[00:00] >>> Sunday Jun 05 2011 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[00:00] [Queen Minako] That love is more important than a number or a silly rule. Hello, Matsuo.
[00:00] >>> Sunday Jun 05 2011 <<<
[00:00] > Queen Minako stands and opens her arms to him.
[00:01] > Matsuo Shin (Future) gives Minako a hug
[00:01] > Queen Minako hugs back, then kisses him gently on the lips.
[00:03] > Matsuo Shin (Future) returns the kiss
[00:03] [Sagiri Shin (prince)] dad O_o
[00:04] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] looking wonderful as always, mina
[00:04] [Queen Minako] Mmmm..
[00:04] [Queen Minako] And you, handsome. ^^
[00:07] > Sagiri Shin (prince) is just confused
[00:07] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] and how is this fair queen doing?
[00:08] [Queen Minako] Quite well. Ankles are a bit swollen. I don't suppose you'd like to help with that? ^_~
[00:08] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] certainly
[00:09] [Sagiri Shin (prince)] ...so this what they mean when they say what you can do with men O_o
[00:09] > Queen Minako sits and presents her ankle. ^^
[00:10] [Queen Minako] What have you heard, Sagiri?
[00:11] > Matsuo Shin (Future) kneels and starts to rub minako's ankle
[00:11] [Queen Minako] Mmmmmm~
[00:13] [Sagiri Shin (prince)] that....you can seduce..any man you meet...and that......there are rumors that some of your children are....
[00:14] > Queen Minako giggles and blushes. *^^*
[00:14] [Queen Minako] Well, there may be truths to that, but I wouldn't suggest anything to dear Matsuo if we didn't have history.
[00:15] > Queen Minako exchanges one ankle for the other.
[00:16] > Matsuo Shin (Future) rubs the other ankle
[00:17] [Queen Minako] Besides, to massage any part of me is a privilege~ Isn't that right, Matsuo?
[00:17] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] heh certainly is
[00:19] [Queen Minako] Well, if you're busy massaging my swollen ankles, perhaps your son would like to massage my swollen breasts? *^.~*
[00:20] [Sagiri Shin (prince)] O_O
[00:20] > Sagiri Shin (prince) faints
[00:20] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] ...
[00:21] > Queen Minako giggles again.
[00:21] [Queen Minako] Oh my.. that was only a joke..
[00:21] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] you enjoy doing that, don't you :P
[00:21] [Queen Minako] Tremendously.
[00:22] [Queen Minako] Mmm... and that feels divine. Thank you, Matsuo.
[00:23] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] well...he'll probably be more surprised by the annoucement then...
[00:23] [Queen Minako] Ne?
[00:25] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] my wife and queen michiru have come to an agreement
[00:25] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] ..there will be an engagement between Katsumi and Sagiri
[00:26] > Queen Minako squeeks, trying to contain her excitement.
[00:26] [Queen Minako] That is -fantastic- news! I was trying to convince Sagiri to propose to Kat, but he said he was too young.
[00:27] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] we know the two love each other....and it would be politically smart to join the two worlds of water in union
[00:27] [Queen Minako] I could not agree more.
[00:29] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] so..is this child katori's
[00:30] [Queen Minako] Oh my, of course. *^^* Yes it is.
[00:31] [Queen Minako] Or... is it... I'm not totally sure.. but I think it is.
[00:32] [Queen Minako] That was a pretty wild night.. *^^*
[00:34] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] heh if I remember right it was XD
[00:34] [Queen Minako] Oh my... Matsuo.. you don't think...
[00:34] > Queen Minako looks at him, her eyes widening a little.
[00:36] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] well who knows
[00:36] [Queen Minako] Guess we'll find out. Oh my.. Ami-chan's reaction...
[00:37] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] I would explain it to her
[00:39] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] after all...I think by now this is expected XD
[00:39] > Queen Minako giggles again.
[00:39] [Queen Minako] Should we revive your son? Or maybe let him enjoy his fainting spell.. he seemed to be working very very hard on his poem.
[00:41] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] let him rest
[00:46] [Queen Minako] May I come to the party tomorrow? I'd love to see the kid's reaction when they find out their marriage has been arranged.
[00:47] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] certainly!
[00:51] [Queen Minako] Wonderful. I'll tell Katori.
[00:52] [Queen Minako] Sit with me?
[00:52] > Matsuo Shin (Future) sits next to mina
[00:52] > Queen Minako leans against him.
[00:56] [Queen Minako] Now, it'd be REALLY funny if you had the wedding on the spot.
[01:00] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] heh I don't think I would torture my son with something so fast
[01:01] [Queen Minako] I only kid.
[01:05] [Queen Minako] Mmm... using love as a torture device sure can be fun though. My eldest suggested dear Kat take your son to our dungeons recently. I don't know if she accepted the offer.
[01:06] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] ...she did >.>
[01:06] > Queen Minako giggles. ^^
[01:06] [Queen Minako] You don't approve?
[01:08] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] well...it was all fun and games from what I understand
[01:08] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] until my son accidentally triggered his telekinsis
[01:09] [Queen Minako] Oh dear..
[01:11] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] apparently it messed up the place quite a bit
[01:15] [Queen Minako] You know, I thought I saw them taking new equipment that way.. Oh well.
[01:16] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] my son has a great gift for psychics..potentially more then me
[01:21] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] though...with little..control
[01:21] [Queen Minako] Poor dear..
[01:29] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] at least he's over the jealously part
[01:30] [Queen Minako] Jealousy? You mean his rivalry with my Aki?
[01:31] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] that and his sister
[01:32] [Queen Minako] Finally finding love will do that.
[01:33] --> Yuki Shin (Casual) [Snow.Angel@Mercury.org] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yuki Shin (Casual)
[01:33] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Did I hear my Aki's name?
[01:33] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] oh hello, snowflake
[01:34] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Hi hi~
[01:34] > Yuki Shin (Casual) gives her dad a kiss on the cheek~
[01:35] [Queen Minako] Only his name, I fear. Ahh, this makes no fewer than three Shins to pass through here tonight.
[01:35] > Matsuo Shin (Future) smiles
[01:35] > Sagiri Shin (prince) is still passed out on the floor
[01:36] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Aww.. Who broke nii-chan tonight?
[01:36] > Queen Minako raises her hand. "Guilty!" ♡
[01:37] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Should have known~ :P
[01:38] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] we were talking about the announcement me and your mother are prepared to make for tomorrow
[01:38] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Ooooh~
[01:38] [Queen Minako] Your father was kind enough to massage my swollen ankles, and I asked him♡ ever so nicely ♡ to massage my swollen breasts. Only in jest, of course, but enough of this old mother's perversions. How is my firstborn son's lover?
[01:39] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] You shouldn't be so mean Aunt Mina~ :P I'm doing well~
[01:40] [Queen Minako] Mean? :<
[01:40] > Queen Minako sniffles a little.
[01:42] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I know you knew that would turn him red as a beet at the very least~
[01:42] > Yuki Shin (Casual) hugs Minako. "But I forgive you. I know how much fun it can be to tease Sagi." ^_~
[01:42] [Queen Minako] >_> Maybe... but I only do it because I love him...
[01:43] [Queen Minako] ^^
[01:45] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] and how is my little snowball?
[01:45] > Yuki Shin (Casual) plops down next to Minako and idly braids her hair.
[01:45] > Queen Minako giggles at that for some reason.
[01:45] > Queen Minako smiles back at her, not protesting.
[01:46] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Heh, did I change from a graceful flake to a devastating wintry weapon?~ :P
[01:47] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] well considering how you act.....
[01:47] > Yuki Shin (Casual) grins.
[01:47] [Queen Minako] And something echhi~
[01:47] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] and the number of cars you crash....
[01:48] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Daaaaaaaaaaaaad. Don't bring that up agaaaaaaaaaaaain... >_<
[01:48] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] I am tempted to have you take driving courses again
[01:49] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Moh.. I promise I'll be good.
[01:49] > Matsuo Shin (Future) looks at yuki with a serious look
[01:51] [Sagiri Shin (prince)] ugh....
[01:51] > Yuki Shin (Casual) stares right back. Jiiiiiiiiiiii~
[01:51] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] well I should go and look in on the wife
[01:51] > Matsuo Shin (Future) pokes yuki's nose
[01:51] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] >.<
[01:52] [Queen Minako] Perhaps take Sagiri? I aught to get back too, unless dear Yuki had something to discuss?
[01:53] > Yuki Shin (Casual) shakes her head.
[01:53] > Queen Minako stands, rubbing her back.
[01:54] [Queen Minako] Well, I will see you all tomorrow.
[01:54] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] very well then
[01:54] > Queen Minako stands, her braided hair bouncing a little.
[01:54] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] heh take care, mina
[01:55] <-- Queen Minako [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (All of you as well.)
[01:55] > Matsuo Shin (Future) raises hand..causing sagiri to levitate
[01:56] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] are you staying or coming with, yuki?
[01:57] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I'll stay here for a while.
[01:58] [Akihiko Kaioh] She will stay with me, if that is alright.
[01:58] --> Akihiko Kaioh has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Akihiko Kaioh
[01:58] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] :3
[01:58] > Akihiko Kaioh dips and kisses Yuki passionately.
[01:59] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] if you wish
[01:59] [Matsuo Shin (Future)] goodnight
[01:59] <-- Matsuo Shin (Future) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:59] <-- Sagiri Shin (prince) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:59] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Mmmmmm~
[02:00] > Akihiko Kaioh stands her back up.
[02:00] [Akihiko Kaioh] How is my lover?
[02:01] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I'm good~ Just saw your mother.
[02:03] [Akihiko Kaioh] Indeed. I passed her coming in. Was that your handiwork? Her hair?
[02:04] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Yup. ♡
[02:05] > Akihiko Kaioh scoops her up and sits her on his lap on the couch.
[02:05] > Yuki Shin (Casual) snuggles against Aki~
[02:05] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] My dad's being a pain about the car again, though. :/
[02:06] > Akihiko Kaioh sighs.
[02:06] [Akihiko Kaioh] Well, at least he isn't punishing you, is he? >_>
[02:07] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Aside from trying to make me take driver's ed again..
[02:07] > Akihiko Kaioh sighs.
[02:08] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I can deal with that, at least I'm not grounded this time.
[02:09] [Akihiko Kaioh] I would hate to have to sneak around to see my snowflake.
[02:10] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Yeah. :<
[02:11] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I can't believe my dad called me "snowball".. And your mom had to make a joke about it too. :P
[02:11] > Akihiko Kaioh smirks and snickers.
[02:11] [Akihiko Kaioh] Love perverts just about everything. XD
[02:14] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] So it seems~
[02:15] [Akihiko Kaioh] Mmm... I love that I've melted your cold exterior and gotten you to be so affectionate.
[02:19] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] ♡
[02:20] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] I was always affectionate, I just needed to see you were committed. ;)
[02:21] [Akihiko Kaioh] Perhaps, but you were always a little cold to me, I thought, because of my playing of the field.
[02:23] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Hmm.. Yeah, but I didn't really know you then. I guess I kind of thought of you the same way Sagi did.
[02:23] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] But you're very ♡ pursuasive.
[02:24] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] ^ persuasive
[02:26] [Akihiko Kaioh] You were forbidden fruit, and I wanted to have you~ Even if it meant being exclusive.
[02:27] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Mmmm~ That makes me feel special~
[02:28] [Akihiko Kaioh] You should feel special, snowflake. Smart, beautiful, graceful...
[02:28] [Akihiko Kaioh] And dating the hottest guy in the galaxy.
