_^;;
[00:30] [Isabella (nightgown)] I was just......I couldn't sleep
[00:33] > Isabella (nightgown) smiles a bit sadly at the tree
[00:34] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] Is something wrong Miss Isabella?
[00:34] [Isabella (nightgown)] this is the first time I get to spend christmas with others....
[00:35] [Isabella (nightgown)] it's an odd feeling....
[00:35] [Isabella (nightgown)] what are you doing up?
[00:39] > Isabella (nightgown) smiles to Anubis
[00:40] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] My wife and son are finally asleep, so I thought I would let them rest and step away for a short time.
[00:41] [Isabella (nightgown)] it must be nice to have a family who you can be with ^^
[00:43] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] Sometimes, it is just as enjoyable to be with friends if you cannot be with family.
[00:44] [Isabella (nightgown)] true..and I have so many now ^^
[00:46] [Isabella (nightgown)] it's...it makes me so happy
[00:47] > Anubis Saotome (Casual) smiles to Isabella
[00:48] > Isabella (nightgown) smiles back
[00:48] [Isabella (nightgown)] I...I even did some gift shopping..well..more like I made gifts
[00:48] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] I have heard rumors of you having a boyfriend. Are they true?
[00:49] [Isabella (nightgown)] wh..what?...
[00:49] > Isabella (nightgown) blushes deeply
[00:49] [Isabella (nightgown)] ..yes >.>
[00:50] [Isabella (nightgown)] ...he works in the bay <.<
[00:51] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] Ahhh, I am glad to hear that you have a love interest. ^_^
[00:52] > Isabella (nightgown) blushes deeply
[00:53] [Isabella (nightgown)] he's...very sweet
[00:55] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] I can imagine. May I ask his name?
[00:56] [Isabella (nightgown)] ... >.> <.< Leo
[00:57] [Isabella (nightgown)] his full name is leonard
[00:58] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] Ah yes, I have met him. Nice man.
[00:58] > Isabella (nightgown) yawns a bit
[00:59] [Anubis Saotome (Casual)] You sound tired. Shall I escort you back to your quarters?
[00:59] [Isabella (nightgown)] oh my....I suppose I should get some sleep
[00:59] [Isabella (nightgown)] that would be wonderful ^^
[00:59] > Anubis Saotome (Casual) holds out his automail arm with a smile
[01:00] > Isabella (nightgown) carefully takes Anubis's arm with her gloved hand
[01:00] <-- Isabella (nightgown) has left #reddwarfbeta (thank you for this)
[01:01] <-- Anubis Saotome (Casual) [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (You are quite welcome)
[00:00] >>> Monday Dec 26 2011 <<<
[11:36] --> Pantea (jeans) [pantea@lightanddark.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:36] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Pantea (jeans)
[11:37] > Pantea (jeans) comes in with a box full of packages, and lines them up under the tree
[11:45] [Pantea (jeans)] Now hopefully people actually stop by sometime~
[11:49] > Pantea (jeans) concentrates a minute, deaging
[11:51] > Pantea (teen) is away: off to practice
[13:13] --> C Langister (Maker of Mischief) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, C Langister (Maker of Mischief)
[13:14] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) is looking at a vial of purple liquid and a flask of pink liquid
[13:14] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Hmmmm
[13:14] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I wonder...
[13:20] --> Sgt. Trajan [InstructorSergeant001@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:20] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sgt. Trajan
[13:20] --> Sgt. GJ Trajan (uniform) [Sergeant_Trajan@secrethideout.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:20] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sgt. GJ Trajan (uniform)
[13:20] [Sgt. Trajan] Just what are you doing there, little troublemaker?
[13:20] > Sgt. GJ Trajan (uniform) brings in the safety glasses "If we're going to mix those two components we'll need the-"
[13:21] > Sgt. Trajan GRIIIIIIIIIINS at his daughter.
[13:21] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) drops the glasses and makes a run for the nearest mirror portal
[13:21] > Sgt. GJ Trajan (uniform) ^
[13:22] > Sgt. Trajan tries to catch the glasses before they hit the floor!
[13:22] [Sgt. Trajan] Do tell me what's inside those flasks.
[13:22] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] ......
[13:22] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Nothing of any importance~
[13:23] <-- Sgt. GJ Trajan (uniform) [Sergeant_Trajan@secrethideout.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Oh hey, the Bunker's open! SEEYA)
[13:24] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) chucks the flasks to the floor and a horde of turducken puchuus appears as the chemicals mix'
[13:24] > Sgt. Trajan alerts the Bunker to be on the lookout for a teenaged foxgirl on the run and up to no good!
[13:24] <-- C Langister (Maker of Mischief) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (SEEYA~!)
[13:24] [Sgt. Trajan] D:
[13:26] > ~ all of the turdukchuus die in a bloody mess
[13:26] [Sgt. Trajan] Cleanse! Purge! KILL!!
[13:27] > Sgt. Trajan pulls out a flamethrower and BURNINATES!!!
