[21:07] >>> Tuesday Feb 08 2011 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[21:07] [Miara] When Trint gets him to sit still long enough.
[21:08] [Morrigan] Oh? Sounds like he's become quite a handful.
[21:09] [Morrigan] I think I heard you say once that Lupa tykes like him get pretty energetic and active at his age.
[21:10] [Miara] Heh. We're born active and die active, if our luck holds.
[21:11] [Morrigan] No wonder he and little Alex got along so well. She can barely sit still, too.
[21:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh.
[21:13] [Miara] So, what're you two up to?
[21:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Not much. Hearing a story from Morrigan about Gensokyo.
[21:14] [Morrigan] Just chatting about Yukari a little bit actually. David wanted to know a little bit more about where she's from.
[21:15] [Miara] Oh.
[21:17] [Morrigan] Someone blabbed about Chen being here. Solarchos found out. The cat's now officially out of the bag. ~__~;
[21:17] [Miara] Why is that bad?
[21:19] [Morrigan] Because it's a secret I've been keeping from him for nine years now. We told him that the gate to Gensokyo got destroyed and there was no way back. We've kept that secret in order to protect him from any further harm.
[21:20] [Morrigan] Remember...the entrapping ecosystem. If he gets exposed to it for too long, he'd become a permanent resident.
[21:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Ouch.
[21:21] [Miara] So...he's an adult and can have the sense not to go there.
[21:22] [Morrigan] There was a lot of other things going on at the time, too. A lot of the girls back there didn't want him to leave for various reasons.
[21:24] [Morrigan] There was also the fact of how he got there in the first place. Somebody WANTED him to go there in the first place. Gensokyo was meant to be a trap.
[21:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Really?! Who the hell would do that?
[21:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] O_o
[21:25] [Morrigan] We've never been able to find out, but we do know that the "entrapping ecosystem" wasn't natural. It was the result of a genetically engineered biotoxin.
[21:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] S[SMEG]t.
[21:26] [Morrigan] Specifically tailored to Solarchos' unique biochemistry. There's absolutely no way it was the result of a natural process.
[21:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] But how did this happen in the first place? I mean, why just Solar?
[21:28] > Miara watches the fish in the tank, occasionally following one or the other with a clawed finger
[21:29] [Morrigan] We fabricated the story that the gate had burnt out partly to ensure Solarchos would never actually try making contact with Gensokyo again because we knew that if a major emergency or crisis happened he might try to enlist their aid as allies.
[21:31] [Morrigan] The real reason was because Yukari wanted to deny whoever was responsible for the biotoxin any chance at a second attempt. She did NOT like Gensokyo being tampered with.
[21:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see. So, what do we do now that they're coming over here?
[21:32] [Morrigan] Hey Miara! Picking up some habits from Logan? I've noticed he likes to watch those fish pretty closely, too. ^__~
[21:33] <-- Isabella (uniform) has left #reddwarfbeta (back to work)
[21:34] [Morrigan] *sighs* He knows now. He knows the gate is still intact and that we've been studying everything in Gensokyo for years. He's pissed off that I'd been keeping a secret from him for nine years, but he'll get over it.
[21:34] [Miara] It's not that unusual.
[21:35] > Morrigan looks at Miara's hand. "You're partly "in fur" right now, aren't you?"
[21:36] [Miara] Not really, claws are pretty normal.
[21:37] [Morrigan] I've never seen you with them before. This is the first time I've seen them.
[21:38] [Miara] Then either you haven't been around at the right times, or didn't notice.
[21:39] [Morrigan] I haven't been around much lately, so most likely it was the former.
[21:39] [Morrigan] So how HAVE you been, Miara? Do anything fun lately?
[21:39] [Morrigan] After all, you probably don't want to hear me jaw-jabberin' all night about the Gensokyo Incident nine years ago.
[21:39] [Miara] Just going different places.
[21:40] [Morrigan] Like Eee-gyp? XD
[21:41] [Morrigan] Alexspeak is so funny sometimes!
[21:42] [Miara] Just for a bit, back before the riots.
[21:43] [Morrigan] Ancient Egypt again, or something more recent?
[21:43] [Miara] S'good for Verān, so he gets used to different things. Modern...before the riots.
[21:44] [Morrigan] Oh yeah! The "woof-woof"! How old is he?
[21:45] [Miara] 4-5 months, they said.
[21:46] [Morrigan] The little ones sure seem to love him.
[21:48] > Morrigan examines Miara's hand, curious about it.
[21:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] It's a cute little puppy
[21:51] > Miara's hands are normal except for small claws on the ends of the fingers instead of normal nails
[21:52] [Morrigan] Hmmm.
[21:54] [Miara] Are you looking for something in particular?
[21:54] [Morrigan] From what I've heard the little guy's a bit of a handful himself. Although that's pretty common amongst all puppies.
[21:54] [Morrigan] Not really. Just curious, is all.
[21:57] > +David O'Cain (casual) sips his tea
[21:57] [Morrigan] I take it you've made the little guy a part of your family Miara?
[21:58] [Miara] Well I got a Boxer because they're supposed to be active.
[21:58] [Miara] So he can keep up with me.
[21:58] [Miara] Huh?
[21:59] [Morrigan] By that I mean you intend to bring him along on your trips and adventures? He looks like he'd be a great companion.
[21:59] [Miara] Well yes, of course.
[22:02] [Morrigan] Do you think he's got what it takes to keep up with you, though? You get into some pretty wild places sometimes.
[22:03] [Miara] Daniel did, and he wasn't nearly as big.
[22:04] [Miara] Besides, most of that's going to be in how I raise him.
[22:04] [Morrigan] True, but Daniel's a baby Lupa.
[22:04] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] if you ever go to rennisance florance...I'm in
[22:04] --> Matsumi Kaze (dress) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:04] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[22:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[22:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I'd love to see Raphy again
[22:05] [Miara] Hey Matsi
[22:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi, Matsumi. Nice dress.
[22:05] [Miara] Well, plan a time and we'll go!
[22:06] [Morrigan] Special occasion or just dressing for impressing?
[22:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I sort of miss the goofy guy
[22:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] nah I'm just wearing this old thing
[22:06] [Morrigan] Looks nice.
[22:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] thank you
[22:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] it's nothing special mind you
[22:08] > Miara looks over the dress
[22:08] [Morrigan] Still, you wear it very well. Even if it is something older, it doesn't look tacky or anything.
[22:08] [Morrigan] But then again Matsumi, you've always had good fashion sense.
[22:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Indeed. It fits you very well, Matsumi.
[22:09] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) is wearing a green dress with a shorter darker green coat on
[22:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] stop flattering me :P
[22:09] [Morrigan] :P
[22:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Why should I? :P
[22:10] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] cause men do that to women
[22:10] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) also has her hair tied up in a ponytail with a green bow in it
[22:10] [Morrigan] Well, I now mut be heading out. Catch you happy peoples next time!
[22:11] <-- Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta (You all love me. Don't be afraid to admit it!)
[22:11] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] take care!
[22:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Night, Morrigan.
[22:12] [Miara] Later
[22:15] [Miara] I think I have some guy's clothes that could pass for that period. You still have a dress, Mats?
[22:15] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] so how are you, folks?
[22:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] mmhm
[22:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I still have my dress
[22:18] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] you'd be traveling with the Lady Maria Vento of Florance :)
[22:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice name, Matsumi.
[22:19] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And I'm doing pretty good. How about you?
[22:19] [Miara] Mhm
[22:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I'm fine ^^
[22:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] as for the Maria Vento...that was my name while I was there
[22:22] [Miara] Next week?
[22:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] sure ^^
[22:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] that will give me time to prepare myself
[22:27] [Miara] Yup
[22:28] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Prepare?
[22:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yes
[22:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I have to get myself back into that state of mind
[22:31] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] so I can fit in that social structure
[22:31] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, okay. I take it they wouldn't think to kindly to a commoner amongst them, huh?
[22:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] well......you tend to get around easier if you're higher up
[22:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gotcha.
[22:38] > Miara spins around a bit, like there's music playing, and wanders pit
[22:38] [Miara] *out
[22:38] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[22:38] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) grabs a wine and pours it into a glass
[22:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] in florence...it wasn't just how much you know
[22:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] it was who you knew
[22:40] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I see. And also keeping up appearances.
[22:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] that too that too
[22:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So how was your day?
[22:45] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] not too bad can't complain
[22:45] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yours?
[22:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Mine was pretty good. Been staying out of Egypt ever since the protests started.
[22:49] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I suppose so
[22:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Was in South Korea to bring down a small drug ring.
[22:55] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) nods
[22:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Been up to much?
[22:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] not really no...training with Freya..trying to make up for what I've lost
[23:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How's the training coming along?
[23:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] heh very slowly.....
[23:03] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) sighs
[23:03] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] most of my strength and power is gone now
[23:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Awwww.
[23:04] > +David O'Cain (casual) carefully hugs Matsumi
[23:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] heh thanks...I'll be fine
[23:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I can't even summon my flute anymore
[23:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That sucks.
[23:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yeah....
[23:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Anything I can do to help you?
[23:14] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I don't know how
[23:17] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[23:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Well, if there is, feel free to let me know.