[02:28] > Yuki Shin (Casual) lays against Aki and kisses along his neck~
[02:29] [Akihiko Kaioh]
[02:34] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] Wanna go somewhere, Aki?~ ^_~
[02:34] [Yuki Shin (Casual)] 'Cause I do~
[02:34] [Akihiko Kaioh] You know I do.
[02:34] > Akihiko Kaioh picks her up and stands.
[02:34] <-- Akihiko Kaioh has left #reddwarfbeta (Any suggestions?)
[02:35] <-- Yuki Shin (Casual) [Snow.Angel@Mercury.org] has left #reddwarfbeta (I'm sure you know some good places on Venus. ♡)
[20:48] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:48] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:51] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits on a sofa after getting a drink
[21:52] > +David O'Cain (casual) gets out a device and starts playing a game
[22:12] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[22:12] > Matsuo Shin (casual) wanders in, sighing
[22:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hm? Oh, hey, Matsuo.
[22:14] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] evening
[22:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's up?
[22:15] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] tired and sore
[22:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Long day at the office?
[22:19] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] you..could say that ^^;;;
[22:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh. So what's going on there?
[22:21] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] nothing I can talk about
[22:23] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ah. Nothing much has been going on for me today. Pretty much did a bit of housework and such.
[22:25] [Miara] Booooring :/
[22:25] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[22:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm? what's boring?
[22:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Miara.
[22:27] [Miara] Davie's day
[22:31] > Miara plops stomach down on a couch near Matsuo, feet in the air, in a very short skirt and low cut tank top
[22:33] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] so...what's up with you, miara?
[22:34] [Miara] nothing D:
[22:35] [Miara] There's nothing to do here ;_;
[22:35] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I suppose.......least it is quiet
[22:36] [Miara] What good is that??
[22:37] > +David O'Cain (casual) puts the device away
[22:38] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] after yesterday...it's nice
[22:38] [Miara] but i'm sooo booooored
[22:38] [Miara] and it's STILL so hot in here D:
[22:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Really? Feels fine in here to me.
[22:40] > Miara just glares at David
[22:40] > Matsuo Shin (casual) grips his head, wincing
[22:40] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] GAH ><
[22:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's wrong, Matsuo?
[22:43] [Miara] Wow...that's pretty big...any immortals around?
[22:44] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] no..GAH....
[22:45] [~???] there you are....
[22:45] [Miara] Well not just anyone feels like that.
[22:45] > ~??? is broadcasting on a wide frequency into the minds of everyone present
[22:46] [~???] you may have stopped our plans to destroy Tokyo with the neutron missile, agent Matsuo....but next time..you shall not be so lucky!
[22:46] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] grrr
[22:47] [~???] let this be a warning to you and the rest of ESPy..
[22:47] <-- ~??? has left #reddwarfbeta (MUAHAHAH)
[22:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] The hell was that?
[22:49] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] a very bad thing
[22:49] > Matsuo Shin (casual)'s nose is bleeding
[22:49] [Miara] Dunno? Group of voices, I guess.
[22:49] [Miara] Aww
[22:50] > Miara grabs a towel and ice pack for Matsuo
[22:53] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] well..I guess it was too optimistic to think he died on the island
[22:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Who?
[22:55] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I can't say who
[22:55] > Matsuo Shin (casual) uses the towel to wipe his nose
[22:56] [Miara] oh, why not? will someone apparate and take you away?
[22:57] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I signed an agreement not to
[22:57] > Miara sits in Matsuo's lap and presses the ice pack over his nose
[23:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] If you need help from us, you're more than welcome to ask, man.
[23:01] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks and blushes at miara
[23:02] [Miara] it's hard to do both at once, yeah~
[23:03] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] well..I'm not alone in this
[23:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright. If you two don't mind, I need to get going. Night.
[23:04] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (See ya.)
[23:05] [Miara] bye davie
[23:05] [Miara] hm? not alone in what?
[23:07] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] in my work
[23:08] [Miara] oh. work.
[23:10] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks at miara "why are you on my lap again?"
[23:12] [Miara] cause! why not?
[23:13] [Miara] do you hate me ;_;
[23:13] [Miara] ??
[23:14] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um of course I don't
[23:23] > Miara just frowns, perfectly aware he's just trying to be nice
[23:28] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] what's wrong?
[23:30] > Miara moves to another couch
[23:30] [Miara] nothing. nobody really cares, anyway
[23:33] > ~??? sneaks up behind miara.....and traces an invisible finger along miara's cheek
[23:37] > Miara's eyes flash angrily, and a blast of power smacks into whoever it is
[23:38] > Kadran (adult) flips out of the way
[23:38] [Kadran (adult)] oh I love it when you're like this
[23:39] > Kadran (adult) grins
[23:42] [Miara] not now
[23:44] [Kadran (adult)] you're in one of your moods..aren't you?
[23:44] [Kadran (adult)] ..it's that season isn't it? :3
[23:47] [Miara] so what? it doesn't matter if it is.
[23:47] > Miara glances around the corners of the room
[23:47] > Kadran (adult) crawls on the ceiling
[23:49] > Miara hugs her knees and mutters something in lupa a bit
[23:51] > Kadran (adult) hops down "you can talk to me...."
[23:53] > Miara shakes her head "can't"
[23:53] [Kadran (adult)] why not?
[23:54] [Miara] she said so
[23:54] [Kadran (adult)] oooooh her....
[23:59] [Kadran (adult)] very well then
[23:59] <-- Kadran (adult) has left #reddwarfbeta (*vanishes*)
[23:59] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] >.>
[00:00] >>> Monday Jun 06 2011 <<<
[00:00] [Miara] . . .
[00:04] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ..I'm confused
[00:07] [Miara] then imagine how i feel ;_;
[00:08] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] well how do you feel???
[00:12] [Miara] i might show you, but you probably couldn't understand it
[00:17] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] probably not I suppose
[00:21] > Miara opens just a little, giving a glimpse of strict discipline trying to overcome total chaos topped with an impressed fear
[00:23] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] O_O
[00:23] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I see...
[00:26] [Miara] yeah
[00:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I'm sorry for you
[00:30] [Miara] but not enough to do anything, right?
[00:33] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I'm not sure if I should tamper with anything
[00:35] [Kadran (adult)] I could do something about that though
[00:38] [Miara] Hi ^_^
[00:39] [Miara] like what?
[00:41] > Kadran (adult) strokes miara's cheek "oh...I know a few ideas..."
[00:44] [Kadran (adult)] but we can't do it here *grins*
[00:47] > Miara whispers something, with a giggle
[00:47] > Kadran (adult) grins
[00:47] [Kadran (adult)] well let's go straight there then
[00:50] > Kadran (adult) scoops up Miara
[00:50] [Miara] heee
[00:51] [Miara] though, you may have to...take care of something, first
[00:51] [Kadran (adult)] and what is that?
[00:53] [Miara] you'll see~
[00:54] > Miara wraps her arms around him, eyes rather dazed
[00:55] > Kadran (adult) walks down the hall, holding miara
[00:56] <-- Kadran (adult) has left #reddwarfbeta (now what is this..I have to take care of?)
[00:58] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (well it's not like i can be dominated by two people at once...)
[00:59] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ....huh?
[01:02] > Matsuo Shin (casual) looks around...and pulls out his automatic..looking over it
[01:06] --> Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Wildcat_42 (Summer)
[01:07] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) sniffs at the air, her ears raking back in annoyance as she catches a familiar scent.
[01:08] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Kadran.. -_-
[01:08] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm?????
[01:08] > Matsuo Shin (casual) tries to hide the gun
[01:08] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] He is gone?
[01:09] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] yes..he left with miara
[01:09] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Good. I still smells him. >_<
[01:10] > Horned_Grl glomps JD from behind "JONEYYYYY"
[01:10] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >_o
[01:10] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] !?
[01:10] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] you have something against this Kadran person?
[01:11] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) growls. "I tells you already. JD!"
[01:11] > Horned_Grl is hugging JD from behind ^^
[01:11] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) turns back to Matsuo. "We no get along." -_-
[01:11] [Horned_Grl] oh fine..JD
[01:11] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh really?...why is that?
[01:12] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] We is incompatible. Both alpha.
[01:13] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh...OH...you mean like the leaders of packs?
[01:13] [Horned_Grl] that and he dumped JD here
[01:13] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah.
[01:13] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) grumbles.
[01:14] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You would brings that up. -_-
[01:14] [Horned_Grl] I mean...he even returned all those flowers...not even a word of goodbye
[01:15] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] -__-
[01:15] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I no wants to talk about it.
[01:15] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] so what brings you here, JD?
[01:16] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Too hot in forest. Taking break.
[01:16] > Horned_Grl puts her chin on the top of JD's head
[01:17] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) is wearing a loose leopard print something tied up kind of like a tank top and a loin cloth.
[01:17] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um...interesting outfit
[01:18] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Would not wear it if people no have silly naked taboos..
[01:19] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks
[01:20] [Horned_Grl] hey JD...JD....JD....JD
[01:20] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Wut?
[01:20] [Horned_Grl] nothing :P
[01:21] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Ha ha. -_-
[01:22] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) breaks free of Anya and plops on a sofa.
[01:24] [Horned_Grl] hey..you seem more down then usual, JD...
[01:25] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I is hot and sweaty and I smells him.. I is not going to be ray of sunshine. -_-
[01:25] > Matsuo Shin (casual) watches the two
[01:27] [Horned_Grl] can I do anything to help :(
[01:28] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I needs water.
[01:29] > ~ A glass of water appears before Joanna.
[01:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] !?
[01:29] --> Marty D [Techwiz@hogwarts.edu] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Marty D
[01:29] [Marty D] Easily arranged.
[01:30] > Marty D walks in, brandishing his wand.
[01:30] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yo, bro.
[01:31] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) takes the water and drinks it in one gulp.
[01:31] [Horned_Grl] oh hi, marty!
[01:31] [Marty D] Hi JD. Smells like a hot night in the forest. Want me to set you right?
[01:32] [Marty D] Hello, everyone else. =^_^=
[01:33] [Horned_Grl] you don't remember me?? >:(
[01:33] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah, I forgets to take bath first.
[01:33] [Marty D] Nya, did I say that, An-nya?
[01:34] > Marty D waves his wand in a circular motion over Joanna, causing her clothes to flutter as if in a breeze, cleaning most of them and her body.
[01:34] [Horned_Grl] hey..marty...HE'S on board the ship
[01:36] [Marty D] Nya? You'll have to be more spicific. I can't smell anything over you two.
[01:36] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Kadran.. -_-
[01:37] [Horned_Grl] Kadran
[01:37] [Marty D] Nya... swell.
[01:37] [Horned_Grl] Hey marty!!! how come you don't visit the woods anymore :(
[01:37] [Marty D] Say the word and I'll turn him into a giant slug.
[01:38] [Marty D] I'm EXTREMELY busy at home, and it's only goign to get worse after my child is born.
[01:38] > Wildcat_42 (Summer)'s ears perk up. >:3 "Slug sounds good and squishy."
[01:39] [Horned_Grl] oh yeah..you knocked that one woman up
[01:39] [Marty D] Sure did. :3 And if I have my way, I'll knock up another one in a month.
[01:41] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) chuckles.
[01:42] [Marty D] That reminds me.. I need to check on Leo and his family.
[01:43] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah.
[01:43] [Horned_Grl] Leo?
[01:45] [Marty D] My other sister's husband, father of triplets.
[01:46] [Marty D] I suspect they've been keeping a low profile after all the trouble they've had.