[13:27] --> Sgt. FM Serbius [FM_Serbius@secrethideout.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:27] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sgt. FM Serbius
[13:27] [Sgt. FM Serbius] HEY!
[13:27] > Sgt. FM Serbius dodges the flamethrower just in time
[13:27] [Sgt. FM Serbius] What the hell are you doing Uncle Trajan?
[13:28] [Sgt. FM Serbius] And what the hell are these creatures?
[13:30] [Sgt. Trajan] Someone has committed a grave heresy, combining Turduckens and Puchuus to create an even greater abomination!
[13:30] [Sgt. Trajan] At least, that's what Serbius would call it.
[13:32] [Sgt. FM Serbius] sounds like Tewi somehow taught the turduckens how to breed with puchuus
[13:33] [Sgt. FM Serbius] Sir, I think we should eliminate the source of the problem!
[13:34] [Sgt. Trajan] And what I'm going is ensuring no trace of these things will survive here. I'm cleansing their corpses with FIRE!!! *empties another cannister of promethium on the dead Turdukchuus*
[13:34] [Sgt. Trajan] And the source of the problem is this person you call Tewi?
[13:34] > Pantea (teen) looks in from the hallway
[13:35] > Sgt. FM Serbius nods
[13:36] [Sgt. FM Serbius] Tewi lives with Princess Kaguya and Lady Eirin in Gensokyo
[13:37] [Pantea (teen)] Who're you people?
[13:37] [Sgt. FM Serbius] I'm Fiona Serbius of Unmei
[13:37] [Sgt. Trajan] Langister has been intending to send an expedition into that place to combat the source of the Turduckens, hasn't he? Serbius and I may have to join him.
[13:38] [Sgt. Trajan] I am Trajan, one of Solarchos' Instructor-Sergeants from long ago.
[13:39] [Sgt. FM Serbius] My uncle, Solarchos Langister, is a regular visitor here
[13:39] > Sgt. Trajan looks at Pantea
[13:39] ➣ Pantea: A short woman with black hair, gray eyes, slightly dark skin, and a pair of sleek sunglasses somewhere on her person. She usually is not in her green and gray catsuit. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/characters/Pantea/golddress.jpg
[13:41] [Pantea (teen)] So you're with that group
[13:41] > Sgt. FM Serbius nods
[13:42] [Sgt. Trajan] And what group might that be?
[13:46] [Sgt. Trajan] I am a Dark Angel. One of the original from back when it was known as the First Legion. My daughter is of our successor - the Ghost Foxes.
[13:47] [Sgt. Trajan] Excuse me. I must prepare for the coming conflict. I'm sure my former novitiate will not be pleased with this news.
[13:48] [Pantea (teen)] You know. Unmei, Egae (sp?), Cult of Solar. All generally the same group.
[13:49] <-- Sgt. Trajan [InstructorSergeant001@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Let's see...flamers for certain. High ammunition capacity will be a must. Definitely lots and lots of frag grenades.)
[13:49] [Pantea (teen)] Bye then.
[13:49] [Sunflwr_Hime] WHAT?!
[13:49] [Sgt. FM Serbius] ^
[13:49] [Sgt. FM Serbius] NO, no, no no!
[13:50] [Sgt. FM Serbius] Unmei and Egae are ruled by Kurisutaru and Leudast Blacklight who have NOTHING to do with the Langister family other than the fact Langister married into the Amestris noble house
[13:51] <-- Sgt. FM Serbius [FM_Serbius@secrethideout.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (UGH >< Really people?)
[13:51] > Pantea (teen) shrugs Ya'll seem to fraternize pretty freely.
[13:54] > Pantea (teen) stretches, and retransorms out of the leotard
[13:56] > Pantea (jeans) pours herself a drink, looking out at the stars a bit
[14:06] [Pantea (jeans)] Heh. Someday, right?
[14:06] <-- Pantea (jeans) [pantea@lightanddark.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (gotta get ready for work)
[16:34] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:34] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[16:34] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[16:35] > @Nate Detroit enters wearing his work clothes and carrying his lunch, sitting down to eat.
[16:35] > @Nate Detroit notices one of the new gifts sitting out, and investigates.
[16:36] > @Nate Detroit finds a package from Pantea with his name, and opens it, finding a big bottle of Crown Royal.
[16:36] [@Nate Detroit] Wow Pan, you shouldn't have...
[16:36] > @Nate Detroit gets a shot glass from the bar and returns to his lunch, pouring a shot.
[16:36] [@Nate Detroit] Here's to you, Pan.
[16:37] > @Nate Detroit drinks the shot, exhaling a small flame.
[16:37] [@Nate Detroit] Love that stuff...
[16:37] > @Nate Detroit finishes his lunch and leaves, taking the bottle.
[16:37] <-- @Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (Ice is flowin' through my veins; Explosives on my lips and in my lungs.)