[23:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] thankies
[23:35] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You're welcome.
[23:39] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) smiles
[23:42] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] thanks for being so kind
[23:42] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I do my best, Matsumi. :)
[23:46] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) drinks her wine
[23:49] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice night.
[23:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yeah it is
[23:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And quiet.
[23:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] yupppp
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Feb 09 2011 <<<
[00:00] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) yawns
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] I better get some sleep
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] night david *gives david a kiss on the cheek* take care
[00:02] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Night, Matsumi.
[00:03] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (dress) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[00:34] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[22:47] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:47] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[22:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[22:48] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) walks in, yawning
[22:50] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) sits down at a table that is suddenly in the room...Setsuna sitting across from her
[22:50] [Setsuna Meioh] white or black
[22:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] white
[22:50] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) carefully studies the chess board
[22:54] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) makes her first move
[22:54] > Setsuna Meioh calmly makes her move
[22:56] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) quietly makes a counter move
[23:10] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:10] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[23:10] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[23:11] > +David O'Cain (casual) walks in, and watches
[23:12] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) is being out manuvered by setsuna ><
[23:15] [Setsuna Meioh] checkmate
[23:15] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] >_____<
[23:17] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hard to play against her, isn't it?
[23:17] > Setsuna Meioh has vanished
[23:18] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you have NO idea
[23:18] > +David O'Cain (casual) sits next to Matsumi
[23:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're you feeling?
[23:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh I'm fine
[23:24] --> Crimson Butterfly [bloodredwings@nowhere.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:24] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Crimson Butterfly detected!
[23:24] > Crimson Butterfly sets mode +angst
[23:24] > Crimson Butterfly walks in wiping a bloody blade off on her pants
[23:25] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] yo
[23:25] [Crimson Butterfly] Hello
[23:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you know.....after what happened to me....you're not going to scare me....
[23:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ......>.>
[23:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Your attempts to scare me just ain't working, kid.
[23:29] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at Crimson Butterfly
[23:29] ➣ Crimson Butterfly: black-haired, tall, dark blue-eyed woman from Unmei. She looks 19, but she's really 358 years old.
[23:31] [Crimson Butterfly] I'm not trying to scare anyone
[23:31] [Crimson Butterfly] I just got back from my job
[23:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh um..good for you
[23:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yay?
[23:33] > Crimson Butterfly shrugs "It's the usual shadowy half of political and diplomatic stuff"
[23:34] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Right.
[23:36] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I guess?
[23:36] --> Isabella (Uniform) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:36] [@HOL_6000] Isabella (Uniform) reporting for duty.
[23:36] > Isabella (Uniform) walks in with a tray "would anyone like some tea?"
[23:37] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Sure, Isabella.
[23:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] sure
[23:42] [Isabella (Uniform)] how about you, miss?
[23:42] [Crimson Butterfly] No thanks
[23:43] [Isabella (Uniform)] um..quite ^^;;; I am Isabella
[23:45] --> Fyora Taiyou [Leo_Hime@zodiac.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:45] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Fyora Taiyou
[23:45] [Fyora Taiyou] Hello~
[23:47] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Um, hello.
[23:48] [Isabella (Uniform)] hello
[23:48] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hi there
[23:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] Sailor Leo, right?
[23:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hm?
[23:57] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) sips her tea
[00:00] >>> Thursday Feb 10 2011 <<<
[00:00] [Fyora Taiyou] Yes, I am sailor Leo ^_^
[00:00] [Fyora Taiyou] Um... I was actually hoping.... To find Aquarius...
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] thought as much
[00:01] [Fyora Taiyou] But I guess she hasn't been here in quite some time ^^;
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh?
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she's probably laying low due to the crisis
[00:01] [Crimson Butterfly] Crisis?
[00:01] [Fyora Taiyou] Crisis?
[00:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] mmhm
[00:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] some new enemy has appeared
[00:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...several of us senshi have lost alot of our powers
[00:03] > +David O'Cain (casual) nods
[00:03] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] it's more powerful then anything we've seen
[00:04] [Crimson Butterfly] Why didn't you say something sooner?!
[00:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] because who would we have told?
[00:06] > Fyora Taiyou seems worried "Oh... This is not a good time for this....we've barely found any of the Zodiacs and even Lady Shukusei is still missing!
[00:06] [Crimson Butterfly] You could have told Unmei's royalty, and what about Blood Moon's royalty? Kinmoku?
[00:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] five of us have lost our powers
[00:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Lady Shukusei?
[00:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, myself and.....
[00:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...
[00:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] Sailor Moon
[00:12] [Fyora Taiyou] Lady Shukusei was the one who governed all of the Zodiacs in the past. Both the Black and the Senshi
[00:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Black?
[00:12] [Crimson Butterfly] Face it, Shukusei sacrificed herself for you Zodiacs, you won't find her.
[00:13] --> Minako Aino [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minako Aino
[00:13] [Minako Aino] Konbon wa~
[00:13] [Fyora Taiyou] Well the Zodiac is split.... Our original guardians were the Black Zodiac, they fought and protected the Zodiac Senshi
[00:14] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] evening, Minako
[00:14] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] we have a sailor senshi here
[00:15] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hi, Minako.
[00:15] [Minako Aino] Um... we have two, Matsumi.. You and me..
[00:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] meet Sailor Leo *points to Fyora*
[00:16] [Minako Aino] Oh. Ohh! Greetings! ^_^
[00:16] > Minako Aino bows to Fyora.
[00:20] > Fyora Taiyou bows to Mianko "Hello"
[00:20] > Crimson Butterfly contemplates taking off her mask...
[00:20] [Minako Aino] Aino Minako. Sailor Venus. Are you here because of Galaxia-san?
[00:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I was telling her about our little problem
[00:20] <-- Crimson Butterfly [bloodredwings@nowhere.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Brb)
[00:20] --> Kurisutaru [DemonQueen@unmei.egae.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[00:20] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Kurisutaru
[00:20] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! +Kurisutaru detected!
[00:21] [Fyora Taiyou] Galaxia?
[00:21] [+Kurisutaru] What's this I heard about senshi losing their powers? >>
[00:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] it's a long story....
[00:25] [+Kurisutaru] I have time.
[00:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well....we've just been encountering some monsters
[00:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...and all of them were stronger then our eternal forms
[00:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ...and when we tried to stop them...we had our powers drained
[00:27] > Minako Aino facepalms.
[00:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] what????
[00:28] [Minako Aino] Sailor Galaxia has been trying to rally senshi from other systems for help.
[00:29] [Minako Aino] Where do you come from? I'm surprised she hasnt contacted you. Did she steel your Star Seed?
[00:32] [Minako Aino] Steel? Steal? Did she attack you before?
[00:34] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] awful lot of questions, mina ^^;;;
[00:35] [Minako Aino] Is it? Gomennasai.
[00:36] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) bops minako on the head
[00:36] [Minako Aino] O_o
[00:37] [Minako Aino] I seem to have questioned her into silence..
[00:38] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] apparently so
[00:38] > Minako Aino bops Matsumi back.
[00:38] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] see what your clumsiness has done???
[00:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Seems that way.
[00:39] [Minako Aino] How does my clumsiness or ditzyness have anything to do with it?
[00:39] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) just giggles and shrugs
[00:43] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, what's going on, Minako?
[00:44] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she must have had to go
[00:44] [Minako Aino] Last minute prep for the wedding. Its really exausting.
[00:44] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Gotcha.
[00:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I have to dust off my dress for tht
[00:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] *that
[00:47] [Minako Aino] Can't show up in a dusty dress.
[00:48] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] or one with cobwebs heh
[00:50] > Minako Aino looks down at her stomach and rests her hand over it.
[00:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] how is the little one?
[00:51] [Minako Aino] I think she's alright.. I think I feel her kicking sometimes, but I'm sure I'm just crazy.
[00:52] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh maybe she'll be a soccer player
[00:52] [Minako Aino] Maybe. ^_^ Id be happy if she was a healthy athlete.
[00:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] but man have you thought....
[00:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] if she has that much energy..imagine her when she learns to walk
[00:56] [Minako Aino] I hope I can keep up. ^_^;
[00:56] > +David O'Cain (casual) chuckles lightly
[00:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] you'll get plenty of excercise
[00:59] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) yawns
[00:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well I'd love to stay
[01:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] but I better get some sleep....have alot of work tomorrow...
[01:00] [Minako Aino] I'll need it.. I'll probably put on weight. I'm just glad I'm not really showing yet, before the wedding. I do feel like something's happening down there though..
[01:00] [Minako Aino] Night.
[01:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] night!
[01:00] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta
[01:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Night, Matsumi.
[01:06] > Minako Aino sits on the couch and starts to brush her hair.
[01:07] [Minako Aino] You're always quiet, Dave-san. You just kinda sit there..
[01:10] [Minako Aino] Are things okay with the misses? Its odd that you would hang out here so often..
[01:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Things are alright among us. And I'm starting to feel tired, so I shall bid you good night.
[01:12] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Take care, Minako.)
[01:13] [Minako Aino] Oh.. ja.
[01:16] > Minako Aino removes her ribbon and continues to brush.