[01:46] [Horned_Grl] ooooh wow!
[01:46] [Horned_Grl] you're an auntie, JD!
[01:47] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah has been for a while. Is going to be again too.
[01:47] [Marty D] I'll be expecting you to visit often.
[01:48] > Horned_Grl hugs JD tightly around the neck
[01:48] > Marty D scratches Joanna behind the ears.
[01:48] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >_o Anya.. too tight.
[01:49] [Horned_Grl] oopsies!
[01:49] > Horned_Grl lets go ^^
[01:50] [Horned_Grl] forget my own strength ^^
[01:50] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah. >_o
[01:51] [Horned_Grl] well I am a
[01:51] [Horned_Grl] demi-gooood
[01:53] > Marty D chuckles.
[01:53] [Marty D] Demi-'goddess.'
[01:54] [Horned_Grl] yeah that
[01:54] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Just be careful, yah? No wants to get hurt.
[01:55] > Horned_Grl pats JD on the head "ok, jo-jo"
[01:55] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] -__-
[01:56] --> Jett Masato has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:56] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jett Masato
[01:56] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You is lucky you IS demi-goddess or you not gets away with that.
[01:56] [Jett Masato] Well well well..... Hey there bro in law.
[01:57] > Horned_Grl looks at Jett Masato
[01:57] ➣ Jett Masato: is 6' 5" with an athletic, lightly muscular build. He has short, black hair, which he keeps spiked almost constantly and sharp blue eyes. He carries himself with an air of confidence.
[01:57] [Horned_Grl] *_* hi jett
[01:57] [Jett Masato] Oooh, JD is here too, hi sis-in-law... and...
[01:57] [Marty D] Good evening.
[01:58] > Jett Masato looks at Horned_grl
[01:58] ➣ Horned_grl: is a tallish young woman with long green hair, red eyes and what appears to be gazelle horns sprouting out of her forehead.
[01:58] [Horned_Grl] (( ignore the jett part ^^;; ))
[01:59] [Jett Masato] Well now.... I guess my reputation preceeds me.
[01:59] [Horned_Grl] *_* you could..say that
[01:59] > Jett Masato flashes a grin at Anya
[02:00] [Jett Masato] So, how IS everyone tonight, hmm?
[02:00] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Meh..
[02:00] [Marty D] Looks like Jett is picking up the mantle now that his brother is seeing someone steady. Quite good. Yourself.
[02:01] [Horned_Grl] I'm.....great......
[02:01] [Jett Masato] Doing quite well... seems I was the only one in the family who hadn't hit this place. So I thought I'd come see what all the hubub was about.
[02:02] [Marty D] It's a place of love and magic. You'll fit right in.
[02:03] [Jett Masato] You alright there, JD?
[02:06] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) grumbles. "No."
[02:06] [Horned_Grl] her ex is on this ship
[02:07] [Jett Masato] Oh my, well that's never good.
[02:07] [Marty D] Well, that's two dudes who will defend your honor if you want it, then, no mather how distant Jett is.
[02:07] [Jett Masato] Of course. I cannot let the honor of a lady go undefended.
[02:08] > Marty D grins.
[02:08] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Meh. Came here to get out of heat, smelled him, not happy now.
[02:09] > Marty D taps at his pda with his wand.
[02:09] [Marty D] I think.. I can fix that for you..
[02:10] [Marty D] Lets see... isolating the scent particles now..
[02:11] [Horned_Grl] my poor jo-jo *hugs JD from behind*
[02:12] > Horned_Grl looks at jett again..and then quickly turns away, pulling out a cloth and shining her horns
[02:12] > Jett Masato throws Anya a quick wink.
[02:13] [Marty D] Haurire!
[02:13] > Marty D's wand emits a whine and loud sucking sound as it sucks up all the air particles with Kadran's scent.
[02:14] [Jett Masato] Woah..
[02:14] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) sniffs the air and her ears finally turn forward again.
[02:14] [Horned_Grl] *_* um...so..Jett.....uh...um...doyouflowers?
[02:15] [Jett Masato] Marty.... you never cease to impress me.
[02:15] [Jett Masato] Do I what, Anya?
[02:16] [Marty D] I had good teachers, and the PDA really opens the door for new tricks.
[02:16] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >_o
[02:17] [Horned_Grl] ._.
[02:17] [Jett Masato] I do like flowers.... especially delicate female ones. ^_~
[02:17] > Marty D chuckles, and again scratches his sister behind the ears.
[02:17] > Horned_Grl gives a small squeel
[02:18] [Marty D] Flowers don't have genders like that. :P Nya, unless you're speaking in metaphors.
[02:18] > Jett Masato smirks at Marty, "I love a good metaphore"
[02:19] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You never takes botany. Some flowers does has genders like that.
[02:19] [Marty D] I took herbology.. hated getting my hands dirty. >_> I guess if you count Mandrakes as flowers..
[02:20] [Horned_Grl] oh! I've worked with mandrakes
[02:21] [Jett Masato] That reminds me of my cousin. I haven't seen him in a while.
[02:23] [Horned_Grl] your cousin?
[02:24] [Jett Masato] Well, he's not REALLY my cousin, but dad kinda' considers Uncle Nall his brother, so I think of 'Drake as my cousin.
[02:25] [Horned_Grl] what a cute name!
[02:25] > Horned_Grl is still staring at jett, stars in her eyes
[02:25] [Marty D] Heh.. it's all gotta be confusing for you after a while, Jett.
[02:26] [Jett Masato] It kinda' is.... considering that Violet is actually really cute.
[02:27] [Marty D] Heh.. Don't tell me you're letting a surrogate relationship get in the way of hitting on a cute cat girl?
[02:28] > Horned_Grl suddenly seems to briefly look cross
[02:28] [Jett Masato] I kinda' am.... I might be half Venutian, but I'm afraid to cross that boundry.
[02:29] [Marty D] As I understood, Minako had her kids calling Nephrite 'Uncle' growing up, too. =p
[02:29] [Jett Masato] I know mom would just tell me to go for it.... but I really doubt dad would approve of me hitting on Violet. So I don't know.
[02:30] > Marty D shrugs.
[02:30] > Horned_Grl blinks...and suddenly looks worried
[02:30] [Horned_Grl] I...I have to go....
[02:30] [Marty D] Mmm? Good seeing you, Anya.
[02:30] [Jett Masato] Is something wrong, Anya?
[02:31] [Horned_Grl] mother's calling >.>
[02:31] [Marty D] Nya? I didn't hear anything.
[02:32] [Horned_Grl] I can hear her <.<
[02:32] [Jett Masato] Um.... well ok. It was nice seeing you Anya. You take care now. ^_~
[02:33] > Horned_Grl blushes
[02:33] [Horned_Grl] goo..goo...goodbye!...seeya jo-jo!
[02:33] <-- Horned_Grl has left #reddwarfbeta (oh man he's so hot...@_@)
[02:33] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Bye, Anya.
[02:33] [Marty D] Wow Jett, you let her go without so much as a pat on the shoulder.
[02:33] > Jett Masato chuckles again and grins, "She's kinda' cute too... and I'm pretty sure she likes me."
[02:34] [Jett Masato] I like to let the girls come to me.
[02:34] [Marty D] Heh... Cat and mouse type. :3
[02:35] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) shrugs.
[02:35] [Jett Masato] Indeed... I'd rather be the one being chased. It's easier.
[02:37] [Marty D] School get out for you, then?
[02:37] [Jett Masato] Oh yeah, on summer break.
[02:38] [Jett Masato] Thought about going to visit mom and hit the beach.
[02:38] [Jett Masato] Aaaah Venutian beaches in summer time....~
[02:39] [Marty D] Don't know how a kid like you can turn down a palace full of hot women waiting on you hand and foot.
[02:42] [Jett Masato] I don't know what you're talking about.
[02:42] [Marty D] Heh, we get pretty frisky in our palace, but I don't think my wives would be down for a crouded nude beach. Now Joanna here...
[02:44] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Is normal.
[02:44] [Jett Masato] Oh, I've heard tales about your place there Marty. Your maids are quite the nice crew.
[02:44] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I only likes clothes in winter to keep out cold.
[02:45] > Jett Masato winks at JD, "If you weren't my sister in law....." ^_~
[02:46] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I not wants to upset Anya. <_<
[02:46] [Marty D] They are, nya. :3 I'm up to two who join me in bed semi-regularly, and I'm sure I could expand if I wanted. And Jett, if you promise to take care of her, you'd have my blessing, but I warn ya, from what I know about her she's a real firecracker. I can't imagine what she's like in private.
[02:47] > Jett Masato chuckles a little.
[02:48] [Jett Masato] Awww JD, you're so noble. That makes you even more attractive.
[02:52] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) shrugs. "I gives Anya chance first. Or I mights be in trouble." <_<
[02:53] [Jett Masato] If you say so JD. But keep yourself open. ^_~
[02:54] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] If she gives you up, you may has real cat and mouse game to deal with. >:3 Ask Aki.
[02:55] > Jett Masato chuckles again, "I haven't seen Aki in a while. I wonder how my half brother is doing?"
[02:55] > Marty D chuckles and shakes his head.
[02:56] [Marty D] I imagine you'll see him if you go to your mothers. Probably won't be hard to find. Follow the trail of clothes to the sounds of passion. =9_9=
[02:57] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah.
[02:58] [Marty D] I should arrange a trip there too.. I hate to seem spoiled when my own palace is so nice, but they have reeeeally really good hospitality, and I wouldn't mind seeing Ai again. =^_^=
[02:59] [Jett Masato] Heh, big brother Aki always was popular with girls... more so then even myself.
[02:59] [Marty D] Yeah, because he isn't afraid to persue one or three instead of letting them come to him.
[03:00] [Jett Masato] True. I never said I was afraid though. I just prefer to let the girls come to me.
[03:00] [Jett Masato] And usually they do.
[03:00] [Marty D] Made a bit of a suggestive pass at my Cele the first night we went there, but she declined him, I think because she was worried what I would think.
[03:04] [Jett Masato] Yeah, big sis was never much of a player for other guys.
[03:08] [Jett Masato] Or at least not Cele
[03:08] [Jett Masato] Ai on the other hand.... I think she actually made a pass at ME once.
[03:09] [Marty D] Ahaha oh wow.. I didnt think that was supposed to be accepted.
[03:11] [Jett Masato] Yeah well, I told her that
[03:11] [Marty D] Ehh, she was probably drunk and thought you were your father.
[03:11] [Jett Masato] Maybe, but I doubt it.
[03:12] [Jett Masato] JD is awfully quiet over there.
[03:14] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Still hot.. Not feel talky.
[03:15] [Marty D] Shes a girl of action, nya. =^_^=
[03:16] [Jett Masato] I bet
[03:16] > Jett Masato winks at JD
[03:17] [Jett Masato] By the way Marty, how's Tina doing? I heard ya' got her pregnant..
[03:18] [Marty D] Shes.. alright... gets some violent and sudden mood swings... but affection usually calms her.
[03:19] [Marty D] Starting to get big.
[03:20] [Jett Masato] Reminds me of my step mom when she was pregnant with Kya.
[03:20] [Marty D] I bet shes downright dangerous.
[03:21] [Jett Masato] Oh, she could be
[03:27] > Jett Masato gives a light yawn
[03:27] [Jett Masato] Damn... I'm starting to run down.
[03:27] > Marty D matches it.
[03:28] [Jett Masato] I should probably head home and get ready for my trip to Venus anyway.
