[21:19] >>> Thursday May 19 2011 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[21:19] > Chibi-Alex POOFS!!
[21:19] > Chibi-Sylvester POOFS!!
[21:20] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) drops to the ground, shaking off her clothes.
[21:20] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) wriggles out of his clothes, too.
[21:20] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Heh.
[21:21] > Chibi-Alex and Chibi-Sylvester both scramble up onto Miara, yipping happily and proceeding to rapidly lick her face and neck. :3 :3
[21:22] [Miara (workout)] You're starting to grow up, aren't you?
[21:23] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Yip-yip-yip-yip! =^^=
[21:24] [Miara (workout)] You better run before I catch you~
[21:24] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) continues to nuzzle Miara excitedly. =^^=
[21:24] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) rears up on his hind legs, his eyes gleaming eagerly. :3
[21:25] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) dashes off!
[21:25] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) dashes off in a different direction. :D
[21:25] > Miara (workout) is now known as Miara[fur]
[21:26] > Miara[fur] (workout) darts after Alex first
[21:27] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) zips behind Iris! >:3
[21:27] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] What? :P
[21:28] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) leaps up and springboards off of Miara's back. =^^=
[21:29] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) continues sprinting, her little tails flaring out behind her.
[21:31] --> Masumi Saotome (dress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome (dress)
[21:31] > Masumi Saotome (dress) walks in
[21:32] > Miara[fur] runs around after them, until they're both in same part of the room
[21:32] [Chibi-Sylvester (fox form)] Yip-yip-yip-yip!
[21:32] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] >:3
[21:32] > Masumi Saotome (dress) just watches
[21:33] [Miara[fur]] Hey Mas!
[21:34] [Masumi Saotome (dress)] hello there
[21:35] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Hello.
[21:35] > Miara[fur] grabs for one of the kits
[21:36] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) and Chibi-Sylvester suddenly both dash past Masumi, from the sides, brushing him with their tails as they both gallop past.
[21:36] > Masumi Saotome (dress) just blinks
[21:37] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) leaps aside! :D
[21:37] <-- Masumi Saotome (dress) has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:38] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) skids to a halt and instantly doubles back in the opposite direction. =^^=
[21:39] > Miara[fur] was right behind him, and tosses him up in the air
[21:40] [Chibi-Sylvester (fox form)] EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! =v‾v=
[21:41] --> Vilya [WilderK├╝nstler@haus7.de] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:41] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Vilya
[21:42] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) gallops behind Miara and POUNCES at her, attempting to catch herself a full-grown Chaloopah!!! >:3
[21:42] > Miara[fur] picks up Sylvester by the scruff of the neck and takes him over to Vilya
[21:43] [Vilya] hm???
[21:43] > Miara[fur] ...and ends up in a pile on the floor
[21:43] > Vilya tumbles down the hall >.O
[21:43] > Vilya is away
[21:44] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) stands on all fours behind Miara's head, perched between her shoulders, attempting to look fierce and proud but looking just cute and silly instead. >:3
[21:46] > Vilya[fur] is back
[21:46] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Heh.
[21:46] > Vilya[fur] walks back in
[21:48] [Vilya[fur]] >.> <.<
[21:48] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Eeeeeerrr-OOOOOOOOOOOO~!
[21:48] > Miara[fur] stays rather still, since the top of her back is rather slopey
[21:48] [Miara[fur]] there you are. come play~
[21:49] > Vilya[fur] walks over and looks at Miara
[21:49] [Vilya[fur]] vhat is going on here?
[21:50] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) plops herself down on Miara's back, draping her legs over and trilling happily as she nestles amidst her fur. ^_____^
[21:51] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) trots along with Vilya, looking quite pleased with himself. =^^=
[21:51] [Miara[fur]] just having fun
[21:51] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Looooooooooooo-pah! ♡
[21:52] > Vilya[fur] blinks..and pushes Sylvester a bit with her snout, poking him a bit
[21:52] > Miara[fur] pulls a few blankets and pillows, and plops down
[21:53] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) bats at Vilya with his paws, yipping as he's nuzzled by her. :3
[21:54] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) starts grooming Miara's ears. :3
[21:54] > Vilya[fur] keeps pushing at sylvester with her nose
[21:55] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) just watches the antics
[21:55] [Chibi-Sylvester (fox form)] Yip-yip! :D
[21:56] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) continues to bat playfully at Vilya, letting himself get prodded and poked a little bit the big Loopah.
[21:56] > Vilya[fur] stops
[21:57] [Vilya[fur]] who is this?
[21:57] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Loopah have fun?
[21:57] [Vilya[fur]] *vho
[21:58] [Miara[fur]] that's sylvester
[21:59] > Vilya[fur] picks up Sylvester with her mouth
[21:59] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) trills as he's hoisted up off the ground. :3
[22:01] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) tumbles off of Miara's head and lands with a *plop* between her forelegs. o__O
[22:01] > Vilya[fur] puts Sylvester on her back
[22:02] [Miara[fur]] aha!
[22:02] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) settles in behind Vilya's head, making himself cozy. ^__^
[22:02] > Miara[fur] lightly takes hold of Alex and shakes her playfully
[22:03] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Yeeeeeeeee! :D
[22:04] > Vilya[fur] starts to jog around the room at a steady beat but is gaining speed on each run
[22:04] > Miara[fur] looks at Vilya[fur]
[22:04] ➣ Vilya[fur]: An incredibly demonic looking 4 legged creature, about 3' tall with long fine legs, and a long kinked tail, covered in tons of fur. Her fur is of a coffee brown color.
[22:05] > Vilya[fur] dashes down the hall!
[22:05] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) sinks deeply into Vilya's fur. :3
[22:07] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) gives Miara tail-pats. :D
[22:08] > Vilya[fur] is dashing down the hall, actually gaining enough speed to dash partially up the wall
[22:08] > Miara[fur] shifts to a different position, settling a little deeper into a pillow
[22:09] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) digs in and hangs on for the ride. >:3
[22:10] [Miara[fur]] looks like your brother is having fun, yeah?
[22:11] > Vilya[fur] makes a turn, sliding slighty on the floor
[22:11] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Yup-yup! Loopah sleepy?
[22:12] > Vilya[fur] dashes down the hall back towards the main room
[22:13] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) peeks up from within Vilya's fur. o__o
[22:14] > Vilya[fur] dashes into the room..makes a leap..and lands on her feet, skidding to a stop just BARELY hitting the wall
[22:14] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) hops down off of Vilya's back and trots over to where his sister is on the pillow.
[22:15] > Chibi-Alex (fox form) yawns sleepily and curls up between Miara's paws, wrapping herself up within her tails.
[22:15] > Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) curls up with his sister, draping a couple of his tails over her. ^_^
[22:16] [Chibi-Alex (fox form)] Night-night, Chaloopah! =^^=
[22:16] > Vilya[fur] watches him leave...blinking
[22:16] [Miara[fur]] good run?
[22:16] > Vilya[fur] trots over to a corner and curls up
[22:17] > Vilya[fur] nods slowly
[22:18] <-- Chibi-Sylvester (fox form) has left #reddwarfbeta (*Falls asleep between Miara's paws, trilling happily.*)
[22:20] <-- Chibi-Alex (fox form) has left #reddwarfbeta (*Falls asleep with Miara, dreaming to Dan-dan and all her other Lupa friends*)
[22:20] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Awwww.
[22:21] > Vilya[fur] stands
[22:22] > Vilya[fur] trots off
[22:22] > Miara[fur] carefully extricates herself and goes to sit next to Vilya
[22:22] <-- Vilya[fur] has left #reddwarfbeta (...)
[22:22] [Miara[fur]] heh...
[22:22] > Miara[fur] is now known as Miara
[22:22] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Well, that was fun to watch.
[22:22] > Miara pulls a blanket around her and sits on a couch instead
[22:23] [Miara] Glad we could entertain you ^_^
[22:28] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Must have been good exercise for you all.
[22:29] [Miara] Eh, that was earlier.
[22:30] [Miara] Meh...now I'm sleepy.
[22:31] > Miara dozes off
[22:37] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Night.
[22:55] <-- Iris Gainsburough (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:07] > Vilya is back
[23:07] > Vilya walks in...and sits down on another sofa..just watching miara
[23:12] [Vilya] hm...
[23:26] > Miara stretches, yawning
[23:27] [Miara] [why's it so hot in here?]
[23:27] > Miara is not fully awake yet
[23:28] [Vilya] huh?....
[23:31] > Miara mutters something, rather unclear
[23:32] > Vilya blinks
[23:34] > Vilya walks over and tries to hear what miara is saying
[23:37] > Miara grabs Vilya's arm, then pushes her away
[23:37] [Miara] no, not you
[23:38] > Vilya tumbles ><
[23:38] > Miara's pheromone level is clearly stronger than earlier
[23:38] [Vilya] vhat vas that for?
[23:38] [Vilya] ...
[23:39] [Vilya] I think I vill go...
[23:40] > Miara grasps at some level of sanity before it's too late
[23:40] [Miara] No wait--
[23:41] [Vilya] I do not vant to be here when you are in that state of mind...
[23:42] [Miara] Make sure I get away from here first >>
[23:42] [Vilya] you should go then
[23:43] [Vilya] you can't be here if you are going to go through this
[23:43] > Miara just stares at Vilya a minute
[23:46] [Vilya] hm?
[23:46] [Miara] you need to get socialized ;_;
[23:48] [Vilya] I'm sorry...
[23:50] > Miara gathers her self-discipline as best she can, and opens a gate to the first safe place she can think of
[23:51] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (not again)
[23:53] <-- Vilya [WilderK├╝nstler@haus7.de] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Friday May 20 2011 <<<
[00:20] --> Katsumi Kaioh (dress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:20] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Katsumi Kaioh (dress)
[00:20] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) twirls happily in
[00:22] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] ^___^
[00:26] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) kisses the fish tank
[00:38] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] hehehehehe
[00:50] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] happy happy day
[01:02] --> Minako Aino (Future) [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minako Aino (Future)
[01:03] > Minako Aino (Future) enters, wearing an orange flowing gown, and about as pregnant as her current self.
[01:03] [Minako Aino (Future)] Hello, Katsumi.
[01:03] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] gah!..oh..hello, aunt Mina
[01:03] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) tries to regain her composure
[01:03] [Minako Aino (Future)] Hehe... 'Gah'? Is something wrong, dear? *^.^*
[01:05] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] not really.....just....happy
[01:05] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] I'm just happy to have a wonderful man to be in love with ^^
[01:06] [Minako Aino (Future)] Aww.. I'm very happy for you, dear. I remember falling in love here..
[01:07] > Minako Aino (Future) sits down, getting comfortable with her mass.
[01:07] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] I just wish he would be more forward in his love >.>
[01:10] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] he can be so shy
[01:14] [Minako Aino (Future)] My husband, your uncle, walked through that door and found me in my underware when I was trying to decide if I could nude model. Ohh, to be young and shy again..
[01:15] [Minako Aino (Future)] Its sad that it isn't as easy for many people.. People from his home also. They're so conservative.. its sad, especally with how close they are to the Sun.
[01:15] [Minako Aino (Future)] Katsumi, please don't think I'm speaking ill of dear Sagiri, but why do you like him?
[01:16] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] he was....so passoniate..when we first met....
[01:16] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] he spoke amazing words of love!
[01:16] > Minako Aino (Future) smiles.
