[21:07] >>> Thursday Apr 21 2011 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[21:07] [Chibi-Sylvester] wagargh?
[21:07] [Chibi-Alex] Boochegah! :D
[21:09] > Chibi-Alex and Chibi-Sylvester both try to engage Anya in a spirited Babyspeak dialog.
[21:10] > Masumi Saotome (casual) giggles a bit at this
[21:11] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh children...so wonderful
[21:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yep. Seeing Solar's kids around here is a bit of a treat, huh?
[21:12] > Masumi Saotome (casual) puts Anya down on the floor
[21:13] > Chibi-Sylvester and Chibi-Alex quickly go over to Anya and curl up with her, draping their tails over her. ^^ ^^
[21:13] > Anya Saotome tries to get up on her feet but is having trouble
[21:16] > Anya Saotome starts playing with their tails
[21:16] [Chibi-Alex] The TAILS! :D
[21:17] [Chibi-Sylvester] =^^=
[21:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So cute.
[21:19] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh they make good playmates for her
[21:20] > Chibi-Alex huggles Anya from one side.
[21:20] > Chibi-Sylvester huggles Anya from the other!
[21:21] > Anya Saotome wiggles and giggles to this
[21:22] > Chibi-Sylvester suddenly stiffens a little, her ears perking.
[21:22] [Chibi-Sylvester] ^his
[21:22] > Chibi-Alex hears something too.
[21:23] [Chibi-Alex] Mommy!
[21:23] [Chibi-Sylvester] Bah-bah.
[21:23] > Chibi-Sylvester gives Anya a big hug. And many tail-pats!
[21:23] > Anya Saotome waves
[21:24] > Chibi-Alex gives Anya tail-pats too.
[21:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Bye, you silly kits.
[21:25] <-- Chibi-Alex has left #reddwarfbeta (=^^=)
[21:25] <-- Chibi-Sylvester has left #reddwarfbeta (Meep!!)
[21:29] > Anya Saotome looks around and notices her new friends are gone
[21:33] > Masumi Saotome (casual) picks up her daughter and cradles her
[21:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I've noticed Anya's been trying to walk.
[21:37] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh she can walk..but only short distances
[21:39] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gotcha.
[21:41] [+David O'Cain (casual)] She's growing up so fast.
[21:43] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] not really..she is a year old
[21:48] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] I spent a year or two in that woods between worlds
[21:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, okay.
[21:52] > Masumi Saotome (casual) checks on the plants in the room
[21:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Still, she's gonna be running all over the place one day.
[21:56] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh yes she will be
[22:05] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] I'm imagining she will have ALOT of energy
[22:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Given who her father is, I'm sure.
[22:21] > Masumi Saotome (casual) nods
[22:25] > Anya Saotome has fallen asleep
[22:33] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Someone's tired.
[22:35] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh yes..I think I'll return to my quarters and put her to bed
[22:35] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] goodnight, david
[22:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Night, Masumi.
[22:37] <-- Masumi Saotome (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[22:37] <-- Anya Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta
[22:37] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:37] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[22:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[22:37] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) walks in, stretching
[22:37] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsumi.
[22:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hiii
[22:40] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're you?
[22:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] fine..a bit tired ^^;;
[22:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh. What's gotten you so tuckered out?
[22:44] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] just feel more drained nowadays
[22:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gotcha.
[22:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Things going alright at the homestead?
[22:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] yuppers
[22:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good to hear.
[22:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, I better get going. I'll see you later, Matsumi.
[22:59] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Night.)
[23:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] blargh :(
[00:00] >>> Friday Apr 22 2011 <<<
[00:12] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:31] --> Nate Detroit (PJs) [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:31] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit (PJs)
[00:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit (PJs)
[00:31] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) enters, his shirt unbuttoned and hair wet, and looks around the room, seeing the packages.
[00:32] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) glomps Nate from behind "happy birthday!"
[00:33] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) shouts in shock. 0_0
[00:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heeeeeee
[00:33] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Smegging hell, my heart! 0_0
[00:34] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] awwwwwwwwwwwww
[00:35] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Huff... huff... hello to you too, Princess. ^_^; Sorry, my 29 year old heart can't take the stress apparently.
[00:36] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heee poor nate....
[00:36] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you've got presents!
[00:36] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Poor naet ;.; Yes I see. ^_^
[00:37] --> Rowenta [Orangetabby@reddwarf.co.uk] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:37] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Rowenta
[00:37] [@HOL_6000] +Rowenta reporting for duty.
[00:38] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Should I open them?
[00:38] [+Rowenta] I think so. :3 Hiiii~
[00:40] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) sits down and looks them over, taking one at random.
[00:40] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] sure!
[00:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ooo that's my gift!!!!
[00:41] > +Rowenta sits next to Nate, wrapping her tail around him~ :3
[00:41] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) proceeds to open it, smiling as the tail wraps around him.
[00:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) has given nate what looks like a big gift
[00:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual)'s gift box is mostly empty...cept for a small box at the bottom of it
[00:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] :) :)
[00:43] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Ohh, its a small box! Just what I wanted! Thank you!
[00:43] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hee open it silly
[00:44] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) removes the small box, discarding the large one.
[00:44] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] =p
[00:44] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) does so..
[00:45] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) has given Nate a pocket watch on a chain....it's gold plated..and when opened shows a photo inside of Nate, Row and Matsumi together with the words "FOREVER LOVE" wrapped around it
[00:45] [+Rowenta] Wow..
[00:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] happy birthday ^^
[00:46] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Oh wow... thats.. very nice.. I don't know what to say.
[00:48] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) looks it over.
[00:48] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you don't have to say anything ^^
[00:50] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) smiles at her, gripping the watch and patting the empty seat beside him.
[00:50] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) sits down next to Nate
[00:52] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) puts an arm around her and pulls her into an agressive kiss.
[00:52] > +Rowenta giggles, watching~
[00:54] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) returns the kiss happily
[00:55] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) breaks it and slaps her thigh.
[00:55] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] What else do I have?
[00:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well you've got one from hideki...and you have a potted plant....a weird looking one.......what the hell kind of plant is that???
[00:57] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) opens Hideki's.
[01:00] > Hideki Kaze has given Nate a black Wii game box....all it says on is TEST DISC: PROJECT R
[01:00] [+Matsumi Kaze] OOOO he's been working on that one for awhile.....this must be the first test version of it
[01:00] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Test disk?
[01:01] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Apparently I've been drafted to be a beta tester.
[01:01] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] This is cool though, I'll be happy to put it through its paces.
[01:02] > +Matsumi Kaze nods and yawns
[01:02] [+Rowenta] And there's mine there with the blue wrapping.
[01:02] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) moves on to it.
[01:03] > +Matsumi Kaze lays her head on nate's lap...and falls asleep
[01:03] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) looks at Matsumi.
[01:04] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Aww... you got me a drugged blonde! How did you know that's what I wanted?
[01:04] <-- +Matsumi Kaze [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (*is fast asleep*)
[01:04] > +Rowenta giggles quietly, but profusely.
[01:04] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) opens the blue package, grinning.
[01:08] > +Rowenta has given Nate a gold ring, set with bright blue stone which has a slightly smaller orange stone set in it.
[01:09] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) takes it out and examines it under the light.
[01:09] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Reminds me of another ring I've seen before..
[01:10] > +Rowenta nods.
[01:11] [+Rowenta] I also got you another gift.
[01:11] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) puts the ring on and opens the other one.
[01:11] > +Rowenta produces a largeish box wrapped in multi-colored paper.
[01:13] > +Rowenta has gotten Nate a big ball of yarn. :3
[01:14] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) grins at her, holding the yarn and tossing it gently up and down in his hand.
[01:15] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] You're amazing. >:)
[01:15] > +Rowenta giggles~
[01:16] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) wraps his arm around her and pulls her into a kiss like he did Matsumi, allowing Matsumi to slump against the couch.
[01:17] [+Rowenta] Mmmm~
[01:19] [+Rowenta] I know I'm not usually into your domination fantasies, but if you use the yarn and you're not too intense on me, we can have some fun later.
[01:19] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Sounds like a plan.
[01:20] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Reminds me, I owe Vana a day of slavery when she returns..
[01:20] [+Rowenta] Nya?
[01:22] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] We had a bet based on her Ninja Warrior outcome. She cleared the third stage and not the fourth, so she got me for a day.
[01:22] [+Rowenta] Oh, I gotcha-nya.
[01:23] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] ~hopefully~ she returns me in one piece.
[01:23] [+Rowenta] :P
[01:25] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) pulls Rowe in closer and starts playing with the yarn over her.
[01:26] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Gotta be gentle with you anyway, now that you're carying my child. In a way, thats domination enough for me.
[01:26] > +Rowenta purrs~
[01:26] [+Rowenta] Mmm, yeah-nya. That's true.
[01:27] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] The ring is beautiful. What made you decide to get it?
[01:27] [+Rowenta] I didn't get it, I made it~
[01:28] [+Rowenta] I just wanted to make you something nice that symbolized us together.
[01:28] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Hehe.. Only fitting.
[01:35] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] I love you, Rowenta..
[01:35] [+Rowenta] Nya, I love you too, Nate-kun~ ♡
[01:39] [+Rowenta] Wanna take Sleeping Beauty home and then head back to our quarters-nya? ^_~
[01:40] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) unravles more of the yarn, and ties some of it to her collar, then to his belt hook.
[01:41] [+Rowenta] ^_^;
[01:42] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Don't sweatdrop, this is your idea. =P You're lucky I don't make you haul the blonde.
[01:43] [+Rowenta] :P :P
[01:43] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) stands and throws Matsumi haphazardly over his shoulder.
[01:45] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Like a hairy, busty sack of potatoes. >_o
[01:45] [+Rowenta] O_o
[01:47] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] Only when she's asleep. Or maybe I need to work out more. ~_~
[01:47] [+Rowenta] Aww..
[01:47] [@Nate Detroit (PJs)] C'mon you. >:3
[01:47] > @Nate Detroit (PJs) walks away, the yarn starting to get taunt.
[01:48] > +Rowenta follows, keeping the string loose.
[01:48] <-- @Nate Detroit (PJs) [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (♡)
[01:48] <-- +Rowenta [Orangetabby@reddwarf.co.uk] has left #reddwarfbeta (Music is the language of love~ ♡ And I'm fluent in it~ ^_~)
[14:07] --> Tao Latu has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tao Latu
[14:09] > Tao Latu walks in, heading for the bar
[14:12] --> Setsuna Meioh [TimeGal@Pluto.co] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Setsuna Meioh
[14:12] > Setsuna Meioh walks in, chronos drapped along her shoulders
[14:12] > Tao Latu grabs a bottle of soda, taking a drink
[14:13] [Tao Latu] Hello Princess Setsuna
[14:14] [Setsuna Meioh] hello, tao
[14:18] [Tao Latu] What brings you here, Princess? I haven't seen you in a while.
[14:18] [Setsuna Meioh] how is my knight
[14:18] [Setsuna Meioh] I have been busy
[14:19] [Tao Latu] I'm doing well. Things are turning up for sure.
[14:20] [Setsuna Meioh] ohh....your new lover then?
[14:22] > Tao Latu smiles, sitting on one of the sofas
[14:22] [Tao Latu] Things between Taiki and I are quite good.