[03:28] [Marty D] Yeah, speaking of Tinya, I should retire. Want to come with me, JD?
[03:31] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Is cool there?
[03:32] [Marty D] Is very cool. Cool, quiet and dark. Very relaxing.
[03:32] [Jett Masato] Well, you two take care and JD, if you change your mind about me, Cele has my number. ^_~
[03:32] <-- Marty D [Techwiz@hogwarts.edu] has left #reddwarfbeta (C'mon. You'll like it.)
[03:33] <-- Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has left #reddwarfbeta (Good.)
[03:35] <-- Jett Masato has left #reddwarfbeta (I wonder when I'll see that cute Anya again?)
[11:21] --> Miara (robe) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (robe)
[11:22] > Miara (robe) strolls in, looking rather worse for wear but humming a tune
[11:28] > Miara (robe) takes a container of juice from the fridge and stands watching the fish in the tank
[11:38] > Miara (robe) throws the container away and sits on a couch, absently picking various plant matter out of her hair
[11:53] > Miara (robe) stretches, and goes down to her room for a shower
[11:53] > Miara (robe) is away
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Jun 07 2011 <<<
[19:29] --> Aratasujou has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Aratasujou
[19:30] > Aratasujou floats into the room and plops down on the couch, singing to herself. =^^=
[19:31] [Aratasujou] No one to plays with? Awwwww.
[19:34] > Ayaka Tomoe peeks around the corner..
[19:34] --> Ayaka Tomoe [Rainbow.Flower@Saturn.org] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:34] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ayaka Tomoe
[19:35] [Aratasujou] Ooooooo, konichiwa!
[19:35] > Aratasujou zips over to the new person and bows. ^__^
[19:36] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o
[19:36] > Ayaka Tomoe bows back insticntually, despite being startled.
[19:41] [Aratasujou] Me scare you? Me sorry! ^___^
[19:41] [Aratasujou] Who you be?
[19:42] [Ayaka Tomoe] Umm.. My name's Ayaka.
[19:44] [Aratasujou] I be Aratasujou! Nice peoples call me Ara-su for short!
[19:45] > Ayaka Tomoe nods. "Some people just call me Aya."
[19:47] > Aratasujou looks at Ayaka Tomoe
[19:47] ➣ Ayaka Tomoe: A small girl with reddish-orange eyes and rainbow colored hair, she looks to be about 9 years old and anyone who knows her would say she's very like her mother in miniature. Picture --> http://www.thedwarfers.net/otherstuff/pictures/ayaka_tomoe.jpg
[19:47] [Aratasujou] Ooooo! Me knows you! You that Sailor Saturn senshi! Me right, aren't I? ^____^
[19:48] > Ayaka Tomoe shakes her head. "That's my mom!"
[19:51] [Aratasujou] Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? You look like her! How you not her? :O
[19:52] [Ayaka Tomoe] My mom says I look lots like she did! ^_^
[19:54] [Aratasujou] Your mommy very pretty. Me wish I could looks pretty like that.
[19:55] [Ayaka Tomoe] Aww.. You're pretty too!
[19:57] [Aratasujou] Thankies! =^^=
[19:57] [Aratasujou] How you be coming here? Me no see you before. And believe me's, me know if someone like you would have been here.
[19:59] [Ayaka Tomoe] All the other kids come here, I wanted to see what it's like. <_<
[20:01] [Aratasujou] It nice! It Nice! Lots of good peoples here and lots to play with!
[20:01] > Ayaka Tomoe nod-nods.
[20:01] > Aratasujou spins around in midair in front of Ayaka, trilling happily and laying her tail on top of Ayaka's head for a moment.
[20:03] [Ayaka Tomoe] :O Cool!
[20:04] > Aratasujou POOFS! and reappears behind Ayaka, then gives her a hug from there. ^__^
[20:05] [Ayaka Tomoe] How'd you do that!?
[20:06] [Aratasujou] Me can do lots of things! :D
[20:08] [Ayaka Tomoe] Wooooow~
[20:09] > Aratasujou brings her arms out in front of them and starts to create a small crackling orb of ball-lightning between her fingers. >:D
[20:10] [Ayaka Tomoe] :O
[20:10] [Aratasujou] HARDOKEN!!!!
[20:11] > Aratasujou thrusts her arms forward as if to fire the energy ball...but gets propelled backwards while the energy ball remains in EXACTLY the same spot it was when it was created. It vanishes in a crackle and a puff a moment later.
[20:11] [Aratasujou] O___o
[20:11] [Aratasujou] ...Me no do that right. o__O
[20:11] [Ayaka Tomoe] o__o
[20:13] [Ayaka Tomoe] Are you okay?
[20:14] [Aratasujou] Me okies! Me okies!
[20:14] [Aratasujou] ^___^
[20:14] [Aratasujou] Ooooooo, I noes! You hungry? Me make you something! :D
[20:14] [Ayaka Tomoe] I'm a little hungry.
[20:15] [Aratasujou] Yay! Stay right here! I make you yum-yums!
[20:16] > Aratasujou quickly dashes into the kitchen and starts clattering away on something.
[20:16] [Aratasujou] Oooo, you meets Izumi-chan yet?
[20:17] [Ayaka Tomoe] Not yet. Who's she?
[20:18] [Aratasujou] Izumi-chan my bestest friend. Me always has lots of fun with her. She also know as Nekonata!
[20:20] [Ayaka Tomoe] Is she a catgirl?
[20:20] > Aratasujou continues to work in the kitchen, making various clanging noises as she uses a lot of the cookware.
[20:21] [Aratasujou] Yup-yup! Purple hair catgirl who looks lots like another girl...Konata! Nekonata related to her.
[20:24] [Aratasujou] That why she so fun! Konata a legend!
[20:25] [Ayaka Tomoe] Ooooh, I see.
[20:28] > Aratasujou emerges from the kitchen, carrying a platter upon which are a bunch of pastries that strongly resemble Pop-Tarts. "Me make them all by myself!" *^__^*
[20:28] [Ayaka Tomoe] Wow, thank you!
[20:31] > Aratasujou offers Ayaka several of the pastries. All of them are fresh from the oven and covered with a sweet-smelling glaze.
[20:32] > Ayaka Tomoe takes one. "Itadakimasu!"
[20:33] > Aratasujou has once again outdone herself and lived up to her culinary reputation. The pastries are quite edible, but taste strange as HELL. The filling (which all looks and smells exactly like fruit) tastes like broiled salmon and the glazed topping actually tastes like...soy sauce. Salmon-flavored Pop-Tarts with soy sauce icing...?
[20:34] [Ayaka Tomoe] O__o
[20:34] [Aratasujou] ^_____^
[20:34] [Aratasujou] You likes? Me make them special just for you! :D
[20:35] [Ayaka Tomoe] They're good. Strange, but good..
[20:36] [Aratasujou] Yays!
[20:36] > Aratasujou tastes a big bite out of one. "MMMMMM! Yummies!"
[20:40] [Aratasujou] How they strange? Tastes like oranges!
[20:40] > Ayaka Tomoe nibbles some more on hers.
[20:40] [Aratasujou] Me likes oranges! Solar-kun grows oranges back home and lets me eats all I want. ^___^
[20:41] [Ayaka Tomoe] It does? ^_^;;
[20:43] [Aratasujou] Yuppers! What your favorite food?
[20:44] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:44] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:45] [Ayaka Tomoe] I like chocolate! :3
[20:45] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at Ayaka Tomoe
[20:45] ➣ Ayaka Tomoe: A small girl with reddish-orange eyes and rainbow colored hair, she looks to be about 9 years old and anyone who knows her would say she's very like her mother in miniature. Picture --> http://www.thedwarfers.net/otherstuff/pictures/ayaka_tomoe.jpg
[20:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, hello.
[20:46] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o Konbanwa. *bows*
[20:46] [Aratasujou] Konichiwa, David-san! ^___^
[20:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Who are you, little lady?
[20:46] [Aratasujou] You wants yummy pastry? Me just makes 'em all! :D
[20:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Who're ya asking, Ara-su?
[20:48] [Ayaka Tomoe] I'm Ayaka! ^_^
[20:48] > Ayaka Tomoe already has a pastry in hand.
[20:48] > Aratasujou points at David. "You sillies!" :D
[20:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice to meet you, Ayaka. I'm David.
[20:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh. Well, whatcha got?
[20:49] [Aratasujou] Ayaka nice. She my new friend. Me just wish Izumi-chan were here too. Then we can all plays!
[20:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh.
[20:53] > Minami GLOMPS AYAKA!!!!
[20:53] --> Minami [Ittybittyprincess@QTech.co] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:53] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minami
[20:54] [Aratasujou] Oooooo! More play-friends!
[20:54] [Ayaka Tomoe] o____o
[20:54] > Aratasujou glomps Ayaka AND Minami!
[20:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] O_o
[20:55] > Ayaka Tomoe is knocked over by Minami, her pastry flying away! @_@
[20:55] [Minami] hiiii ayaka!
[20:55] [Ayaka Tomoe] Hi Mini-chan. @__@
[20:56] [Minami] whatcha doing
[20:57] [Ayaka Tomoe] Just talking with Ara-su.
[20:57] [Minami] hi, ara!
[20:58] [Aratasujou] Konichiwa, Minami-sama! How you be?
[20:58] [Minami] I'm good!!!
[21:01] [Minami] hey ayaka..you lost your pastry!
[21:01] [Aratasujou] Me good too! We all good! ^____^
[21:01] [Aratasujou] Me has lots of pastries! Have some!
[21:01] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits down on a sofa
[21:02] [Minami] yay ^^
[21:03] [Ayaka Tomoe] Aww.. At least we have lots.
[21:04] [Minami] how was ayaka's day?
[21:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, what's been going on?
[21:04] [Aratasujou] They good! Tastes yummy!
[21:07] [Aratasujou] We just be playings. Solar-kun no sick any more! We all happy about that!
[21:07] [Ayaka Tomoe] School was pretty fun, we spent all day doing arts and crafts! ^_^
[21:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good to hear, Ara-su.
[21:09] [Aratasujou] Solar-kun and Inu-Kit-sama gots remarried! She wanted to do it all over again! Re-newing vows she says. They has lots and lots of happy-times afterwards. ^___^
[21:09] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice.
[21:10] > Aratasujou continues to nibble on another pastry. :3
[21:11] [Minami] I'm out of school! so I played all day with Kousagi!
[21:12] [Ayaka Tomoe] I'll be out next week!
[21:12] [Aratasujou] Oooo, school is fun. Me like school because me not so smart. ^__^;
[21:13] > +David O'Cain (casual) gently pats Ara-su on the head
[21:14] [Aratasujou] It true! Me duuuuuuumb! ^___^;
[21:14] [Ayaka Tomoe] Aww..
[21:15] [Aratasujou] Me no upset about it, though. Me ALIVE! That what matter most! And me reunited with Solar-kun! More important!
[21:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Of course.
[21:17] [Aratasujou] How you do in schools? What you bestest at?
[21:18] [Ayaka Tomoe] I like history!
[21:18] [Minami] I like music class!
[21:18] > Minami starts messing with ayaka's hair
[21:19] [Aratasujou] Me likes music. And cooking! Me so good at cooking, too. ^___^
[21:22] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[21:22] > Minami is messing up ayaka's hair
[21:22] [Aratasujou] Konichiwa, Miara-sama!
[21:23] > Aratasujou gives Minami some tail-pats.
[21:23] > Miara staggers in and flops down on a couch, rather beat up besides the scratches and stuff from the other day
[21:23] [Aratasujou] How you be, Miara-sama?