[01:19] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] he was also drunk apparently ^^;;;
[01:19] [Minako Aino (Future)] Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I see~
[01:21] [Minako Aino (Future)] Well, sometimes a good drink is the best love potion. ^^ And I'm sure in time, he'll loosten up without them.
[01:22] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] do you have any...suggestions?
[01:23] [Minako Aino (Future)] I can send you a gift basket with some fine wines and maybe a good rum.
[01:24] > Minako Aino (Future) sighs again, placing her hand over her stomach.
[01:24] [Minako Aino (Future)] I used to drink and party so much.. hard to do when I'm always pregnant..
[01:24] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) nods "...oh how goes your pregancy?..this is....how many children do you have now?"
[01:25] [Minako Aino (Future)] I'm starting to lose track *^.^*
[01:26] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] someday...I will have ten children with sagiri ^^
[01:27] [Minako Aino (Future)] Thats a ~wonderful~ goal... Theres nothing more magical then carrying and delivering the child of the man you love.. but Katsumi, you'll have to start soon for a number that high.^.~
[01:28] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) blushes "I know that"
[01:29] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) giggles, just thinking about it
[01:30] > Minako Aino (Future) can't help giggling too.
[01:30] [Minako Aino (Future)] I'm sure Sagiri will prove himself a great and caring father, too. I can see it in his character, even if he cannot see it himself.
[01:31] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] maybe someday
[01:31] [Minako Aino (Future)] Have you talked about this with him?
[01:32] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] not really....he's been gone so many times lately >.>
[01:34] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] it's...frustrating...
[01:34] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] espcally since my DEAR sister....rubs it in
[01:35] [Minako Aino (Future)] She does? How so?
[01:36] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] she likes to bring her dear boyfriend over...and make out in front of me
[01:36] [Minako Aino (Future)] That's... kind of common in our world. ^^; and not usually considdered rude.
[01:37] [Minako Aino (Future)] Though I could see where it could be taken as such.. :\
[01:38] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] but she...even told me she was doing it to piss me off....
[01:39] [Minako Aino (Future)] Ohh... -_- now that.. is very rude.. its sad to hear of sibilings being spiteful like that. 'A mouse dividing cannot add.'
[01:40] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] a house divded cannot stand...
[01:41] [Minako Aino (Future)] Oh.. that is more relevant, isn't it? ^.^
[01:41] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) is suddenly hugged from behind >.O
[01:42] [Aiko Kaioh] AWWWW MY POOR COUSIN
[01:43] > Aiko Kaioh hugs Katsumi into her chest
[01:43] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] mmf MMFF
[01:43] > Minako Aino (Future) giggles.
[01:44] [Aiko Kaioh] hello mom ^^
[01:45] [Minako Aino (Future)] Hello honey.
[01:46] [Aiko Kaioh] what's wrong with our poor little katsy?
[01:47] [Minako Aino (Future)] Problems getting her lover to open up, and apparently some unpleasant sibling rivalry.
[01:48] [Aiko Kaioh] we need to fix that!
[01:48] [Aiko Kaioh] nei nei! how about we invite her and her boyfriend to our planet for a weekend!
[01:49] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) is starting to lose air @_@
[01:49] [Minako Aino (Future)] I think thats a lovely idea. Perhaps we could fix them up with a suite? Maybe a beach house?
[01:49] [Minako Aino (Future)] Um.. dear. loosten your grip.. Blue might be her color, but that's too much.
[01:50] [Aiko Kaioh] oh oops!
[01:50] > Aiko Kaioh let's go of Katsumi..who flops onto the ground
[01:50] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] @_@...aiiiirrrr...wonderful aiiiiir
[01:51] [Aiko Kaioh] whoops...that tends to happen for some reason
[01:52] [Aiko Kaioh] OH! Mama..let's give them *whispers in minako's ear*
[01:52] [Minako Aino (Future)] You get a liiiittle too excited when you make matches. ^^; I was the same.
[01:54] [Aiko Kaioh] ^_^
[01:55] [Minako Aino (Future)] Mm.. I don't think Sagiri will appreciate all that fetish gear.. thought maybe Kat would have fun chaining him up..
[01:56] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) sits up "huh what?"
[01:57] [Minako Aino (Future)] Our dungeon suite. Its -very- well stocked and quite soundproof.
[01:57] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] that place?...*blushes deeply*
[01:57] [Minako Aino (Future)] Of course, if you wan't it, say the word. ^_^
[01:58] [Minako Aino (Future)] It'll be harder for Sagiri to avoid conception when he's strapped down, after all ^_~
[01:58] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) turns bright red
[01:58] [Aiko Kaioh] MAMA!!!!
[01:58] [Aiko Kaioh] the straps broke remember?....
[01:58] [Aiko Kaioh] I think they need to be repaired
[01:59] [Minako Aino (Future)] Dear, there's no shortage of -straps- 9_9 Thats as simple as sending an errand boy.
[02:01] [Aiko Kaioh] oh yeah...
[02:01] [Aiko Kaioh] but you know what they say...better safe then soggy
[02:01] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] >.>
[02:02] [Minako Aino (Future)] Hehe... that applies doubly so to 'Soggy Sagiri'
[02:03] --> Knight Nephrite [FomerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:03] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Knight Nephrite
[02:03] [Knight Nephrite] I think it's "Better safe then sorry"
[02:03] [Aiko Kaioh] Uncle Neph!
[02:03] [Minako Aino (Future)] Mmm... Nephrite.. as charming as ever. ♡
[02:03] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] hello there, mister Nephrite
[02:04] > Knight Nephrite smiles, "Hello to a trio of beautiful ladies.
[02:04] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] hmph!
[02:04] > Aiko Kaioh giggles happily
[02:04] > Minako Aino (Future) stands and opens his arms to him, visibly pregnant beneath a orange silk gown.
[02:05] > Knight Nephrite chuckles lightly and hugs Mina
[02:05] > Minako Aino (Future) returns the hug, then kisses him full on the lips.
[02:05] [Knight Nephrite] Mmmm...~
[02:06] [Aiko Kaioh] awwww no fair, mama
[02:06] > Minako Aino (Future) releases him and smiles at Aiko.
[02:06] > Knight Nephrite kisses Mina back and smiles, "As friendly as ever, even with another bun in the oven."
[02:06] [Aiko Kaioh] :(
[02:07] [Minako Aino (Future)] Hey, we have history, so I get first crack. ^.~
[02:07] > Aiko Kaioh puffs up her cheeks
[02:07] > Knight Nephrite chuckles a little
[02:08] [Minako Aino (Future)] Honey, calm down, you're being silly. Nobody is stopping you from sharing affections with Nephrite.
[02:09] > Aiko Kaioh hugs neph around the neck and gives him a kiss too
[02:09] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] O_o
[02:09] [Knight Nephrite] Indeed.... I know I'm a bit old... but...
[02:09] > Knight Nephrite hugs Aiko back and returns the kiss in full
[02:10] [Aiko Kaioh] yay!!!
[02:11] [Knight Nephrite] Heh... if my daughter saw that she'd kill me. :P
[02:11] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] I can understand why >.>
[02:12] [Aiko Kaioh] oooo how is dear celestite....
[02:12] [Minako Aino (Future)] Aww.. haven't you raised her to appreciate love?
[02:12] [Aiko Kaioh] haven't seen her in a while ^_~
[02:12] [Knight Nephrite] She's not quite as.... open.
[02:13] [Knight Nephrite] I mean yes, she has a husband and a wife and plays with her maids.... but I don't think seeing her father kissing a girl who's almost the same age would be her cup of tea.
[02:15] [Minako Aino (Future)] Well I think thats a shame. Girls Aiko's age are in their prime for kissing.
[02:15] > Aiko Kaioh puckers her lips and grins
[02:15] [Knight Nephrite] Indeed. ^_~
[02:15] [Knight Nephrite] I see Katsumi doesn't entirely agree with our stance on things.
[02:16] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) pulls out her fan and quietly fans herself
[02:16] [Aiko Kaioh] she's a party pooper
[02:17] [Knight Nephrite] She just thinks differently, Aiko.
[02:18] [Knight Nephrite] Anyway, how're you ladies doing tonight?
[02:18] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] distressed...
[02:18] [Minako Aino (Future)] A little bigger every day, but very good.
[02:18] [Aiko Kaioh] oh fine if a bit sore
[02:19] [Minako Aino (Future)] Why sore, dear?
[02:19] [Knight Nephrite] And what's got you distressed, Katsumi?
[02:19] [Aiko Kaioh] went to a couple of very fun parties, mama
[02:19] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] Sagiri is gone so often...and he's still so shy
[02:20] [Minako Aino (Future)] Well good. Have a good time?
[02:21] [Knight Nephrite] I see.... well, do you know where he has to go so often, Katsumi/
[02:21] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] no ><
[02:22] [Aiko Kaioh] mmhm...I did alot of important political deals, mama
[02:23] [Aiko Kaioh] the ambassadors enjoyed them of course ^_~
[02:24] > Minako Aino (Future) giggles.
[02:24] [Minako Aino (Future)] Negotiating under the table, again dear?
[02:25] [Knight Nephrite] Well, maybe you should talk to her.
[02:25] [Knight Nephrite] ^him
[02:26] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] I tried but the phones are bus....YOU DON'T THNK HE'S CHEATING ON ME DO YOU?
[02:27] [Minako Aino (Future)] No dear... Sagiri would never be that brave or that popular. ~_~
[02:27] [Knight Nephrite] Sagiri? never.
[02:27] [Knight Nephrite] Besides, who would he cheat on you with?
[02:27] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] uh.....
[02:28] [Minako Aino (Future)] Excuse me..
[02:28] <-- Minako Aino (Future) [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Sobieru mirai, Wasurenaide!)
[02:28] --> Queen Minako [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:28] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Queen Minako
[02:28] [Queen Minako] Ahh, much better ^_~
[02:29] > Knight Nephrite looks at Queen Minako
[02:29] ➣ Queen Minako: A pretty and stunning Japanese woman with long flowing blond hair accessorized with a large red bow, blue eyes, long legs and a ample bust. She wears a flowing, golden silk gown and a light layer of makeup. A small bulge in her belly might be a pregnancy.
[02:29] [Aiko Kaioh] you look great, mama ^^
[02:30] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] *mutters* my mother is more glamorious though
[02:30] [Knight Nephrite] Quite radient, Mina.
[02:31] [Queen Minako] Ohh, well thank you all. You are too kind to this mother.
[02:32] [Aiko Kaioh] oh! mama...can you please talk to Summer about using my shampoo..she keeps stealing it ><
[02:33] [Queen Minako] I'll talk to her, but you know you can just have the maids bring you more, dear..
[02:34] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) yawns a bit...
[02:34] [Knight Nephrite] Sounds like Katsumi is getting a little tired
[02:35] [Aiko Kaioh] I'll escort her home ^^
[02:36] [Queen Minako] Very good dear.. Just remember she has a boyfriend and probably values monogamy.
[02:36] [Knight Nephrite] Alright then Aiko. It was nice seeing you again.
[02:36] [Aiko Kaioh] and make sure she doesn't get lost, mama ^_~
[02:36] [Aiko Kaioh] you too, Uncle Neph!
[02:37] > Aiko Kaioh grabs Katsumi's arm and runs
[02:37] <-- Aiko Kaioh has left #reddwarfbeta (I'll be sure to bring you home, kats!)
[02:37] <-- Katsumi Kaioh (dress) has left #reddwarfbeta (alright...wait..WHICH HOME DO YOU MEA-)
[02:38] > Queen Minako sighs happily as they leave.