[14:23] [Tao Latu] How about you and Akira?
[14:24] > Setsuna Meioh starts sketching something in a paper
[14:24] [Setsuna Meioh] we are well
[14:25] [Tao Latu] I must thank you for tailoring that suit for me. I think it made quite an impression on Taiki.
[14:29] > Setsuna Meioh nods and keeps sketching
[14:29] > Tao Latu sips his drink and watches Setsuna | What are you writing, princess?
[14:30] [Setsuna Meioh] I am designing a very special dress
[14:31] [Tao Latu] Oh? For who, if I might ask?
[14:33] [Setsuna Meioh] you do not need to know yet
[14:33] [Tao Latu] Um.... alright.
[14:34] > Setsuna Meioh just smiles
[14:36] > Tao Latu takes another drink and sighs a little
[14:38] [Tao Latu] I really wonder what the future holds for us.
[14:38] [Setsuna Meioh] it will be good
[14:39] [Tao Latu] It's nice to hear you say that.
[14:41] [Setsuna Meioh] I only speak the truth
[14:42] [Tao Latu] I know....... that's why I said it's nice.
[14:46] [Setsuna Meioh] when is your next date with her
[14:47] [Tao Latu] Tomorrow evening.
[14:49] > Setsuna Meioh hands tao a set of directors
[14:49] [Setsuna Meioh] *directions
[14:49] > Tao Latu takes the directions, looking them over curiously | What is this?
[14:50] [Setsuna Meioh] where you shall take her
[14:50] [Tao Latu] Oh, well thank you. ^_^ Is there a reason you're recommending this particular place?
[14:51] [Setsuna Meioh] you shall see
[14:51] [Tao Latu] Alright
[14:55] [Tao Latu] You sure do like to speak in riddles Princess
[14:56] [Setsuna Meioh] I am a riddle wrapped in an enigma trapped in a puzzle *smiles*
[14:57] > Tao Latu stands, finishing his soda
[14:57] [Tao Latu] Quite the attractive one, I must say. ^_~
[14:57] [Setsuna Meioh] so you always say
[14:59] [Tao Latu] Like you said, I only speak the truth.
[15:02] [Setsuna Meioh] you are truely plutoian
[15:03] [Setsuna Meioh] and always kind hearted
[15:03] [Tao Latu] What makes you say that, princess?
[15:03] [Tao Latu] About being plutonian?
[15:03] [Setsuna Meioh] you speak in riddles as well...
[15:03] [Setsuna Meioh] ..someday you shall remember
[15:07] > Tao Latu smiles a bit
[15:07] [Tao Latu] I should head to my room. I'll see you later, Princess.
[15:07] [Tao Latu] Thank you for the tip
[15:09] <-- Tao Latu has left #reddwarfbeta (This should be nice)
[15:13] > Setsuna Meioh looks over her sketch..which is of a wedding dress
[15:13] > Setsuna Meioh smiles
[15:13] <-- Setsuna Meioh [TimeGal@Pluto.co] has left #reddwarfbeta (..hm)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Apr 23 2011 <<<
[00:09] --> Hideki Kaze [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:09] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hideki Kaze
[00:09] > Hideki Kaze walks in, running his hand through his hair
[00:12] [Hideki Kaze] *sigh*
[00:22] --> Minako Aino (Sweatpants) [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minako Aino (Sweatpants)
[00:22] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] *sigh*
[00:23] [Hideki Kaze] oh hello, mina
[00:23] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Evening, Deki-kun.
[00:24] [Hideki Kaze] ..how are you doing...
[00:24] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Swelling. ~_~ You?
[00:25] [Hideki Kaze] .....I've gotten locked out of my own bedroom
[00:26] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] o.O
[00:26] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Moh.. well.. its not like you don't have somewhere else to sleep, ne? You five don't all sleep in the same bed every night, do you?
[00:26] [Hideki Kaze] candy got locked out too.....
[00:26] [Hideki Kaze] as did Vash
[00:27] [Hideki Kaze] ........Matsumi refuses to let anyone in >.>
[00:27] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] That house has, like, dozens of rooms. @.@
[00:28] [Hideki Kaze] I know
[00:28] [Hideki Kaze] she's having a crying fit tonight for some reason
[00:28] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) plops onto the couch, rubbing her back.
[00:28] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] That girl is insane. >.<
[00:30] [Hideki Kaze] she won't listen to anyone
[00:30] [Hideki Kaze] you alright?
[00:30] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Sure, sometimes I get upset at Kato for doing this to me.. but I know its just as much my fault for loving him so much.. and know I didn't really give him much choice ether >.>
[00:31] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Sore and bloated, but yes, I'm alright.
[00:32] [Hideki Kaze] said something about "letting the others down"
[00:32] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] ...dunno what that could be.
[00:34] [Hideki Kaze] me neither...
[00:36] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Soo... going to be a papa? How do you feel?
[00:36] [Hideki Kaze] nervious....though happy of course
[00:39] [Hideki Kaze] it's a wonderful feeling really
[00:39] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Thats good. She sure wasn't happy.. Kami-sama, I was horrified when I found out.
[00:40] [Hideki Kaze] how are you feeling now?
[00:40] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Nervous.. excited.. really scared about how this could play out with the war. ~.~
[00:42] [Hideki Kaze] how are your parents taking it?
[00:42] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Ohh, they're really happy. I think they think it will make me settle down once and for all. 9.9
[00:43] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] I've been thinking it over... I'm going to give them an emergency package with a transporter to the ship, and a letter explaining everything. The senshi, the war..
[00:46] [Hideki Kaze] just in case?
[00:48] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Hai.. That way, they should be safe if theres a disaster, or if... something should happen to me.. they know why.
[00:48] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] And then they won't worry until something actually does happen. The only trick is making them agree not to open it if they don't have to.
[00:49] [Hideki Kaze] that might be tough
[00:51] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Hai.. but I think I can persuade them.
[00:55] [Hideki Kaze] how is katori treating you?
[00:55] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Like a princess. *^.^*
[00:58] [Hideki Kaze] well given where you live and who you are married to..I would think so
[01:00] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] The nice food and beautiful home helps soothe me.. and I feel very loved.
[01:01] [Hideki Kaze] that's great
[01:09] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) gives a happy sigh.
[01:10] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Its a difficult time for me, but I have everything I possibly could to make it better.
[01:10] [Hideki Kaze] ..I just wish matsumi would tell me what's wrong
[01:12] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Communication is very important for a strong and healthy relationship. Ne, maybe you should tell her I said that.
[01:13] [Hideki Kaze] that is if I can get through to her
[01:14] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Bang on the door, slip a message under it... oh, jump up to the balcony! I did that once. ^_^
[01:15] [Hideki Kaze] seriously O_o
[01:16] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Hai. I think Usagi-chan had a face like yours when I did, too.
[01:20] [Hideki Kaze] I know my wife said she used to run across rooftops
[01:21] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] We've all done that, I think.
[01:22] [Hideki Kaze] I used to do that as well.....
[01:23] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] I'm gonna have to work my butt off after this baby is born to make sure I'm in good shape.
[01:25] [Hideki Kaze] well who knows...maybe your senshi body will go back to normal faster
[01:26] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Mayybeee
[01:27] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Deki-kun.. I have a weird question for you.
[01:27] [Hideki Kaze] not that you don't look fine now
[01:28] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) undoes a few buttons of her shirt and stands, striking the sexiest pose she can manage, putting her arms behind her head and bending her knee.
[01:28] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] I look fine? Do I still look sexy? ♡
[01:31] [Hideki Kaze] heh quite
[01:31] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants)'s chest has swollen considerably, which is nothing for the obvious bulge in her belly.
[01:32] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] eeee ^_^ Thanks. I was worried after Matsuo-kun insulted me for being fat.
[01:32] [Hideki Kaze] well...he can be a bit akward around women..always has been
[01:32] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Thats a good point..
[01:33] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Does that mean...
[01:34] [Hideki Kaze] hm?
[01:34] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] You only said I look sexy because you know what women want to hear? >.o
[01:35] [Hideki Kaze] do I look like I would do that?
[01:36] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Maybe, I dunno. You must know something to have three wives.
[01:37] [Hideki Kaze] I don't think anything could change the way you are
[01:38] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Thank you.. I think *^_^*
[01:39] --> Matsumi Kaze [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:39] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze
[01:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze
[01:39] > +Matsumi Kaze walks in, face is full of tears....she's still sobbing
[01:40] [Hideki Kaze] ...
[01:40] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] :/
[01:41] > +Matsumi Kaze sits on the floor and cries
[01:41] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) looks between the two of them, then moves next to Matsumi and pats her shoulder.
[01:42] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Ne ne, Matsumi-chan... theres no reason to be so upset. You've been blessed. ^_^
[01:42] [+Matsumi Kaze] I let them down T______T
[01:43] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Who?
[01:45] [+Matsumi Kaze] the others T____T haruka..michiru..setsuna..hotaru T____T
[01:45] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] How??
[01:45] [+Matsumi Kaze] cu..cuz I can't help them anymooooore T___T
[01:46] > Hideki Kaze sighs
[01:46] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] >__> That.. I don't think thats entirely true..
[01:47] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] We'll just.. have to be reeeeally careful.. We're much better organized now that we've ever been, and we have lots of help.
[01:48] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) jerks her head, indicating Hideki should come over.
[01:48] [Hideki Kaze] she's right, matsumi
[01:48] > Hideki Kaze walks over and hugs matsumi
[01:50] > +Matsumi Kaze sniffles and leans up against hideki
[01:51] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Us three expectant mothers can hopefully just.... just stay to the back and let our knights get beat up for us! Its worked for Usagi-chan for years! ^_^;
[01:52] [+Matsumi Kaze] heee true
[01:53] > +Matsumi Kaze sniffles, rubbing her nose
[01:55] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) offers Matsumi the tissue box.
[01:56] > +Matsumi Kaze grabs a huge amount and snorts into them
[01:57] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] o_O ^_^;
[01:58] [+Matsumi Kaze] ...
[01:58] [+Matsumi Kaze] MINA HUG *gets out of hideki's arms and hugs minako ^^*
[01:59] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] o__O
[01:59] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) is a little disturbed to be hugged by someone who just did something gross..
[02:01] [Hideki Kaze] ....mood swings
[02:01] > Minako Aino (Sweatpants) nods. o.o
[02:03] [+Matsumi Kaze] we girls have to stick together!
[02:04] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] H..hai! Yes! Yes we do!
[02:06] [+Matsumi Kaze] you me and ami...ALL TOGETHER WE SHALL BE SUPER MOTHERS
[02:08] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Haaaaiii!
[02:09] [Hideki Kaze] heh...what does that leave us fathers then?
[02:09] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Cannon fodder :P
[02:12] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Kidding, of course, we love our husbands and count on them.
[02:13] [+Matsumi Kaze] yeah ^^
[02:19] > +Matsumi Kaze yawns deeply
[02:19] > +Matsumi Kaze walks back to hideki and falls asleep..right ontop of him
[02:19] [Hideki Kaze] ....
[02:20] [Hideki Kaze] I should get her back home
[02:20] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Woah.. yeah
[02:20] > Hideki Kaze picks up Matsumi
[02:20] [Hideki Kaze] take care, minako
[02:22] [Minako Aino (Sweatpants)] Take care, you two..