[21:23] [Aratasujou] WHO HURT YOU??! D:
[21:23] [Ayaka Tomoe] Moh.. Now I'm gonna have to brush my hair. XP
[21:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Miara? O_o
[21:24] [Minami] oh noes
[21:25] [Miara] Raptor pit
[21:26] [Miara] Totally worth it, though *grins tiredly*
[21:26] [Aratasujou] Rap-tor?
[21:26] [Aratasujou] What happen to rap-tors?
[21:26] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o
[21:26] [Minami] o.o
[21:27] [Miara] I'm sure they're already working on a new plan for next time.
[21:28] [Aratasujou] They hurts you?!
[21:28] [Miara] Usually...
[21:28] > Aratasujou quickly scampers over and begins to gently poke at Miara's injuries for a few seconds, then starts wiping them all with a clean damp cloth.
[21:31] > Miara looks at Ayaka Tomoe
[21:31] ➣ Ayaka Tomoe: A small girl with reddish-orange eyes and rainbow colored hair, she looks to be about 9 years old and anyone who knows her would say she's very like her mother in miniature. Picture --> http://www.thedwarfers.net/otherstuff/pictures/ayaka_tomoe.jpg
[21:31] [Miara] Hm...
[21:32] [Miara] I was beginning to wonder about that~
[21:32] [Ayaka Tomoe] Ne?
[21:33] [Minami] huh???
[21:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] By the way, what brings you here, Ayaka?
[21:34] > Aratasujou continues to carefully clean all of the cuts and scrapes on Miara.
[21:34] [Miara] Well we've had most of the other's futures here, but I think you're the first Saturn, yeah?
[21:35] [Miara] You don't have to do that, Arasu.
[21:35] [Minami] she's a special girl!
[21:35] [Ayaka Tomoe] I guess so. ^_^;; I'm not sure.
[21:35] [Aratasujou] Me should! Solar-kun tells me that we should help friends when theys in trouble.
[21:36] [Miara] I'm not in trouble any more. Besides, most of them are old.
[21:37] > Minami HUGS Ayaka!
[21:38] [Miara] I was just waiting for--*a square wooden box appears, and she catches it before it falls*--that! Good timing, huh?
[21:39] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o
[21:39] [Ayaka Tomoe] What's that?
[21:39] [Aratasujou] What that?
[21:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah, nice timing.
[21:39] [Minami] whatzat?
[21:40] > Aratasujou sniffs at the box curiously.
[21:40] > Miara opens the box, showing it's full of salve
[21:42] > Miara starts rubbing it into the claw swipe on her face, and then the others
[21:44] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anyway, besides the fighting, Miara, how've you been?
[21:45] [Miara] Eh. Not the greatest. But better now.
[21:45] > Ayaka Tomoe nibbles at a pastry..
[21:45] > Aratasujou nibbles on a pastry too. "Yummies~!"
[21:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good to hear.
[21:47] > Minami just watches the others
[21:48] [Aratasujou] Me should be going home now. Time for the Kits to be put to bed! Much fun! ^___^
[21:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Take care, Ara-su.
[21:49] [Aratasujou] Bye-byes everyones! Me had fun playing with you all!
[21:49] > Aratasujou gives everyone a hug before she leaves. :3
[21:50] > +David O'Cain (casual) hugs Ara-su back
[21:50] [Ayaka Tomoe] Bai bai, Ara-su. ^_^
[21:50] [Miara] Bye
[21:50] <-- Aratasujou has left #reddwarfbeta (NYORO~!! =^^=)
[21:52] > Minami looks a bit upset suddenly
[21:52] [Ayaka Tomoe] What's wrong Mini-chan?
[21:53] [Minami] dun know...just feel down
[21:53] [Ayaka Tomoe] :(
[21:54] > Ayaka Tomoe hugs Minami.
[21:54] [Minami] am I annoying???
[21:57] [Ayaka Tomoe] Huh? Of course not.
[21:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Why would you be annoying? So far, I don't find you like that.
[22:01] > Miara puts the box away
[22:03] [Minami] cause...some people say I am
[22:03] [Ayaka Tomoe] :< Who does?
[22:04] [Minami] some of the maids at the castle..and the guards..and the ambassador
[22:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awwww. :(
[22:05] --> Summer Kaioh [SunChild@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:05] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Summer Kaioh
[22:06] [Summer Kaioh] Hiiiii~ Yay Mini and Ayaka are here! :D
[22:06] [Minami] and....some of the dukes....and....
[22:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hello.
[22:06] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o That's not nice.. :<
[22:06] > Summer Kaioh curtsies to them both. ^^
[22:06] [Ayaka Tomoe] Hi hi, Summer-chan~
[22:07] [Miara] Do you go around asking them questions and stuff all the time?
[22:08] > Miara looks at Summer Kaioh
[22:08] ➣ Summer Kaioh: A young Japanese girl standing about three feet tall, with long blond hair accessorized by a big orange bow. She has wide, bright blue eyes that often match her wide smile. Those who her might think Summer was her mother in miniature.
[22:08] [Minami] yeah..I do...
[22:08] [Miara] Then that's probably why.
[22:09] > Summer Kaioh hands the two children rolled parchment tied with pink ribbons.
[22:09] [Summer Kaioh] They're invitations to a tea party tomorrow. I hope you can come. ^^
[22:10] [Ayaka Tomoe] Ooh, what's this?
[22:10] [Ayaka Tomoe] :O Yay!
[22:10] > Miara mutters something about future children and goes to the bar for a drink
[22:10] [Minami] tea party????
[22:12] [Summer Kaioh] Yupp. At the palace. ^^ My home, that is.
[22:12] [Summer Kaioh] Ne, ne, what's going on around here? :D
[22:12] > +David O'Cain (casual) leans back on the sofa
[22:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nothing much. Just sitting and chatting, mostly.
[22:13] [Ayaka Tomoe] Mini-chan and I met a little fox girl earlier.
[22:13] [Ayaka Tomoe] She can fly and cook and go poof!
[22:14] [Summer Kaioh] Go poof? You mean go poop?
[22:15] > Ayaka Tomoe shakes her head. "She disappeared and reappeared behind me!"
[22:15] [Summer Kaioh] Ohh COOL! O.O
[22:16] > Miara is away
[22:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yep. Ara-su's quite silly, too.
[22:20] [Summer Kaioh] How are you two? Enjoying my season? ^^
[22:20] > Ayaka Tomoe giggles.
[22:21] [Ayaka Tomoe] Hai, even more when school is out next week. ^_^
[22:21] [Minami] it's stormy at home!!
[22:22] [Summer Kaioh] Neat!
[22:22] [Minami] lots of wind storms :O
[22:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Tornados and hurricanes and such?
[22:24] [Summer Kaioh] Cooooool.
[22:24] [Minami] yeah!
[22:24] [Minami] we had a tornado yesterday!
[22:25] [Ayaka Tomoe] Woooow.
[22:25] [Ayaka Tomoe] :O
[22:25] [Summer Kaioh] woah. o.o Is everyone alright?
[22:26] [Minami] we put up the force field!
[22:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good to hear.
[22:28] [Minami] it was cool!...you could hear the tornado slamming against it and everything!
[22:29] [Summer Kaioh] Wooow.
[22:33] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o Wow..
[22:35] [Minami] do you guys get storms???
[22:36] [Summer Kaioh] Well, do you think you can come tomorrow? Ohh.. you have school though don't you Ayaka..
[22:36] [Summer Kaioh] Oh yeah! Rain and thunderstorms and I tihnk tornatos too but I haven't seen one.
[22:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] On Earth (points towards the planet), there's various storms that occur.
[22:36] [Ayaka Tomoe] I can come, the teachers are having a grading day! :D
[22:38] [Summer Kaioh] Perfect!
[22:45] [Minami] who else is coming?
[22:45] [Summer Kaioh] My big sister. I'm having it to cheer her up.
[22:46] [Minami] what happened?
[22:46] [Summer Kaioh] Shes grounded. :\
[22:47] [Ayaka Tomoe] D:
[22:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm afraid to ask, but what'd she do?
[22:48] [Summer Kaioh] She hit on our brother Jett.
[22:48] [Ayaka Tomoe] o_o
[22:49] --> Kyanite Masato [CrystalBoy@dimensionzero.cc] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:49] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Kyanite Masato
[22:49] [Ayaka Tomoe] Kya-chan!
[22:50] [Summer Kaioh] Kya~
[22:50] > Ayaka Tomoe runs and hugs her brother!
[22:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, I need to get going. You kids have fun.
[22:51] [Minami] KYA!!!!!
[22:51] [Ayaka Tomoe] Bai bai, Uncle David!
[22:51] > Kyanite Masato hugs Ayaka back, "Hi Aya-chan... I haven't seen you in forever!"
[22:51] [Summer Kaioh] Gnight Dave!
[22:51] > Minami GLOMPS KYA
[22:51] > Summer Kaioh gives Dave a hug and a kiss on the cheek before he can go.
[22:52] > Kyanite Masato giggles, "Hi Mini" ^_^
[22:52] > +David O'Cain (casual) hugs Summer back
[22:52] [Ayaka Tomoe] I know, but mama wanted me to go to school on Saturn, and it's a lot of fun!
[22:52] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (See ya.)
[22:53] > Kyanite Masato turns around and hugs Minami
[22:54] [Summer Kaioh] That's good! You learn the most when you're having fun!
[22:54] [Minami] I've been to saturn!!!
[22:54] [Minami] Miki's husband is from saturn!
[22:56] [Kyanite Masato] How're you girls doing tonight?
[22:56] [Ayaka Tomoe] Yeah, cousin Nick is really nice~
[22:56] [Kyanite Masato] Weird.... seems like I'm always surrounded by girls... just like dad.... and Jett.
[22:56] > Summer Kaioh gives Kya a kiss on the cheek as she puts an invitation in his hand.
[22:56] [Summer Kaioh] Whaaat? You don't like girls? :P
[22:57] > Ayaka Tomoe giggles~
[22:57] > Kyanite Masato giggles and blushes a little, looking at the invitation, "I never said that.... I mean, I like Mini. What's this, Summer?"
[22:57] > Minami grabs Kya tightly and GLARES at Summer
[22:57] [Summer Kaioh] It's an invitation to a tea party tomorrow. You should take Mini as your date.
[22:59] [Kyanite Masato] Ooooh, okay... well that is if Mini wants to go with me.
[22:59] [Minami] yes!!
[23:00] > Kyanite Masato smiles to Minami, "Okay then."
[23:04] [Minami] yaaaay
[23:04] > Summer Kaioh looks pleased with herself. ^^
[23:06] [Minami] should we invivite kousagi???
[23:07] > Kyanite Masato just holds onto Mianami
[23:07] [Minami] *invite
[23:09] [Summer Kaioh] Mmm.. okay, but I better not invite too many more. ^^
[23:13] > Kyanite Masato smiles and gives Minami a light kiss on the lips
[23:16] > Summer Kaioh giggles a little.
[23:16] > Summer Kaioh gives Ayaka an appraising look.
[23:16] [Ayaka Tomoe] :3
[23:16] > Minami blushes and giggles!
[23:18] > Summer Kaioh holds Ayaka, trying to emulate the couple.
[23:18] > Ayaka Tomoe giggles~
[23:18] > Kyanite Masato spins Minami around, holding her from behind.
[23:19] > Summer Kaioh gives Ayaka a peck on the lips and then does likewise. :3
[23:19] [Ayaka Tomoe] ^_^;
[23:19] > Kyanite Masato looks a little surprised but laughs lightly
[23:20] > Summer Kaioh can't help giggling.