[02:39] > Knight Nephrite chuckles lightly
[02:39] [Queen Minako] I'm so proud of her.
[02:39] [Knight Nephrite] Your daughter is almost as sweet as you, Mina.
[02:39] [Queen Minako] I would hope I was as sweet as her.
[02:41] > Knight Nephrite puts an arm around Mina and smiles, "Sweeter"
[02:41] > Queen Minako sits and props her feet on the coffee table. They look a little red.
[02:41] > Queen Minako smiles back at him.
[02:43] [Queen Minako] How is your family?
[02:43] [Knight Nephrite] Oh, quite well. Kya's growing more each day.
[02:48] [Queen Minako] He's a real cutie. I'm sure he'll be a ladykiller in a few years.
[02:50] [Knight Nephrite] He's already kinda' got his first girlfriend. He and Minami have been almost inseparable for the past few years.
[02:50] [Queen Minako] Hehe.. oh yes, I almost forgot. I have to wonder if he'll be a playboy like you as he grows.
[02:51] [Knight Nephrite] I honestly think that Celest got my playful side. I think Kya is going to be more dedicated.
[02:52] > Queen Minako yawns.
[02:52] [Queen Minako] Want to see a queen home? Maybe rub her feet after you get her there?
[02:53] [Queen Minako] Maybe help her out of her gown? ^_~ Its a little tricky for me as it stands.
[02:54] > Knight Nephrite nods and stands, "Sure thing, Mina."
[02:55] > Knight Nephrite overs Mina his hand
[02:55] [Knight Nephrite] ^offers
[02:55] > Queen Minako stands and holds his hand.
[02:56] <-- Queen Minako [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Always a gentleman. Always my knight.)
[02:57] <-- Knight Nephrite [FomerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I have difficulty resisting a beautiful woman, even IF she's pregnant. ^_~)
[13:20] > +Vanadine changes topic to `RIP professional wrestling legend "Macho Man" Randy Savage 11/15/52 - 5/20/11`
[20:29] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:29] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:34] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a seat on a sofa
[20:43] > +David O'Cain (casual) lies down instead
[21:15] --> Anya Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Anya Saotome
[21:15] > Anya Saotome wobbles slowly in
[21:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hm?
[21:20] > Anya Saotome blinks, looking around
[21:22] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey there.
[21:23] > +David O'Cain (casual) peeks over the sofa
[21:24] [Anya Saotome] haib...
[21:25] > Anya Saotome wobbles over to David
[21:25] > +David O'Cain (casual) smiles as he picks Anya up
[21:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How are you?
[21:27] [Anya Saotome] guud
[21:27] [Anya Saotome] ^^
[21:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good. ^_^
[21:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Are you having fun walking around?
[21:30] > Anya Saotome pats david's face
[21:31] > +David O'Cain (casual) chuckles
[21:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Silly. ^_^
[21:48] [Anya Saotome] ^_^
[21:48] > +David O'Cain (casual) carefully holds onto Anya
[21:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Did you have fun today?
[21:52] [Anya Saotome] yesh
[21:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good. I'm glad to hear that.
[21:58] > Anya Saotome grabs David's nose
[22:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Eep. O_O
[22:12] [Anya Saotome] ^^
[22:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Mah nose!
[22:17] > Anya Saotome pulls on the nose with much of her strength
[22:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] OW! O_O
[22:24] > Anya Saotome giggles happily
[22:27] > +David O'Cain (casual) pokes Anya's nose
[22:28] > Anya Saotome blinks, looking at david's finger
[22:34] > +David O'Cain (casual) moves his finger around Anya
[22:39] > Anya Saotome watches the finger
[22:43] > +David O'Cain (casual) tickles under Anya's chin
[22:52] > Anya Saotome wiggles a bit
[22:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh.
[23:02] > Anya Saotome yawns
[23:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Getting sleepy?
[23:10] > Anya Saotome falls asleep
[23:12] > +David O'Cain (casual) covers Anya with a small blanket
[23:13] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Good night, little one.)
[23:13] <-- Anya Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta (zz)
[00:00] >>> Saturday May 21 2011 <<<
[01:27] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:27] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[01:27] > Miara half stumbles in, looking rather dazed and shaken
[01:32] > Miara curls up on a couch, muttering about killing a certain someone under her breath
[01:33] --> Masumi Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome
[01:33] > Masumi Saotome walks in
[01:34] [Masumi Saotome] miara?
[01:38] > Miara hugs her knees to her chest
[01:38] [Miara] what?
[01:39] [Masumi Saotome] are you alright?
[01:43] > Miara shakes her head
[01:43] [Masumi Saotome] what is wrong?
[01:46] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Can't be worse than my day..
[01:46] --> Tabatha B. Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:46] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tabatha B. Saotome
[01:48] > Masumi Saotome notices Anya and picks up her sleeping daughter
[01:48] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I've never needed a drink so bad in my life. ~_~
[01:49] > Masumi Saotome digs in her pocket and hands Tabatha a vial with a blue liquid in it
[01:49] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Whats this?
[01:50] [Masumi Saotome] it will refresh you
[01:51] > Tabatha B. Saotome shoots it.
[01:51] [Miara] oh gods. do you still have that sleeping potion??
[01:52] > Masumi Saotome hands it to miara
[01:53] [Miara] you wouldn't have enough for two weeks, would you?
[01:54] [Tabatha B. Saotome] You need to sleep for two weeks?
[01:54] [Masumi Saotome] not right now but I can make it easily enough
[01:55] [Miara] might help...
[01:56] [Miara] keep me from...doing things
[01:56] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Don't tell me... mating season.
[01:59] > Masumi Saotome hums a little song to the sleeping anya
[01:59] [Miara] and i can't--
[02:00] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Why can't ya? Theres lots of eligable guys around here, and birth control is easy to get.
[02:01] [Miara] i'm going to kill her when it wears off >:[
[02:01] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Umm... perhaps you should start from the top?
[02:02] [Miara] can't
[02:03] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Okay, fine, be cryptic. I have other things to worry about anyway.
[02:03] [Tabatha B. Saotome] No sign of the b[SMEG]ch then, mom?
[02:05] [Masumi Saotome] ...I impaled her with my sword today
[02:05] [Masumi Saotome] she tried to kill your husband
[02:06] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Um.. yeah, I know that much. Oye.. something in the air? >.<
[02:06] [Masumi Saotome] but no sign of her
[02:06] [Masumi Saotome] heh...sorry it's been a long day
[02:06] [Tabatha B. Saotome] K. Thanks again for patching him up. I dunno what I'd do if he lost another limb.
[02:07] [Masumi Saotome] and how is my fair daughter in law?
[02:08] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Burning with rage and unable to drink to quench the flames.
[02:08] > Miara is quietly shredding a pillow, still muttering to herself
[02:09] [Masumi Saotome] do you need more of that drink, dear?
[02:09] [Tabatha B. Saotome] No.. no.. I'll deal with it. I wish the big idiot was around.. I want to talk to him about something.
[02:10] [Masumi Saotome] is something wrong?
[02:11] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Yeah.. he could have finished her and he didn't!
[02:12] [Masumi Saotome] don't be too harsh on him, dear....
[02:12] > Miara looks at Tabatha, blinking
[02:12] [Tabatha B. Saotome] He's my husband, I'll be as harsh as I want.
[02:12] > Tabatha B. Saotome lays on the other couch on her back.
[02:13] [Masumi Saotome] and I'm his mother...and your mother in law..so I can tell you that :P
[02:14] [Miara] you're gonna yell at a big powerful man?
[02:14] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Yeah, well, I'm also pregnant so I can be a little insufferable. :P
[02:14] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Someone has to!
[02:14] [Miara] D:
[02:15] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Why should I let his size or strength stop me? He's too gentle for his own good.
[02:16] > Masumi Saotome holds onto Anya, stroking her hair "but I hope you don't want to push him into what he once was"
[02:16] > Tabatha B. Saotome grumbles.
[02:18] --> Anubis Saotome [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:18] [@HOL_6000] Anubis Saotome reporting for duty.
[02:19] [Anubis Saotome] Oh, there you both are....
[02:19] > Tabatha B. Saotome gets up and huffs up a little.
[02:19] [Miara] *_*
[02:19] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Honey, come here.
[02:21] > Masumi Saotome gives Miara a LOOK
[02:21] > Miara doesn't notice Masumi whatsoever
[02:22] > Anubis Saotome walks over to Tabatha - What is it dear?
[02:24] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I'm very upset that you let that murderous b[SMEG]ch get away.. I want you to look me in the eyes, and promise me you won't hold back again if you get the chance.. Promise me you'll do everything in your power to destroy her!
[02:25] > Tabatha B. Saotome looks up at him with a serious glare.
[02:26] [Anubis Saotome] If she attacks me again..... then yes....
[02:27] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I want to know you won't hold back because she's a woman... I want you to slap me as hard as you can.
[02:27] [Anubis Saotome] ... I realize now she is not a woman.... she is not even a person.... she is demon.
[02:28] [Anubis Saotome] ..... no.
[02:28] [Tabatha B. Saotome] No?
[02:28] [Anubis Saotome] I will not slap my wife.
[02:28] > Tabatha B. Saotome's face twists a little in anger.
[02:28] [Anubis Saotome] At least not in the way you are wanting me to now.
[02:29] [Anubis Saotome] If that...... THING attacks again, she will get what is coming to her..... but I will not hurt YOU.
[02:29] > Tabatha B. Saotome sighs.
[02:30] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Alright. I believe you.
[02:30] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Still.. the idea of her eating your soul or getting to our child... hurts a lot more than a slap to the face. ~_~
[02:30] [Anubis Saotome] That will not happen....
[02:31] > Miara continues to stare at Anubis, gripping the edge of her seat
[02:31] [Anubis Saotome] ... mother wounded her pretty badly.... and I will not be so forgiving if she comes back.
[02:35] [Masumi Saotome] if she comes back..
[02:38] > Anubis Saotome sits next to Tabatha, putting an arm around her
[02:38] > Masumi Saotome smiles a bit
[02:39] [Masumi Saotome] I'm going to leave you two alone...have to put Anya to bed
[02:39] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Goodnight. Kiss her for me.
[02:39] [Anubis Saotome] Alright Mother, goodnight.
[02:40] > Masumi Saotome smiles and walks down the hall with Anya
[02:40] <-- Masumi Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta
[02:40] > Tabatha B. Saotome sighs and leans against Anubis.
[02:42] [Anubis Saotome] I am sorry I disappointed you by not killing the demon....
[02:42] [Anubis Saotome] .... I was not thinking straight and did not realize what she was. I thought she was a normal woman.
[02:42] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I forgive you.. something tells me you'll get another shot. Sometimes I wish you weren't so damn soft though.. ~_~
[02:44] [Tabatha B. Saotome] If I beat her to you I'm going to strap jumper cables to her ovaries and shock her to death. >_<
[02:44] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Beat you to her, whatever..
[02:45] > Miara shakes her head, as if trying to clear it, and disappears
[02:45] [Anubis Saotome] Well.... you do to her what you see fit...
[02:45] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[02:50] > Tabatha B. Saotome yawns, then sighs.
[02:51] [Anubis Saotome] Shall I take you home, dear?
[02:51] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Yes.. take us to bed.
[02:52] > Anubis Saotome nods, standing then lifting Tabby.
[02:52] > Tabatha B. Saotome lays limp in his arms.
[02:53] <-- Anubis Saotome [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Time to put my loving wife to bed.)