[01:25] --> Kalli [Clone.Girl@Reddwarf.co.uk] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[01:25] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Kalli
[01:25] [@HOL_6000] +Kalli reporting for duty.
[01:25] [Minako Aino] Ohh, Konbon wa, Kalli-chan.
[01:25] > +Kalli hums hapilly as she walks in~
[01:26] [+Kalli] Konbanwa~ How are you, Minako-san?
[01:27] [Minako Aino] Pregnant and busy preparing for a wedding, but happy with my life. You?
[01:30] [+Kalli] Not pregnant, but I am slowly preparing for a wedding too. Kaede-chan and I are having a hard time picking a location for ours.
[01:30] [+Kurisutaru] (( MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fails of the Weak~ ))
[01:31] [Minako Aino] Are you coming to ours?
[01:31] [+Kalli] Of course. :)
[01:34] [Minako Aino] I'm glad my biggest fan has someone to take care of her. ^_^ Please, sit.
[01:35] > +Kalli gets a couple bottles of water from the fridge and sits near Mina, handing one to her.
[01:36] > Minako Aino examines the bottle.
[01:38] > ~The bottle is a generic plastic bottle with a JMC label. Probably from the food dispensers.
[01:39] [Minako Aino] Not alcohol, right?
[01:39] [+Kalli] Don't worry, I check over the food dispensing machines once a week. It's safe enough.
[01:40] > Minako Aino drinks it.
[01:40] [+Kalli] Plain old filtered water.
[01:43] [+Kalli] I like to have a stock in the fridge for after my workout routine. ^_^
[01:46] > +Kalli takes a drink of hers.
[01:46] [Minako Aino] That's smart. ^_^ I go through a lot of water or sports drinks when I work out. Mostly cardio and my legs, but I've cut back lately..
[01:46] [+Kalli] How's the baby coming along?
[01:48] [Minako Aino] Quite good. Ami-chan says everything is normal. I'm starting to really feel her in there..
[01:49] [+Kalli] That's good. :)
[01:50] [Minako Aino] You guys planning anything down the road?
[01:50] [+Kalli] We're definitely getting married. I don't know about children yet.
[01:51] [+Kalli] Maybe if they develop the technology to let the two of us have a baby together..
[01:52] [Minako Aino] Well, there are lots of options available to you. Adoption, a donor..
[01:54] [+Kalli] That's true, but I think if I we were going to raise a child, I'd want it to be ours.
[01:55] [+Kalli] I'd have to see what Kaede thinks too.
[01:56] [Minako Aino] Hmm.. now I've got myself thinking about adoption.. but the senshi-knight thing kinda complicates it..
[01:58] [+Kalli] Yeah...
[02:02] [Minako Aino] Its sad to think of that... ~_~
[02:02] [+Kalli] Aww.. :(
[02:10] [Minako Aino] Oh well. I'll think of something.
[02:13] [+Kalli] Hai.
[02:13] > Minako Aino stands, collecting her brush and ribbon.
[02:14] [Minako Aino] Sorry to leave you, but I should be getting back home.
[02:14] [+Kalli] That's alright. I should head back to my quarters. I'm sure Kaede-chan is waiting for me. ^_~
[02:14] [Minako Aino] Give her my regards, if nothing else~ ♡
[02:15] > +Kalli giggles. "I'm sure she'll be pleased~"
[02:15] > Minako Aino looks at Kalli
[02:15] ➣ Kalli: Kalli is a clone of Kristine Kochanski in body (though slightly younger) and her past life as Sailor Kallichore in mind.
[02:16] [Minako Aino] Ja.
[02:16] <-- Minako Aino [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Sobieru mirai, Wasurenaide!)
[02:16] [+Kalli] Ja ne~
[02:20] <-- +Kalli [Clone.Girl@Reddwarf.co.uk] has left #reddwarfbeta (I'm coming home, Kaede-chan~ ♡)
[14:14] --> Hideki Kaze (casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hideki Kaze (casual)
[14:14] > Hideki Kaze (casual) walks in and starts to fiddle with one of the computer consoles
[14:16] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] hm...let's see.....
[14:19] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] ok...let's see...transfer all personel files onto game server...
[14:19] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[14:21] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] ok...time to match up classes with people
[14:21] [Miara] Hello~
[14:21] > Hideki Kaze (casual) starts to type on a laptop connected to the computer
[14:21] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] hello *doesn't even look up from the screen*
[14:23] [Miara] Whatcha doin?
[14:23] > Miara loans over his shoulder to look
[14:23] [Miara] *leans
[14:23] > Hideki Kaze (casual) has currently everyone's personal files on his laptop..and are matching them up to game classes
[14:24] > Miara shrugs, and goes to get a drink instead
[14:26] [Miara] Want anything?
[14:27] --> Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:27] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki reporting for duty.
[14:27] > Kaede Sasaki walks in, humming a happy tune
[14:28] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] no thanks
[14:28] [Miara] Hi Kaede
[14:28] [Kaede Sasaki] Hi Hideki-san, Miara-san ^_^
[14:28] > Miara pours some mead into a tumbler and leans against the counter, sipping it
[14:29] > Kaede Sasaki walks over and stands behind Hideki
[14:30] > Hideki Kaze (casual) has kaede's entire personal file up on his computer....
[14:31] [Kaede Sasaki] Hideki-san..... how and why do you have my personel file on your computer?
[14:32] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] how...I transfered it from Hol
[14:32] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] why.....it's a surprise
[14:33] > Hideki Kaze (casual) types a few more keys and Kaede's file goes off the screen with the words "TRANSFER COMPLETE: KAEDE" appearing
[14:34] [Kaede Sasaki] Hmmm...
[14:34] [Kaede Sasaki] That makes me curious
[14:34] > Hideki Kaze (casual) has brought up Kalli's file..and does the same thing
[14:35] [Miara] Hm...reminds me I'd better finish my program soon...
[14:36] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] hm, kaede?
[14:36] > Kaede Sasaki watches Hideki work and thinks
[14:37] [Kaede Sasaki] What Hideki-san?
[14:37] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] makes you curious about what?
[14:38] [Kaede Sasaki] What the surprise could be that you'd need our personel files.
[14:38] [Miara] What you're doing, of course.
[14:38] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] well I could turn it on and you could see if you wished
[14:38] [Kaede Sasaki] Because it's fairly clear that you're going through the entire crew of the ship.
[14:39] [Kaede Sasaki] Well.... if it'll ruin the surprise, then no. I like surprises. ^_^
[14:40] > Hideki Kaze (casual) smiles and presses a few keys "yes....but I always enjoy showing people this"
[14:40] [Miara] Is it just the crew then, or other people too?
[14:40] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] now where would...ah....this looks good
[14:40] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] everyone
[14:40] > Hideki Kaze (casual) presses the key
[14:41] > Hideki Kaze (casual) sets his computer aside "Kaede..how much free time do you have?"
[14:41] > Kaede Sasaki watches curiously
[14:41] [Kaede Sasaki] Enough
[14:41] [Kaede Sasaki] I have a little down time here and there.
[14:42] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] come with me then to the holo room...I want to show you something
[14:42] > Miara pours some more mead
[14:43] [Kaede Sasaki] Ok....
[14:43] > Hideki Kaze (casual) is away: *heads for the holo-room*
[14:43] > Kaede Sasaki is away: *following Hideki*
[14:44] > Hideki Kaze (casual)'s computer sits on the floor
[14:45] [Miara] Heh...
[14:49] > Miara is away: may as well go find something to do...
[15:39] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) is back
[15:39] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] so what do you think of this?
[15:40] > Kaede Sasaki is back
[15:40] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] - of it
[15:40] [Kaede Sasaki] It's amazing, Hideki-san!
[15:41] [Kaede Sasaki] I never would've thought of something like that.
[15:41] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] I also created a regular Questworld account for you to work on if you wish
[15:41] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] your username is MausyGrl
[15:42] > Kaede Sasaki giggles
[15:42] [Kaede Sasaki] Sounds like it could be fun. ^_^
[15:43] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) smiles
[15:43] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] I hope everyone enjoys it
[15:46] [Kaede Sasaki] Just out of curiosity.....
[15:46] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] hm?
[15:46] [Kaede Sasaki] ... what class did you make Kalli-chan?
[15:47] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] Magic Thief
[15:48] [Kaede Sasaki] Ooooo
[15:49] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] similar to yours...but she can use magical weapons
[15:50] [Kaede Sasaki] I like it.
[15:50] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) smiles and turns off his computer
[15:51] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] so otherwise, how are you?
[15:51] > Kaede Sasaki bends down and kisses Hideki on the cheek
[15:51] [Kaede Sasaki] Good, even better now. ^_^
[15:54] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) smiles "well I'd hope so"
[15:59] [Kaede Sasaki] Do you want anything Hideki-san?
[15:59] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] I would have hated to ruin your day
[16:01] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] could use some lunch
[16:02] [Kaede Sasaki] Well then, come with me to the mess hall.