[02:22] <-- Hideki Kaze [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[02:22] <-- +Matsumi Kaze [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (zzzz)
[02:22] <-- Minako Aino (Sweatpants) [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I wish I could sleep that easy..)
[13:26] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:26] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[13:26] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[13:27] > @Nate Detroit plops down with a lunch plate, checks his pocket watch, then begins to eat.
[13:27] --> Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:27] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin
[13:28] > Matsuo Shin walks in with a box and sits down, opening it,revealing his own lunch
[13:28] [@Nate Detroit] Hey Mats.
[13:28] [Matsuo Shin] hello, nate
[13:29] [@Nate Detroit] Hows life treatin' you?
[13:30] [Matsuo Shin] fine..on my lunch break
[13:31] [@Nate Detroit] You and Matsumi aren't ones for details. =p What exactly are you breaking from?
[13:32] [Matsuo Shin] from work at the university
[13:33] [@Nate Detroit] ...digging trenches? Sharpening pencils?
[13:34] [Matsuo Shin] well right now I've been going through their archives
[13:34] [Matsuo Shin] most of the time I'm set to various digs in the country
[13:37] [@Nate Detroit] Sounds... interesting.
[13:41] [Matsuo Shin] oh it is
[13:42] [Matsuo Shin] at least to me probably
[13:43] [@Nate Detroit] Probably. I have a love-hate relationship with history.
[13:48] [Matsuo Shin] hm?
[13:48] > @Nate Detroit gets up. 'Want something to drink while I'm up?'
[13:48] [Matsuo Shin] um sure...nothing alcholic though
[13:48] --> Nephrite Masato [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[13:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nephrite Masato
[13:49] [Nephrite Masato] Good afternoon gentlemen.
[13:49] > @Nate Detroit gets an open glass bottle of orange juice.
[13:49] [@Nate Detroit] Hey Neph. How are you?
[13:50] [Matsuo Shin] afternoon
[13:50] [Nephrite Masato] Not too bad. How're things going up here?
[13:50] [@Nate Detroit] Good. Peaceful. The weather is bringing people out to my arcades.
[13:50] [Matsuo Shin] just fine
[13:51] > @Nate Detroit takes the bottle and a few glasses back to the table, but fumbles the orange juice.
[13:51] [@Nate Detroit] Gah smeg!
[13:51] > Matsuo Shin catches it with his telekinsis
[13:52] [@Nate Detroit] Nice trick bro..
[13:52] > @Nate Detroit plucks it from the air and pours the glasses.
[13:53] [Matsuo Shin] my pleasure
[13:54] [@Nate Detroit] Whats new with business, Neph?
[13:55] [Nephrite Masato] The weather is actually starting to get nice again in Tokyo too.... things are definitely beginning to calm in the country.
[13:56] [Nephrite Masato] Getting everything finalized with the girls' shoot next year.
[13:58] [@Nate Detroit] I bet Japan could do with a bit of calm. =\
[13:58] [Nephrite Masato] Also trying to plan another tour for my circus group. Planning on donating a percentage of the proceeds of that to charity.
[13:59] [@Nate Detroit] I wish I had better profit margins to offer something.
[14:00] > Matsuo Shin keeps eating quietly
[14:03] [@Nate Detroit] I do look forward to that shoot though. Those are five very attractive women, for a wide variety of reasons.
[14:04] [Nephrite Masato] Indeed
[14:04] [@Nate Detroit] Speaking as someone who has more love and sex in his life than he knows what to do with, I might be harboring a crush for the blonde with the bow.
[14:04] [@Nate Detroit] Meh, what am I saying, she already did a shoot. ^^;
[14:05] > Nephrite Masato chuckles a bit
[14:06] [Nephrite Masato] Matsuo, you're awfully quiet.
[14:06] [@Nate Detroit] He's always quiet. Making him talk is like pulling teeth. =p
[14:07] [Matsuo Shin] well what am I suppose to say?
[14:08] [@Nate Detroit] Anything. Talk about your job, your relationship, your new house...
[14:08] > Nephrite Masato sits at the bar, looking towards Matsuo
[14:08] [Matsuo Shin] well the house is alright..going to work on painting it
[14:10] [Matsuo Shin] thinking of a shade of..blue
[14:10] [@Nate Detroit] Theres a shocker. Heh, can't go wrogn with blue.
[14:11] [Nephrite Masato] Heh, not a surprise
[14:11] [Matsuo Shin] I'm going slowly with all this
[14:13] [Nephrite Masato] With how quiet you were getting there, I was starting to think that you weren't happy with Ami's decision to participate in the shoot next year.
[14:13] [@Nate Detroit] Oh.. oh smeg, I didn't think about that.
[14:14] [Matsuo Shin] well I am fine with whatever descion she gives....just...
[14:17] [Nephrite Masato] Hmm?
[14:17] [Matsuo Shin] ..I hope this does not make Ami act like my sister
[14:18] [Nephrite Masato] What do you mean by that?
[14:18] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah, you can take that about a dozen ways, each more perverted than the last.
[14:19] [Matsuo Shin] I would hope she wouldn't...become..attached to being with other men >.>
[14:20] [Nephrite Masato] Well.... has she actually been with another man since you two got together?
[14:20] [@Nate Detroit] Heh.. oh man.. Nah dude, I doubt that. She's posing with other girls, right? Just make sure when you go to the mansion party, you stay reeeal close to her.
[14:21] [Matsuo Shin] unlike my sister....my history with women are not as fortunite
[14:22] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah, your sister does have a 'fortunate' history with women.
[14:22] [@Nate Detroit] If by fortunate you mean promiscuous.
[14:23] [Nephrite Masato] Yes, the shoot itself is only going to feature the five girls. I don't see how her being involved in that would equal her steping out on your relationship.
[14:24] [@Nate Detroit] What, so the stories and myths about the wild parties are only rumors, Neph?
[14:25] [Nephrite Masato] Well.... not DURING the photoshoots, no.
[14:25] [Nephrite Masato] Granted, the parties at the mansion can and sometimes do get rather wild... but you have to end up in certain places for things like that to happen.
[14:26] > Matsuo Shin drinks his juice
[14:28] [Nephrite Masato] I know that Ami loves you Matsuo...... I highly doubt that she's going to start sleeping with other people after that.
[14:29] [Matsuo Shin] heh..can I trust you two around her?
[14:29] [@Nate Detroit] Of course. Well, you can trust -me-. Shes a nice girl, but I don't have any interest in her.
[14:30] > Nephrite Masato smirks a bit, "Granted, I think Ami's a very attractive woman, but I already have all I can handle with Naftis and Hotaru."
[14:30] > @Nate Detroit mutters something about doubt.
[14:31] [Matsuo Shin] even so, nephrite...you still manage to.....sometimes slide if you get my drift
[14:32] > Nephrite Masato stands
[14:33] [Nephrite Masato] This lack of trust is rather..... disheartening.
[14:33] [Matsuo Shin] sit down..I apologize
[14:33] > Nephrite Masato looks a bit insulted, "If you'll both excuse me.... I have better things to do then listen to my character be assulted."
[14:34] [@Nate Detroit] Neph... I didn't mean any insult..
[14:34] > @Nate Detroit checks his watch. 'But I really should be going..' >.>
[14:35] <-- Nephrite Masato [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (What is said, is said.)
[14:35] [Matsuo Shin] hm....
[14:35] [@Nate Detroit] I thought he prided himself on being a player.
[14:36] > @Nate Detroit finishes his glass and cleans up.
[14:36] [@Nate Detroit] Lord knows I do.
[14:38] [@Nate Detroit] See you around, Mats. Give your girl my regards.
[14:40] <-- @Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (Ice is flowin' through my veins; Explosives on my lips and in my lungs.)
[14:41] > Matsuo Shin just sits there
[14:43] > Matsuo Shin quietly starts eating
[14:57] --> Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:57] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki reporting for duty.
[14:58] > Kaede Sasaki hums a tune as she walks in
[14:58] [Kaede Sasaki] Hi Nii-san
[15:01] [Matsuo Shin] oh hello
[15:02] > Matsuo Shin doesn't look happy
[15:02] [Kaede Sasaki] What's wrong Nii-san?
[15:04] [Matsuo Shin] I belive I offended Nephrite
[15:04] [Kaede Sasaki] Oh my... how'd you manage to do that?
[15:10] [Matsuo Shin] long story...but I was afraid he might sleep with Ami at some point....not that I don't trust my fiancee
[15:12] [Kaede Sasaki] Wow......
[15:13] [Matsuo Shin] it's not so much that I'm paranoid..or overprotective....don't think of me as that
[15:14] [Kaede Sasaki] Then why would you think that?
[15:15] [Matsuo Shin] more nerves I guesws
[15:15] [Matsuo Shin] *guess
[15:15] [Matsuo Shin] with the baby and the marriage...
[15:18] [Kaede Sasaki] I see...
[15:19] > Matsuo Shin just looks at kaede
[15:21] [Matsuo Shin] do you think I am dull
[15:23] [Kaede Sasaki] Dull?
[15:24] [Matsuo Shin] yes..dull..boring..dry....pedantic
[15:26] [Kaede Sasaki] Well, you seem rather reserved, quiet and stoic at times..... but I wouldn't call that dull.
[15:28] [Matsuo Shin] I'm not sure what the others want me to be
[15:30] [Kaede Sasaki] I'm not sure what you mean?
[15:31] [Matsuo Shin] I just get the feeling that some aren't happy with the way I am...
[15:31] > Matsuo Shin eats his salad
[15:33] [Kaede Sasaki] Well, in terms of how you are, only two people should matter, Nii-san
[15:33] [Kaede Sasaki] You and Ami-san
[15:34] [Matsuo Shin] I suppose so....I guess I am a little protective of her
[15:35] [Matsuo Shin] ..I don't want to lose a chance at love all over again
[15:36] [Kaede Sasaki] If Ami-san didn't love you, she wouldn't be with you.
[15:36] [Kaede Sasaki] And she doesn't strike me as the type who would up and leave you for someone else on a whim.
[15:37] [Matsuo Shin] no....I suppose not
[15:37] [Matsuo Shin] ..she even made me this lunch
[15:37] [Kaede Sasaki] Which is super sweet.
[15:38] [Matsuo Shin] how are you doing?
[15:39] [Kaede Sasaki] I'm ok. Just taking a break until dinner time.
[15:44] > Matsuo Shin starts to eat an origiri
[15:45] --> Naftis Katheti has joined #reddwarfbeta
[15:45] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Naftis Katheti
[15:45] > Naftis Katheti walks in, carrying her crest.
[15:45] [Kaede Sasaki] Hi Naftis-san.
[15:46] > Matsuo Shin waves
[15:46] [Naftis Katheti] Hello Kaede, Matsuo.. By any chance have you made lunch?
[15:47] [Kaede Sasaki] Yeah, I made enchiladas for lunch, but it's mostly put away. I can heat some up for you though.
[15:47] [Matsuo Shin] hm?
[15:47] [Naftis Katheti] That'd be lovely. Patrol makes me hungry.