[23:20] > Minami giggles
[23:21] [Summer Kaioh] Ne, Ayaka, do you have somebody?
[23:22] [Ayaka Tomoe] Not yet. Mini and Kya are pretty lucky.
[23:22] [Summer Kaioh] Yupp! They are!
[23:24] > Kyanite Masato gives Minami a light squeeze as they say that
[23:25] > Minami giggles
[23:27] [Summer Kaioh] Hey Mini.. How'd you get your name? I mean I know your real name is Minami..
[23:27] [Minami] ooo ooo I forgot!
[23:28] [Minami] Minami means south!
[23:28] [Minami] and my last name means wind!
[23:28] [Minami] so my name means south wind :D
[23:28] [Kyanite Masato] Cool
[23:29] [Summer Kaioh] Really cool!
[23:29] [Ayaka Tomoe] Neat!
[23:29] [Summer Kaioh] And Kyanite is a typa rock right?
[23:30] [Kyanite Masato] Yup
[23:31] [Kyanite Masato] Everyone in my family is named after a stone... except for mom
[23:31] [Ayaka Tomoe] Mama Hotaru isn't either. :P
[23:32] [Summer Kaioh] Yeah cus she married in!
[23:36] [Summer Kaioh] Wait.. is she married? o.o
[23:37] [Ayaka Tomoe] Yeah! Papa Nephrite and Mama Naftis and Mama Hotaru are all married!
[23:37] [Kyanite Masato] Yeah, mama-Hotaru is really nice. ^_^
[23:39] [Minami] she gives me cookies when I visit :)
[23:39] [Summer Kaioh] I like all three of them! Uncle Neph gives me piggieback rides! :D
[23:39] [Kyanite Masato] I miss Mama-Hotaru... she doesn't come back home for a little while longer.
[23:40] [Ayaka Tomoe] As soon as school is out we'll be coming back to Earth for the summer. :3
[23:40] [Summer Kaioh] Aww..
[23:41] [Kyanite Masato] Oh good!
[23:42] [Kyanite Masato] Jett is saying with Aunt Mina on Venus for the month.
[23:43] [Summer Kaioh] Yupp! I wish he'd stay longer. :< I like him.
[23:43] > Minami just listens
[23:44] [Ayaka Tomoe] Aww.. I don't get to see him much either. :(
[23:44] [Kyanite Masato] Well, he'll be home by the time you come Aya-chan.
[23:46] > Minami chews on a cookie that seems to have come out of nowhere
[23:48] [Ayaka Tomoe] And I can see him when we go to Summer's party tomorrow!
[23:49] [Kyanite Masato] Yeah ^_^
[23:49] [Summer Kaioh] Yaata! Hey, where'd the cookies come from? :o
[23:50] [Ayaka Tomoe] :r
[23:51] [Kyanite Masato] Good question
[23:51] [Minami] brought some from home >.>
[23:53] [Summer Kaioh] Oh.. well if you don't wanna share that's okay. ^^
[23:55] > Minami opens the box, revealing purple cookies
[23:55] [Ayaka Tomoe] :O Wow. What kind are they?
[23:56] > Summer Kaioh gasps in awe. :O
[23:57] [Kyanite Masato] Purple cookies?
[23:57] [Minami] sugar cookies!
[23:57] > Minami nods
[23:57] [Summer Kaioh] May I?
[23:58] [Minami] sure!
[23:58] > Summer Kaioh takes one and takes a bite.
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Jun 08 2011 <<<
[00:00] [Summer Kaioh] MMMmmmm
[00:01] [Ayaka Tomoe] May I have one too? :3
[00:02] [Minami] sure ^^
[00:06] > Ayaka Tomoe takes one and nibbles on it. :3
[00:06] [Summer Kaioh] How was everyone's school year?
[00:06] > Kyanite Masato reaches around Minami and takes one, kissing her on the cheek as he does so
[00:09] [Ayaka Tomoe] Mine was pretty good. :3
[00:09] [Ayaka Tomoe] I get my grades on Friday.
[00:10] [Minami] mine was ok!!! I got good grades!
[00:11] [Summer Kaioh] I think I did okay.. Glad first grade is over.
[00:15] [Ayaka Tomoe] I'm glad it's summer and I can go back to Earth for three months. :3
[00:16] [Minami] I hardly ever go to earth!
[00:20] [Kyanite Masato] You need to come visit now that I'm on vacation, Mini
[00:20] [Minami] I'll have to ask mama!
[00:25] [Kyanite Masato] That would be fun. ^_^
[00:25] [Minami] ^_^
[00:27] [Minami] cuz...I don't do well in the sun!
[00:27] [Minami] o_o
[00:27] [Summer Kaioh] Awww...
[00:28] [Ayaka Tomoe] :<
[00:28] [Summer Kaioh] But the sun feels soooooooo good!
[00:28] > Summer Kaioh hugs herself just thinking about it!
[00:30] [Kyanite Masato] Awww, that's right. You burn easy.
[00:31] [Minami] yeah! I get really red
[00:32] [Summer Kaioh] We have good sunscreens! You can get some at the party tomorrow!
[00:33] [Kyanite Masato] Good idea
[00:37] [Minami] yay!
[00:47] > Minami yawns a little
[00:47] [Kyanite Masato] Sounds like you're getting tired Mini.
[00:48] > Summer Kaioh yawns. ~.~ 0.0
[00:49] [Ayaka Tomoe] It's *yawn* spreading.. ~_~
[00:49] [Summer Kaioh] I better go.. hope to see you all tomorrow!
[00:49] [Kyanite Masato] I'll walk you to the transporter *yawn* Mini ^_^
[00:50] [Kyanite Masato] Goodnight girls, we'll see you tomorrow Summer. ^_^
[00:50] [Minami] night guys!!!
[00:50] <-- Summer Kaioh [SunChild@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (We can walk together!)
[00:51] <-- Ayaka Tomoe [Rainbow.Flower@Saturn.org] has left #reddwarfbeta (Time to go home.)
[00:51] <-- Kyanite Masato [CrystalBoy@dimensionzero.cc] has left #reddwarfbeta (Sure, why not. ^_^)
[00:52] <-- Minami [Ittybittyprincess@QTech.co] has left #reddwarfbeta (yay!)
[21:00] --> Arnold J. Rimmer [greatestmilitarymind@reddwarf.co.uk] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:00] [@HOL_6000] Arnold J. Rimmer reporting for duty.
[21:00] > Arnold J. Rimmer walks in with a checklist
[21:00] [Arnold J. Rimmer] walls..check....door...check.....
[21:00] > Arnold J. Rimmer looks at bar
[21:01] [Arnold J. Rimmer] excuse for Lister to not work...check
[21:03] > Arnold J. Rimmer goes through the check list
[21:04] [Fashionable Feline] AaaaAAAAaaaawwwooooooooo!~
[21:04] [Arnold J. Rimmer] review complete *salutes no one in particular*
[21:04] --> Fashionable Feline [Sexycat@reddwarf.co.uk] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:04] [@HOL_6000] Fashionable Feline reporting for duty.
[21:04] > Fashionable Feline dances into the room~
[21:04] [Arnold J. Rimmer] ...
[21:05] > Arnold J. Rimmer goes through the checklist "narcassist idiot..check"
[21:05] [Fashionable Feline] I'm gonna eat you little fishy~
[21:05] [Fashionable Feline] What was that, dog breath?
[21:06] [Arnold J. Rimmer] did you know that we are missing 3.3 grains of salt in the kitchen?
[21:07] [Fashionable Feline] Did you check up your nostrils? You probably inhaled them during your inspection.
[21:08] [Arnold J. Rimmer] oh ha...
[21:08] [Fashionable Feline] Outta my way Goalpost Head, I'm gettin' some fish!
[21:08] > Fashionable Feline slides around Rimmer and over to the food dispenser.
[21:08] [Fashionable Feline] Fish!
[21:08] [Arnold J. Rimmer] you do realize that you're using crew property
[21:09] [Fashionable Feline] And there ain't a smeggin' thing you can do about it. :3
[21:09] > Fashionable Feline takes his fish plate and starts to eat. :3
[21:10] [Arnold J. Rimmer] Holly.....HOLLY...
[21:10] [@HOL_6000] Oi, wot is it Arnold?
[21:10] [Arnold J. Rimmer] I demand you shut down the dispensers to that feline
[21:11] [@HOL_6000] Give it a rest Arnold. You know perfectly well I updated the crew manifest..
[21:12] [@HOL_6000] And the conduct regulations.
[21:12] [Arnold J. Rimmer] listen you silicon dimwit..this is an order
[21:14] > Fashionable Feline just laughs, eating his fish.
[21:15] [@HOL_6000] Arnold, you do realize that as a hologram, you're now the lowest ranked crew member on the ship.
[21:16] [Arnold J. Rimmer] ............
[21:16] [Arnold J. Rimmer] you must be mistaken
[21:17] [@HOL_6000] Well, except for Kryten. Holograms are just above mechanoids and skutters.
[21:18] [Arnold J. Rimmer] HA SEE
[21:18] [Arnold J. Rimmer] Holly I order you to do what I say
[21:19] [@HOL_6000] I said mechanoids and skutters, not Hologramatic AI computers with an IQ of 6000.
[21:21] [@HOL_6000] I'm surprised Cat even uses the food dispensers now that we have a kitchen staff again.
[21:21] > Fashionable Feline is too busy eating his fish to care.
[21:22] [Arnold J. Rimmer] and what's this I hear about a nursery being set up...this is against space service rules
[21:23] [@HOL_6000] Arnold, this is the year 2011, the space corps won't exist for another two centuries.
[21:24] [Arnold J. Rimmer] ...IT'S STILL A BAD IDEA
[21:26] [@HOL_6000] And why's that, Arnold?
[21:26] [Arnold J. Rimmer] can you imagine how children would impede the work of this ship?
[21:27] [@HOL_6000] What work, Arnold? Repairs are complete and we're no longer an active mining vessel.
[21:29] [Arnold J. Rimmer] THE WORK.....you know.....important work
[21:30] [@HOL_6000] Arnold, have you considered having your brain examined?
[21:30] [Fashionable Feline] Ha! You'd need a microscope and tweezers for that! :D
[21:31] [Arnold J. Rimmer] fine...if you excuse me...I'll be working.....WHICH THE REST OF YOU SHOULD BE DOING
[21:32] <-- Arnold J. Rimmer [greatestmilitarymind@reddwarf.co.uk] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:32] [@HOL_6000] Oi.. Wot a smeghead.
[21:33] > @HOL_6000 is away
[21:33] > Fashionable Feline leaps up, gets another fish plate from the dispenser and dances out, caterwauling loudly!~
[21:33] <-- Fashionable Feline [Sexycat@reddwarf.co.uk] has left #reddwarfbeta (~)
[21:50] --> Matsumi Kaze (dress) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:50] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[21:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[21:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] huh...thought I heard something
[21:57] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) stretches as best she can
[21:58] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:58] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[21:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[21:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yo.
[22:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] hi there
[22:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's up?
[22:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] oh not much
[22:09] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[22:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Just another day of work for me.
[22:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] cool cool
[22:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Been a quiet night, though.
[23:02] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Meh.)
[23:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] night?
[23:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] >.> <.<
[00:00] >>> Thursday Jun 09 2011 <<<
[00:12] --> Ves Ves [BeastTamer@DeadMoon.cc] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ves Ves
[00:12] [Ves Ves] Phew... hot in Japan.. Hi Matsumi!