[16:02] [Kaede Sasaki] I'll make you something special, anything you like. ^_^
[16:02] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] alright ^^
[16:03] > Kaede Sasaki smiles and turns, whipping her hair a bit as she makes her way out the door
[16:03] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) just smiles
[16:03] <-- Kaede Sasaki [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I think I know what I'll be doing wtih my free time now. ^_^)
[16:04] <-- Hideki Kaze (Casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (heh)
[00:00] >>> Friday Feb 11 2011 <<<
[19:11] --> Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:11] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Solarchos
[19:11] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Solarchos
[19:11] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:11] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[19:11] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[19:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Solar.
[19:11] > +Solarchos walks in, reading from a dataslate.
[19:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yo.
[19:13] [+Solarchos] Oh, hey David. What's happening with you?
[19:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nothing much. Just another day of work done.
[19:15] [+Solarchos] I wish I could say the same for me. We've got a bit of a development at the Enclave.
[19:16] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What happened?
[19:20] > ~~ an image starts to crackle.......
[19:20] [+Solarchos] I've received a red-flagged report earlier from orbital operations. The Abh are making their usual monthly visit. Four Trask-class Isazus are on approach.
[19:21] [+Solarchos] But their sensors detected something usual at one point that they couldn't identify.
[19:21] --> Nero (hologram) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:21] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Nero (hologram) detected!
[19:21] > Nero (hologram) appears
[19:21] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You...
[19:22] [+Solarchos] Oh crap...
[19:22] [Nero (hologram)] /flash hello Director General Solarchos........and Lt. O'Cain
[19:22] [Nero (hologram)] ^
[19:22] [Nero (hologram)] I've come with an ultimatium
[19:22] [+Solarchos] Nero. What do you want this time?
[19:24] [Nero (hologram)] you will remove your forces from the Bandri Narrows.....or else
[19:26] [+Solarchos] The Bandri Narrows? What's your interest in that region?
[19:27] [Nero (hologram)] you will remove your ships from there...or else
[19:29] > Nero (hologram) smiles
[19:30] [+Solarchos] Not happening, Nero. That region of space is patrolled by the starships of the Frybar Gloer Gor Bari, the Humankind Empire Abh. If you attack their ships you'll essentially be declaring war on them.
[19:31] [Nero (hologram)] very well....
[19:31] [Nero (hologram)] then you don't care about their safety...
[19:31] > Nero (hologram) moves the holocamera over to a small cage...where two little fox girls are trapped in
[19:31] [+Solarchos] The Abh don't take kindly to threats from "Gloe" like you and I.
[19:31] [+Solarchos] ...
[19:32] [+Solarchos] What are you planning to do, you sick freak.
[19:33] [+Solarchos] CATRIONA?! ALEXIANNA?!!!
[19:33] [Nero (hologram)] if you do not remove those ships....I will give them to my men for target practice
[19:34] [Nero (hologram)] or perhaps slit their thoughts
[19:34] [Nero (hologram)] ^throats
[19:35] [Nero (hologram)] tell you what...
[19:35] > Nero (hologram) smiles and walks over...and taps ontop of the kit's cage manevolently
[19:44] [+Solarchos] If you harm EITHER one of them in any way I swear...
[19:45] > Nero (hologram) smiles..as the cage vanishes
[19:47] [+Solarchos] Where are they, you coward.
[19:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] They better not be harmed in any way!
[19:48] [Nero (hologram)] on the ship of a trusted general of mine.............here are the cooradanites
[19:48] > Nero (hologram) sends them to Solar's datapad
[19:49] > +Solarchos smiles in a particularly wicked and unpleasant way as he glares at Nero.
[19:49] > Nero (hologram) just smirks....
[19:49] <-- Nero (hologram) has left #reddwarfbeta (*vanishes*)
[19:49] > +Solarchos is giving Nero the infamous "Abh Smile". "When this is over and done with, I intend to send you to the worst place imaginable."
[19:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] God damn him...
[19:51] > +David O'Cain (casual) clenches a fist very hard
[19:52] > +Solarchos examines the coordinates given.
[19:52] [+Solarchos] When I am done with Nero, David, I will make sure that he never goes to Hell. Hell will reject him when I'm done.
[19:53] [+Solarchos] He will go to Abh Hell.
[19:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Not if I kill him first...
[19:56] [+David O'Cain (casual)] He will pay severely for what he did...
[19:59] > +Solarchos starts figuring out how to get to the coordinates mentioned. "Doesn't the Dwarf have a transporter system of its own?"
[19:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I...I think so...
[20:01] > +Solarchos is away: "Alexianna! Catriona! Daddy's coming!"
[20:01] > +David O'Cain (casual) is away: I'm going with ya!
[21:59] > +David O'Cain (casual) is back
[21:59] > +Solarchos is back
[21:59] --> Chibi-Alex has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chibi-Alex
[21:59] --> Chibi-Catri has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chibi-Catri
[22:00] > Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Alex begin to rush around the room, trilling and squealing happily.
[22:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] They had to have been scared all this time.
[22:01] [+Solarchos] Yeah. They must have been terrified. I'm more concerned with just HOW they got captured in the first place.
[22:02] [+Solarchos] But now the Abh have apparently suffered a huge setback. I've also got to get in contact with them and determine just how severe the situation is.
[22:03] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Indeed. And I swear, if Nero does anything to Masaki...
[22:03] [+Solarchos] But at least the girls are unharmed. If anything had happened to them, or the boys for that matter, Inu-Kit would have been beside herself with grief. And rage.
[22:04] [+Solarchos] Anyway, time to get the girls home and make sure they're all right. Thank you for all your help David. I won't forget this.
[22:04] > Chibi-Alex and Chibi-Catri both hug David tightly, crying a little.
[22:05] [+David O'Cain (casual)] You're welcome, Solar. To be honest, I don't know what really could have set that guy off like that.
[22:05] > +David O'Cain (casual) gives the girls hugs as well
[22:06] <-- +Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta ("Thank goodness I've maintained alert status ever since the Kinyusians arrived. The time has come for the Federation to mobilize for war.")
[22:06] <-- Chibi-Alex has left #reddwarfbeta (=^^=)
[22:06] <-- Chibi-Catri has left #reddwarfbeta (>:3)
[22:06] > ~A strange portal opens.
[22:06] --> Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yukari Yakumo
[22:07] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yukari? I thought you were snoozing.
[22:07] > Yukari Yakumo doesn't show any of her regular mirth or humor. She looks concerned and serious.
[22:08] [Yukari Yakumo] You didn't hear? I woke up in time to watch the last game of the Superbowl.
[22:08] [Yukari Yakumo] Someone actually struck at my killer angel's children?
[22:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I didn't hear a thing.
[22:09] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. A man named Nero.
[22:09] [Yukari Yakumo] Alexianna...my little boundless exüberance of youth...
[22:10] [Yukari Yakumo] And Catriona...the maker of mischief. To think that someone would attack a pair of babies.
[22:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Don't worry. They're safe. Nero's been doing this crap to make me suffer.
[22:11] [Yukari Yakumo] And is it true that the Onryo's allies have suffered a serious defeat?
[22:12] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Unfortunately. One way or another, that bastard is going to pay SEVERELY for what he's doing!
[22:13] > Yukari Yakumo nods calmly and quietly.
[22:13] > Yukari Yakumo opens another portal beside her and turns towards it.
[22:14] [Yukari Yakumo] Perhaps I can help you in some small way. It would not be the first time we've assisted you.
[22:14] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What do you have in mind?
[22:14] > Yukari Yakumo walks through the portal and vanishes, closing it behind her.
[22:15] <-- Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (Pirated Server)] has left #reddwarfbeta ("Hello, my dear killer angel. It's been so long.")
[22:18] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hm. Wonder what she meant by assisting us.
[22:21] > +David O'Cain (casual) plops down on the floor and leans against a sofa
[22:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] God...
[23:44] --> Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:44] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[23:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (casual)
[23:45] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) wanders in, looking at some paperwork
[23:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] hm
[23:52] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, hi, Matsumi.
[23:52] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh hello
[23:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're you?
[23:58] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] oh I'm ok
[23:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good.
[23:59] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[23:59] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[23:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[00:00] >>> Saturday Feb 12 2011 <<<
[00:00] [@Nate Detroit] Evening.
[00:00] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] evening, nate!
[00:01] [@Nate Detroit] What'cha working on, Princess?
[00:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Nate.
[00:01] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) tosses Nate the papers
[00:02] > @Nate Detroit catches a few, dropping most of them. O_o
[00:02] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] pick a lot :)
[00:03] [@Nate Detroit] Huh?
[00:04] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) has given nate papers which offer him a choice of lots in Tokyo
[00:04] [@Nate Detroit] You're.. giving me real estate in Tokyo?
[00:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] for your arcade
[00:06] [@Nate Detroit] Thats.. thats very generous, Princess, but I doubt even with a free lot that I'd have the capital to build and stock an arcade that'd impress the Japanese masses..
[00:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well no....
[00:07] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] not without help that is
[00:08] [@Nate Detroit] ... I couldn't let you do that... not unless you'd be a partner with me on it at the least..
[00:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh why not
[00:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] I want to make you happy :)
[00:09] [@Nate Detroit] You already make me very happy, Princess. You don't need to do this.
[00:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh. Sounds like you're going international sooner than you thought.