[15:49] [Kaede Sasaki] Sure thing! I'll go get 'em ready. Come by in about 10 mintues. ^+^
[15:49] [Matsuo Shin] I should probably leave
[15:49] [Matsuo Shin] have to get back to work
[15:49] [Matsuo Shin] take care
[15:49] <-- Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[15:49] [Kaede Sasaki] I'll see ya' later Nii-san.
[15:50] [Naftis Katheti] Oh... goodybe, Matsuo..
[15:51] > Kaede Sasaki takes out her phone then sends a message
[15:51] --> Merissa Sogno has joined #reddwarfbeta
[15:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Merissa Sogno
[15:51] > Merissa Sogno walks in
[15:51] > Naftis Katheti looks at Merissa Sogno
[15:51] ➣ Merissa Sogno: is a young woman with medium length black hair with a blue streak in it, as well as pale green eyes. She is also known as Sailor Magnus
[15:51] [Kaede Sasaki] I'll see you in a few minutes Naftis-san
[15:51] [Merissa Sogno] oh!!!!
[15:52] > Kaede Sasaki jogs out, nodding to Merissa
[15:52] [Naftis Katheti] Oh, hello.
[15:52] <-- Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I really DO enjoy cooking)
[15:53] > Merissa Sogno kneels and places her head against the floor
[15:54] [Merissa Sogno] greetings oh galaxia...
[15:54] [Naftis Katheti] o_o That.. isn't necessary dear, please stand.
[15:55] > Merissa Sogno stands
[15:56] [Naftis Katheti] How are your patrols going?
[15:56] [Merissa Sogno] alright....Sailor Hypnos is quite helpful
[15:58] [Naftis Katheti] Nothing to report, though?
[15:59] [Merissa Sogno] very little...
[15:59] [Naftis Katheti] Lets hear it, then.
[16:00] [Merissa Sogno] we have detected nightmares in the fabric of the dreamworld
[16:02] > Naftis Katheti frowns.
[16:03] [Naftis Katheti] That is indeed very little.
[16:03] > Naftis Katheti slams her fist on the bar.
[16:04] [Merissa Sogno] waves along the world of hopes and dreams...
[16:04] [Naftis Katheti] It's infuriating that your sister.. had made the discovery we needed right before.. it happened >_>
[16:08] [Merissa Sogno] ..but this is important...
[16:08] [Merissa Sogno] ....something is causing great fear throughout the galaxies...
[16:09] [Naftis Katheti] It is? My network has not heard of anything..
[16:11] [Merissa Sogno] dreams can tell much of what is happening
[16:11] [Merissa Sogno] I am doing my best >.>
[16:13] [Naftis Katheti] Ohh, I know you are dear. Believe me, I've had two dozen senshi on this for months before you arived.
[16:13] [Merissa Sogno] thank you for pairing me with Hypnos and Morphius
[16:14] [Naftis Katheti] Yes.. I want everyone working in units. I don't want any.. any more *sniff*
[16:14] [Naftis Katheti] Any more losses..
[16:15] [Merissa Sogno] my sister was proud to work for you
[16:18] [Merissa Sogno] as am I ^^
[16:19] [Naftis Katheti] And I proud to work with her..
[16:21] [Naftis Katheti] Are you learning to use your powers?
[16:23] [Merissa Sogno] slowly......though.....I still screw up
[16:24] [Merissa Sogno] ...and miss Crow isn't very supportive >.>
[16:25] [Naftis Katheti] Every senshi makes mistakes, especially in their rookie years. Just exercise caution. You should have seen Sailor Moon in her first few years.
[16:28] [Merissa Sogno] who is sailor moon?
[16:29] [Naftis Katheti] Only the purest senshi to ever live. It was her that purged me from chaos and saved the galaxy from my reign of terror.
[16:30] [Naftis Katheti] Purged chaos from me? Well, ether way..
[16:31] [Merissa Sogno] oh I don't think I've heard of her ^^
[16:32] [Naftis Katheti] Shes the guardian of this system. Protecting her should be our highest priority.
[16:35] [Naftis Katheti] She's an absolutely wonderful person, and a warrior of infinite compassion. She never destroyed any enemy when she could avoid it.
[16:35] > Merissa Sogno nods "yes, galaxia"
[16:38] [Naftis Katheti] I hope you meet her soon. She's so very sweet.
[16:39] [Merissa Sogno] um...miss galaxia...I have yet to know where I am to stay >.>
[16:40] [Naftis Katheti] I have nice barracks in Galactica you may use. As I understand, you can also take a room aboard this ship if you desire.
[16:41] [Merissa Sogno] I would rather take the barracks
[16:41] [Naftis Katheti] Very good.
[16:41] [Naftis Katheti] Would you like me to take you now?
[16:45] [Merissa Sogno] please?
[16:46] > Naftis Katheti stands and makes to leave.
[16:46] <-- Naftis Katheti has left #reddwarfbeta (I wonder if Kaede heated up lunch..)
[16:46] <-- Merissa Sogno has left #reddwarfbeta (huh?)
[18:17] --> Sagiri Shin (casual) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sagiri Shin (casual)
[18:17] > Sagiri Shin (casual) walks in and leans against one of the windows
[18:20] > Sagiri Shin (casual) calmly watches the stars
[18:35] --> Katsumi Kaioh (dress) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[18:35] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Katsumi Kaioh (dress)
[18:35] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) walks in and hugs Sagiri from behind, putting her head on sagiri's shoulder
[18:35] > Sagiri Shin (casual) looks at katsumi, smiles..then turns back to the window
[19:09] --> Jason Kiribayashi (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:09] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jason Kiribayashi (casual)
[19:11] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] hm? oh hello
[19:12] --> Pantea (teen) [pantea@lightanddark.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Pantea (teen)
[19:13] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Hey.
[19:13] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] What's up, guys?
[19:13] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] just thinking
[19:13] > Pantea (teen) takes some bottles from her box and puts them in the appropriate places at the bar
[19:13] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) waves to Jason
[19:15] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] How's the happy couple doing?
[19:16] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] just perfect
[19:16] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] tomorrow is some sort of holiday isn't it?...
[19:17] [Pantea (teen)] Yes.
[19:19] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] hm? really..didn't know that
[19:19] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] What was it called?
[19:21] [Pantea (teen)] Easter. Christians celebrate their belief in the resurrection of Jesus.
[19:22] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] oh I see
[19:22] [Pantea (teen)] It's also preceded by a Jesiwsh holiday called Passover.
[19:24] > Jason Kiribayashi (casual) nods
[19:25] [Pantea (teen)] But if you're not religious it probably doesn't matter.
[19:26] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] oh I am religous...just not christian
[19:26] > Pantea (teen) pours some anisette into a glass and sits on the back counter, sipping it
[19:28] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] I'm a New Lightiniss
[19:31] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] but I probably shouldn't talk about that here ^^;;;
[19:31] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Probably not.
[19:31] [Pantea (teen)] Oh, is it full of spoilers?
[19:33] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] well I always was raised to think of religion as a private matter
[19:37] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Got nothing against other religions, right?
[19:38] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] I'm a miniritian
[19:38] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] of course not
[19:39] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Gotcha. If I remember right, there are extreme elements in the religions in this period of time.
[19:41] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] who are you again? *looks at pantea*
[19:42] [Pantea (teen)] Pantea
[19:43] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] nice to meet you
[19:45] [Pantea (teen)] You too.
[19:45] > Pantea (teen) pours some more anisette into her glass
[19:45] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] I'm Sagiri..this is Katsumi
[19:45] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) nods
[19:46] > Pantea (teen) just smiles
[19:47] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] I'm Jason.
[19:50] [Pantea (teen)] Oh, right. That's the name I couldn't remember.
[19:51] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] huh?
[19:53] [Pantea (teen)] I know who most of the future children are, but I couldn't remember his name.
[19:57] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] where is my dear sister, jason?
[19:57] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Last I saw her was back on Uranus before I came over here.
[19:59] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] you didn't get her drunk, did you?
[19:59] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Of course not!
[20:00] [Pantea (teen)] Hm?
[20:00] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] good
[20:02] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Why would I do that to her?
[20:03] [Pantea (teen)] Oh, lots of reasons. People do it all the time.
[20:04] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Well, I didn't get Megume drunk, so don't worry.
[20:05] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] my sister may be a moron..but I'd rather not have her taken advantage of
[20:08] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] I can assure you that I'm not taking advantage of a beauty like Megume.
[20:10] > Pantea (teen) checks the time, frowns, and disappears
[20:10] <-- Pantea (teen) [pantea@lightanddark.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (When darkess comes you know I'm never far.)
[20:11] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] goodbye?
[20:11] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] See ya.
[20:15] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] So, how're things going between you two?
[20:15] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] oh fine...we just came back from a picnic
[20:15] [Katsumi Kaioh (dress)] ^___^ our third
[20:16] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Cool. Where'd you go?
[20:16] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] the Azuza hills
[20:17] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Sounds nice.
[20:20] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] oh it is..it's on the dark side
[20:21] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Dark side of the Moon?
[20:22] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] no...of mercury
[20:25] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Oh, okay.
[20:26] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] I'm guessing you've never been to Mercury?
[20:28] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Not really. ^_^;
[20:29] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh..no wonder
[20:33] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] how about we go now?
[20:34] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Sure. Maybe bring Megume along with me.
[20:35] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh we'll see...shall we go?
[20:37] [Jason Kiribayashi (casual)] Yeah.
[20:39] > Sagiri Shin (casual) is away
[20:39] > Jason Kiribayashi (casual) is away
[20:40] > Katsumi Kaioh (dress) is away
[22:11] --> Miara (shift) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:11] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (shift)
[22:12] > Miara (shift) lies on a couch for a few minutes, stretching occassionally
[22:17] [Miara (shift)] Hm...*rubs a her back*
[22:18] [Miara (shift)] Stop tingling so I can go in the hot tub >>
[22:20] > Miara (shift) takes out a notebook and starts reading an entry
[22:30] > Miara (shift) sighs, closes the notebook, and walks out, thinking
[22:31] <-- Miara (shift) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Apr 24 2011 <<<
[19:45] --> Miara (hippie) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:45] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (hippie)
[19:47] [Miara (hippie)] Hm...nobody?
[19:47] > Miara (hippie) pulls out a notebook and starts writing some things
[19:51] --> Masumi Saotome (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masumi Saotome (casual)
[19:51] > Miara (hippie) hums a folky tune
[19:51] > Masumi Saotome (casual) walks in with Anya attached to her chest via a backpack thingie
[19:54] > Masumi Saotome (casual) starts watering the plants
[19:54] [Miara (hippie)] hey mas
[19:55] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh hello, miara
[19:56] [Miara (hippie)] she's cute~
[19:56] [Miara (hippie)] what's her name?
[19:58] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] Anya ^^
[19:58] > Anya Saotome blinks at Miara
[19:59] > Miara (hippie) goes over and waves at Anya "hello, apa" ^_^
[20:02] [Miara (hippie)] How old are you?
[20:03] > Anya Saotome tries to reach for miara's hand
[20:04] [Anya Saotome] won!
[20:08] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh
[20:08] [Miara (hippie)] Wow. Someone's been time travelling~
[20:10] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh you could say that
[20:10] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] actually I had her while I was in the woods between Worlds
[20:13] [Miara (hippie)] Oh? What was it like? And can I hold her?