[02:55] <-- Tabatha B. Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta (I'm sleeping for two, too.)
[14:31] > +Vanadine changes topic to `2 I don't know if any of us are gonna' be raptured today, but if you are, it was nice knowin' ya'. :P`
[14:32] > +Vanadine changes topic to `I don't know if any of us are gonna' be raptured today, but if you are, it was nice knowin' ya'. :P`
[18:03] --> Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:03] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yukari Yakumo
[18:03] --> Morrigan (fox form) [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:03] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Morrigan (fox form)
[18:03] [Yukari Yakumo] Are you ready?
[18:04] [Morrigan] Ready! BEEN READY!
[18:04] > Morrigan cues some VERY appropriate music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0GFRcFm-aY&feature=related
[18:04] > Yukari Yakumo and Morrigan begin to ROCK OUT.
[18:12] --> Ves Ves [BeastTamer@DeadMoon.cc] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ves Ves
[18:12] > Ves Ves leans against the door frame, watching the fools.
[18:14] [Yukari Yakumo] Oh! An observer! Care to join us?
[18:14] > Ves Ves can't help nodding to the music.
[18:14] > Ves Ves smiles and shugs.
[18:14] > Morrigan is still grooving like a maniac.
[18:14] [Ves Ves] Kay, but I don't know this one.
[18:15] [Morrigan] Neither do we! :D
[18:16] > Ves Ves (Grunge) draws her whip and cracks it on the ground, allowing herself to quickchange behind a curtain.
[18:18] [Yukari Yakumo] q^_^q
[18:18] [Morrigan] p^_^p
[18:19] > Ves Ves (Grunge) dances with them calmly, twisting her body.
[18:21] > Yukari Yakumo dances like crazy, throwing form and finesse to the wind in a grand celebration of life through motion, her hair whipping around her in a wild, tangled mess!
[18:22] > Ves Ves (Grunge) looks at Yukari Yakumo
[18:22] ➣ Yukari Yakumo: She's a remarkably beautiful young woman, with long blond hair and eyes that are a strange shade of purple. She wears a short-sleeved purple dress, white elbow-length gloves and stockings, and a white mop-hat with red ribbons tied into bows. She looks remarkably youthful, but her eyes convey experience born of centuries. http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=Yukari+Yakumo+%2F+touhou#/d2ux793
[18:22] > Morrigan dances just as exüberantly, throwing in a few classic Michael Jackson moves just to add some variety.
[18:24] > Yukari Yakumo breakdances, starting it all off with The Worm, and does it all to the tune of the song too. :D
[18:26] [Ves Ves (Grunge)] Heh.. oh my.. I don't know what you two are on, but I think I could use some~
[18:27] > Morrigan offers Ves Ves some pixie sticks. Not just any pixie sticks, but the ultra-sweet, ultra-awesome high quality pixie sticks they used to tell stories about from the 1980s!! :D
[18:28] > Ves Ves (Grunge) examines it and tears it open, her eyes widening and a smile coming across her face. She proceeds to pour some on the coffee table and starts straightening a line of it with a credit card.
[18:29] [Morrigan] Wait, you don't snort that stuff...you pour it on your tongue and let the sugary goodness just *dissolve*!
[18:29] [Ves Ves (Grunge)] Huh? Ohh, good thing you told me. *^_^*
[18:30] > Ves Ves (Grunge) scrapes it up and liks it off the credit card, seeming pleased by it all the same.
[18:30] [Morrigan] What? You honestly thought that was cocaine? You on crack, woman! XD
[18:31] [Ves Ves (Grunge)] What can I say? I like a good party!
[18:31] > Yukari Yakumo changes the song to THIS piece of classic 1990's awesomeness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr_uHJPUlO8
[18:31] > Yukari Yakumo proceeds to dance like FLEA HIMSELF!!!!!!
[18:32] > Morrigan pulls a guitar out of nowhere and starts JAMMING!
[18:33] > Ves Ves (Grunge) just dances dreamily, closing her eyes and raising her hands.
[18:35] [Yukari Yakumo] Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitawaynow! Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitawaynow! Giveitaway, giveitaway, giveitawaynow!
[18:35] > Morrigan is surprisingly good at playing the guitar, hitting ALL of the notes in the video.
[18:37] [Yukari Yakumo] Let's go! I want to pay a surprise visit to some friends who definitely aren't expecting me!
[18:38] [Morrigan] Indeed! And I definitely want to get a few things together for a little party later tonight!
[18:39] > Morrigan gives Ves Ves MORE pixie sticks! And they're the GOOD stuff, too! "Knock yourself out!"
[18:39] [Ves Ves (Grunge)] Thanks! ^^
[18:40] > Yukari Yakumo opens a portal next to Ves Ves. A big bottle of sake and a stack of Pocky drop to the floor at Ves Ves' feet.
[18:40] [Yukari Yakumo] And that's from me!
[18:40] [Ves Ves (Grunge)] Heh.. umm... thank you. ^^;
[18:40] <-- Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has left #reddwarfbeta (It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fiiiiiiiiiine~!)
[18:41] <-- Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Giveitawaynow....giveitawaynow....giveitawaynow...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooowww~!)
[18:42] <-- Ves Ves (Grunge) [BeastTamer@DeadMoon.cc] has left #reddwarfbeta (Unusual bunch.. but nice in their way.)
[20:19] --> Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yukari Yakumo
[20:21] > Yukari Yakumo is *still* dancing in absolute pure RAPTURE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXRS9hBxmEA
[20:39] --> Masumi Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome
[20:39] > Masumi Saotome walks in
[20:43] [Masumi Saotome] hm
[20:43] > Yukari Yakumo dances over to Masumi, grabs his arms, and continues dancing with him! :D
[20:44] [Masumi Saotome] O_o
[20:44] > Masumi Saotome is a girl...
[20:45] > Yukari Yakumo keeps on dancing with Masumi anyway! ^___^
[20:45] [Masumi Saotome] o_O um...hello?
[20:47] [Yukari Yakumo] Hello! How have you been this glorious day?
[20:49] [Masumi Saotome] alright I suppose ^^;;; busy
[20:50] [Yukari Yakumo] Well that's good! Don't mind me. I'm just high on life right now, and who shouldn't be?
[20:50] [Masumi Saotome] what's going on?
[20:53] [Yukari Yakumo] Ahhh, what's going on is a wonderful celebration of life in all its beauty and forms!
[20:56] [Masumi Saotome] I suppose so :)
[20:56] [Yukari Yakumo] As well as a time of great thanks. In fact...here!
[20:57] > Yukari Yakumo opens a portal next to Masumi's head and reaches into the portal.
[20:58] > Yukari Yakumo withdraws a plate upon which a sizable quantity of freshly made Kung Pao chicken and steamed rice with green peas has been poured!
[20:58] [Yukari Yakumo] Here!
[20:58] [Yukari Yakumo] :D
[20:58] > Masumi Saotome sits on a sofa
[20:59] [Masumi Saotome] um no thanks I just ate ^^;;;
[21:00] [Yukari Yakumo] Awwww. Okay then
[21:03] > Yukari Yakumo puts the meal back in the portal to be given to someone else.
[21:03] [Yukari Yakumo] How about this then!
[21:04] > Yukari Yakumo opens and portal and reaches through, pulling out a big, chilled mug filled with apple cider.
[21:05] [Masumi Saotome] I suppose I can have some
[21:06] [Yukari Yakumo] Don't worry. It's not too alcoholic.
[21:10] [Yukari Yakumo] Ooooo, I must be going now! I've got to get to the Amestris Manse in time for their big gala there! Enjoy this day (and night) of joy, little one.
[21:10] <-- Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has left #reddwarfbeta (I see what you're doing in there! ^__^)
[21:14] > Masumi Saotome drinks
[21:18] --> Natalie D (Tee and panties) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:18] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Natalie D (Tee and panties)
[21:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Natalie D (Tee and panties)
[21:19] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Hello Masumi. ^.^
[21:19] [Masumi Saotome] oh hello...have we met?
[21:20] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] You met my big brother Nate before I was cloned off of him. ^^ Just call me Natalie.
[21:21] [Masumi Saotome] ah pleasure to meet you, Natalie
[21:21] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) curtsies in her t shirt.
[21:22] > Masumi Saotome smiles and offers her hand to shake
[21:22] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) shakes it.
[21:23] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] How does this evening find you?
[21:24] > Masumi Saotome's hand briefly goes red hot
[21:24] [Masumi Saotome] GAH
[21:24] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) doesn't notice before naturally breaking the shake.
[21:24] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] You alright?
[21:25] > Masumi Saotome looks at her hand...and her eyes slightly widen
[21:26] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) looks at the hand too.
[21:26] > Masumi Saotome's hand has a glowing sun symbol on it
[21:26] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Umm... tattoo?
[21:27] [Masumi Saotome] um no...no this is.....diffrent
[21:27] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Well, what -is- it?
[21:29] > Masumi Saotome looks up......and eyes widen..staring past Natalie
[21:31] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) crosses her arms under her chest and raises an eyebrow.
[21:31] > ~someone puts their hands on Natalie's shoulders
[21:32] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) blinks, and turns to look at the newcomer.
[21:33] > ~someone is now known as Hu
[21:33] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) looks at Hu
[21:33] ➣ Hu appears to be a guest.
[21:33] > ~Hu appears as a tall, muscler man with long blond hair and golden eyes
[21:34] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Well hello.
[21:35] [~Hu] greetings
[21:35] > ~Hu has a deep strong voice
[21:35] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Mmmm.. nice ta meet 'cha. I'm Natalie.
[21:37] [~Hu] I am Hu
[21:37] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Who?
[21:38] [~Hu] that is right
[21:38] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) blinks, thinks, then smiles.
[21:39] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Okay. Nice to meet you, Who. What brings you up here?
[21:39] [~Hu] to see you
[21:40] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] To see me?
[21:40] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) looks taken aback.
[21:41] [Masumi Saotome] ....don't be afraid, Natalie
[21:42] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] You know him?
[21:44] [Masumi Saotome] yes you could say that
[21:45] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Well then, -why- did you come to see little old me?
[21:45] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) walks slowly around him, taking him in and stroking his hair.
[21:47] [Hu] why do you think
[21:47] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Mmm... dunno what to think, but I do have some hopes.. tall, muscular, and I do so love golden blonde hair..
[21:48] > Hu kisses Natalie on the lips
[21:48] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties)'s eyes widen with the surprise, then close as she begins kissing back.
[21:50] > Hu slowly ends the kiss
[21:50] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Mmm.. you're forward.. I like that. ~.^
[21:51] [Hu] you are very beautiful
[21:52] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] ^.^ Aww, thanks~ If you have a proposal of some kind, I'm all ears.
[21:54] [Hu] I wish to....have you tonight
[21:55] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Mmm... VERY forward.. don't even buy me dinner first. ^.^
[21:55] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) gently scratches his chest.
[21:56] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] That ~could~ be arranged..
[21:57] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] What'da know about me?
[21:57] [Hu] I know you have power of your brother....and you are full of fire and beauty
[21:58] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] You like playing with fire, then? >:)
[22:01] [Hu] you have no idea
[22:02] [@Natalie D (Tee and panties)] Mmm... why don't we relieve Masumi of our flirtatious presence, then?
[22:03] [Hu] let us
[22:04] > @Natalie D (Tee and panties) helps herself to Hu's arm.
[22:04] > Hu walks out of the room
[22:04] [Hu] ^with natalie
[22:05] <-- @Natalie D (Tee and panties) has left #reddwarfbeta (So, you have a story?)