[00:19] > Ves Ves puts her bag down on the bar and makes a drink.
[00:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] oh hello there ves!
[00:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] how are you doing?
[00:21] [Ves Ves] Alright.. Takes more than a disaster, a poor economy and oppressive heat to keep me down.
[00:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I hear you girls have been on a quest
[00:23] [Ves Ves] Well, Palla got an artifact to turn her into a senshi..
[00:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] seriously O_O
[00:28] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] geez....
[00:29] [Ves Ves] Yeah... And it's hard to believe she's the only one..
[00:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] jealous?
[00:30] [Ves Ves] More than a little..
[00:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] well..I'm sure something good will happen to you too *pats ves on the head*
[00:32] [Ves Ves] ....why are you patting me on the head...?
[00:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] thought it might help ^^;;
[00:34] --> Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:34] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Wildcat_42 (Summer)
[00:34] [Ves Ves] It doesn't... it's insulting.
[00:36] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) sniffs the air.
[00:37] > Ves Ves looks at Wildcat_42
[00:37] ➣ Wildcat_42: Joanna Detroit looks even more like a cat than her mother, her face has markings similar to Maya from Azumanga Daioh and she has leopard spots on her body as well as green cat eyes that glow in the dark. She's grown up (and out) since she last visited and has turned into a tall, voluptuous amazon. Picture: http://www.thedwarfers.net/otherstuff/pictures/joanna-grown.png
[00:37] [Ves Ves] Woah.
[00:38] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) shrugs and plops down on a sofa.
[00:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] O_O
[00:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] um......................
[00:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] who the f[SMEG]k are you?
[00:39] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] ...
[00:40] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You not meets me before?
[00:40] [Ves Ves] Ruder by the minute..
[00:40] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] don't remember...
[00:40] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] SHUT UP, VES
[00:40] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] >.O
[00:41] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I is JD. Sister of Marty and Logan.
[00:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] oh hello!
[00:41] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You is okay?
[00:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yeah just...you know ^^;;
[00:42] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) nods. "Is baby, I gets."
[00:42] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yeah..so my emotions tend to get...really heh
[00:45] > ~something tugs on joanna's tail
[00:45] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] O_o
[00:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] hm?
[00:47] > ~something seems to have a good grip on joanna's tail
[00:48] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) growls a little.
[00:49] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] is something wrong?
[00:49] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Someone pulls on tail.. Not make happy..
[00:50] > ~something squeezes joanna's tail
[00:51] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) attempts to curl up her tail.
[00:52] > ~something won't let go
[00:52] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) looks back.
[00:53] > Anya Saotome (onesie) blinks at joanna, holding tightly onto joanna's tail
[00:53] [Ves Ves] Heh.. that's adorable.
[00:54] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Oh.. Is little Anya.. >_o
[00:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] aww
[00:54] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) picks Anya up and sets her on her lap.
[00:54] > Anya Saotome (onesie) blinks at Joanna.....
[00:55] > Anya Saotome (onesie) blinks up at joanna and gives a little toothless grin up at her
[00:55] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] think that's Masumi's daughter
[00:56] > Ves Ves looks at Anya Saotome
[00:56] ➣ Anya Saotome: has green hair and red eyes. She has two little horn buds growing from her forehead. she is an infant at present.
[00:56] [Ves Ves] Looks like you two should get along.
[00:56] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah.
[00:56] > Anya Saotome (onesie) reaches up at joanna's face
[00:57] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] She is friend in my time
[00:57] [Ves Ves] Your time? Oh, one of those..
[00:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] oh wow.....heh how does this feel..holding your friend in your lap
[00:59] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Is strange. I knows big Anya.
[00:59] > Ves Ves bends over and smiles close to the little one.
[00:59] [Ves Ves] Hello~ Anya, is it?
[01:00] > Anya Saotome (onesie) blinks at ves ves
[01:00] [Ves Ves] Hello! ^.^
[01:01] > Anya Saotome (onesie) grabs both of ves's cheeks...and PULLLLLLLS giggling
[01:01] [Ves Ves] >.o ^.^
[01:01] [Anya Saotome (onesie)] weeeeee!!!
[01:01] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] o_o Be careful, is very strong even as baby.
[01:02] > Ves Ves rustles her hair, perhaps a little harder than she should.
[01:02] [Ves Ves] I shhee..
[01:03] > Anya Saotome (onesie) plays around with Ves's face roughly
[01:04] > Ves Ves giggles nervously and makes to pry herself away.
[01:04] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) gently tries to stop Anya.
[01:05] > Anya Saotome (onesie) let's go
[01:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] heh you ok, ves?
[01:05] > Ves Ves rubs her face, looking amused.
[01:05] [Ves Ves] Fine. ^^ Just glad she didn't go for my eyes.
[01:07] > Anya Saotome (onesie) holds up her hands to joanna..signalling she wants to be held
[01:07] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) picks Anya up and holds her in her arms.
[01:08] > Anya Saotome (onesie) makes a happy noise
[01:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] man..you're good with her
[01:09] [Ves Ves] Its good for a girl to have some.. strength..
[01:09] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I helps babysit Logan before.
[01:11] > Anya Saotome (onesie) falls asleep, snuggling against joanna's arms
[01:11] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] ..I hope I'm half as good as that
[01:12] [Ves Ves] Better be. Looks like you have one or two coming.
[01:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] heh one as far as I know
[01:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] still deciding on a name
[01:14] [Ves Ves] Well, just don't pick it right after the birth when you're high on painkillers.
[01:15] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] oh god yeah...
[01:15] [Anya Saotome (onesie)] zzzz...
[01:16] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) gently rocks Anya.
[01:17] [Ves Ves] Then people do things like naming a boy Ashley or Susan, or naming a kid something like Rain or Candy.
[01:18] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] don't make fun of the name Candy :P
[01:19] [Ves Ves] Huh? Oh OHHHhhh riiight...
[01:21] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] so how is your work going?
[01:22] [Ves Ves] Mine? Pretty well. Did some fire and ice play and some icyhot torture earlier.
[01:23] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] What kind work you does?..
[01:23] [Ves Ves] I'm a professional dominatrix. ^.^
[01:24] [Ves Ves] That is, when I'm not performing in my circus.
[01:26] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Circus? What kind act?
[01:27] [Ves Ves] I'm the tamer of beasts. >:)
[01:27] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) grins, baring some fang.
[01:29] > Ves Ves doesn't miss the signifigance.
[01:29] [Ves Ves] The only inteligent 'beasts' I tame are the ones who want it.
[01:30] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) yawns
[01:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I think I better head home...getting tired
[01:30] [Ves Ves] Night, Matsumi.
[01:31] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) stands
[01:31] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] night you two
[01:31] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Night
[01:31] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (dress) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (man I'm tired)
[01:31] > Anya Saotome (onesie) moves a bit in her sleep
[01:31] <-- Anya Saotome (onesie) has left #reddwarfbeta (zzzz)
[01:33] [Ves Ves] You look like you'd be more trouble than you are worth to try an tame.
[01:34] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] :3
[01:34] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I is pretty tough. :3
[01:36] [Ves Ves] You look it. You look like you'd have fun doing what I do.
[01:37] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I mights. :3
[01:48] [Ves Ves] I hazard a guess that you've dominated a man or two?
[01:49] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >:3 I takes what I likes when I is in the mood.
[01:58] > Ves Ves yawns and collects her bag.
[01:58] [Ves Ves] Well, was nice meeting you, JD.
[01:58] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah. I takes Anya to bed.
[01:59] [Ves Ves] Give the little sweetheart a kiss for me.
[02:00] <-- Ves Ves [BeastTamer@DeadMoon.cc] has left #reddwarfbeta
[02:01] <-- Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has left #reddwarfbeta (I is one bad p[SMEG]ycat.)
[23:04] --> Katori Kaioh [blueboy@seapalace.nep.co] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Katori Kaioh
[23:04] > Katori Kaioh stretches....
[23:08] > Katori Kaioh walks over to the bar and pours himself some water
[23:20] > Katori Kaioh sighs and unties his hair
[23:23] <-- Katori Kaioh [blueboy@seapalace.nep.co] has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:39] --> Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin
[23:39] [Matsuo Shin] ugh....~_~
[23:41] > Matsuo Shin lays on the sofa..
[23:51] <-- Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (*falls asleep on the sofa*)
[00:00] >>> Friday Jun 10 2011 <<<
[19:18] --> Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Morrigan
[19:19] [Morrigan] Ooooo, Anya was here yesterday. Too bad the Kits weren't here to play with her.
[19:25] > Morrigan sits down and relaxes. ^__^
[19:40] > Morrigan lays down on the couch and stretches across it like a cat. ^______^
[20:28] <-- Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta (*falls asleep on the sofa* ~____~)
[21:41] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:41] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[21:41] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[21:43] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits down on the floor near the sofas
[21:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] A very quiet night. Nothing wrong with that.
[23:57] --> Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:57] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin
[23:57] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ugh...
[23:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsuo. You okay?
[00:00] >>> Saturday Jun 11 2011 <<<
[00:01] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ..can't sleep
[00:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How come?
[00:07] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] lot on my mind...
[00:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmm. Anything I can do to help ya sleep? Perhaps a sedative?
[00:09] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] no thanks
[00:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alrighty.
[00:14] --> Logan SD (PJs) [KittyShota@Reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Logan SD (PJs)
[00:14] [Logan SD (PJs)] ung... ~.~
[00:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi there.
[00:15] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ugh ~_~
[00:16] [Logan SD (PJs)] Hi.. nya..
[00:16] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] hello...
[00:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Couldn't sleep either, huh?
[00:18] [Logan SD (PJs)] How'd ya know?
[00:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Matsuo walked in feeling the same way.
[00:20] [Logan SD (PJs)] Aww...
[00:20] > Logan SD (PJs) hugs Matsuo.
[00:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah.
[00:23] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) smiles and hugs
[00:23] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ..nervious about my wedding
[00:23] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Remind me, when is that?
[00:23] [Logan SD (PJs)] Awww... why?
[00:25] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] next weekend
[00:25] [Logan SD (PJs)] Don't cha love 'er?
[00:25] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ..this is..a big step
[00:25] > +David O'Cain (casual) pats Matsuo on the shoulder
[00:26] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] OF COURSE I DO...err..I mean yes
[00:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] It's gonna be alright, man. You'll both give your vows and "I do's", and then we'll have a party to celebrate. Savvy?
[00:28] [Logan SD (PJs)] If ya love her it'll all be alright. =^_^=
[00:29] > Logan SD (PJs) scratches his chin. "I wonder when I'll marry my girlfriend.."
[00:29] --> Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Wildcat_42 (Summer)
[00:30] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] heh when you're older
[00:30] [Logan SD (PJs)] JD! :D
[00:30] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hello.
[00:30] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yo, little bro.
[00:30] > Logan SD (PJs) glomps his sister.
[00:30] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) hugs Logan back
[00:30] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] huh..who's this?
[00:31] [Logan SD (PJs)] My big sister! JD.
[00:31] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] pleasure to meet you
[00:32] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yo.
[00:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hate to cut my time short here, but I need to get going. Masaki's probably wondering where I'm at.
[00:32] [Logan SD (PJs)] G'night.
[00:32] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Night.)
[00:33] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) blinks and stands
[00:34] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] excuse me for a sec you two ^^;
[00:34] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] How you is, Logan?
[00:34] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) walks over to a corner and faces the wall
[00:36] [Logan SD (PJs)] I is okay... can't sleep.. miss my girlfriend. :/
[00:36] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You has not seen her?