[20:13] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh certainly *takes Anya and hands her to Miara*
[20:14] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] it was...difficult training....though my teacher was wonderful
[20:16] > Anya Saotome blinks at miara and wiggles a bit
[20:17] [Miara (hippie)] Hi ^_^
[20:18] > Miara (hippie) settles Anya comfortably on her hip
[20:20] > Anya Saotome tilts her head, looking up at miara
[20:22] [Miara (hippie)] Do you like it here on the ship?
[20:23] > Anya Saotome grabs one of miara's dreds and PULLS
[20:27] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] !!
[20:29] [Miara (hippie)] Ha, strong, aren't you?
[20:29] > Miara (hippie) yanks the locks out of Anya's hands, making her let go
[20:30] [Miara (hippie)] Do you like to play?
[20:30] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh she gets it from her father
[20:30] [Anya Saotome] pwa!!!
[20:34] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] heh she does
[20:37] > Miara (hippie) looks through her bag
[20:38] [Miara (hippie)] Well I have markers and paper, and a bouncy ball, and...
[20:39] --> Chibi-Alex has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chibi-Alex
[20:39] --> Chibi-Catri has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chibi-Catri
[20:39] [Chibi-Catri] Ball?! :3
[20:39] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] I usually let her play with vines
[20:40] > Chibi-Alex dashes up to Miara and applies hugs! And tail pats!
[20:40] [Miara (hippie)] Well we're not in the gardens
[20:41] > Anya Saotome plays with miara's shirt
[20:42] > Chibi-Alex is wearing fake bunny ears. :3
[20:43] > Chibi-Alex holds up a big bundle of papers and drawings to Miara. "For Dan-dan! Me do them all!"
[20:43] > Chibi-Catri goes over to Anya and examines her curiously.
[20:45] > Anya Saotome blinks at catri
[20:46] > Chibi-Catri grins at Anya and flicks her ears in a cute display. She's also wearing fake rabbit ears, which she takes off of her head and puts on Anya's. :D
[20:46] [Miara (hippie)] Alright, Alex. I'll send them tomorrow.
[20:47] > Miara (hippie) gives the bouncy ball to Catri, and leaves the other things on the floor with the kids
[20:47] > Miara (hippie) is away: brb
[20:47] [Chibi-Alex] Ank yoo! How yoo doo-eng?
[20:47] > Anya Saotome blinks..and grabs catri's ears
[20:48] [Chibi-Catri] OOOOOO! *begins to play with the bouncy-bounce!*
[20:48] > Anya Saotome PULLS her ears
[20:48] > Chibi-Catri giggles as her ears are pulls. Tickles! ^__^
[20:51] > Masumi Saotome (casual) smiles and keeps working on the plants
[20:51] > Miara (hippie) is back
[20:51] > Chibi-Alex holds up a chocolate rabbit to Miara. ^__^
[20:51] > Miara (hippie) puts a small toy drum on the floor with the kids
[20:52] [Miara (hippie)] Ooh chocolate thanks ^_^
[20:54] > Miara (hippie) noms on the chocolate bunny
[20:54] > Anya Saotome looks at the drum, confused
[20:54] --> Iris Gainsburough (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:54] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Iris Gainsburough (casual)
[20:55] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Yo.
[20:55] [Chibi-Alex] Hi!
[20:55] > Chibi-Catri starts bouncing the bouncy-ball on the drum! :D
[20:55] [Chibi-Alex] Yoo like cho-co-lit?
[20:55] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] How're you guys doing?
[20:56] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Chocolate? Heh, who doesn't? Gimme.
[20:57] > Chibi-Alex offers a chocolate bunny to Iris, although it does have a small bite taken out of it. *^__^*
[20:59] > Chibi-Alex looks at Miara's strange outfit. o__o
[20:59] > Chibi-Catri starts to beat on the drum with the bouncy-ball. :D
[20:59] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Heh. You sneak. :P
[20:59] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) takes the choco bunny
[21:00] > Anya Saotome is staring at the drum
[21:00] [Chibi-Alex] Heeeeeeee!
[21:00] [Chibi-Catri] Make noise! See?
[21:01] > Miara (hippie) is wearing this: http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/Lupa/Miara/divine%20dolls/?action=view&current=miarahippie.jpg
[21:01] > Chibi-Catri is making small thumping sounds each time she bounces the ball off of the top of the drum. ^__^
[21:02] > Chibi-Alex bats at the bracelets on her wrist, giggling. :D
[21:02] > Anya Saotome looks down at the floor..is afraid to get down off miara's lap
[21:03] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Who's that, Miara?
[21:04] [Chibi-Alex] How yoo doo-eng, Miara?
[21:05] [Miara (hippie)] I'm okay, Alex.
[21:06] [Miara (hippie)] Anya's Masumi's daughter.
[21:06] > Miara (hippie) gives Anya a piece of chocolate
[21:06] [Chibi-Alex] And Dan-dan?
[21:07] > Chibi-Catri holds her arms out to Anya, wanting her to come play on the drum with her.
[21:07] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] She's cute.
[21:08] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] she's probably afraid to get off miara's lap
[21:09] [Chibi-Catri] Why?
[21:10] > Chibi-Alex pulls herself up onto the couch with Miara and sits down next to Anya.
[21:11] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] well...she's little..and it's a way down isn't it
[21:11] [Miara (hippie)] There, see? Alex came to play with you.
[21:12] [Miara (hippie)] Daniel's okay as far as I know, the last letters I got were about two weeks ago.
[21:13] > Miara (hippie) puts Anya on the couch next to Alex
[21:14] > Chibi-Alex lays her tails across Anya's and Miara's laps. ^___^
[21:14] > Chibi-Catri starts to beat the drum steadily with her hands, making a loud *thoomp* sound each time. :D
[21:14] > Anya Saotome moves over and looks at Alex
[21:15] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] So, how's everyone?
[21:16] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] oh I'm fine
[21:17] [Miara (hippie)] alright for the moment
[21:18] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] That's good to hear.
[21:18] > Chibi-Alex looks back at Anya. "Hi!" =^^=
[21:19] [Chibi-Alex] We play all day with Yu-ka-rii and Ran and CHEEEEEEEEEEN!!! :D
[21:20] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Heh, must have been fun for you.
[21:21] [Chibi-Alex] Yaah! We go looking for eggs! And rabbits! >:3
[21:21] > Anya Saotome starts playing with alex's tail
[21:23] > Chibi-Alex wiggles her tails back and forth, playing with Anya. ^__^
[21:23] [Miara (hippie)] Oh, were you hunting?
[21:25] > Chibi-Alex nod-nods. "Rabbit-girls! We go hunt them sometimes!"
[21:25] [Chibi-Alex] We make like Chaloopah, sneak up, and...
[21:26] > Chibi-Alex suddenly POUNCES at Miara, glomps her around the neck, and vigorously shakes her face against the side of her neck, creating a very tickling sensation while growling "fiercely".
[21:27] > Chibi-Catri POUNCES at Miara too, trying to glomp her leg. >:3
[21:29] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Rabbit-girls? Did you scare them easily?
[21:29] [Chibi-Catri] Tewi~!!! >:D
[21:30] [Chibi-Alex] Tewi make troubles for everyones. We go gets her! ^___^
[21:31] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Who's Tewi, anyway?
[21:32] [Anya Saotome] ??
[21:32] [Chibi-Alex] Rabbit girl. She THIS tall. *stands up and stretches her arms up waaaay over her head* And has ears like this. *holds her hands up near her own ears and lets them dangle down*
[21:32] [Chibi-Catri] She plays tricks on peoples.
[21:34] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] I see.
[21:35] [Chibi-Alex] We catches her lots and she cries when we jump and jump and jump on her. She a baddie. :D
[21:35] > Chibi-Catri looks at Miara. "We do good?"
[21:36] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) chuckles
[21:37] [Chibi-Catri] Tewi a sneaky-sneak. She tries to get yoo monies!
[21:40] [Chibi-Alex] She always wants moneys. What money?
[21:42] [Anya Saotome] zzzz
[21:42] [Chibi-Alex] Oooo!
[21:42] > Chibi-Alex applies hugs to Anya, draping her tails over her. ^__^
[21:44] [Chibi-Catri] Sleepyhead! :D
[21:44] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] she's had a busy day
[21:47] [Chibi-Alex] Big day!
[21:48] > Chibi-Catri POUNCES at Iris and tries to glomp her too!
[21:48] [Chibi-Catri] >:3
[21:48] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Nooooo! I've been pounced on!
[21:49] > Chibi-Alex ZIPS over and pounces on Iris, too! :D
[21:51] > Chibi-Alex starts applying rapid tail-pats to Iris!
[21:51] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) giggles some
[21:51] > Chibi-Catri gives Iris rapid-fire tail-thoomps, too!
[21:52] [Chibi-Alex] Oooo, we go nows.
[21:52] [Chibi-Catri] Mommy! :D
[21:52] > Chibi-Alex gives Miara a great big hug and some more tail-pats.
[21:53] > Chibi-Catri gives Iris tail-pats to her face. >:3
[21:54] [Chibi-Alex] Bye!
[21:54] [Chibi-Catri] Bah-bah!
[21:55] <-- Chibi-Alex has left #reddwarfbeta (=^^=)
[21:55] <-- Chibi-Catri has left #reddwarfbeta (>:3)
[21:56] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Later, kits.
[21:59] [Masumi Saotome (casual)] goodbye
[22:00] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Eh, I need to get going myself. I'll see you later.
[22:00] <-- Iris Gainsburough (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Night.)
[22:04] <-- Masumi Saotome (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[22:04] <-- Anya Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta
[23:25] --> Matsuo Shin [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin
[23:25] > Matsuo Shin beams in, struggling with something
[23:26] [Matsuo Shin] I've..had..enough..of...YOU
[23:27] > Matsuo Shin yanks the jewel off the chest of the mummy..which crumbles to dust
[23:29] [Matsuo Shin] ....like that
[23:35] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) wipes his chin
[23:40] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] and that's that...
[23:43] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) leans against the wall, catching his breath
[23:47] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) looks at the jewel "...at least I got this"
[00:00] >>> Monday Apr 25 2011 <<<
[00:11] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] ...though.......
[00:21] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) frowns to himself
[00:28] --> Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:28] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)
[00:28] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)
[00:28] > @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) walks in with a towel over his neck and wet hair.
[00:29] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)'s shirt is ripped apart..and he's wearing khaki jeans....he's standing in front of what appears to be a half-decomposed beheaded corpse
[00:30] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] O_O Dude!
[00:30] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] evening
[00:31] > @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) covers his mouth, looking pale.
[00:31] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Unn... are you.. alright?
[00:31] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] a little worn out....but I'll be fine
[00:32] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) tosses the head of the mummy-thing aside
[00:32] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Who'se your friend? x_x
[00:32] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] oh that...
[00:33] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] formally King Yu-Ta-naku....
[00:33] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] ..it's a long story
[00:33] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Ung... I can't look at it..
[00:34] > @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) gets a ginger ale and sits at the bar with his back to them.
[00:34] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] oh..alright
[00:34] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) grabs it..and drags it out
[00:34] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) is away
[00:35] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) is back
[00:35] > @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) shudders a little as he sees it leave.