[16:37] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[16:38] [Miara] ..meh :/
[16:39] > Miara is away
[18:15] --> Beth Southstreet (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Beth Southstreet (casual)
[18:15] > Beth Southstreet (casual) walks in
[18:16] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] ugh.....
[18:16] > Beth Southstreet (casual) holds an ice pack to her head
[18:18] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] hello?....anyone here?
[18:19] > Miara is back
[18:19] [Miara] Hi Beth
[18:19] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] oh hello, Miara
[18:19] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] how are you ><
[18:19] [Miara] Alright, I guess. You?
[18:21] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] we have a massive headache
[18:21] [Miara] Bang it or pshycic?
[18:21] [Miara] *psychic
[18:22] [Miara] (( meh. i give up ))
[18:22] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] we had to look after a lost child at headquarters ~_~
[18:23] [Miara] Did you find it?
[18:24] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] we found the child.....but we had to look after them while the other officers contacted their parents
[18:27] > Beth Southstreet (casual) pulls a piece of gum out of her hair
[18:29] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] yuck...
[18:31] [Miara] Heh.
[18:32] [Miara] At least it wasn't stuck in there.
[18:32] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] we aren't very good with children....
[18:33] [Miara] I'm sure.
[18:33] [Miara] I think Pan left you something over there.
[18:35] > Beth Southstreet (casual) walks over and picks up the gift, looking at it
[18:39] > Beth Southstreet (casual) opens it finding.....a bottle of Kentucky Burbine
[18:39] > Beth Southstreet (casual) grins
[18:43] [Miara] Hee, she got be a huge bottle of that sweet green stuff that's soooo good ^_^
[18:44] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] this stuff is hard to find
[18:47] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] so what are you up to
[18:48] [Miara] Relaxing a bit before training again.
[18:51] > Beth Southstreet (casual) nods
[18:56] [Beth Southstreet (casual)] we better head home..goodnight
[18:56] <-- Beth Southstreet (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[19:01] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:01] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:01] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:02] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (training)
[19:02] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi and bye, Miara.
[19:16] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits down on a sofa
[19:32] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:32] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[19:32] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hi there, David
[19:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsuo. What's up?
[19:34] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh not much not much
[19:34] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] how was your holiday?
[19:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Mine was pretty good. Was able to visit Masaki and Azumi's families yesterday.
[19:37] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hey that's great
[19:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yep. How was it for your family?
[19:40] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] very well ^^
[19:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good.
[19:44] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I have the most beautiful daughter in the world ^^
[19:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm sure you do. ^_^
[19:52] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ^^ it was a wonderful holiday
[19:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good.
[20:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Get anything good this year besides your daughter?
[20:08] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] no idea
[20:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I ended up getting a sake set from Azumi's parents. Looked like it was made in traditional fashion.
[20:18] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh nice
[20:23] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[20:33] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (((can't RP right now)))
[20:47] > +David O'Cain (casual) leans back in his seat
[21:43] > Matsuo Shin (casual) is back
[21:43] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] sorry about that
[22:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] It's cool, man. I kinda figured you had to take a call or something.
[22:05] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] yup!
[22:05] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] so what now
[22:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm not sure, really. ^_^;
[22:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm not sure about you, but I think I'm gonna head on home. Catch you later, Matsuo.
[22:19] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Have a good night.)
[22:19] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] night!
[22:32] --> Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:32] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki (Casual) reporting for duty.
[22:32] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) walks in, humming a pleasent tune
[22:34] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Hiii Nee-san!
[22:36] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm? oh hi, Kaede
[22:42] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] how are you doing?
[22:44] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Pretty good, how're you, Nee-san?
[22:45] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh fine as a new father can be
[22:45] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) walks over and hugs Matsuo
[22:45] > Matsuo Shin (casual) returns the hug
[22:47] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I'm kinda' excited to be a papa. ^_^
[22:48] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh oh yeah that's right..I forgot about that ^^
[22:50] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] You'll be an uncle again
[22:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh that I will!
[22:54] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) kisses Matsuo's cheek and sits next to him
[22:54] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] So, how did the holiday treat you and Ami-san?
[22:55] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh just fine!...we did some gift giving and family time
[22:57] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] That's good. How's our happy little Yuki-chan?
[22:58] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] well for a four day old
[23:00] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ^^ my little snowflake
[23:01] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I heard it snowed in Japan quite a bit when Yuki-chan came into the world.
[23:01] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] how is your family doing?
[23:02] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] not just Japan....it apparently snowed over the entireity of the nothern hempshere
[23:03] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] My family's good. They enjoyed the holidays.
[23:04] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] can I get you anything, by the way?
[23:05] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Actually, I have a drink idea I want to try out on you
[23:06] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm? what's that?
[23:07] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) hops up | It's eggnog with a twist
[23:08] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh I've never had eggnog before
[23:10] > ~a gift under the tree has Kaede's name on it
[23:12] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm..there looks to be a gift for you
[23:14] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) goes into the fridge, pouring a couple glasses of egg nog, then grabs a couple bottles of alcohol, adding them
[23:14] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Oooooo, a present!?