[22:05] <-- Hu has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:40] <-- Masumi Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Sunday May 22 2011 <<<
[00:47] --> Hideki Kaze [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hideki Kaze
[00:47] > Hideki Kaze walks in
[00:49] [Hideki Kaze] *whew*
[00:53] > Hideki Kaze leans against a wall
[01:03] [Hideki Kaze] ...glad I got out of that
[01:04] > Hideki Kaze walks over to the bar
[01:07] --> Natalie D (Robe) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:07] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Natalie D (Robe)
[01:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Natalie D (Robe)
[01:07] > Hideki Kaze pours himself a drink
[01:07] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Outa what, sexy man?
[01:08] [Hideki Kaze] from my house for the moment
[01:09] > @Natalie D (Robe) leans against the door frame, looking quite smug.
[01:09] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Mmm... am I to take it everyone else is there, and nobody will miss you? ♡
[01:10] [Hideki Kaze] heh..if you are suggesting what I think you are....I'm sorry but no....
[01:10] [Hideki Kaze] thank you for the offer though
[01:11] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Awww... you don't think I'm pretty?
[01:11] > @Natalie D (Robe) walks over to him and takes a sip of his drink.
[01:12] [Hideki Kaze] of course...but I'm taken three times over :P
[01:13] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Ohh, I know, 'Deki.. but considder this.. Nate lays with your girls... why don't ~you~ have a lay with ~Natalie~?
[01:14] > @Natalie D (Robe) kisses the rim of the glass, then offers him his own drink.
[01:14] [Hideki Kaze] not tonight...maybe another time
[01:14] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Mmm... kay. Things at home getting to you?
[01:15] [Hideki Kaze] my wife had one of her psycho fits
[01:16] [Hideki Kaze] err matsumi
[01:16] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Yeah, I knew.. she's the only one who has psycho fits..
[01:18] [Hideki Kaze] wonder why the other girls seem to handle theirs so easly
[01:20] [@Natalie D (Robe)] God bless her, that girl has a few screws loose. >.>
[01:20] [Hideki Kaze] that girl is my wife
[01:20] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Wait.. handle their's? Isn't Matsumi the only one expecting?
[01:21] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I know she is, and I care about her almost as much as you do. Doesn't mean I won't call her crazy if shes crazy. You're the one who said she had a psycho fit.
[01:24] [Hideki Kaze] I mean there are other women here who are pregnant
[01:24] > @Natalie D (Robe) makes herself her own drink and sits on the couch, crossing her legs.
[01:25] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Oh, yeah.. there's a few, aren't there? Glad I had Galaxia turn off my egg production.. especially after tonight. *^^* Probably would have had triplets.
[01:26] [Hideki Kaze] and they seem to be handling it better then her
[01:27] [@Natalie D (Robe)] And from what I hear, she asked for it from Mina.
[01:30] [Hideki Kaze] yes..yes she did
[01:31] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Guessing she didn't consult you before that, did she? >:3
[01:31] [Hideki Kaze] not. at. all heh
[01:32] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Know who the father is?
[01:32] [Hideki Kaze] me
[01:32] [Hideki Kaze] we did dna testing
[01:32] [@Natalie D (Robe)] You can do that before its born??
[01:33] > Hideki Kaze nods
[01:34] [Hideki Kaze] we used a brand new test
[01:35] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Well congratulations.
[01:37] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Mmmmm I am in SUCH a good mood right now! ^__^
[01:39] [Hideki Kaze] oh really? why?
[01:39] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Mmmm.... had an intense, albeit brief, encounter with some kind of spirit of light... and I guess when you're made of light, you can take some liberties with your endowment. *^_^*
[01:40] [Hideki Kaze] so you enjoyed it then heh
[01:41] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Yupp! It was weird.. kinda surreal.. but he knows hot to treat a piece of meat. ♡
[01:42] [Hideki Kaze] heh you're a very strange girl
[01:42] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I'm in good company around here. Nothing but strange people.
[01:46] [Hideki Kaze] I suppose that's true
[01:49] [Hideki Kaze] espcally with what goes on around here
[01:49] [@Natalie D (Robe)] You're a polygamist married to an amazon, a warrior princess, and an angel. My big brother is a warrior married to a full-blooded cat. I could go on all day. Really, a girl who liked to be tossed around and roughed up with random guys is pretty mundane.
[01:55] [Hideki Kaze] you have a point
[02:05] > Hideki Kaze drinks his beer
[02:10] > @Natalie D (Robe) sips her drink and squirms a little on the couch.
[02:10] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Sit with me, at least?
[02:12] > Hideki Kaze sits down on the sofa
[02:16] > @Natalie D (Robe) sliiiides next to him, trying to look cute and innocent.
[02:18] > Hideki Kaze sips his drink and looks at Natalie
[02:18] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Hee~
[02:18] > @Natalie D (Robe) sips her drink and kicks her feet a little.
[02:24] [Hideki Kaze] what's with that look...
[02:25] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Ohhh nothing. Just hoping I might impress you.
[02:26] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I don't expect you to jump on me tonight, but hopefully I can get a liiiittle into that big Japanese brain of yours~
[02:26] > Hideki Kaze pokes Natalie's forehead
[02:26] [@Natalie D (Robe)] o_o
[02:30] [Hideki Kaze] :P
[02:31] > @Natalie D (Robe) giggles. ♡
[02:33] --> Vanadine (workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:33] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (workout)
[02:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (workout)
[02:34] [+Vanadine (workout)] Hi 'deki, Natalie. ^_^
[02:34] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Hi Hi Mistress!
[02:35] [Hideki Kaze] ...did you calm down, matsumi?
[02:36] [Hideki Kaze] -,
[02:36] [@Natalie D (Robe)] If she did, her hands will smell of chloroform.
[02:37] [+Vanadine (workout)] Yeah, she's alright now. She's sleeping.
[02:39] [+Vanadine (workout)] Came to check on my hubby and who do I find him with.....
[02:39] > +Vanadine (workout) smirks a little
[02:40] [@Natalie D (Robe)] He's far too noble. :/ I can't make any *cough* headway.
[02:40] > +Vanadine (workout) sits on Hideki's lap with a grin
[02:41] [+Vanadine (workout)] You'd be surprised how difficult it was for me to get to him before we got married.
[02:42] [Hideki Kaze] I'm very dedicated
[02:43] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I'd respect that, if I didn't wanna see why you manage to keep three wives happy.
[02:46] [+Vanadine (workout)] Oh yes. I may stray a little with your brother and his wife... but 'deki keeps me plenty happy. ^_~
[02:46] [Hideki Kaze] with great difficulty
[02:49] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Heh.. struggle without the proper tools?
[02:50] > @Natalie D (Robe) giggles.
[02:51] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I kid, I kid, I remember those threesomes as well as my brother does.
[02:54] > +Vanadine (workout) stretches her foot out, laying it across Natalie's lap
[02:54] [Hideki Kaze] Vana...as much as I want to stay..I should head home
[02:54] [+Vanadine (workout)] Awwww, ok
[02:56] > Hideki Kaze slips out from under vana and gives her a kiss
[02:56] > +Vanadine (workout) kisses Hideki back and smiles: I'll be along dear.
[02:57] [Hideki Kaze] nice meeting you, natalie
[02:58] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Nice meeting you again, 'Deki.
[02:58] <-- Hideki Kaze [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (now then...)
[03:03] [+Vanadine (workout)] So, ya' like my 'deki, eh?
[03:04] [@Natalie D (Robe)] I like anyone who knows what to do with a woman. This body is like a new, high-end toy. ♡ Everything feels sooooo good!
[03:06] > +Vanadine (workout) grins
[03:06] > +Vanadine (workout) rubs her foot against Natalie's leg
[03:06] [+Vanadine (workout)] You hadn't let ME play with you yet~
[03:07] > @Natalie D (Robe) hugs herself. ^_^
[03:07] > @Natalie D (Robe) lays against Vana.
[03:08] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Lets fix that.
[03:09] > +Vanadine (workout) kisses Natalie's cheek, then works her way over to the girl's lips
[03:09] [+Vanadine (workout)] Mmmmm~
[03:10] > @Natalie D (Robe) returns the kiss in full and crawls unto her lap.
[03:10] > +Vanadine (workout) wraps her arms around Natalie, slowly breaking the kiss
[03:11] [@Natalie D (Robe)] Lets get out of here.. not my place, it's a mess.
[03:12] > +Vanadine (workout) scoops up Natalie with ease and stands: I have a room up here still. It should be plenty clean.
[03:12] <-- @Natalie D (Robe) has left #reddwarfbeta (Perfect!)
[03:15] <-- +Vanadine (workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #reddwarfbeta (This is gonna' be fun~)
[14:03] > +Vanadine changes topic to `Seems there was no Rapture after all. Oh well, another day then.`
[14:06] --> Setsuna Meioh [TimeGal@Pluto.co] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Setsuna Meioh
[14:06] > Setsuna Meioh walks in, looking at a list
[14:12] > Setsuna Meioh runs down the list
[14:14] --> Nephrite Masato [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nephrite Masato
[14:14] [Nephrite Masato] Hello Setsuna. How are you today?
[14:15] [Setsuna Meioh] oh I am fine
[14:15] [Setsuna Meioh] looking over the requirements for the Shin-Mizuno wedding
[14:15] [Nephrite Masato] Ahhh... I'm sure that will be quite the ceremony.
[14:17] [Setsuna Meioh] I am working on the wedding dress
[14:17] [Nephrite Masato] I imagine it will be extraordinarym.
[14:18] [Setsuna Meioh] but I am not sure who are the bridesmaids yet
[14:19] [Nephrite Masato] Well, I would imagine they'd likely be the inner senshi. Those 5 girls are like sisters.
[14:21] [Setsuna Meioh] then I will have to call them in to be measured
[14:24] > Nephrite Masato nods, "I can call Mina for you, if you like."
[14:25] [Setsuna Meioh] that would be helpful
[14:25] [Setsuna Meioh] are you attending?
[14:25] [Nephrite Masato] I have yet to recieve an invitation.
[14:28] [Setsuna Meioh] same
[14:31] > Nephrite Masato takes out his cell phone, typing a message
[14:34] [Nephrite Masato] There, I've sent her a text. I'll call her later if she doesn't respond.
[14:38] [Setsuna Meioh] I hope to attend with my husband if I can...it is sad we outers do not see the inners more often
[14:40] [Nephrite Masato] It is. Wait.... when did you get married, Setsuna.
[14:40] [Setsuna Meioh] a few weeks ago
[14:41] [Nephrite Masato] Ahhh, well congratuations are in order then.
[14:42] [Nephrite Masato] Your husband is a very lucky man.
[14:42] > Setsuna Meioh blushes "he is...I love him quite alot"
[14:46] [Nephrite Masato] Well, I should be going. I have a circus tour to plan
[14:47] [Setsuna Meioh] take care
[14:47] [Nephrite Masato] You as well.
[14:48] <-- Nephrite Masato [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (No rest for the weary.)
[14:58] <-- Setsuna Meioh [TimeGal@Pluto.co] has left #reddwarfbeta
[16:13] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:13] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[16:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[16:13] > @Nate Detroit sets mode +angst
[16:13] > @Nate Detroit walks in, aided by a walking stick.
[16:17] > @Nate Detroit wobbles to the couch and sits down, taking papers from a briefcase and sorting through them.