[00:36] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] alright..disposed of it
[00:38] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Sorry.. I kinda have a weak constitution. Hate dead people..
[00:38] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] try fighting off half a dozen of them
[00:40] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] @_@ I'd like to think I could manage, but I wouldn't like it.
[00:41] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] I managed to come out with this
[00:41] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) places a large fist sized ruby on the table
[00:42] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Bet that will buy a few baby supplies.
[00:45] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] heh probably so..but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it
[00:46] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Kids are supposed to be expensive.. I know I've gone through a lot of cash already and I've got about six months left.
[00:50] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] We think with her felis blood its going to shave a month off the duration.
[00:54] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) nods
[00:54] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] I'm just hoping everything goes alright with our child...given I'm not really human
[00:55] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] You're as much a human as Matsumi, aren't you? I'm not sure if I'm human or not, really.
[00:56] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] well...no
[00:57] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] cause my sister was reborn on this planet..I wasn't
[00:57] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Well what are you?
[00:59] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Oh. Huh.. well, I think it'll be fine.
[00:59] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] probably so
[01:00] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Have you had tests done to determine the child's health? The fact that you conceived at all is a good sign.
[01:03] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] we haven't yet
[01:04] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] I should probably get home
[01:04] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] don't want to worry Ami
[01:05] [@Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms)] Night bro.
[01:06] [Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt)] night
[01:06] > Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) picks up the ruby and heads out
[01:06] <-- Matsuo Shin (ripped shirt) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (hm...)
[01:09] <-- @Nate Detroit (PJ bottoms) [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (I need to get something to get that image out of my head. @_@)
[21:10] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:10] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[21:15] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm.....
[21:21] --> Iris Gainsburough (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Iris Gainsburough (casual)
[21:21] > Matsuo Shin (casual) is looking at himself in the mirror
[21:21] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Oh, hey.
[21:22] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh hi there
[21:22] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Who're you?
[21:23] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] Matsuo Shin
[21:24] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Iris Gainsburough.
[21:28] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Nice to meet you.
[21:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] likewise
[21:30] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] So what's going on in your life?
[21:30] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] not much
[21:30] > Matsuo Shin (casual) pulls out an army revolver and looks over it
[21:32] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Whoa. Where'd you find that?
[21:33] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] bought it
[21:33] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Cool. Looks like one from the 19th century.
[21:41] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] At least, I think so.
[21:42] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm? I'm not sure
[21:43] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) opens up a book of firearms and searches the pistol section
[21:44] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Let's see here...
[21:55] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Okay. Revolvers. Hmmm...
[21:59] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] I wanna say it's by Colt Firearms. Looks to me like the Army Model 1860.
[22:01] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Anyway, hope that helps. Later, Matsuo.
[22:01] <-- Iris Gainsburough (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Gotta go.)
[22:01] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Apr 26 2011 <<<
[10:31] --> Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[10:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Masaki O'Cain (casual)
[10:31] > Masaki O'Cain (casual) walks in, stretching
[10:35] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] hope they can manage it....heh..manage
[10:36] [Masaki O'Cain (casual)] now where was I? *opens a book*
[10:40] <-- Masaki O'Cain (casual) [RisingStorm@ZepherTech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[10:42] --> Janice (uniform) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[10:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Janice (uniform)
[10:42] > Janice (uniform) walks in, looking a tad bit frazzled...
[10:42] --> Nall Sakazaki (Casual) [WhiteDragon@SilverStar.co.lun] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[10:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nall Sakazaki (Casual)
[10:43] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Hey Janice... you ok?
[10:43] [Janice (uniform)] no I'm not ok....dealing with an idiot of a partner ><
[10:44] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] I see, I'm sorry to hear that.
[10:45] [Janice (uniform)] have you ever had to work with anyone who just doesn't know what the hell they are doing?
[10:46] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] To be honest, no. I usually work alone.
[10:47] [Janice (uniform)] you're lucky......plus it doesn't help working in a small space
[10:48] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Something tells me my sister in law could use a drink.
[10:48] [Janice (uniform)] hell yeah I could use one
[10:50] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) goes behind the bar, throwing together a rather strong mai thai
[10:51] [Janice (uniform)] so what's my brother in law up to?
[10:52] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh, I just wanted to get out of the house for a little while.
[10:53] [Janice (uniform)] heh my sister being a b[SMEG]ch to you or something?
[10:55] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh no no, nothing like that. Neva's as sweet as ever.
[10:55] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Just needed to get out of the workshop and then Neva was busy with her own work, so I didn't want to bother her.
[10:56] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) hands Janice the drink
[10:57] > Janice (uniform) takes the drink and sips it
[10:57] [Janice (uniform)] reminds me....need you guys to watch over my kids for a day
[11:00] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Sure. Bring them by our place and we'll keep an eye on them. May I ask why though?
[11:00] [Janice (uniform)] me and man have to go check something out together
[11:00] [Janice (uniform)] nothing important..but I think the kids would be better around you then that kaede-chick....they'd probably bit her
[11:00] [Janice (uniform)] *bite
[11:01] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Ahhh, alright then. I'm sure the little ones would like being around their cousins anyway.
[11:03] [Janice (uniform)] so have you been working on any new gadgets or anything like that
[11:03] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh yes, I have a new forcefield I have been working on.
[11:04] [Janice (uniform)] what are you going to use for that?
[11:04] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Well, I'm using it around my home
[11:05] [Janice (uniform)] for what heh
[11:06] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] It's something to use when the kids are outside in the forest.
[11:06] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] It keeps them from leaving certain borders without keeping out the natural forest life.
[11:06] [Janice (uniform)] that dangerious?
[11:07] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Well, it's not so much that it's dangerous. I just don't want the little ones wondering too far away.
[11:08] [Janice (uniform)] have those little two started walking?
[11:09] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Rose is on her feet, though still rather unsteady. Drake is taking a little longer to get walking, but he tries every now and then.
[11:10] [Janice (uniform)] and how is your oldest doing?
[11:12] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Violet's doing well. Still trying to learn everything she can from me about tinkering
[11:13] [Janice (uniform)] still breaking TVs?
[11:14] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh no, I have her working on smaller things.
[11:16] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Occasionally I find broken things laying on the street for the trash. So I'll grab them and let Violet try to repair them.
[11:17] [Janice (uniform)] she any good?
[11:17] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] She's getting better
[11:17] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Though, she did make a toaster explode once.
[11:18] [Janice (uniform)] your toaster?
[11:19] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] No, one we found.
[11:19] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] She had it working, but then tried to improve it.
[11:19] [Janice (uniform)] heh..toasted toaster
[11:20] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Heh, yes
[11:22] [Janice (uniform)] maybe someday that girl of yours will surpass you *drinks*
[11:22] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] That is entirely possible.
[11:22] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] I would be very proud of her if she did.
[11:24] > Janice (uniform) drinks "so think you two will ever have more kids?"
[11:25] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Well.... she says families in your culture have a lot of children, so I have no doubts ours will grow more.
[11:26] [Janice (uniform)] yeah..our family had ten kids
[11:27] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Yeah, so I have no doubt we'll have more still.
[11:27] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] After all, we're both still fairly young.
[11:28] [Janice (uniform)] can you handle that, man?
[11:28] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Of course.
[11:30] > Janice (uniform) just grins at that
[11:30] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] What's that look for?
[11:30] [Janice (uniform)] yooooou'll learn
[11:32] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Hmm
[11:33] [Janice (uniform)] I should get going..have work
[11:34] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Alright then. I hope your partner doesn't make you kill them. XD
[11:34] [Janice (uniform)] heh who knows
[11:34] [Janice (uniform)] seeya
[11:34] > Janice (uniform) walks out with her drink
[11:35] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) watches her curiously walk out with her very alcoholic drink.
[11:35] <-- Janice (uniform) has left #reddwarfbeta
[11:40] <-- Nall Sakazaki (Casual) [WhiteDragon@SilverStar.co.lun] has left #reddwarfbeta (I hope she doesn't get in trouble with that.)
[13:14] [Miara] (( anyone around? ))
[20:22] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[20:22] > Matsuo Shin (casual) walks in
[20:24] --> Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated Server)] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ran Yakumo
[20:25] > Ran Yakumo walks into the room, humming happily to herself as she scans through the recorded images on her camcorder. ^__^
[20:25] > Matsuo Shin (casual) pulls out a luger....
[20:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ....
[20:26] [Ran Yakumo] ...huh? What's with the gun?
[20:26] > Matsuo Shin (casual) points the gun at himself and fires
[20:26] > Matsuo Shin (casual) tumbles to the ground
[20:27] [Ran Yakumo] o__O
[20:28] > Matsuo Shin (casual) lays there in what appears to be apuddle of blood
[20:28] [Ran Yakumo] Okaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[20:28] [Ran Yakumo] >__>
[20:29] [Ran Yakumo] <__<
[20:29] [Ran Yakumo] Am I going to get blamed for this?
[20:30] > Matsuo Shin (casual) lays still
[20:30] > Ran Yakumo starts to get pretty nervous and rushes into the kitchen.
[20:30] --> Iris Gainsburough (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Iris Gainsburough (casual)
[20:30] > Ran Yakumo comes back out with a plunger.
[20:31] > Ran Yakumo drops down next to Matsuo, takes the plunger, and jams it down onto Matsuo's chest, sticking.
[20:31] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] What the hell?
[20:31] [Ran Yakumo] CLEAR!
[20:31] > Matsuo Shin (casual) doesn't respond
[20:32] > Ran Yakumo quickly pulls the plunger off, then leans down an listens for a heartbeat.
[20:32] > Matsuo Shin (casual) has no heartbeat
[20:32] > Ran Yakumo sticks the plunger down onto Matsuo's chest again.
[20:32] [Ran Yakumo] CLEAR!
[20:33] > Matsuo Shin (casual) doesn't respond
[20:33] > Ran Yakumo yanks it off again! "Live, dammit, live! Don't go into the light!"
[20:33] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Explaination, please?
[20:34] [Ran Yakumo] Uhhhhh, this guy just pulled out a gun and shot himself!
[20:34] [Ran Yakumo] I'm trying to do that CBS thing!
[20:34] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Wait. Why'd he shoot himself?!
[20:35] [Ran Yakumo] I don't know! T__T
[20:36] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] And what do you mean CBS?
[20:37] [Ran Yakumo] I just came in a few minutes ago reviewing the movies I took of the Kits and then he pulled out a gun and shot himself! >_<;;
[20:37] [Ran Yakumo] CBS! You know!
[20:37] > Ran Yakumo starts hammering her fist into Matsuo'
[20:37] > Ran Yakumo starts hammering her fist into Matsuo's chest repeatedly.
[20:37] > Matsuo Shin (casual) doesn't respond
[20:37] [Ran Yakumo] Live! Live! Live!
[20:38] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] You mean CPR.
[20:38] [Ran Yakumo] Oh, is that what that's called?
[20:40] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Yes.
[20:40] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) looks over Matsuo
[20:41] > Matsuo Shin (casual) seems to have shot himself through the heart
[20:41] [Ran Yakumo] I'd try doing what the Kits always do in situations like this, but I know it wouldn't work.
[20:44] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] I see. Usually a shot in the heart's pretty fatal if it's hit straight on.