[00:11] [@Nate Detroit] You.. realize I don't speak Japanese, right? This may be very difficult for me to manage. ^_^;
[00:12] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] well we'll get a manager who does speak japanese then...or I'll put you through a crash course
[00:13] [@Nate Detroit] The former, I think. ^_^
[00:14] [@Nate Detroit] Well, alright.. I'll clear my schedule and check these sites out tomorrow.
[00:14] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) kisses nate ^^
[00:14] > @Nate Detroit returns it, holding her.
[00:15] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ^^
[00:16] [@Nate Detroit] What brought on this sudden generosity?
[00:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] honest true?
[00:17] [@Nate Detroit] If you don't mind.
[00:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] cause I think it's a cool opperutiny for you ^^
[00:20] [@Nate Detroit] Thats a... random.. reason. ^_^;
[00:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] random reasons can be good ^^
[00:23] [@Nate Detroit] Okay, I'll try this, but I have to be honest, I'm not sure how well I can plan a Japanese arcade. They're into some crazy s[SMEG]t.. I don't fully understand their mentality.
[00:25] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Could come up with a theme for the overall place. Just a suggestion.
[00:25] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] which is....why we have the perfect person to ask
[00:26] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) presses a teleport device
[00:26] > Hana Sagusa (pajamas) appears with a toothbrush in her mouth
[00:26] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] mmph????
[00:26] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hello.
[00:27] [@Nate Detroit] I'm more concerned with what game to put in it, Dave. American audiences like redemption games and shooters. Japanese people like games where you flip tea tables and simulate pinchins girls butts.g
[00:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh.
[00:27] [@Nate Detroit] *pinching, I should say.
[00:28] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] >.>
[00:28] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] meet your target audience
[00:28] > @Nate Detroit looks at Hana Sagusa
[00:28] ➣ Hana Sagusa: is about 16 years old, with spiky messy blond hair, half of it of which is dyed black. She wears a small gold earring in one of her ears.
[00:28] > Hana Sagusa (pajamas) is wearing a large t-shirt
[00:29] [@Nate Detroit] Do you often abduct Japanese girls in their night clothes with our teleporters?
[00:29] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] (( changed her hair ))
[00:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] this is Hana Sagusa...my cousin
[00:31] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] what's going on???
[00:32] [@Nate Detroit] Want to manage an arcade?
[00:33] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] whaaa?????
[00:33] > @Nate Detroit stands and offers a hand.
[00:34] [@Nate Detroit] Perhaps introductions are in order first. Nate Detroit. Matsumi's boyfriend.
[00:34] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] um..nice to meet you *shakes nate's hand*
[00:35] [@Nate Detroit] Please, tell me about yourself, Hana. May I call you Hana?
[00:35] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] um..sure
[00:36] > @Nate Detroit resumes a seat with Matsumi.
[00:36] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] uh....older brother owns a dojo....practactor of Gouki-Ryu School of Jujitsu
[00:36] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] butt kicker
[00:36] [@Nate Detroit] I see. That's impressive.
[00:36] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] strongest student in Mugen Acadamy
[00:37] [@Nate Detroit] But I asked about you, dear, not your brother.
[00:39] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] ....*I'm* the strongest student in Mugen Acadamy
[00:40] [@Nate Detroit] Oh, I see. Sorry, that was misleading.
[00:41] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] so what's going on...
[00:42] [@Nate Detroit] Matsumi and I may be opening an arcade in *sifts through the papers* Um.. one of these Japanese cities I cannot pronounce. I'll need a manager whose fluent in English to report to me.
[00:43] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] I'm ok in english I guess
[00:44] [@Nate Detroit] Grades? Organizational skills? Soft skills?
[00:44] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] her grades are average....
[00:44] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she's tough...very tough when she needs to be
[00:44] [@Nate Detroit] Of course, if you're just plain not interested, just say so.
[00:44] [@Nate Detroit] Matsumi, let her tell me.
[00:44] > Hana Sagusa (pajamas) is brushing her teeth
[00:45] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] I can deal with people...if they get out of line.....then I just tell them off
[00:45] [@Nate Detroit] Hmm....
[00:48] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] ???
[00:48] [@Nate Detroit] So you have a hot temper?
[00:49] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] eh only if I run into idiots
[00:51] [@Nate Detroit] Why don't you finish brushing. ^_^;
[00:51] > Hana Sagusa (pajamas) goes over to the bathroom to finish brushing her teeth
[00:52] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh
[00:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Sure has an attitude about her.
[00:53] [@Nate Detroit] Not sure if I want to hire a short tempered girl with average grades though, even though I can hardly throw stones about grades...
[00:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she has a chip on her shoulder
[00:55] [@Nate Detroit] You say that like its an excuse.
[00:55] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh.....
[00:55] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] maybe I'm being soft on her cause we're family
[00:55] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] she used to be worse
[00:55] [@Nate Detroit] Well, maybe I can bring her on as a third keyset and have her help me pick out games, if she wants.
[00:59] > Hana Sagusa (pajamas) comes back in
[01:00] [@Nate Detroit] Are you interested in a job, Hana, or no?
[01:01] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] sure
[01:04] [@Nate Detroit] Ok. I'm still in the planning stages so I can't talk salary yet, but I promise I'll have some thing fair to offer you soon. Do you think you can research about seventy good games you would get for an arcade on a budget of about $120,000 US? I'll compensate you for your time.
[01:06] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] eh no problem
[01:08] [@Nate Detroit] Very good. Let me know if you need help researching.
[01:09] [Hana Sagusa (pajamas)] can I get back now?....I was at a sleep over at Ibuki's place
[01:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] sure sure
[01:09] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) presses the teleporter
[01:10] <-- Hana Sagusa (pajamas) [sagusa.hana@mugen.edu.jp] has left #reddwarfbeta (*vanishes*)
[01:10] [@Nate Detroit] Nice meet...ing... you...
[01:10] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nice kid.
[01:10] [@Nate Detroit] This has been a very strange night..
[01:11] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] heh yes XD
[01:20] [@Nate Detroit] You're too sweet to me, Princess. Makes me feel like I should stop abusing you.
[01:22] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) giggles and snuggles up against nate
[01:27] > @Nate Detroit holds her.
[01:27] > +Matsumi Kaze (casual) yawns a bit
[01:27] [@Nate Detroit] But you don't want me to do that, do you?
[01:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] not tonight at least heh
[01:29] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Getting tired, Matsumi?
[01:29] [@Nate Detroit] No, not tonight. Tonight my Princess gets the VIP treatment.
[01:29] > @Nate Detroit scoops her into his arms.
[01:31] [+Matsumi Kaze (casual)] ^^
[01:31] [@Nate Detroit] Later, Dave.
[01:32] [+David O'Cain (casual)] See ya, you two.
[01:32] <-- @Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (You're something magical.)
[01:33] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (^^)
[01:33] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta
[03:07] --> Ryoga Hibiki has joined #reddwarfbeta
[03:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ryoga Hibiki
[03:08] --> Ukyo Kuonji has joined #reddwarfbeta
[03:08] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ukyo Kuonji
[03:08] [Ryoga Hibiki] Crazy, huh?
[03:09] [Ukyo Kuonji] It is.... this is all so... wild.
[03:09] > Ryoga Hibiki walks her to the window, pressing gently on her back.
[03:09] [Ukyo Kuonji] O_O
[03:10] [Ukyo Kuonji] Oh wow!!
[03:10] [Ryoga Hibiki] I know, right? ^_^
[03:11] [Ryoga Hibiki] They have a bar, and a huge kitchen full of instant food, and tons of empty rooms.
[03:12] [Ukyo Kuonji] This...... is amazing
[03:13] [Ryoga Hibiki] I just kinda stumbled on it. No idea how I found it, I mist have been really lost! ^_^;
[03:16] [Ryoga Hibiki] Want something? I think they have saké.
[03:17] [Ukyo Kuonji] Sure....
[03:18] [Ukyo Kuonji] .....I don't drink a whole lot.... so you can surprise me with something.
[03:18] > Ryoga Hibiki goes to the bar and pours two small glasses of Saké and sits on the couch, holding her's out.
[03:19] > Ukyo Kuonji takes the glass with a smile and sits next to him
[03:20] [Ukyo Kuonji] Ya' know, it's been really great reconnecting with you Ryoga....
[03:20] [Ryoga Hibiki] Yeah. Makes me feel like a teenager again. ^_^ Kampai~
[03:20] > Ryoga Hibiki taps their glasses and sips.
[03:21] > Ukyo Kuonji smiles and sips her's also
[03:24] [Ukyo Kuonji] Ryoga.... I'm really glad I found you again.....
[03:25] [Ryoga Hibiki] I hope you had fun tonight, Uk-chan.
[03:25] [Ryoga Hibiki] You are? ^_^ I mean, yes, you are.. um.. *o_o*
[03:26] > Ukyo Kuonji blushes a little | .... I always did kinda' like you.. but I was so focused on Ran-chan..... that I didn't never really saw you in that way.
[03:26] > Ryoga Hibiki sips his drink, watching the floor and reddening.