[16:22] --> Masumi Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome
[16:22] [Masumi Saotome] good afternoon
[16:22] [@Nate Detroit] Hey Masumi..
[16:24] [Masumi Saotome] how are you today?
[16:25] [@Nate Detroit] Feeling better... still feel empty, like something of me was stolen. ~_~
[16:25] > Masumi Saotome is putting some bottles on the bar table, filled with blue, green and purple liquids
[16:26] [Masumi Saotome] I will take some time I suppose
[16:28] [Masumi Saotome] what are you doing?
[16:28] [@Nate Detroit] Catching up on paperwork... I chose a bad time to be attacked by a succubus..
[16:31] > Masumi Saotome nods "I have busied myself making more potions"
[16:31] [@Nate Detroit] Good to hear... you are a wonderful asset to this ship.
[16:32] [Masumi Saotome] I have created a more potent vitality potion
[16:37] [@Nate Detroit] Are you askign if I want to try it?
[16:37] [Masumi Saotome] no I am simply saying I have
[16:38] [@Nate Detroit] Well, I'd be happy to accept one.
[16:39] --> Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:39] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki (Casual) reporting for duty.
[16:39] > Masumi Saotome walks over to one bottle...and removes it from the bar..the one filled with yellow liquid
[16:39] [Masumi Saotome] here you go *offers it to Nate, having uncorked it*
[16:40] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Hi Nate-kun, Masumi-san
[16:40] > @Nate Detroit sips, his face twisting a little at the taste.
[16:40] [@Nate Detroit] Ung.. hey Mousy.
[16:42] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] That doesn't look like it tastes good.
[16:42] [Masumi Saotome] it's..somewhat sharp
[16:44] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Maybe I can whip something up to counter the taste of that.
[16:46] [Masumi Saotome] the results are what are important
[16:47] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) goes to the bar, making up a sweet drink
[16:49] [@Nate Detroit] Thank you both for all you've done for me.. I know it hasn't been easy.. ~_~
[16:50] [Masumi Saotome] my pleasure
[16:50] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) walks over with a dark colored liquid in a glass, handing it to Nate and sitting next to him.
[16:52] > @Nate Detroit SIPS IT.
[16:52] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] It's chocolate, strawberry and banana
[16:53] [@Nate Detroit] Its nice.
[16:53] > @Nate Detroit pours the potion into it and mixes it with a straw.
[16:55] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) gives Nate a quick kiss and hops up
[16:55] [Masumi Saotome] ....
[16:56] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I wish I could stay, but I just came to take a quick break from the kitchen.
[16:58] > Masumi Saotome nods
[16:58] [@Nate Detroit] Good to see you any time.
[16:59] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Have a nice day Nate-kun, Masumi-san. See ya' later. ^_^
[16:59] <-- Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Cooking up something nice!)
[17:00] > @Nate Detroit drinks more of his potion smoothie.
[17:01] [@Nate Detroit] Its too bad Anubis didn't finish her.. or at least knock her out.
[17:03] [Masumi Saotome] ..my son had his reasons
[17:05] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah.. I remember Vana expected me to hit her once, and I couldn't make myself.. Of course, that was Vanadine...
[17:07] > @Nate Detroit puts his papers away and forces himself to shoot the rest of the drink.
[17:08] [@Nate Detroit] Well, I have somewhere to be, and need all the time I can get to get there on time. Take care, Masumi.
[17:08] > Masumi Saotome nods
[17:08] > @Nate Detroit takes his papers and hobbles out on the stick.
[17:08] <-- @Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (Ice is flowin' through my veins; Explosives on my lips and in my lungs.)
[17:12] <-- Masumi Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Monday May 23 2011 <<<
[19:25] --> Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:25] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Solarchos
[19:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Solarchos
[19:27] > +Solarchos sits down and relaxes, sighing happily at how the weekend went for him. ^___^
[19:29] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:29] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:29] [+Solarchos] Oh, hey David.
[19:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Solar. What's new with you?
[19:33] [+Solarchos] Not too much. Inu-Kit kept me extremely busy Saturday and Sunday. This is actually the first time I've had to get out of the Manse.
[19:34] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Really?
[19:36] [+Solarchos] Yup. She was celebrating the Rapture in her own special way. With me.
[19:36] [+Solarchos] In bed! ^_________^
[19:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh! I've been simply relaxing with my two lovelies all weekend.
[19:41] [+Solarchos] Oh? Anyone I know?
[19:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Masaki and Azumi. Who else?
[19:43] [+Solarchos] Heh. What'd they think of our newest holiday?
[19:44] [+David O'Cain (casual)] They thought it was rather insane. As in that guy making such an OUTLANDISH prediction.
[19:45] [+Solarchos] No kidding. Seriously, what were some of those people thinking?! Or were they thinking at all?!
[19:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I don't know. Whatever the reason, the event never happened at all.
[19:49] [+Solarchos] Actually, the end of the world happened back on August 29th, 1997 when Skynet awoke...then crashed when Bill Gates tried to upload Windows 98 onto it.
[19:50] > +David O'Cain (casual) just looks at Solar, "Seriously? You ain't quoting movies, are you?"
[19:51] [+Solarchos] Nope! ^__^
[19:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Come on. If it had happened, it'd be in the history books.
[19:53] [+Solarchos] Well, that's what was SUPPOSED to happen way back on December 31st, 1999.
[19:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] According to who?
[19:54] [+Solarchos] Although...it's weird. Earlier today I heard a rumor that Talon had been stalking the streets of Tokyo searching for any sign of the zombies that were supposed to have been hurled up by the giga-mega-hyper-earthquake.
[19:55] [+Solarchos] As for the who, you wouldn't believe some of the crazy s[SMEG]t theories that had been tossed around during the whole Y2K nonsense.
[19:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] If there were anything going on regarding the undead, Grim would have told me.
[19:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Y2K? Gullible morons, huh?
[19:58] [+Solarchos] Absolutely. There really were some people who thought Y2K was going to trigger a global nuclear war.
[19:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Makes me wonder if it was a good thing I was under stasis all that time.
[20:00] [+Solarchos] Well, it WAS good for a lot of laughs afterwards. Especially Saturday! XD
[20:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] True.
[20:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Still, it makes me wonder at times.
[20:03] [+Solarchos] Still, I genuinely feel sorry for some of those people who actually believed that jerk. I haven't heard of anyone committing suicide because of it like those morons from Heaven's Gate.
[20:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Should I know about this group?
[20:06] [+Solarchos] They were way back in the mid 1990's when the comet Hale-Bopp swung past Earth. They believed that there was an alien "mothership" concealed within the comet's tail and they all committed suicide by poisoning themselves.
[20:06] [+Solarchos] They believed that by killing themselves, they were transcending their mortal bodies and ascending to be with the aliens. ~______~;
[20:07] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'll bet Grim had a field day with them. ~_~;
[20:08] [+Solarchos] As for Harold CRAMPING...a lot of people gave him a lot of money. And by that I mean A LOT. One guy actually donated well over $100000 to him.
[20:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You're kidding. O_o;
[20:09] [+Solarchos] Other people ran up gigantic bills and debts because they honestly believed the world was going to end so why'd they have to worry about creditors, right?
[20:10] [+Solarchos] A lot of other people quit their jobs, too. All because they blindly believed that jackass. ~__~;
[20:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, I'm betting collectors are gonna be ENJOYING this.
[20:11] [+Solarchos] Not to mention a lot of litigation lawyers and maybe some U.S. Marshalls.
[20:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh yeah.
[20:12] [+Solarchos] I sincerely hope Camping has an arrest warrant put out for him for terrorism and mega-scale fraud. Oh! And then there's the radio station he owns. They could potentially get nailed by the FBI as a corrupt organization. Eh, probably not.
[20:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
[20:13] [+Solarchos] Most likely Camping's radio station is going to be placed under VERY unpleasant scrutiny and investigation in order to determine just how much involvement they had in the whole hoax.
[20:14] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[20:15] [+Solarchos] What's really sad is how what some of those people who bought into the hype are going to do now. Some of them quit their jobs, others gave away everything they owned, and others gave away ALL of their money.
[20:15] [+Solarchos] I honestly feel sorry for some of them.
[20:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] For how stupid they were?
[20:18] [+Solarchos] For taking the word of a false prophet and a bulls[SMEG]tter. Now their lives have been devastated. At the very least their faith might very well be shattered.
[20:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's what they get for being stupid. If God Almighty were to end the world, would he say so?
[20:22] [+Solarchos] I just hate the NEW theories that are coming out now. I mean JEEZ PEOPLE! Give it up and just get on with your live and let everyone else get on with theirs!!
[20:27] [+Solarchos] Some of Camping's brainwashed believers now believe that Judgment Day DID happen, but it was a spiritual judgment and because no one got brought into Heaven, that means the ENTIRE Human race is doomed to be exterminated later on this year. >_____<;;;
[20:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmph. Not if God Almighty and Grim have a say in it. I sincerely DOUBT the humans get exterminated.
[20:30] [+Solarchos] The God-Emperor will not allow it. Not while a single Marine of the Adeptus Astartes yet lives.
[20:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh.
[20:35] --> Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:35] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin
[20:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsuo.
[20:35] > Matsuo Shin walks in..carving something out of wood "God-Emperor?"
[20:36] [+Solarchos] Yes. God-Emperor. The one who literally created all twenty of the Primarchs who went on to create and establish ALL of the Space Marine Chapters.
[20:37] [+Solarchos] In fact, I was born during that period. I still can't believe that all happened over 11000 years ago.
[20:37] [Matsuo Shin] sounds like an interesting culture
[20:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, feel free to indulge him, Solar.
[20:39] [+Solarchos] You wouldn't believe. The Imperium is a very different place from what it was like during the Great Crusade, before the Horus Heresy and the civil war that tore everything apart.
[20:39] [+Solarchos] That was the 31st Millennium. The 41st Millennium is very, very different.
[20:40] [+Solarchos] In the beginning innovation wasn't a sin and people dared to dream of better lives. We viewed the stars with hope and curiosity.
[20:40] > Matsuo Shin keeps on his carving "sounds fascinating"
[20:41] [+Solarchos] Now...there's superstition, fear, xenophobia, and despair. There is only war.
[20:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] No kidding. Those guys are nothing but hopped-up zealots.
[20:41] [Matsuo Shin] sounds sad
[20:42] > Matsuo Shin looks over what he's working on...and goes back to working
[20:42] [+Solarchos] It doesn't help that the Imperium has every right to be fearful and hateful. The Imperium is attacked on all sides by a hundred different alien races and foes.
[20:43] [+Solarchos] We have no allies. Nowhere to fall back to or run. All we can do is stand and fight for as long as we're able to. With luck, we'll outlast the aliens trying to exterminate us.
[20:46] [+Solarchos] Still, there's no place I've seen in this dimensional realm that even comes close to the expansiveness and scale of the Imperium.
[20:48] [+Solarchos] An empire of a million worlds, and each one of them is totally unique and distinctive. From Necromunda to my homeworld of Caliban before it was destroyed - every single world is unique.
[20:48] [Matsuo Shin] mmhm
[20:49] [+Solarchos] But you've probably heard enough of my waxing nostalgic for one night, Shin. What are you working on there?
[20:51] [Matsuo Shin] hm?..oh...a Yun
[20:52] [+Solarchos] What's a Yun?
[20:52] > Matsuo Shin holds it up..it's a crudely carved wooden figure in the shape of a person...on the back is a carved in ident of wings
[20:52] [+Solarchos] Oh. I was thinking it was something like one of those Daruma dolls.