[23:16] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) finishes making the drinks, handing one to Matsuo and going over, picking up the present
[23:17] > ~a gift feels somewhat heavy!
[23:17] > Matsuo Shin (casual) starts to drink, watching
[23:18] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) made a drink that is egg nog, mocha kaluah and vanilla vodka
[23:18] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) unwraps the present
[23:19] > ~the gift is a bottle of Kaede's favorite drink
[23:20] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Awwwww, this is fantastic. ^_^
[23:22] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] awwww
[23:22] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) looks at the tag
[23:23] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] mmmm this drink isn't half bad
[23:23] > ~the gift was from Pantea
[23:24] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I'm glad you like it, Nee-san. ^_^ Looks like this drink is from Pantea-san. That's sweet of her.
[23:24] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] heh that's awesome
[23:25] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) sips her drink, holding the bottle
[23:28] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I think I'm going to take this back to my quarters and show it to Kalli-chan
[23:28] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] this drink it's so...eggy
[23:32] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] but..noggy
[23:34] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) walks over and kids Matsuo on the cheek
[23:34] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] huh?
[23:36] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I'm heading home
[23:36] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh well
[23:36] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] night then!
[23:36] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] thank you for the drink!
[23:36] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Goodnight nee-san. Give Ami-san and Yuki-chan a kiss from me.
[23:38] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I shall!
[23:39] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) smiles, finishing her drink and carrying her bottle out
[23:39] <-- Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (It's a nice night)
[23:43] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (better head home)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Dec 27 2011 <<<
[01:15] --> Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sunflwr_Hime
[01:15] > Sunflwr_Hime appears to be looking for someone...nervously peeking around from various hiding spots
[01:16] [Sunflwr_Hime] I think I missed her...
[01:23] <-- Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Flowers are always graceful!)
[11:28] --> Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:28] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sunflwr_Hime
[11:33] > Sunflwr_Hime nervously peeks around a corner, still looking for someone
[11:34] > ~cue the jaws theme....
[11:36] [Sunflwr_Hime] S-sonya?
[11:38] > ~a figure dashes to and fro from sofa to sofa
[11:42] > Sunflwr_Hime squeaks in fright
[11:43] [Sunflwr_Hime] S-sonya...is that y-you?
[11:44] > ~??? lunges out and starts gnawing on Hima's head
[11:47] [~???] *nom nom nom*
[11:48] [Sunflwr_Hime] EEEEEEEEE!
[11:48] > Sunflwr_Hime runs and hides behind a chair across the room
[11:49] > ~??? is now known as Kousagi
[11:49] [Kousagi] I'm huuuuuungry T_T
[11:50] [Sunflwr_Hime] Y-y-you're not Sonya!!!! T_T
[11:50] [Sunflwr_Hime] W-who are you!?
[11:50] [Kousagi] hunnngry....
[11:51] [Sunflwr_Hime] W-where's Sonya?!
[11:52] [Kousagi] who??? is Sonya a sandwich?
[11:52] [Sunflwr_Hime] N-no! S-sonya is my guard! She's my b-best friend!
[11:55] [Kousagi] oh.......it's too bad she's not a sandwich!
[11:57] [Kousagi] cuz I like sandwiches
[11:59] [Sunflwr_Hime] U-uhm... There sh-should be p-plenty of food... K-kitchen....
[11:59] [Sunflwr_Hime] J-just look in the kitchen...
[12:00] > Kousagi runs off to the kitchen!!!
[12:00] > Sunflwr_Hime is still hiding behind the chair, clinging to her star-shaped communicator that she was given by Seiya to keep in touch with Sonya whenever they were seperated
[12:01] > Kousagi pops back behind Hima, her mouth full of food!
[12:03] [Kousagi] mmph MMPH
[12:05] > Kousagi offers Hima a chunk of meat
[12:08] > Sunflwr_Hime skitters behind a couch "N-no thanks...."
[12:08] > Sunflwr_Hime presses the distress button on her communicator
[12:08] > Kousagi shrugs and eats the meat
[12:10] [Kousagi] mmph mmh?
[12:10] > Kousagi tries to grab the communicator
[12:15] [Kousagi] what's this???
[12:16] > Sunflwr_Hime kicks Kousagi "NO!"
[12:16] [Sunflwr_Hime] Seiya gave this to me!
[12:16] [Kousagi] OWIES
[12:17] [Kousagi] that hurt T_T
[12:18] > Sunflwr_Hime hides behind a different couch "Auntie Seiya told me never to lose this!"
[12:19] [Kousagi] oooo Auntie Seiya!!!
[12:20] [Sunflwr_Hime] You know Auntie Seiya?
[12:20] [Kousagi] yeah!!! she knows my mama!!!
[12:21] [Sunflwr_Hime] Eh? Your Mama?
[12:21] [Sunflwr_Hime] Auntie Seiya is my mother's senshi...