[03:28] > Ukyo Kuonji sips her drink and sighs a little, leaning back against the sofa
[03:28] [Ryoga Hibiki] Yeah.. I was always focused on my revenge on Ranma, curing my curse... or Akane.. >_>
[03:29] [Ukyo Kuonji] Well ya' know what? I never thought I'd say this.... but I'm GLAD those two got married.
[03:29] > Ryoga Hibiki raises an eyebrow.
[03:30] > Ukyo Kuonji smirks | They're not good enough for us, Honey.
[03:30] > Ryoga Hibiki laughs nervously and smiles.
[03:32] > Ukyo Kuonji takes a long drink from her glass, almost finishing it
[03:33] [Ryoga Hibiki] I never realized how fun you were to be around, Uk-chan.
[03:34] [Ukyo Kuonji] You're too cute for Akane, Honey. I mean, Ran-chan is kinda' cute... but you're cuter.
[03:35] [Ryoga Hibiki] I.. I.. thanks.
[03:35] > Ryoga Hibiki shoots his Saké.
[03:36] > Ukyo Kuonji finishes her drink and sets the glass aside
[03:37] > Ryoga Hibiki looks nervous, then puts his arm around Ukyo.
[03:37] > Ukyo Kuonji blushes and giggles a little, snuggling with Ryoga
[03:38] [Ryoga Hibiki] ^_^ ♡
[03:38] [Ukyo Kuonji] Ya' know.... I always wondered how this would feel.
[03:39] [Ryoga Hibiki] Whats that?
[03:40] [Ukyo Kuonji] Being held by a powerful man.
[03:40] > Ukyo Kuonji winks at Ryoga
[03:40] [Ryoga Hibiki] Oh.. you ... did, did you?
[03:41] > Ryoga Hibiki turns and pulls her into his arms, laying back and gently squeezing her.
[03:42] > Ukyo Kuonji sighs happily and giggles
[03:42] [Ukyo Kuonji] You're so sweet, Ryoga.....
[03:43] [Ryoga Hibiki] Not often a girl appreciates me..
[03:43] [Ukyo Kuonji] ... well, they don't know what they're missin', Honey.
[03:44] [Ryoga Hibiki] You're too kind.
[03:44] [Ryoga Hibiki] You.. want a powerful man.. in your life?
[03:45] > Ukyo Kuonji blushes a little and smiles | I would like that..... and it was what my father really always wanted.
[03:46] > Ryoga Hibiki shifts a little to look her in the eyes.
[03:46] > Ukyo Kuonji looks back at him, still blushing
[03:47] > Ryoga Hibiki lifts her chin into a soft kiss.
[03:48] > Ukyo Kuonji kisses back without hesitation
[03:49] > Ryoga Hibiki breaks it and smiles at her.
[03:50] > Ukyo Kuonji smiles back, putting her arm around him
[03:51] [Ryoga Hibiki] Well, so be it.
[03:51] [Ukyo Kuonji] You're a pretty good kisser....
[03:52] [Ryoga Hibiki] Really? Dunno how that happened. ^_^;
[03:53] > Ukyo Kuonji grins and moves in, kissing him a bit more aggresively
[03:54] > Ryoga Hibiki wraps his arms around her, letting himself be pinned.
[03:55] > Ukyo Kuonji slowly breaks the kiss and smiles
[03:55] [Ukyo Kuonji] Look at you... letting me take over~
[03:56] [Ryoga Hibiki] Guess a pretty girl knows how to turn the tables on me. ^_^;
[03:56] > Ukyo Kuonji looks down at him, blushing brighter at that | Y.. you...... really think I'm pretty?
[03:57] [Ryoga Hibiki] The prettiest girl I know. ^_^ Prettier than Akane was.
[03:58] > Ukyo Kuonji giggles nervously
[03:58] [Ukyo Kuonji] Noone's..... ever told me that before...
[03:59] [Ukyo Kuonji] .... I mean.... Ran-chan said I was cute a few times..... but you're the first guy to ever call me pretty.
[03:59] [Ryoga Hibiki] That jerk.. he never cared about anything other than himself. I'm not surprised.
[04:02] [Ukyo Kuonji] You make me feel so special, Honey....
[04:03] [Ryoga Hibiki] I'm glad. You are special, Uk-chan.
[04:04] [Ukyo Kuonji] ....I feel so comfortable with you Ryoga...... like I can.... be myself.
[04:05] [Ryoga Hibiki] Of course you can. ^_^ Who else would you be?
[04:07] [Ukyo Kuonji] Hey Ryoga....
[04:08] [Ukyo Kuonji] ....there's something..... I wanna' show you.
[04:08] [Ryoga Hibiki] Ne?
[04:08] [Ryoga Hibiki] Oh.. okay. Sure.
[04:09] > Ukyo Kuonji blushes a little | N....not tonight though. I'm still a little nervous.
[04:09] [Ryoga Hibiki] Oh.. Okay, sure.
[04:11] [Ryoga Hibiki] Working this weekend?
[04:11] > Ukyo Kuonji gives Ryoga a light kiss and stands
[04:12] [Ukyo Kuonji] Just Saturday. Mako is giving me Sunday off cause it's slow.
[04:12] [Ukyo Kuonji] That reminds me..... I got you something.
[04:12] [Ryoga Hibiki] Okay. I think I'm going to look for some work tomorrow, but I'll try to stop by. ^_^
[04:12] [Ryoga Hibiki] You did?
[04:12] > Ukyo Kuonji reaches into her pocket and takes out a small device handing it to Ryoga
[04:13] > Ryoga Hibiki takes it and examines it.
[04:14] [Ukyo Kuonji] It's GPS
[04:14] [Ukyo Kuonji] I... programmed the address to my apartment in it.
[04:14] [Ryoga Hibiki] Gee Pea Ess?
[04:15] [Ukyo Kuonji] Yeah.... it's an electronic thing that gives you directions to get to places.
[04:15] [Ryoga Hibiki] Wooooaaahhh o___o
[04:15] [Ukyo Kuonji] I remembered how you were a bit..... directionally challenged.
[04:15] > Ryoga Hibiki pokes at it, making it beep.
[04:15] [Ukyo Kuonji] I want you to come to my apartment Sunday
[04:16] [Ryoga Hibiki] Sure. I can do that.
[04:16] [Ukyo Kuonji] And you'll get to see a side of me that...... noone's ever seen.
[04:16] [Ryoga Hibiki] Morning, Afternoon?
[04:17] [Ukyo Kuonji] Afternoon
[04:17] [Ukyo Kuonji] or early evening
[04:17] [Ryoga Hibiki] Sure. I'll see you then.
[04:17] > Ryoga Hibiki yawns.
[04:17] [Ryoga Hibiki] Guess I'll be getting to bed.
[04:18] [Ukyo Kuonji] Me too
[04:19] > Ryoga Hibiki stands, giving her one last kiss.
[04:19] > Ukyo Kuonji blows Ryoga a kiss with a wink | G'night Honey ^_~
[04:19] > Ukyo Kuonji ^after kissing him back
[04:20] <-- Ryoga Hibiki has left #reddwarfbeta (Heh.. wonder what she has to show me exactly..)
[04:22] <-- Ukyo Kuonji has left #reddwarfbeta (I can't believe I'm finally going to show this to to someone ^_^)
[14:57] --> Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:57] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Miara
[14:58] > Miara comes in from the hall, and puts on some music
[14:58] --> Verān has joined #reddwarfbeta
[14:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Verān
[15:02] --> Tabatha B. Saotome has joined #reddwarfbeta
[15:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tabatha B. Saotome
[15:03] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Hello Miara. And who is this? ♡
[15:03] > Miara gives Verān some food
[15:03] [Miara] Verān
[15:04] > Tabatha B. Saotome looks at Verān
[15:04] ➣ Verān: a brindle Boxer puppy with a white stripe, chest, and all four socks. His ears and tail are not docked.http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a361/zairafirefly/Lupa/Miara/Boxer-watermarked-1217961457.jpg
[15:04] [Miara] And he's hungry, I was busy.
[15:04] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Cute! This is what dogs should look like. Not those tiny little things people breed.
[15:05] [Miara] Those things are nervous and can't keep up >>
[15:05] [Miara] How've you been?
[15:06] --> Anubis Saotome [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[15:06] [@HOL_6000] Anubis Saotome reporting for duty.
[15:06] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Good. Got back from a job. We took down this freaky aboration-monster thing that some mad scientist slapped together.
[15:07] [Anubis Saotome] Hello Tabby. Welcome home. ^_^
[15:07] [Miara] Poor thing.
[15:07] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Heyy youu~ Better have soemthing good planned Monday.
[15:07] > Verān wolfs down his food and laps at his water a while
[15:08] [Anubis Saotome] Oh trust me.... I have a lot planned for Monday.
[15:08] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Yeah, it was pretty tragic, really. I think he started with a normal person. Nothing I could do about that.
[15:09] [Miara] No.
[15:09] > Anubis Saotome walks over and gives his wife a tight hug and a kiss
[15:10] [Tabatha B. Saotome]
[15:12] [Anubis Saotome] You look like you are all in one piece still.
[15:13] [Tabatha B. Saotome] No need to sound surprised. :P
[15:13] > Tabatha B. Saotome presses her knee gently into his crotch.