[20:53] [Matsuo Shin] it's a representation of The Six...we use them in private worship
[20:53] [+Solarchos] The Six?
[20:55] [Matsuo Shin] The Six who Came First
[20:55] [Matsuo Shin] servents of The One who came from the World Beyond to bring life to Quinox and life to us all
[20:55] [+Solarchos] They're like your precursors to you, aren't they.
[20:56] [Matsuo Shin] I think the nearest earth equivlent would be..angels
[20:57] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a seat on a sofa
[20:57] [+Solarchos] *nods* Angels of Life.
[20:58] [Matsuo Shin] heh I'm not sure if you call them that...
[20:58] > Matsuo Shin looks at the sculpture
[20:58] [+Solarchos] Angels of Creation would probably be more accurate.
[20:58] [Matsuo Shin] our stories say that after The One created all other worlds...and brought them life
[20:58] [Matsuo Shin] The One sent their servents to Quinox...to create the chosen world
[20:58] [Matsuo Shin] *it's
[20:59] [Matsuo Shin] it was from the union of two of The Six from which the royal family arose
[21:00] [Matsuo Shin] so our stories go
[21:02] [Matsuo Shin] this Yun represents all of The Six....which we are suppose to honor
[21:02] [Matsuo Shin] at least us Quinoxians
[21:04] > +Solarchos nods. "That would mean that Matsumi and the rest of her family is directly related to the Six."
[21:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'll be honest, I've never heard of a Yun before. ^_^;
[21:05] [Matsuo Shin] well me and her are...as were our parents
[21:05] [Matsuo Shin] ..and Vana in a little way
[21:07] [Matsuo Shin] I know the rest of the solar system saw us as odd ^^;;;
[21:07] [+Solarchos] Heh. I haven't had a chance to chat with Vana in a long time. I miss her.
[21:07] [Matsuo Shin] I remember her mother..she was so nice...
[21:09] [Matsuo Shin] she called me the little red prince >.>
[21:09] [+Solarchos] Ooo, I need to get going. It's time to put the Kits to bed and I don't want to be late for that.
[21:09] [+David O'Cain (casual)] See ya later, Solar.
[21:09] <-- +Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta ("Off to see how my lovely wife will surprise me this time!")
[21:10] [Matsuo Shin] seeya
[21:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're things going, Matsuo?
[21:15] [Matsuo Shin] oh fine fine
[21:19] [Matsuo Shin] mostly work
[21:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Any new sites?
[21:24] > Matsuo Shin nods "I've been working on one in where was mesopotamia"
[21:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh neat. What's the story there?
[21:27] [Matsuo Shin] oh it's simply a ruin site that we've found
[21:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Okay. What about its history?
[21:32] [Matsuo Shin] well so far it's defintly from the early years
[21:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Any treasure yet?
[21:32] [Matsuo Shin] um o
[21:32] [Matsuo Shin] *no
[21:33] [Matsuo Shin] we dont' look for treasure
[21:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] No gold pieces or fancy jewelry?
[21:35] [Matsuo Shin] we look for knowledge
[21:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Knowledge works. What were things like in Mesopotamia that you know of?
[21:40] [Matsuo Shin] well there have been books already written based off it...
[21:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Okay.
[21:46] [Matsuo Shin] speaking of which I should probably get going...have to get home to Ami
[21:46] [Matsuo Shin] we're going over things for the wedding
[21:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh cool. Have fun with that.
[21:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Um, when is it?
[21:48] [Matsuo Shin] a couple of weeks
[21:49] [Matsuo Shin] you should get invitations soon
[21:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Thanks.
[21:50] [Matsuo Shin] seeya
[21:50] <-- Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Later, man.
[22:04] --> Lila has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Lila
[22:04] > Lila walks out from the hall, looking a bit confused
[22:06] [Lila] ugh..my head
[22:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh. Hello.
[22:10] > Lila looks around
[22:11] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at Lila
[22:11] ➣ Lila: is a young woman with short blue hair of both light and dark shades and bright orange eyes.
[22:12] [Lila] how long..have I been here
[22:13] > +David O'Cain (casual) shrugs, "I don't know."
[22:13] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Have we met?
[22:14] [Lila] I think so....head is a bit groggy
[22:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's your name?
[22:19] [Lila] Lila
[22:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I'm David.
[22:25] [Lila] nice to meet you...I think
[22:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice to meet you as well. Where are you from?
[22:29] [Lila] ugh....Germia
[22:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Er, where is that? ^_^;
[22:40] [Lila] don't..remember..~_~
[22:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh.
[22:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anyway, I hope you feel better.
[22:54] > Lila lays on a sofa...
[23:00] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Damn it. I gotta go.)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday May 24 2011 <<<
[00:48] --> Agent U has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Agent U
[00:49] > Agent U helps Matsuo over to a sofa
[00:49] [Agent U] you won't be needed, Beth..
[00:49] > Beth Southstreet (casual) nods...and leaves
[00:49] <-- Beth Southstreet (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:51] > Agent U lays Matsuo onto the sofa and sits in a chair away from him, watching him
[00:53] > Agent U adjusts his sunglasses
[01:05] [Agent U] hm...
[01:07] --> Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:07] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki reporting for duty.
[01:08] > Agent U is watching Matsuo..who appears to be asleep
[01:08] [Kaede Sasaki] Oh, hello..... did something happen to Nii-san?
[01:09] [Agent U] he had a busy day
[01:09] [Kaede Sasaki] I see.... and who are you, sir?
[01:11] [Agent U] call me Agent U
[01:11] [Kaede Sasaki] Agent U? That's an odd name.
[01:13] [Agent U] it's my designation
[01:14] [Kaede Sasaki] I see.
[01:14] [Kaede Sasaki] You're not here to hurt Nii-san.... are you?
[01:15] [Agent U] no
[01:16] [Agent U] I will not hurt him
[01:16] [Kaede Sasaki] Oh....well ok then
[01:16] [Agent U] Kaede Sasaki
[01:16] [Kaede Sasaki] Wait..... how do you know my name? I never told you
[01:17] > Kaede Sasaki reaches for the handle of her laser sword, which is tucked into her pocket | You're not that succubus thing, are you!?
[01:18] [Agent U] Matsuo and I share a single common thing
[01:18] [Agent U] can you guess what they are
[01:20] [Kaede Sasaki] Huh? Who's talking?
[01:22] [Agent U] can't you guess
[01:23] [Kaede Sasaki] U-san?
[01:25] [Agent U] indeed
[01:28] > Agent U is gone in the blink of an eye
[01:28] <-- Agent U has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:29] [Kaede Sasaki] Weird.....
[01:29] > Kaede Sasaki goes over to a small closet, taking a blanket out and lays it over Matsuo
[01:31] > Matsuo Shin (casual) pulls the blanket close to himself
[01:31] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] *mutters* Ami...
[01:32] [Kaede Sasaki] Nope... just your nee-chan.
[01:34] > Matsuo Shin (casual) smiles a little "thank you, kaede...."
[01:35] > Kaede Sasaki smiles and kisses Matsuo's cheek
[01:35] > Matsuo Shin (casual) smiles and drifts off to sleep
[01:36] [Kaede Sasaki] Sweet dreams Nii-san. I'll call Ami-san and tell her where you are.
[01:36] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (zzzz)
[01:37] > Kaede Sasaki takes out her phone as she leaves
[01:37] <-- Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Ami-san.... it's Kaede)
[20:44] --> Tika Hoshi (casual) [MechaDriver@GFORCE.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tika Hoshi (casual)
[20:44] > Tika Hoshi (casual) wanders in
[20:47] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:47] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[20:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[20:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Tika.
[20:47] > Tika Hoshi (casual) is wearing an eyepatch
[20:47] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] oh hello, david
[20:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's up?
[20:50] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] oh not much, off duty for awhile
[20:51] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] I was given some leave
[20:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Cool. Er, what happened to your eye?
[20:53] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] oh..I removed my artifical eye
[20:55] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, okay. You look a bit piratey with that eyepatch. :P
[20:59] > Tika Hoshi (casual) just laughs
[20:59] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] so how are you doing?
[21:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I've been doing alright. Been getting some news out of Joplin.
[21:01] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] hm?
[21:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Joplin, Missouri. A tornado left a lot of devistation.
[21:04] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] oh I didn't know that
[21:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. An EF4 twister ripped up a 6 mile by half mile strip of land and buildings in its path. It was a major mess.
[21:08] > +David O'Cain (casual) sighs
[21:11] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] sounds awful
[21:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Indeed. Crews have been doing search and rescues while the other communities have been donating money, supplies, and blood.
[21:16] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] well good luck then..I'm sure they can use all the help
[21:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Absolutely.
[21:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, whatcha up to on your leave?
[21:19] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] being with my husband mostly
[21:20] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[21:26] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] and trying to find new ships to construct
[21:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Any luck with that?
[21:34] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] not...really
[21:40] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Okay.
[21:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anything else going on?
[21:50] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] nothing really
[21:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Just relaxation, huh?
[22:03] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] yup
[22:05] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[22:22] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] so otherwise...I'm just resting
[22:22] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Always good. Say, have you been doing anything before you went on leave?
[22:31] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] hm? well Operation Devil in the Dark
[22:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How did it go?
[22:34] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] success
[22:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awesome. Er, where was the op taking place?
[22:40] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] an area called The Obsidian Silence
[22:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Really? Never heard of it. Do you know what that is and what was there?
[22:46] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] I was there....what do you think...
[22:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Another one of that jerk's bases?
[22:51] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] yup
[22:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] He's been expanding a lot, hasn't he?
[22:55] > Tika Hoshi (casual) nods
[22:55] > Tika Hoshi (casual) yawns
[22:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I can only hope operations like yours either slow is progress or put it to a halt.
[22:58] [Tika Hoshi (casual)] I should head home...it's getting late
[22:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Later.
[23:01] <-- Tika Hoshi (casual) [MechaDriver@GFORCE.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:04] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Wednesday May 25 2011 <<<
[11:30] --> Jun Jun (casual) [GreenAcrobat@DeadMoon.cc] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jun Jun (casual)
[11:30] > Jun Jun (casual) walks in, sighing a little as she hops over the bar, making herself a drink.
[11:32] --> Freya (casual) [CatGuard@Q.Gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[11:32] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Freya (casual)
[11:32] > Freya (casual) wanders in "oh hi there"
[11:32] [Jun Jun (casual)] Hey there
[11:32] > Jun Jun (casual) hops up and sits on the bar
[11:33] [Jun Jun (casual)] You're the boss' secratary, right?
[11:33] [Freya (casual)] yes that is me
[11:33] > Freya (casual) is scrubbing make-up off her forehead
[11:35] [Freya (casual)] you're one of our clients, aren't you?..Jun Jun?
[11:35] [Jun Jun (casual)] You got it
[11:35] [Jun Jun (casual)] Takin' off early today?
[11:36] [Freya (casual)] have a day off
[11:36] [Freya (casual)] how about you?
[11:37] [Jun Jun (casual)] Ugh.... I'm bored.
[11:37] [Jun Jun (casual)] Waitin' on the boss to finish planning the next tour.
[11:38] [Jun Jun (casual)] I'm also having a bit of trouble finding a guy to hang out with....
[11:39] [Freya (casual)] hm? why's that
[11:39] > Freya (casual) goes behind the bar
[11:41] [Jun Jun (casual)] I don't know.... I guess because I'm not the girliest girl they see, they don't want anything to do with me.