[12:21] [Kousagi] yeah!
[12:23] [Kousagi] my mama is a queen!
[12:24] [Sunflwr_Hime] and Auntie Seiya was her mother's senshi too...
[12:24] [Sunflwr_Hime] My Auntie Kara is a queen...
[12:26] [Kousagi] my Mama is the Queen of the Earth and Moon!!!!!
[12:27] [Sunflwr_Hime] My mama is Kinmoku's ruler, her mama ruled both Kinmoku and Blood Moon
[12:27] [Sunflwr_Hime] My Auntie Kara is queen of Blood Moon
[12:31] > Kousagi eats more food
[12:32] [Sunflwr_Hime] I'm not allowed to go to Earth yet...
[12:33] [Sunflwr_Hime] Mama says that I can go next year with Auntie Seiya and Sonya
[12:34] [Sunflwr_Hime] Mama says I'll stay with Uncle Sage at the embassy for a year...
[12:34] > Sunflwr_Hime slowly edges towards the door
[12:35] [Kousagi] where ya going?
[12:42] [Sunflwr_Hime] N-nowhere... >>
[12:43] [Kousagi] are you...are you going to leave me T_T
[12:44] --> Tao Latu (Future | Casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tao Latu (Future | Casual)
[12:44] > Tao Latu (Future | Casual) pauses, standing in the doorway
[12:45] > Sunflwr_Hime hurries over to Tao "UNCLE TAO!"
[12:45] [Kousagi] hm???
[12:46] > Kousagi looks up, her mouth halful of cupcakes
[12:48] > Sunflwr_Hime hides behind Tao.
[12:49] > Kousagi walks up and looks up at Tao
[12:49] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] Hello Hima
[12:49] > Tao Latu (Future | Casual) smiles lightly | How are you girls doing?
[12:51] [Sunflwr_Hime] I... I'm...fine...
[12:52] [Kousagi] who are you O_O
[12:54] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] I'm Hima's Uncle Tao. Taiki's husband.
[12:56] [Kousagi] ....you're tall O_O
[12:57] > Tao Latu (Future | Casual) chuckles lightly | If you think I'm tall, you should see my wife.
[12:57] [Kousagi] whoooooa
[12:59] [Kousagi] how do you know Hima?
[12:59] > Tao Latu (Future | Casual) looks behind himself a little at Hima | Are you hiding?
[13:05] > Sunflwr_Hime nods
[13:06] [Sunflwr_Hime] Uncle Tao is Auntie Taiki's husband, Auntie Taiki is one of my teachers...
[13:06] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] Why are you hiding, Hima?
[13:06] > Sunflwr_Hime points to Kousagi
[13:07] > Kousagi looks behind herself
[13:08] [Kousagi] what?
[13:09] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] Why are you hiding from her?
[13:10] [Sunflwr_Hime] She tried to eat the communicator Auntie Seiya gave me!
[13:12] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] She tried to eat it?
[13:12] > Sunflwr_Hime nods
[13:13] [Kousagi] I was hungry!!!!
[13:13] [Sunflwr_Hime] Auntie Taiki made it! She'd get mad if it got damaged!
[13:15] [Sunflwr_Hime] Do you know where Sonya is today, Uncle Tao? She's not answering...
[13:16] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] I haven't seen her.
[13:17] [Kousagi] is Sonya a sandwhich
[13:17] > Sunflwr_Hime hides behind Tao again
[13:19] [Kousagi] I'm still hungry :(
[13:20] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] Alright girls, calm down
[13:20] [Tao Latu (Future | Casual)] I'm a little hungry myself. Perhaps we should go find something to eat.
[13:21] [Kousagi] OOOO FOOD YAY
[13:22] [Sunflwr_Hime] I... I'm going to look for Sonya!
[13:22] > Sunflwr_Hime dashes off
[13:22] <-- Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Sonyaaaa!)
[13:22] [Kousagi] .....
[13:22] <-- Tao Latu (Future | Casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Hima... don't run off on your own....)
[13:24] <-- Kousagi has left #reddwarfbeta (huuungry)
[17:48] --> Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[17:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sunflwr_Hime
[17:48] > Sunflwr_Hime nervously peeks in
[17:48] --> C Langister (Maker of Mischief) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[17:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, C Langister (Maker of Mischief)
[17:48] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Hi there, Himawari!
[17:49] > Sunflwr_Hime squeaks in fright and hurries off behind a chair
[17:51] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] L-l-lady C-catri!
[17:51] [Sunflwr_Hime] ^
[17:51] [Sunflwr_Hime] You scared me!
[17:51] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) shrugs "Sorry."
[17:52] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Where's your right hand? Sinya, Sona....what was her name?
[17:52] [Sunflwr_Hime] IT'S SONYA!
[17:52] > Sunflwr_Hime hides behind the chair again
[17:52] > C Langister (Maker of Mischief) giggles "I know, I know, I'm sorry, I was just teasing you..."