[00:36] [Logan SD (PJs)] Not in a few days.
[00:37] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ..yes..I know he escaped...
[00:37] > Logan SD (PJs) raises an eyebrow.
[00:38] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] She is still in school?
[00:38] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You is out for summer, yah?
[00:38] [Logan SD (PJs)] Yah. I think she gets out soon..
[00:38] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ...I would hold off an assination...
[00:39] [Logan SD (PJs)] O.o
[00:39] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) raises an eyebrow.
[00:39] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] .....there isn't any danger of him going after her..is there?
[00:40] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) looks back "oh..hi there"
[00:40] [Logan SD (PJs)] o___O
[00:40] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You knows you is talking out loud, yah?
[00:41] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] oh I was?
[00:42] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] sorry
[00:42] [Logan SD (PJs)] Who are you killing? Someone bad?
[00:43] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] yes very bad
[00:43] [Logan SD (PJs)] Kay.. Who was 'her'?
[00:45] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] my fiancee
[00:47] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You protects her, yah?
[00:47] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I try to...but my second job.....brings some dangers to my loved ones
[00:48] [Logan SD (PJs)] Oh no. o.o
[00:49] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) nods
[00:50] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I was simply have a confrence with my superior..sorry
[00:51] [Logan SD (PJs)] ...I didn't see your phone.
[00:53] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah. You just stands in corner and talks.
[00:53] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I used this
[00:53] [Logan SD (PJs)] 0.0
[00:53] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) is talking into both JD and Logan's head
[00:55] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Oh, you is head talky person.
[00:55] [Logan SD (PJs)] That's cool! :D
[00:56] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) holds out his hand, a glass of water floating over to his hand
[00:57] [Logan SD (PJs)] oooooooooooo
[00:58] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] :3
[00:58] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) drinks
[00:58] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] it's the diffrence between me and my sister
[01:01] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] she has the air powers..I'm a psychic
[01:03] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I sees. You has head movey powers too. :3
[01:03] [Logan SD (PJs)] You say that like they're opposites. :3
[01:04] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] and what does that mean then heh
[01:06] [Logan SD (PJs)] Nya?
[01:10] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] what you said
[01:10] [Logan SD (PJs)] Uhh... I dunno. o.o
[01:11] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] :3
[01:13] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I also can possess people
[01:14] [Logan SD (PJs)] Get out! o.o
[01:15] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] heh yes
[01:16] [Logan SD (PJs)] Possess my sister! :D
[01:17] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) raises an eyebrow and shows a little fang.
[01:17] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) looks at JD "heh well I could"
[01:19] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] though only with her permission
[01:20] > Logan SD (PJs) giggles.
[01:21] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I keeps my brain right where it is. >:3
[01:21] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] hm....there is..one other thing I could try
[01:22] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] it's a trick I only recenetly found out I could do
[01:23] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] shall I?
[01:23] [Logan SD (PJs)] Fine with me.. JD?
[01:23] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) shrugs.
[01:24] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] It not hurts, yah?
[01:24] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] it doesn't hurt
[01:24] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ok..ready?
[01:24] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah
[01:26] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] very well then
[01:26] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) holds out one hand in front of Logan...and the other in front of JD
[01:27] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas)'s eyes glow blue as a blue glow comes over him
[01:27] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] .....
[01:27] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] SWITCH NOW
[01:27] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) moves his hands, crossing them over to the oppisite person
[01:28] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) lowers his hands
[01:29] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] heh
[01:31] [Logan SD (PJs)] =O_O=
[01:31] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Whoa! o.o
[01:31] [Logan SD (PJs)] What I JUST say? =>_<=
[01:32] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] check the mirror
[01:32] > Logan SD (PJs) sighs and does as told.
[01:32] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Nya, never realized how it feels to be tall. :3
[01:33] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) hops up and looks in the mirror.
[01:34] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] o.o You're really bouncy, JD.
[01:35] > Logan SD (PJs) rubs his face, looking at his own form, then up at Joanna.
[01:35] [Logan SD (PJs)] Watch where hands go, I is your sister..
[01:36] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I only figured it out yesterday
[01:36] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) stops his hands short. =^.^;;=
[01:36] [Logan SD (PJs)] Forgot what it like to be short and small.. >.>
[01:37] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] D'you think I'll be this tall when I grow up? :3
[01:38] > Logan SD (PJs) gruns and stops her feet, setting the carpet on fire where her foot slams.
[01:38] [Logan SD (PJs)] Probably, unless you is like dad. Um... does you smell that?
[01:38] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] o.O
[01:39] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You set the carpet on fire!
[01:39] [Logan SD (PJs)] o_o Oh s[SMEG]t how I does that?!
[01:40] [Logan SD (PJs)] Mind boy gets us water!
[01:40] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Nya, I don't know!
[01:40] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) runs to the bar and gets a glass of water!
[01:41] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] don't call me mind boy
[01:42] [Logan SD (PJs)] You puts out fire and purs our minds right now!
[01:42] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) throws the water at the carpet fire. o.o
[01:43] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I'll try...never tried to reverse it before
[01:44] [Logan SD (PJs)] O_____O
[01:44] [Logan SD (PJs)] I not be stuck like this!
[01:45] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Nya.. ~_~
[01:45] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) concentrates...and holds out his hands again
[01:45] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] SWITCH...BACK
[01:46] [Logan SD (PJs)] Woah... Aww.. I kinda liked being tall.. but that was pretty weird, nya..
[01:47] [Logan SD (PJs)] Cool trick! :D
[01:48] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I says I keeps brain in my head. ~_~
[01:51] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ..I can also kill a person with my mind
[01:52] [Logan SD (PJs)] o.o Lets not try that one..
[01:52] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah, you keeps that to yourself.
[01:53] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) smiles
[01:53] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] ...wonder if I should wear a tux for my wedding
[01:54] [Logan SD (PJs)] You haven't planned that?
[01:55] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I'm torn between a tux..or if I should dress..fanicer
[01:55] [Logan SD (PJs)] What's fancier than a tux?
[01:56] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I almost thought of asking setsuna to recreate my old prince uniform
[01:58] [Logan SD (PJs)] Well whatever you wear it should got with what Amy wears.
[01:58] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] true
[01:58] > Matsuo Shin (pajamas) yawns a bit
[01:58] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] I guess sleep is catching up with me
[01:59] [Logan SD (PJs)] Or no sleep is. :3
[01:59] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) ruffles Logan's hair.
[01:59] [Matsuo Shin (pajamas)] goodnight you two
[01:59] > Logan SD (PJs) purrs.
[02:00] <-- Matsuo Shin (pajamas) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (back home for me)
[02:06] [Logan SD (PJs)] Stayin up here tonight?
[02:06] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah, forest is too hot.
[02:07] [Logan SD (PJs)] Maybe I should go to bed.. I have a date tomorrow! >:D
[02:09] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah, you two make good couple.
[02:09] [Logan SD (PJs)] Thanks! Stayin' here?
[02:10] --> Jett Masato (pj pants) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:10] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jett Masato (pj pants)
[02:13] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Hey JD, Little Man
[02:13] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yo.
[02:15] [Logan SD (PJs)] Hiii~ nya.
[02:15] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] How're you two doing tonight?
[02:17] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I is good now.
[02:18] [Logan SD (PJs)] Good... getting *yawn* sleepy..
[02:19] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Sounds like you need to go to bed, little man.
[02:19] > Jett Masato (pj pants) goes behind the bar and makes himself a quick drink.
[02:21] [Logan SD (PJs)] Yeah... you take good care of my sister, Jett, or you have to answer to me. >:3
[02:22] > Jett Masato (pj pants) chuckles lightly with a smile / "No worries, Little Man. She'll be well taken care of."
[02:23] > Logan SD (PJs) hugs them both on the way out.
[02:24] > Jett Masato (pj pants) gives Logan a light hug, patting his back / "Goodnight, Little Man"
[02:24] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) hugs Logan back.
[02:25] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah, you sleep good.
[02:25] <-- Logan SD (PJs) [KittyShota@Reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (Nya nya nyanya NYA!)
[02:26] > Jett Masato (pj pants) sits by the bar, sipping his drink
[02:26] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] How is Anya?
[02:27] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] She's alright. I haven't seen her since I left to visit mom though.
[02:28] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Seems you two have something in common.
[02:28] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] What is?
[02:29] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] You both want to see the other happy with me.
[02:30] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Hmm..
[02:34] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Anya is very polite.
[02:34] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] And very sweet.
[02:34] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Not to mention beautiful, as are you. ^_
[02:34] > Jett Masato (pj pants) sips his drink and winks at JD
[02:35] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You is good flatterer. :3
[02:35] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Well, I learned from three of the best.
[02:36] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] My parents and my older brother.
[02:37] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] So, you mentioned that you were feeling better now. Was something wrong earlier?
[02:38] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah. Uncle Matsuo did weird mind thing. Put me in Logan and Logan in me. <_<
[02:40] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Oh my.... that is rather strange.
[02:42] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah. I not likes being short. >_<
[02:42] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Also set carpet on fire.
[02:42] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) points to the large singed spot.
[02:42] > Jett Masato (pj pants) stands and walks over to JD, casually throwing an arm around her
[02:42] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Wow, that's rather impressive.
[02:45] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] You must be glad to be your full size, sexy self, eh?
[02:46] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] :3
[02:46] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] Yah.
[02:47] > Jett Masato (pj pants) takes a sip of his drink and offers some to JD
[02:50] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) sniffs and takes a sip.
[02:51] > Jett Masato (pj pants) brings a hand up to scratch JD behind her ears
[02:51] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) softly growls in a way that might be a purr.
[02:52] > Jett Masato (pj pants) smiles and continues to scratch her ears
[02:53] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] You're a difficult one to tame, JD.
[02:53] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >:3
[02:54] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] I doubt you'll ever truely be tamed by anyone.
[02:55] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] I is wild stallion. >:3
[02:55] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] You definitely are wild.
[02:56] > Jett Masato (pj pants) kisses JD's cheek, moving to rub her shoulders
[02:56] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You is forward tonight. :3
[02:57] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] Yes well, you look like you're in need of a little relaxation.
[03:44] > Jett Masato (pj pants) hands JD a card and winks
[03:44] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] I'm gonna' head back to my mom's place. That card will get you into my room, if you're interested. ^_~
[03:44] > Wildcat_42 (Summer) takes it and looks at it.
[03:45] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] You not tells Anya if I decides yes, yah?
[03:45] > Jett Masato (pj pants) finishes his drink as he lets JD go, lightly dragging his hand along her ear
[03:45] [Jett Masato (pj pants)] It'll be our little secret.
[03:45] [Wildcat_42 (Summer)] >;3
[03:46] <-- Jett Masato (pj pants) has left #reddwarfbeta (I hope to see you there.)
[03:46] <-- Wildcat_42 (Summer) [Wildcat_42@outlands.wild] has left #reddwarfbeta (I is on prowl now.)
[00:00] >>> Monday Jun 13 2011 <<<
[00:17] --> Horned_GRL has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horned_GRL
[00:17] > Horned_GRL walks out from a forest path which has suddenly appeared in the ship
[00:18] [Horned_GRL] ~_~
[00:19] --> Ryoga Hibiki has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ryoga Hibiki
[00:19] > Ryoga Hibiki enters with large bowl of rice with a few other things mixed in.
[00:19] [Ryoga Hibiki] Good evening.
[00:20] [Horned_GRL] eep!!!!
[00:20] > Horned_GRL backs away from the strange man!