[20:44] > Matsuo Shin (casual) is just still...
[20:45] [Ran Yakumo] Is there anything that can be done?
[20:46] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Not really.
[20:47] > Matsuo Shin (casual) opens his eyes suddenly
[20:47] > Matsuo Shin (casual) sits up
[20:48] [Ran Yakumo] ...Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?
[20:48] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Uuuuuh...
[20:49] [Ran Yakumo] Are you all right?
[20:49] > Matsuo Shin (casual) opens his shirt, revealing a bullet proof vest with blood packets
[20:49] [Ran Yakumo] Why did you shoot yourself like that? That was silly.
[20:49] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] all this...for a job ><
[20:49] [Ran Yakumo] OH!!
[20:50] > Ran Yakumo thwaps Matsuo with all nine of her tails!
[20:50] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] OW
[20:51] > Ran Yakumo keeps on multi-thwapping Matsuo with her tails! "You made me worry!"
[20:51] > Iris Gainsburough (casual) tries to pull Ran away from Matsuo, "Calm down, will ya? At least let him explain!"
[20:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] had to make them...think..I was dead ow ow ow
[20:53] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Them?
[20:53] [Ran Yakumo] Make who think?!
[20:54] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] can't say....state secret
[20:55] [Ran Yakumo] State...secret?
[20:55] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] >.>
[20:57] [Ran Yakumo] >_<;;
[20:58] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I got....brought in >.>
[21:01] [Ran Yakumo] Brought in what? A car?
[21:02] [~??] brought into our organization
[21:02] > Ran Yakumo is startled, her tails splaying and poofing!
[21:02] --> Miara (leather corset) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (leather corset)
[21:03] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Huh?
[21:03] [Miara (leather corset)] Hm? Something going on?
[21:03] > ~?? is speaking through everyone's minds at once
[21:04] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] You could say that.
[21:05] [Ran Yakumo] Oh! It's little Alexianna's favorite "chaloopah"! ^__^
[21:06] > ~?? shimmers into the mind's eye of everyone --> http://www.tohokingdom.com/aliens_sdf/images/telepaths.htm
[21:07] [~??] I am Agent U
[21:08] > Ran Yakumo is very confused.
[21:08] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] A secret agent shadow person. Joy.
[21:08] [Ran Yakumo] Something's happening, that's for certain Miss Miara, but I have no idea what.
[21:08] [~??] what happened tonight was...a test...of mister shin's ability to fool us
[21:09] [Miara (leather corset)] Obviously
[21:11] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Sure fooled her (points to Ran).
[21:11] [Miara (leather corset)] My, how shady and underground.
[21:11] [~Agent U] Mister Matsuo was recruited into our organization...though only on a part time basis
[21:11] [Miara (leather corset)] And you're announcing it why?
[21:12] > Ran Yakumo wags her tails back and forth, accidentally brushing them against Miara several times in the process.
[21:12] [~Agent U] because it matters not.....if I wish I could simply wipe your minds of the information
[21:13] [Miara (leather corset)] Yeah...good luck with that.
[21:14] [Ran Yakumo] That might not be as easy as you believe it would be. I *am* a 900-year old foxwoman.
[21:14] [~Agent U] *laughs*
[21:15] [~Agent U] and if I didn't do it...he would
[21:15] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] >.>...yeah...I would
[21:15] > Miara (leather corset) just laughs a bit at that.
[21:16] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:16] <-- ~Agent U has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:16] > Ran Yakumo bops a couple of her tails against Matsuo's head. ~_~;
[21:16] [Miara (leather corset)] So, 900?
[21:17] [~Agent U] (( nevermind .....I might remove all that from happening ))
[21:17] [Miara (leather corset)] (( huh? why? ))
[21:18] [Ran Yakumo] (( ???? ))
[21:18] [Ran Yakumo] (( There's nothing wrong with it. Why eliminate it from happening? ))
[21:19] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] (( Yeah, man. What's wrong with it? ))
[21:19] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] (( just my choice ))
[21:20] > Miara (leather corset) brushes some dust off the smooth part of her corset
[21:22] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Interesting garb, Miara.
[21:22] [Ran Yakumo] But yes. I am over 900 years old. I hardly look it, do I? ^__^
[21:22] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Not really, lady.
[21:23] [Miara (leather corset)] Isn't it pretty?
[21:24] [Miara (leather corset)] So you've got a ways to go yet.
[21:24] [Miara (leather corset)] http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/Lupa/Miara/corsets/cc9271c4618029fbbb6a85305b503078.jpg
[21:26] [Ran Yakumo] Oooo. I think Yukari has something like that at home.
[21:27] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Hmm. Never would have considered using leather to make corsets.
[21:28] [Miara (leather corset)] Um. You're being sarcastic, aren't you?
[21:28] [Ran Yakumo] Oh, it's not uncommon.
[21:30] [Ran Yakumo] Leather is common for corsets, but it requires some skill to properly do.
[21:31] [Miara (leather corset)] The fetish people like to use the shiny stuff. But yeah, leather ones have been around a long time.
[21:31] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] If you were talking to me, Miara, I was serious about the thought. I really hadn't seen a leather corset before.
[21:33] [Ran Yakumo] The shiny stuff is easy to make. The non-shiny leather is much more stylish in my opinion.
[21:37] [Miara (leather corset)] Hm...
[21:37] > Miara (leather corset) fishes in her bag for something, and turns up nothing
[21:38] [Ran Yakumo] Miss Miara, I believe this is the first time I've had an opportunity to meet you. Little Alexianna speaks so highly of you.
[21:40] [Miara (leather corset)] And apparently, to everyone.
[21:41] [Ran Yakumo] Who is Dan-dan though?
[21:41] [Ran Yakumo] Does that bother you?
[21:42] [Miara (leather corset)] Daniel's a little boy I had for a while.
[21:44] [Ran Yakumo] He sounds like quite the spunky type.
[21:46] [Miara (leather corset)] Mhm
[21:48] [Ran Yakumo] I'd love to meet him one of these days, if at all possible.
[21:48] [Miara (leather corset)] He was here a while ago, he won't be allowed to come for quite some time now.
[21:49] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Did he get into trouble?
[21:49] [Ran Yakumo] Awww. Too bad. I'll miss the opportunity to take picture of him and the other Kits playing.
[21:50] [Miara (leather corset)] No. The immortals don't hand out time travel trips like candy, you know.
[21:51] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Oh, okay.
[21:51] > Ran Yakumo nods. "I understand. AnTil said something about the Lupa all being in a "far away place"."
[21:53] [Ran Yakumo] But if there's an opportunity, please try to let me know. I enjoy seeing little children play.
[21:55] [Ran Yakumo] Now, if you excuse me, I must be going. Good night to you all.
[21:55] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Later.
[21:56] <-- Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated Server)] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:56] [Miara (leather corset)] Night
[21:59] [Miara (leather corset)] Heh...think I need to go home...
[21:59] <-- Miara (leather corset) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[22:02] <-- Iris Gainsburough (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Oh well.)
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Apr 27 2011 <<<
[12:15] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[12:15] > Matsuo Shin (casual) wanders in, holding his head "ugh......what a night"
[12:19] --> Miara (shorts) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara (shorts)
[12:19] > Miara (shorts) appears, rolling into a corner before popping up and ploping down on a couch
[12:19] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] (( hey Z..need to talk to you for a sec ))
[12:20] [Miara (shorts)] (( oh? ))
[12:21] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] (( yeah..last night..ignore all that happened.....I realize that most of it was written while I was...not thinking all that straight ))
[12:21] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] (( I was pretty depressed >.> ))
[12:21] [Miara (shorts)] (( oh, ok ))
[12:21] [Miara (shorts)] (( no problem ))
[12:22] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] had the weirdest dream ><
[12:22] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[12:22] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[12:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[12:22] [@Nate Detroit] Wanna talk about it bro?
[12:22] [Miara (shorts)] Oh, hey Matsuo
[12:23] > Miara (shorts) waves to Nate, too
[12:23] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] yeah...it was so damn weird
[12:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] dreamt I shot myself to prove myself to some...secret organization....
[12:25] > Miara (shorts) is lying on her stomack, feet in the air, braiding some flowery vines together
[12:26] [Miara (shorts)] meh. getting shot hurts. so at least it was only a dream
[12:27] [@Nate Detroit] Oh geez... thats screwed up man..
[12:29] > @Nate Detroit goes to Matsuo and gives him a friendly clasp on the shoulder. As he does, an odd sort of red spark shoots between the two men.
[12:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] !?
[12:29] [@Nate Detroit] O_o
[12:30] [Miara (shorts)] eh?
[12:30] > @Nate Detroit removes his hand and looks at it.
[12:30] [@Nate Detroit] You use... fabric softener?
[12:31] > @Nate Detroit rubs his face.
[12:31] [@Nate Detroit] I feel funny. 'ha-ha' funny. ehhe ^_^
[12:31] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um...no?
[12:32] [Miara (shorts)] that might not be a bad thing
[12:32] [@Nate Detroit] Mmm... heh.. well, at least you dress nice.
[12:32] > @Nate Detroit takes another step closer to Matsuo.. and puts his hand on his chest.
[12:32] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks
[12:33] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] excuse me????
[12:33] [Miara (shorts)] nothing?
[12:34] [@Nate Detroit] You heard me. Nice hair, too.
[12:34] [@Nate Detroit] Are you.. busy today?
[12:34] > Miara (shorts) giggles, watching
[12:34] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ....are you alright?
[12:35] > @Nate Detroit blinks and removes his hand.
[12:35] [@Nate Detroit] Am I? o_o
[12:35] > Miara (shorts) offers nate a flower wreath
[12:36] > @Nate Detroit looks at it for a second before accepting it.
[12:36] [@Nate Detroit] For me?
[12:37] [Miara (shorts)] if you like
[12:37] [@Nate Detroit] Sure. Thank you.
[12:38] > Miara (shorts) tosses one to Matsuo, too
[12:38] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] thank you
[12:40] [Miara (shorts)] meh, only 1 vine left
[12:41] > Miara (shorts) weaves it into her dreds
[12:41] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] where did you get them?
[12:43] [Miara (shorts)] at home
[12:43] [@Nate Detroit] I think something from that shock went to my brain. X_x I'm gonna go try and lie down.
[12:43] [Miara (shorts)] aww. hope you feel better
[12:43] > Miara (shorts) tries poking Matsuo too, though
[12:44] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks as he's poked
[12:44] > @Nate Detroit goes to leave, turning as he does to shoot Matsuo one more flirtive smile, then blinking again and shaking his head.
[12:44] [Miara (shorts)] guess it was just him
[12:44] <-- @Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (What. The. Hell?)
[12:46] [Miara (shorts)] hmmmm
[12:48] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] that is odd
[12:50] > Miara (shorts) perches back on the couch
[12:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] .....I just realized....I never came back to the house >.<
[12:52] [Miara (shorts)] uh...is that unusual?
[12:52] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] well I suppose not
[12:53] [Miara (shorts)] then it's unlikely they'll be all worried about you just yet
[12:56] > ~a very strange-looking bug is crawling across the floor toward Matsuo
[12:57] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] .......