[17:54] [Sunflwr_Hime] It's not funny!
[18:00] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] But you're so shy, it's so strange for such an important little princess!
[18:00] > Sunflwr_Hime just stays silent
[18:45] [Sonya Kou] HEY
[18:45] --> Sonya Kou has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:45] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sonya Kou
[18:45] [Sonya Kou] LEAVE HER ALONE
[18:47] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] Ooooo~ And in comes the knight to save the day!
[18:47] [Sunflwr_Hime] Sonya! T_T
[18:47] > Sunflwr_Hime hurries over to Sonya to hide behind her
[18:48] [Sonya Kou] you keep away from her!
[18:49] [Chibi-Alex] =^^=
[18:49] --> Chibi-Alex has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:49] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chibi-Alex
[18:49] [C Langister (Maker of Mischief)] I will, I will...
[18:49] <-- C Langister (Maker of Mischief) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Besides I need to get out of here)
[18:49] > Chibi-Alex hides within the blanket pile, watching everyone quietly. ^__^
[18:49] > Sunflwr_Hime clings to Sonya
[18:49] [Sunflwr_Hime] Where have you been all day, Sonya? T_T
[18:51] > Chibi-Alex nibbles on a big sandwich Mommy made for her. :3
[18:51] [Sonya Kou] meeting with mom...
[18:53] [Sonya Kou] sorry....
[18:55] [Sunflwr_Hime] It's okay... This strange girl Kousagi...
[18:55] > Sonya Kou looks sad
[18:55] [Sunflwr_Hime] She tried to eat my communicator...
[18:55] > Sunflwr_Hime is still clinging tightly to Sonya
[18:56] > Sonya Kou hugs Hima
[18:57] [Chibi-Alex] *munch-munch*
[19:00] [Sonya Kou] huh?
[19:01] [Sonya Kou] what's that noise...
[19:01] [Sunflwr_Hime] Sonya, you're coming with me next year when Mom sends me to spend a year at the Embassy with Uncle Sage, right?
[19:02] > Chibi-Alex remains hidden deeply within the blanket pile. It's all warm and cozy inside there! ^___^
[19:02] [Sunflwr_Hime] I don't know what that noise is...
[19:02] [Sunflwr_Hime] I think it's coming from that pile of blankets
[19:02] > Sonya Kou walks towards the pile of blankets...
[19:02] [Chibi-Alex] *munch-munch* :3
[19:03] [Chibi-Alex] EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
[19:03] > Chibi-Alex has been DISCOVERED! :D
[19:03] [Sonya Kou] .....
[19:04] [Sonya Kou] wait..isn't that...
[19:05] [Chibi-Alex] Hi~!
[19:05] [Sonya Kou] ....
[19:06] > Chibi-Alex offers Sonya Kou a bite of her sandwich!
[19:06] [Sonya Kou] ......
[19:06] [Sonya Kou] is this ok, Hima..I forget
[19:07] > Chibi-Alex wiggles her tails and flicks her ears in a cute display. ^__^
[19:10] > Sunflwr_Hime nods
[19:11] [Sunflwr_Hime] It's Lady Catri's older sister...
[19:11] [Chibi-Alex] Yoo want sammich? I has plenty!
[19:12] [Sonya Kou] but is it ok to interact?
[19:12] > Sonya Kou absenctly takes a piece and eats it
[19:13] > Chibi-Alex sits back down amidst the much-diminished pile of blankets and giggles as she regards the new people. "Who yoo all be?"
[19:13] [Sunflwr_Hime] I think it'll be fine...
[19:13] [Sunflwr_Hime] I'm the Sunflower Princess of Kinmoku
[19:14] [Sonya Kou] Sonya Kou!
[19:14] [Chibi-Alex] Hi~! I'm Alexianna! Where yoo come from?
[19:15] [Sonya Kou] ...far away
[19:18] [Sonya Kou] >.>
[19:19] [Chibi-Alex] Ooooooo. I come from Unmei. Mommy and Daddy have biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig house there! Even BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGER house on Egae!
[19:19] > Sonya Kou nods...still feeling uneasy
[19:21] [Sonya Kou] that's..cool I guess
[19:23] [Chibi-Alex] Yoo has brothers and sisters?
[19:24] [Sonya Kou] uh...maybe?
[19:25] [Chibi-Alex] I has lots! AnTilZha and Catriona and Sylvester and lots-lots friends like Nine-Tails and CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN and Miss Maid and Yukari and Ka-goo-yah and Miss Miko and Eeerin and...!! :D
[19:26] [Sunflwr_Hime] I don't....
[19:26] [Sunflwr_Hime] I have Sonya and the others who are to become my senshi...
[19:29] [Chibi-Alex] Awwwww. :<
[19:31] [Sunflwr_Hime] That's okay though! Sonya is close enough to a sister!
[19:31] > Sunflwr_Hime hugs Sonya happily
[19:31] [Sonya Kou] ^_^ yup!