[15:13] > Verān goes over to Miara, and she gives him a tablet to chew
[15:14] > Anubis Saotome grins at her and gives her an extra squeeze
[15:15] [Tabatha B. Saotome] So, Miara, whats new besides the puppy?
[15:17] [Miara] Not too much.
[15:18] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Can I pet him? ^_^
[15:19] [Miara] Sure.
[15:19] > Anubis Saotome lets Tabatha go so she can pet the dog.
[15:19] > Tabatha B. Saotome sits next to Miara and makes to scratch his head.
[15:20] > Anubis Saotome smiles and walks over to the bar, starting to put together a drink.
[15:21] > Verān sniffs at her hand a bit
[15:22] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Who'se a good boy? Ohh, do I smell okay to you? ^_^
[15:24] > Anubis Saotome splits the drink he's making into three glasses
[15:25] [Anubis Saotome] Would you like to try the electric lemonade, Miara?
[15:25] [Miara] Sure
[15:25] > Verān decides Tabatha's ok
[15:25] > Verān ^ and licks her hand
[15:26] > Anubis Saotome walks over with the glasses, handing one to each girl and keeping the third
[15:26] > Tabatha B. Saotome pats his head with her free hand.
[15:27] [Miara] What's in it that's supposed to make it electric?
[15:29] > Verān moves over and sits half in Tabatha's lap
[15:29] > Tabatha B. Saotome holds him, giggling.
[15:29] [Anubis Saotome] The vodka gives the drink the kick.
[15:31] [Miara] Ah.
[15:32] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I think he likes me. ^_^
[15:32] [Anubis Saotome] I think your dog is trying to steal my wife. :P
[15:32] [Miara] Good. It means he's not going to be all suspicious of people like he's supposed to be ^_^
[15:33] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I do have a way of attracting big, dumb animals. ^_~
[15:33] [Miara] Oh, he's just a big baby.
[15:33] [Miara] Pet him and feed him and he's perfectly happy.\
[15:33] [Miara] Hee maybe ;p
[15:33] > Miara drinks some of the lemonade
[15:33] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Most men are.
[15:34] > Anubis Saotome smirks a little and drinks
[15:34] > Verān rolls over a bit so Tabatha can scratch his belly
[15:35] > Tabatha B. Saotome does so~
[15:36] [Miara] Not a bad drink.
[15:38] > Tabatha B. Saotome sips hers with her free hand and keeps scratching various spots on his underside.
[15:38] [Tabatha B. Saotome] You ticklish?
[15:39] > Verān is not, apparently
[15:40] > Anubis Saotome sits next to Tabatha, putting his arm around her back
[15:42] > Verān turns over, looking at Anubis distrustfully
[15:44] > Anubis Saotome holds his hand out to Veran
[15:44] [Tabatha B. Saotome] He's okay, I can vouch for him.
[15:45] > Anubis Saotome smiles to Veran
[15:45] > Verān sniffs, sneezes, and growls
[15:45] [Anubis Saotome] Uhhh huh.
[15:47] > Miara watches a minute, curious
[15:48] > Anubis Saotome kisses Tabby on the cheek, takes his arm back and stands
[15:49] > Verān watches Anubis
[15:50] [Anubis Saotome] I am going back to quarters to clean up. There is something I would like to discuss with you when you come home.
[15:50] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Oh, okay.
[15:51] [Miara] You're not going to try?
[15:52] > Anubis Saotome finishes his drink and sets his glass on the bar
[15:52] [Anubis Saotome] I am not sure why..... but domesticated animals do not like me.
[15:53] [Anubis Saotome] Good day, Miara.
[15:53] [Miara] Probably cause you don't smell quite Human?
[15:53] [Tabatha B. Saotome] The metal parts, I bet.
[15:53] <-- Anubis Saotome [SuperClone@japanlab.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I am the alpha and omega....)
[15:53] [Tabatha B. Saotome] He says that, but I always boss him around.
[15:55] > Verān sits back down in Tabatha's lap proprietarially
[15:58] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Any reason you adopted him?
[15:58] [Miara] Well, don't you look all smug?
[15:58] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I do?
[15:59] [Miara] He does.
[16:00] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Hehe... thats just his face.
[16:00] [Miara] Cause things are better when you're not alone.
[16:00] [Tabatha B. Saotome] I hear that.
[16:00] > Verān lays over Tabatha's lap, tail wagging a bit
[16:00] [Miara] He challenged someone much bigger than him and won. Last, that's how he thinks
[16:01] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Challenged? Don't tell me you make him fight other dogs?
[16:01] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Oh oh Anuby...
[16:03] [Miara] No. It's how lots of kinds of animals relate to each other
[16:05] [Tabatha B. Saotome] Well, I better go lick the loser's wounds. Nice meeting you, Veran.
[16:05] > Tabatha B. Saotome moves him to Miara's lap and stands.
[16:05] > Verān whines a bit
[16:06] [Miara] Nice seeing you again, Tabatha.
[16:06] [Miara] Have fun~
[16:07] <-- Tabatha B. Saotome has left #reddwarfbeta (Later)
[16:09] [Miara] Well, you. We'd better get going.
[16:09] <-- Miara [amongimmortals@terra.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Stand up and watch me!)
[16:10] <-- Verān has left #reddwarfbeta
[16:39] --> Katori Kaioh (casual) [blueboy@seapalace.nep.co] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[16:39] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Katori Kaioh (casual)
[16:39] > Katori Kaioh (casual) walks in slowly....
[16:42] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] .......
[16:55] > Katori Kaioh (casual) faints onto the floor
[17:00] --> Minako Aino [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[17:00] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Minako Aino
[17:00] > Minako Aino skips in, and stops when she steps on something squishy and large....
[17:01] > Katori Kaioh (casual) is out cold on the floor, hair askew
[17:01] [Minako Aino] Kato? Kato!! O__O
[17:01] > Minako Aino falls next to him and checks his vitals.
[17:02] > Katori Kaioh (casual)'s vitals are weak but stable
[17:04] [Minako Aino] Kato! Kato! Speak to me!
[17:04] > Minako Aino shakes him a little.
[17:05] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] m..mina...
[17:06] [Minako Aino] Daijoubu? What happened?
[17:07] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] have...have to get away...from..mother...and..sister
[17:07] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] @_@ shopping
[17:07] [Minako Aino] O_<
[17:07] [Minako Aino] Ka-to-riiiiii...
[17:08] > Minako Aino strangles him.
[17:09] [Minako Aino] - Don't scare me like that! I thought you had been attacked! Don't you realize how scared you made me?! -
[17:10] > Katori Kaioh (casual) goes blue as he can't breath
[17:10] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] X_x
[17:11] > Katori Kaioh (casual) goes out cold due to lack of oxygen
[17:11] > Minako Aino drops him in angry disgust and goes to the bar.
[17:11] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] X_X
[17:13] [Minako Aino] Oh get up you big baby. If you can't handle shopping how are you going to handle a baby?
[17:14] > Katori Kaioh (casual) doesn't respond
[17:15] > Minako Aino pours a glass of water on his face.
[17:16] > Katori Kaioh (casual) doesn't respond
[17:16] [Minako Aino] ....Kato?
[17:16] > Minako Aino kneels next to him and checks his vitals again..
[17:18] [Minako Aino] This is getting old..
[17:18] > Katori Kaioh (casual)'s vitals are not there
[17:18] [Minako Aino] ......... O__O
[17:18] --> Matsumi Kaze [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[17:18] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze
[17:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze
[17:18] [+Matsumi Kaze] hi, mina
[17:18] > Minako Aino looks around frantically for a moment.
[17:19] [Minako Aino] Matsumi-chan do you know CPR?! O_O
[17:19] [+Matsumi Kaze] yeah I do? why?
[17:19] > Minako Aino is holding an unconscious guy.....
[17:19] [Minako Aino] - HELP! -
[17:20] [+Matsumi Kaze] oh for crying out
[17:20] [+Matsumi Kaze] move
[17:20] > Minako Aino does so, putting him down.
[17:20] > +Matsumi Kaze walks over and starts to do CPR on Katori
[17:20] > +Matsumi Kaze listens to his heart and frowns
[17:21] [+Matsumi Kaze] hate to do this but
[17:21] [Minako Aino] Just do it!
[17:21] > +Matsumi Kaze SLAMS her fists onto Katori's chest
[17:21] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] O_O
[17:21] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] *COUGH COUGH*
[17:21] [+Matsumi Kaze] how did it happen????
[17:21] [Minako Aino] Ohh thank Kami-sama...
[17:24] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] ugh..mina O_o
[17:24] > Minako Aino hugs him, crying. ;___;
[17:24] > +Matsumi Kaze looks over at Katori "huh..almost looks like someone tried to crush your throat in, katori"
[17:25] > Minako Aino bawls harder at that.
[17:25] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] i..it's alright, mina..I forgive you
[17:26] [+Matsumi Kaze] ...man you really must be going nuts, mina
[17:28] [+Matsumi Kaze] (( brb ))
[17:28] [Minako Aino] I ahahahaammmmm ;__; I'm not myself.. the pressure of the baby and the wedding..