[13:00] > Miara (shorts) is busy..uh, daydreaming, to a little tune
[13:01] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ..what the
[13:02] > ~a very strange-looking bug gets to Matsuo's shoe and stops, feeling at it with what appear to be antennae of some kind
[13:03] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] .....what is this....
[13:06] > ~a very strange-looking bug starts to climb up Matsuo's shoe
[13:07] > Matsuo Shin (casual) bends down and tries to pick up the bug
[13:09] > Miara (shorts) blinks and looks at Matsuo "say something?
[13:09] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ...what is this...
[13:10] [Miara (shorts)] hm?
[13:10] > Miara (shorts) goes over to look
[13:11] [Miara (shorts)] oh, it must have come with the plants!
[13:13] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] is it dangerious?
[13:14] [Miara (shorts)] i don't think so
[13:14] [Miara (shorts)] here *holds out her hand8
[13:14] [Miara (shorts)] *
[13:15] > Matsuo Shin (casual) hands the bug over
[13:16] > Miara (shorts) holds it in a little force field box, and in a moment the bug disappears
[13:19] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] where were the plants from?
[13:20] [Miara (shorts)] home
[13:20] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oooh I see
[13:21] [Miara (shorts)] mum was teaching the little kids how to make plant braids and chains and things like that
[13:25] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] sounds quite nice
[13:28] [Miara (shorts)] it's niiiice there, summer's just over where trint and daniel are, still nice and warm, and it's always nice around the place of the touched
[13:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ...sometimes I miss my home
[13:30] [Miara (shorts)] you could try going now, but it's only ruins. but if you could go forward or back...
[13:31] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] you mean time travel?
[13:32] [Miara (shorts)] yeah
[13:32] [Miara (shorts)] would you go?
[13:32] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ..I don't think so...it wouldn't be right
[13:33] [Miara (shorts)] i know what you mean. that's why i can't go home now unless it's really important
[13:34] [Miara (shorts)] (( brb ))
[13:37] > Matsuo Shin (casual) nods
[13:41] [Miara (shorts)] you know, i have land there, apparently. i should go see it again sometime...
[13:43] [Miara (shorts)] i'd take you if you want to go
[13:45] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ....that...might be nice
[13:46] [Miara (shorts)] it has a big farm and an orphanage
[13:47] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] that sounds quite nice
[13:50] [Miara (shorts)] it's pretty~
[13:51] [Miara (shorts)] --uhoh >>
[13:51] [Miara (shorts)] i have to go, HK is yelling D:
[13:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hm?
[13:51] <-- Miara (shorts) [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[13:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh take care
[13:51] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta
[20:54] --> Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[20:54] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Solarchos
[20:54] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Solarchos
[20:56] [+Solarchos] Hmm, no one's here right now. :/
[20:58] > +Solarchos sits down and gets to work on reviewing a bunch of new reports.
[21:09] [+Solarchos] Hmmm. I wonder where everyone is?
[21:12] --> Iris Gainsburough (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Iris Gainsburough (casual)
[21:13] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Oh. Hey, Solar. What's up?
[21:14] [+Solarchos] Not much. Just getting everything in readiness for our counterattack. All of the necessary preparations are nearly complete.
[21:15] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Yeah? How much closer are ya?
[21:16] [+Solarchos] Well, as soon as the MKA is ready, we'll be ready. Just a couple more days at the minimum.
[21:17] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Cool. How've things been at home?
[21:18] [+Solarchos] You probably know that Ran's been visiting from Gensokyo.
[21:19] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Ran?
[21:19] [+Solarchos] Inu-Kit's been enjoying her company since they're both kitsune-onnas.
[21:19] [+Solarchos] Ran is Yukari's shikigami. The blond, nine-tailed foxwoman.
[21:21] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Oh, okay.
[21:21] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Er, the hell's a shikigami anyway?
[21:21] [+Solarchos] The Kits absolutely adore her. Ran just loves coming up behind them and just engulfing them with all of her tails at once.
[21:22] [+Solarchos] A shikigami is basically a youkai or other supernatural being that's been bound in order to become a servant.
[21:23] [+Solarchos] You could *almost* compare it to the relationship between Aratasujou and I.
[21:23] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] I see. Never heard the term before until now.
[21:24] [+Solarchos] Inu-Kit's been acting a little strange lately though. She's been keeping a very close eye on me. More than usual.
[21:27] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Eh? Any idea why?
[21:29] [+Solarchos] I don't know. Ran's *not* one of the girls from Gensokyo who's after me, so it's not like she feels threatened at all.
[21:29] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Who would go for a married man like you?
[21:30] [+Solarchos] David never told you about that trip he got to take to Gensokyo last month, did he? >_>; <_<;
[21:30] [+Solarchos] Utsuho... >_<;;
[21:32] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Hmm. I think he mentioned it a little. How bad was it?
[21:33] --> Daniel J. has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daniel J.
[21:33] [+Solarchos] Let's just say that Utsuho does NOT care that I'm married now.
[21:33] > +Solarchos looks at Daniel J
[21:33] ➣ Daniel J appears to be a guest.
[21:34] > +Solarchos looks at Daniel J.
[21:34] ➣ Daniel J.: A man with short brown hair and blue eyes. He stands at average height and is clearly fit.
[21:34] [+Solarchos] Oh, hello there. I know I haven't seen you around here before. Welcome.
[21:34] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] That girl needs a serious reality check, then. Courtesy of a good beating.
[21:35] [Daniel J.] Hi
[21:36] > Daniel J. looks around for a minute
[21:36] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] What's your name?
[21:37] [Daniel J.] Oh, right. I'm Daniel.
[21:37] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Nice to meet you. I'm Iris.
[21:37] [+Solarchos] You haven't met or seen Utsuho. A.k.a. the so-called "Nuclear-powered Birdbrain".
[21:37] --> Horned_Grl (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horned_Grl (casual)
[21:37] [+Solarchos] I'm Solarchos. What brings you here to the Dwarf?
[21:37] > Horned_Grl (casual) walks through a wooden door, chatting on what seems to be a cellphone maybe?
[21:38] > +Solarchos looks at Horned_Grl
[21:38] ➣ Horned_Grl: is a tallish young woman with long green hair, red eyes and what appears to be gazelle horns sprouting out of her forehead.
[21:38] [Horned_Grl (casual)] and then I said...oh he is the most ROMANTIC man I've ever met...
[21:38] [Daniel J.] Thought I'd stop by while I was around.
[21:38] [+Solarchos] Things are getting active around here suddenly. Good.
[21:38] [+Solarchos] Heading on home soon?
[21:39] [Horned_Grl (casual)] heee yeah.....he's so nice.....and when he holds me..he wraps those wonderful tails of his around me and eeeee he's going to take me on a date tomorrow!
[21:39] [Daniel J.] Sounds...interesting...
[21:40] [+Solarchos] Tails?
[21:40] [Horned_Grl (casual)] gotta go Jo-jo...seeya
[21:40] > Horned_Grl (casual) hangs up
[21:40] [Daniel J.] Oh, were you asking me?
[21:40] [Horned_Grl (casual)] ...oh hi there
[21:41] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Hey.
[21:41] > Daniel J. grabs something from the bar and drinks
[21:42] [+Solarchos] No, not you Daniel. The gal on the phone there. Sounds like she's having an intriguing conversation.
[21:42] [+Solarchos] So Daniel, where exactly are you from, if you don't mind me asking.
[21:42] [Daniel J.] Not sure I should tell you that.
[21:44] [Horned_Grl (casual)] oh hi, danny boy
[21:44] [+Solarchos] Oh. All right then. I'm guessing it must be privileged information.
[21:46] [Daniel J.] Do I know you?
[21:46] [Horned_Grl (casual)] oops sorry
[21:46] [Horned_Grl (casual)] nevermind ^^;;;
[21:46] [Horned_Grl (casual)] woooOOOooooo ignoooore meeeee
[21:46] > Horned_Grl (casual) waves her fingers in front of her face
[21:46] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Riiight.
[21:47] [+Solarchos] Oooookay.
[21:47] > Daniel J. just raises an eyebrow
[21:49] [Daniel J.] Just don't think it so loud, and we'll be fine.
[21:49] [+Solarchos] It's no big deal. You probably didn't see us sitting here.
[21:50] > Horned_Grl (casual) takes out some polish and starts polishing her horns
[21:50] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Quite a night here so far, huh, Solar?
[21:51] [+Solarchos] So far, yes. I'm just glad that I didn't get sick from my trip to Gensokyo. Or run into a certain *other* girl in addition to Utsuho. ><;
[21:51] [Daniel J.] Not to many people? THough, I suppose the tornadoes in the south states are keeping some people from being here.
[21:52] [+Solarchos] Yeah. Possibly. First Japan, nor "Tornado Alley USA".
[21:53] [Horned_Grl (casual)] hm? tornados?
[21:54] [+Solarchos] ^now
[21:54] [Daniel J.] Yes.
[21:54] [+Solarchos] Tornados aren't pleasant to be around. They make huge messes.
[21:55] [Daniel J.] They're tornadoes, that's what they do.
[21:56] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] No s[SMEG]t. I mean, look at what happened to Greensburg, Kansas, years back.
[21:57] [Daniel J.] Unfortunately, that's how I knew I could come here.
[21:57] [Horned_Grl (casual)] I've never seen a tornado!
[21:58] [Daniel J.] I have, they're beautiful and terrifying.
[21:58] [+Solarchos] Trying to get away from the tornados?
[21:58] [+Solarchos] Or are you a storm-chaser of sorts/
[21:58] [+Solarchos] ^sorts?
[21:59] [Daniel J.] It means certain people are unlikely to be on the ship at this time.
[22:00] [+Solarchos] Oh? Like who?
[22:03] > Daniel J. looks over the girl with the horns a minute
[22:03] [Daniel J.] Where are you from?
[22:03] [+Solarchos] You do look rather familiar. What's your name, young lady?
[22:04] [Iris Gainsburough (casual)] Crap. Gotta go. See ya, folks.
[22:04] <-- Iris Gainsburough (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Damn it.)
[22:05] [Horned_Grl (casual)] hm?.....
[22:05] > ~A strange portal resembling a ebon-colored hole in the air with glaring red eyes staring out opens up behind Solarchos. Even stranger is the fact that the narrowed edges of the tear are wrapped in red ribbons.
[22:05] [Horned_Grl (casual)] ...can you keep it a secret ^_~
[22:06] [Daniel J.] Sure!
[22:06] [~A strange portal] Certainly.
[22:06] [+Solarchos] Certainly.
[22:06] --> Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yukari Yakumo
[22:06] [Horned_Grl (casual)] my name...is Anya Saotome ^^
[22:07] > Yukari Yakumo silently leans out of the portal and gazes at her "Killer Angel
[22:07] [+Solarchos] Anya?! You mean little girl Anya who's just a baby?! O__O
[22:07] [Daniel J.] I haven't heard that name before. It's pretty.
[22:08] [Horned_Grl (casual)] heee *winks*
[22:08] > Yukari Yakumo holds her finger up in front of her mouth. Sshhhhh! ^__~
[22:10] [Daniel J.] Time hoping, then?
[22:10] [Horned_Grl (casual)] a little bit....it was...sort of accedental!
[22:12] [+Solarchos] Accidental time-hopping? That's the first time I've ever heard of that.