[19:31] > Sonya Kou returns the hug
[19:31] [Chibi-Alex] My sister nice! She makes lots people laugh!
[19:34] [Sonya Kou] um cool
[19:35] [Chibi-Alex] Yoo know Catriona?
[19:35] [Sonya Kou] yes..in a way
[19:36] [Chibi-Alex] She look like Mommy. Mommy so pretty~! ^_____^
[19:40] [Sonya Kou] very col ^^
[19:40] [Sonya Kou] *cool
[19:41] [Chibi-Alex] What your Mommy like?
[19:42] [Sonya Kou] heh she's AWESOME
[19:45] [Sonya Kou] she can kick alot of butt!
[19:49] > Sonya Kou does some faux-kung-fu stuff
[19:54] [Chibi-Alex] My Mommy has smarts! She says she knows how to keep Daddy happy and all hers forever and ever and ever! *^__^*
[20:01] [Sonya Kou] well that's great
[20:07] > Chibi-Alex trills and hugs her tails as she thinks of Mommy and Daddy. ^___^
[20:08] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:08] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:08] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:08] [Chibi-Alex] Hi, Davieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!!
[20:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey there, kiddies.
[20:09] > Chibi-Alex dashes over to David and starts giving him multiple tail-pats. :3
[20:10] > +David O'Cain (casual) gives Alex hugs
[20:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's going on up here?
[20:12] [Sonya Kou] nuthing
[20:14] > Sunflwr_Hime is hiding behind Sonya
[20:15] --> C Langister (Death) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, C Langister (Death)
[20:15] [Chibi-Alex] Playing!
[20:15] > Sonya Kou stands protectivly in front of Hima
[20:15] > +David O'Cain (casual) hoists Alex onto his shoulders
[20:15] > C Langister (Death) is wearing her heavy black cloak
[20:16] > C Langister (Death) whispers an incantation before leaving!
[20:16] <-- C Langister (Death) [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (\)
[20:16] > ~Turduckchuu appears!
[20:16] [Sunflwr_Hime] EEEK! SONYA! KILL IT D:
[20:16] > Chibi-Alex giggles as she's lifted up onto David's shoulders. "Yay!"
[20:16] [Chibi-Alex] ...
[20:17] > Sonya Kou has transformed into Neo Star Fighter
[20:17] > Chibi-Alex points at the Turdukchuu.
[20:17] > Sunflwr_Hime hides behind a chair from the deformed turkey,duck, chicken, and puchuu creature
[20:17] [Chibi-Alex] WHAT THAT??!! UGLY!!!
[20:17] > ~Neo Star Fighter starts firing random lasers everywhere.....
[20:17] [~Neo Star Fighter] I...I CAN'T CONTROL IT!!!
[20:17] > ~Turduckchuu gets killed but not before biting David\
[20:18] <-- ~Turduckchuu has left #reddwarfbeta (YOU MAKE ME BLEED)
[20:18] [Chibi-Alex] D:
[20:18] > ~Neo Star Fighter is still firing lasers O_O
[20:18] [Chibi-Alex] It bite yoo! It bite yoo!
[20:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ow! >_o
[20:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] (( Hey, Solar. Are you unable to get onto any IMs? ))
[20:19] > Sunflwr_Hime grabs ahold of Sonya
[20:20] [Sunflwr_Hime] Drop the henshin! I don't know why you didn't use your sword...
[20:21] > ~Neo Star Fighter drops her henshin
[20:21] > ~Neo Star Fighter has transformed into Sonya Kou
[20:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What'd I do that bird? All I did was stand there, geez.
[20:22] [Sunflwr_Hime] It was a Turduckchuu...
[20:23] [+David O'Cain (casual)] A what? O_o
[20:24] [Sonya Kou] @_@
[20:24] > Sonya Kou is drained
[20:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gonna be alright, little lady?
[20:27] [Sonya Kou] @_@ draaaained
[20:28] [Chibi-Alex] It ugly!
[20:30] [Sunflwr_Hime] A Turduckchuu is the result of breeding between Turduckens and puchuus
[20:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see. I'm pretty sure how the turduckens came about, but combining them with puchuus? What mad science is this?!
[20:32] > Sonya Kou is near fainting
[20:34] > Sunflwr_Hime helps Sonya over to a couch.
[20:35] [Sonya Kou] thanks
[20:36] [Sunflwr_Hime] A rabbit's doing from what I heard Mom saying...
[20:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] A wascally wabbit? The only one I know of from what I heard was Tewi.
[20:37] > Sunflwr_Hime nods
[20:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ugh. That stupid git. ~_~
[20:38] [Chibi-Alex] Ooooooooooooo, me hate Tewi! >:(
[20:42] > +David O'Cain (casual) gives Alex scratches
[20:43] > Sonya Kou has fallen asleep
[20:43] [Sunflwr_Hime] Sonya, should we go home?