[11:43] > Freya (casual) pours a drink "what does that have to do with anything?"
[11:43] [Freya (casual)] do you think that's honestly the reason?
[11:43] > Jun Jun (casual) takes a drink from her glass
[11:43] [Jun Jun (casual)] It seems to be
[11:44] [Jun Jun (casual)] I'm not miss perfect and I don't show myself off all the time, so I don't cut it for 'em I guess.
[11:46] > Freya (casual) checks in a mirror to make sure her sign is back on her forehead
[11:46] [Freya (casual)] eh...showing off is overrated
[11:49] [Jun Jun (casual)] Yeah well.... that's what guys seem to like.
[11:49] [Freya (casual)] I could never understand that *pushes a drink over to jun jun* I think it's the culture of today...
[11:49] > Jun Jun (casual) sighs again, taking another long drink.
[11:50] [Freya (casual)] I can never understand WHAT the girls and boys of today see in the people they choose most of the time
[11:50] > Jun Jun (casual) finishes her own drink and picks up the one Freya just slide to her
[11:51] [Jun Jun (casual)] I don't get it either.
[11:53] > Freya (casual) sips her drink "maybe I'm just out of touch"
[11:55] [Jun Jun (casual)] Eh, I don't think so
[11:56] [Freya (casual)] heh...do you know how old I am?
[11:56] [Jun Jun (casual)] Older then me, that's for sure.
[11:58] [Freya (casual)] somewhere in the thousands..maybe hundred thousands...I've lost count
[11:59] [Jun Jun (casual)] Wow, HUNDRED thousands!?
[12:00] [Freya (casual)] heh I look good for my age...
[12:00] [Freya (casual)] so I proably am..a bit out of touch I suspect
[12:02] --> Miara (comfy) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (comfy)
[12:03] > Jun Jun (casual) looks over Freya | I'm not into girls, but I have to admit, you DO look good for your age.
[12:04] > Miara (comfy) wanders in and curls up on a couch
[12:04] [Freya (casual)] I keep well
[12:04] > Jun Jun (casual) watches Miara
[12:07] > Freya (casual) pours a drink and walks over, handing it to Miara
[12:08] [Miara (comfy)] Thanks. What is it?
[12:10] [Freya (casual)] whiskey
[12:12] > Jun Jun (casual) kicks her feet, sipping her drink
[12:13] [Freya (casual)] I'm honestly not the best person to ask about relationships..due to the fact I'm already married
[12:13] > Miara (comfy) sips a tiny bit and puts it on the table for now
[12:14] [Miara (comfy)] you having trouble?
[12:15] [Freya (casual)] oh I'm not
[12:17] [Jun Jun (casual)] Riight
[12:17] > Jun Jun (casual) raises her hand | I'm the one having trouble.
[12:18] > Jun Jun (casual) hops off the bar and finishes her drink
[12:19] [Jun Jun (casual)] I'm gonna' go do some training. Gotta keep loose for the next tour
[12:19] [Miara (comfy)] hope it works out, then...
[12:20] [Freya (casual)] take care
[12:20] [Jun Jun (casual)] Here's hopin'... catch ya' later.
[12:20] <-- Jun Jun (casual) [GreenAcrobat@DeadMoon.cc] has left #reddwarfbeta (One of these days....)
[12:22] [Freya (casual)] poor girl
[12:24] [Miara (comfy)] way better chance than me, at least
[12:24] [Freya (casual)] what's up with you?
[12:27] [Miara (comfy)] sleeeepy
[12:27] [Freya (casual)] huh...had a busy day?
[12:28] > Miara (comfy) shakes her head
[12:31] [Freya (casual)] what's up then
[12:31] [Miara (comfy)] been trying to *yawn* stay 'sleep
[12:34] [Freya (casual)] why? maybe you need the sleep
[12:37] [Miara (comfy)] if i do, doesn't matter. don't think it's going to work much longer
[12:39] > Miara (comfy) is away: brb
[12:44] > Miara (comfy) is back
[12:46] > Miara (comfy) stretches before sitting down
[12:46] [Freya (casual)] what's going on
[12:53] [Miara (comfy)] mosly, trying to avoid trouble this time
[12:53] [Miara (comfy)] *mostly
[12:56] > Freya (casual) nods
[12:59] [Freya (casual)] well take some rest in the meantime
[13:00] [Miara (comfy)] so....you and your mate. getting along?
[13:00] [Freya (casual)] I'm going shopping
[13:00] [Freya (casual)] yes fine
[13:00] [Miara (comfy)] oh.
[13:01] [Miara (comfy)] have fun.
[13:02] [Freya (casual)] (( going to do some cleaning..talk to you later ))
[13:02] <-- Freya (casual) [CatGuard@Q.Gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[13:02] [Miara (comfy)] (( later ))
[13:08] [Miara (comfy)] away
[13:08] > Miara (comfy) is away
[19:46] --> Aratasujou has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:46] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Aratasujou
[19:47] > Aratasujou skips and saunters into the room, then suddenly stops at the doorway, sniffing.
[19:47] [Aratasujou] Funny smell.
[19:49] > Aratasujou shrugs and skips into the kitchen to make something nice and yummy!
[19:52] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:52] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:55] > Aratasujou floats back out of the kitchen, carrying a big plate stacked high with dried seaweed strips. :3
[19:55] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey there, Ara-su.
[19:56] [Aratasujou] Hi-hi! How yoo be?
[19:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Okay. Just keeping busy with all the criminal wrangling.
[19:59] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:59] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[19:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[19:59] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) walks in
[19:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsumi.
[20:00] [Aratasujou] You beat up lots and lots of bad guys today? Me hope so!
[20:00] [Aratasujou] Matsy!
[20:00] > Aratasujou quickly flits over to Matsy and gives bows in greeting to her.
[20:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh, well not necessarily beat them up, but I was able to help detain another smuggler.
[20:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh hey, ara
[20:01] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) tries to bow..but is having difficulty due to her stomach ><
[20:01] [Aratasujou] How yoo be, Aunty Matsy?
[20:03] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] feet hurt T_T...can't get much sleep T_T.....always hungry T_T
[20:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awww. :(
[20:05] [Aratasujou] Ooooo!
[20:05] > Aratasujou gently pushes Matsy towards the nearest couch. "You lie down! You lie down!"
[20:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] gah! careful careful!!!!!
[20:06] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual)'s stomach is noticably bigger
[20:06] [Aratasujou] Me help! Me help! :D
[20:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] um..ok ^^;;;
[20:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] >..
[20:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] *>.>
[20:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's been going on with you two lately?
[20:10] > Aratasujou starts feeding Masty some of her dried seaweed strips. "Open wide! Ahhhhhhh!" :D
[20:12] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] O_o
[20:12] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) opens mouth
[20:13] > Aratasujou puts a strip of dried, roasted seaweed in! "Yummy, nyoro!"
[20:14] > ~The seaweed ...is perfectly normal. Aratasujou got it from a big package in the kitchen, so it doesn't taste at all strange.
[20:15] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) eats
[20:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Er, either of you gonna answer? ^_^;
[20:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh I'm..ok I guess
[20:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] getting bigger >.>
[20:16] [Aratasujou] Me taking cares of Solar-kun! He be feeling strange lately.
[20:16] [Aratasujou] Me sorry! Me no means to ignore. ^__^;
[20:16] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Solar? What do you mean?
[20:19] [Aratasujou] Cold. Shivers. Sweaty. No know why though. :/
[20:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmm. That is weird.
[20:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] sounds like me >.>
[20:21] --> Cora has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Cora
[20:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi there.
[20:22] [Aratasujou] Strange lady comes to the home sometimes. Sometimes she no alone.
[20:22] > Aratasujou looks at Cora
[20:22] ➣ Cora: a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes, and seems a little dazed at times, as she tends to daydream. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/characters/cora/divine%20dolls/coramucha2.jpg
[20:22] [Cora] Hello, David
[20:22] [Aratasujou] Pretty~! *___*
[20:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh!
[20:23] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What did the lady look like, Ara-su?
[20:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hi, Cora!
[20:23] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) stands up slowly
[20:24] [Cora] Hello
[20:24] > Aratasujou uses her hands to demonstrate what she's trying to describe. "Looong hair, funny hat with ribbons, pretty dresses, and an umbrella-thingie."
[20:25] > Aratasujou wave-waves to Cora. "Konichi-wa!"
[20:26] > Cora shuts her notebook and tucks it into her skirts before sitting on a couch
[20:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmmm. Only person that comes to mind is Yukari.
[20:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] it's been awhile ^^
[20:27] [Aratasujou] Ya-ya! No see you for long time, Cora-lady. Where you be?
[20:27] [Cora] At my home, usually.
[20:28] [Aratasujou] Awww. Home pretty?
[20:31] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] how are things?
[20:31] [Cora] It suits me, I suppose.
[20:33] [Aratasujou] Tell us! Tell us what it's like! =^^=
[20:36] > Aratasujou offers Cora and David some yummy dried seaweed. There's plenty for all!
[20:37] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a piece and nibbles on it a bit
[20:39] [Cora] It's a Mediterranean house on Kythira. I have a garden and two floors and a patio.
[20:40] [Aratasujou] Ooooo, me like gardens!
[20:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) has fallen asleep on the sofa
[20:43] > +David O'Cain (casual) covers Matsumi with a blanket
[20:44] [Aratasujou] Awww, she goes sleepies.
[20:44] > Aratasujou drapes her tail over Matsy's forehead and trills her a soothing song. ^_^
[20:45] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] zzzz
[20:47] [Aratasujou] She look funny! Me wanna draw silly face while she sleep! >:3
[20:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] No no, don't do that. You do, you'll just make her mad.
[20:48] [Aratasujou] Awwww. :<
[20:50] [Aratasujou] Okies, me no play joke.
[20:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good.
[20:54] [Cora] How are you two doing? I don't think I have been here in a very long time
[20:55] [Aratasujou] Me good! Me good! You be gone long time. Why that?
[20:57] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I've been doing pretty good.
[20:57] [Cora] I've been busy with work and the house.
[21:01] [Aratasujou] What you do for work? Me just help around the big house and play with the Kits.
[21:04] [Cora] I'm a writer.
[21:04] [Cora] Oh, you're part of that household.
[21:05] > Aratasujou nod-nods with great pride. ^___^
[21:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] zzzzzzzzz
[21:06] [Aratasujou] Me a part of their family!
[21:07] [Cora] So you're the children's...nurse? Or wait...is babysitter the right modern term?
[21:09] [Aratasujou] Me a nurse, a babysitter, a teacher, a playmate, a cook, and me help protect the Kits when need be. Me do a little of everything.
[21:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And can be silly whenever she wants. :P
[21:12] [Cora] Nurse.
[21:12] [Aratasujou] Being silly my most important job!
[21:12] > Cora draws her knees up a bit
[21:13] [Cora] I still miss mine, sometimes.
[21:13] > Aratasujou suddenly springs up into the air and lands atop Cora's head, spinning like a ballerina, yet weighing very, very little on Cora's head.
[21:14] [Cora] Oh!
[21:14] > Cora looks quite startled
[21:15] > Aratasujou continues to dance. ^____^
[21:16] > +David O'Cain (casual) chuckles a little
[21:16] [Cora] Please desist.
[21:16] [Aratasujou] Oooh? Okies.
[21:17] > Aratasujou hops off and plops down onto the couch.
[21:17] > Cora gingerly rubs the top of her head, hair settling back into place
[21:18] --> Masumi Saotome (dress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome (dress)