[20:43] > Sunflwr_Hime sighs and takes out her star shaped communicator, calling Seiya
[20:45] > Sonya Kou sleeps peacefully
[20:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, I'd take that as a yes.
[20:46] --> Seiya Kou (future) [StarFighter@Kinmoku.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:46] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Seiya Kou (future)
[20:46] > Seiya Kou (future) walks in, dressed in the regal dress of her rank
[20:46] [Seiya Kou (future)] ....what happened to her?
[20:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] She used her power, but had no control.
[20:48] [Seiya Kou (future)] not again...
[20:48] > Chibi-Alex trills as she gets scratches. =^^=
[20:49] > Seiya Kou (future) scoops up her daughter
[20:49] [Seiya Kou (future)] thank you for calling me, Hima
[20:50] [Sunflwr_Hime] There was a Turduckchuu...
[20:50] > Sunflwr_Hime points to the corpse of the grusome creature
[20:52] [Seiya Kou (future)] ......ugh...
[20:52] > Seiya Kou (future) kicks the corpse
[20:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, what's been going on with you, Alex?
[20:53] [Chibi-Alex] Friends from Strange Land come to play with us!
[20:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh? Who might they be?
[20:55] [Seiya Kou (future)] shall we get going, Hima?
[20:56] > Sunflwr_Hime nods "I saw Uncle Tao earlier today, Auntie Seiya!"
[20:56] <-- Sunflwr_Hime [sulflower@kinmokusei.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Does that mean I'll get to see Auntie Taiki too?)
[20:56] [Chibi-Alex] Miss Maid and Long Ears!
[20:56] <-- Seiya Kou (future) [StarFighter@Kinmoku.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (of course)
[20:57] <-- Sonya Kou has left #reddwarfbeta (*snoooore*)
[20:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Sakuya and someone else, huh?
[20:58] [Chibi-Alex] Long ears! :3
[20:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Long ears? I'm sorry, I don't quite follow. ^_^;
[21:01] > Chibi-Alex holds her hands up in front of her own ears and lets them droop down as if her ears are actually longer.
[21:01] [Chibi-Alex] See? Long ears
[21:02] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see. (thinks for a moment)
[21:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Wait...
[21:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] The only girl I know of from Gensokyo that has long ears would be Reisen. What are she and Sakuya doing here with your family?
[21:07] > Chibi-Alex nod-nods excitdly. "That her! That her!"
[21:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, what are they doing here?
[21:17] > Chibi-Alex shrugs. "No know, but I like!"
[21:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm sure. Bet they're glad to see you, your siblings, and your parents.
[21:24] [Chibi-Alex] Yup-yup! Miss Maid is helping at home and Long Ears plays with us all day long!
[21:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, that's good to hear.
[21:36] [Chibi-Alex] Ooooo! Beddie-bye time!
[21:36] [Chibi-Alex] Night-night!
[21:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awww. Alright (sets Alex down).
[21:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Night, Alex.
[21:36] <-- Chibi-Alex has left #reddwarfbeta (=^^=)
[21:43] > +David O'Cain (casual) finds himself a seat on a sofa
[21:51] --> C Langister [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, C Langister
[21:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yo.
[22:02] [C Langister] Hiiiiiii~
[22:02] [C Langister] So I see you met a Turduckchuu?
[22:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. A little girl killed it, though.
[22:04] [C Langister] Sonya Kou? The New Star Fighter?
[22:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah, her.
[22:22] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Why?
[22:26] [C Langister] Heheh~
[22:26] [C Langister] She has no control yet
[22:27] [C Langister] ^_^ She's so unsuitable to be the right hand of a princess if she has no control, but they've grown up together, so I can hardly blame them.
[22:28] > +David O'Cain (casual) shrugs
[22:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So how'd this turduckchuu get in here, anyway?
[22:31] [C Langister] I summoned it to let you know that Tewi somehow got turduckens and puchuus to breed...
[22:32] [C Langister] Trajan will be joining the expedition now.
[22:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, I see.
[22:33] [C Langister] He intends to take care of the source of the problems.
[22:33] [C Langister] Tewi.
[22:34] [C Langister] Eirin has yet to find out, and Reisen is just trying to avoid Tewi and the Turduckens and Turduckchuus
[22:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Last I heard, Reisen's with Solar and Sakuya.
[22:50] > C Langister nods
[22:50] [C Langister] She's at the Amestris estate
[22:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Safe and sound, I hope.
[22:57] > C Langister nods
[22:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good to hear. Honestly though, I'm a bit surprised that both of them are here on our side of the gate.
[23:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh well.
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Dec 28 2011 <<<
[00:18] <-- C Langister [LadyCatri@amestris.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (sleeep)
[00:26] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Home I go.)
[19:22] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:22] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:22] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes off his duster coat, hangs it up, and plops down on a sofa
[19:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Another relaxing night up here.
[19:46] [April] /dm Route Venus plays softly from the dim laundry room of Magellan castle, several washing machines and dryers lining the walls, and several more racks and baskets taking up space all around.