[17:33] > Minako Aino cries wildly into his chest.
[17:37] > Katori Kaioh (casual) smiles and strokes Minako's hair "the stress is getting to me too...."
[17:40] > Minako Aino looks at him with her eyes covered in tears.
[17:40] [+Matsumi Kaze] stress is getting to everyone
[17:40] > Katori Kaioh (casual) smiles, though still a little pale
[17:43] [+Matsumi Kaze] any idea what's going on with my brother?
[17:43] [+Matsumi Kaze] he seems almost like a nervious wreck.....
[17:44] > Minako Aino sniffles, trying to regain her composure.
[17:44] [Minako Aino] You.. *sniff* you'll find out at the reception..
[17:45] [+Matsumi Kaze] oh alright
[17:45] > Katori Kaioh (casual) is trying to retie his hair
[17:46] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] you know, mina..the shopping wouldn't be so hard...if it wasn't for the fact my sister and mother can't agree on anything
[17:47] [Minako Aino] They have enough money that they shouldn't have to compromise. 9_9
[17:51] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] still....
[17:59] [Minako Aino] Have your party yet? I meet my sisters tomorrow.
[18:02] [Minako Aino] Maybe thats the real reason you're wore out?
[18:04] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] probably
[18:04] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] O_O
[18:04] > Katori Kaioh (casual) clamps hand over mouth
[18:06] [Minako Aino] O___O
[18:06] > Minako Aino turns red and starts to tremble.
[18:07] [Minako Aino] Must have been good... if you had to lie to me....
[18:10] > Minako Aino takes her water glass back to the bar and refills it.
[18:15] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] well no...OH THAT PARTY
[18:16] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] no no no
[18:16] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] not that sort of party
[18:16] > Minako Aino sips her water.
[18:16] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] this was a required party with some of the extended family ><
[18:16] [Minako Aino] Kato. I'll be much less upset if you tell me the truth.
[18:19] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] ...*sigh*
[18:19] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] yes...we had that party >.>
[18:20] [Minako Aino] Girls? Dancers?
[18:21] > Minako Aino walks over to him, still sipping her water and watching his face.
[18:22] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] a few dancers........but nothing went too far
[18:23] [Minako Aino] Okay.
[18:23] > Minako Aino kisses his cheek.
[18:24] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] when is your party....
[18:25] [Minako Aino] I said tomorrow. Why?
[18:25] > Minako Aino seems to be calming down.
[18:26] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] just curious that's all
[18:26] > Katori Kaioh (casual) kisses minako on the cheek
[18:27] [Minako Aino] I must look hideous right now... all this crying and anger..
[18:27] [Minako Aino] I've frightened Matsumi into silence..
[18:27] [+Matsumi Kaze] yeah your make up is running, mina
[18:28] > Minako Aino goes to the bar, cleaning up and redoing it.
[18:29] [+Matsumi Kaze] (( brb slideshow ))
[18:34] [Minako Aino] Moh.. I have to wash my face. I'll see you at home, Kato.
[18:35] <-- Minako Aino [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Sobieru mirai, Wasurenaide!)
[19:42] --> Chibi-Leady [RockYouLikeAHurricane@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[19:42] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Chibi-Leady detected!
[19:43] > Chibi-Leady gets herself a tall drink from the bar.
[19:44] > Katori Kaioh (casual) finishes fixing his hair
[19:48] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] hm?
[19:49] [Chibi-Leady] Oh, hey there.
[19:49] > Chibi-Leady sips her drink, taking a good long sip from it.
[19:50] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] who are you?
[19:51] [Chibi-Leady] Who, little ol' me? ^_____^
[19:51] [Chibi-Leady] I haven't been around much. I'm an old buddy of Solarchos.
[19:52] [Chibi-Leady] Trust me, I'm nice!
[19:54] [Chibi-Leady] Aren't you the guy that knocked up Minako?
[19:59] > Chibi-Leady shimmy-shimmy cocoa-puffs. ^__^
[20:02] > Chibi-Leady gets herself a refill.
[20:03] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] hmph
[20:03] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] Minako is my financee
[20:04] [Chibi-Leady] Heh. So you DID knock her up! Nicely done.
[20:07] > Katori Kaioh (casual) blushes "what matter is it to you"
[20:07] [Chibi-Leady] Well, this *is* Minako we're talking about. She's almost as klutzy as Usagi.
[20:10] [Chibi-Leady] And now that those horemones are kickin' in, watch out!
[20:19] [Chibi-Leady] So how are you coming along with it all?
[20:21] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] fine I suppose
[20:23] [Chibi-Leady] Well, good for you. Hopefully you won't have to do any midnight market runs for another few months.
[20:26] [Chibi-Leady] Sooooo, what are you up to this late evening? Hope I'm not freaking you out tooooooo much.
[20:26] [Katori Kaioh (casual)] you are being more annoying then anything
[20:28] [+Matsumi Kaze] yup
[20:44] [Chibi-Leady] Hey, I'm just being me.
[20:46] [Chibi-Leady] Hmmmm, tough crowd tonight. :/
[20:48] > Katori Kaioh (casual) has pulled out a rapier and is practicing
[20:50] [Chibi-Leady] Eh, I gotta get going anyway. Night everyone!
[20:50] <-- Chibi-Leady [RockYouLikeAHurricane@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #reddwarfbeta (Chibi-Animamates rule. :P)
[21:30] <-- Katori Kaioh (casual) [blueboy@seapalace.nep.co] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:31] <-- Katori Kaioh (casual) [blueboy@seapalace.nep.co] has left #reddwarfbeta
[21:32] --> David O'Cain (casual) has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:32] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to David O'Cain (casual)
[21:32] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +David O'Cain (casual)
[21:33] > +David O'Cain (casual) takes a seat on a sofa
[21:36] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hmm. Guess it's just me.
[21:36] [+Matsumi Kaze] nope
[21:37] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Oh, hi, Matsumi.
[21:38] [+David O'Cain (casual)] What's up?
[21:39] [+Matsumi Kaze] oh not much
[21:40] [+David O'Cain (casual)] That's good. Been having a good day?
[21:44] [+Matsumi Kaze] it's been ok
[21:45] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Cool.
[21:47] [+Matsumi Kaze] you?
[21:47] > +Matsumi Kaze pulls out some strings and starts to play cat's cradle
[21:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] I've been okay. I...helped Solar get his two girls back.
[21:50] [+Matsumi Kaze] hm...well that's good
[21:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nero kidnapped them...
[21:51] [+Matsumi Kaze] who?
[21:53] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Nero. How shall I explain him? Former MKA Soldier, caused a race of fox people to relocate to Unmei and Egae, has a major grudge against me.
[21:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] And now he's attacked Abh starships, effectively declaring war against them.
[21:57] --> Kitalia [Spirit_Talker@spiritkingdoms.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[21:57] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Kitalia
[21:58] [+Matsumi Kaze] huh...sounds like you have a villian now
[21:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] A nasty one from the looks of it.
[21:59] > Kitalia storms in wearing a pair of black business-style slacks along with a crisp white blouse and tight fitting grey pinstripe vest "UGH! Stupid people who can't understand stupid plain common sense!"
[21:59] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Huh?
[22:00] > Kitalia flops onto a couch with a sigh "Why must trying to fit in with normal people who have no clue of reality be so difficult at times?"
[22:01] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Maybe folks just wanna be difficult. (shrugs)
[22:03] [Kitalia] People were talking about Sailor V's outfit saying how improper it is for a young lady to wear that type of outfit... It's like "look around, there are girls who wear less than that that are even younger."
[22:03] [+Matsumi Kaze] yo
[22:03] [+Matsumi Kaze] huh what about Sailor V
[22:04] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Very true. I've noticed that myself regarding how young girls dress.
[22:08] [Kitalia] Sailor V is MODEST in comparison to many young girls now! Hell Sailor V's uniform is more modest than the starlights' uniforms!
[22:08] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh.
[22:14] [+Matsumi Kaze] so what's wrong with our fukus?
[22:18] > +David O'Cain (casual) is away: Excuse me a moment.
[22:32] [Kitalia] Nothing >< I was saying they're modest compared to what teenage girls are wearing these days! ><
[22:32] [+Matsumi Kaze] true enough
[22:34] [Kitalia] My opinion is that Sailor V is more modest than people think and I got yelled at today by someone who said I didn't know anything >\ I wanted to say I know Minako-sama personally... But I just gave up trying to reason with the person
[22:36] [+Matsumi Kaze] oh are you going to her wedding then?
[22:39] [Kitalia] Wait whaaaa? D: I didn't know Minako-sama's getting married! I've been on Earth and out of touch with home for a while T_T
[22:40] [+Matsumi Kaze] yeah...she's pregnant too
[22:40] [Kitalia] whaaaa!?
[22:40] [Kitalia] Well congratulations for Minako-sama!
[22:40] [Kitalia] ^_^ I'm glad she's found someone!
[22:41] > +David O'Cain (casual) is back
[22:41] [+Matsumi Kaze] mmhm
[22:41] [+Matsumi Kaze] she's marrying Michiru's younger brother
[22:41] [Kitalia] Really?!
[22:41] [Kitalia] What does Michiru-sama have to say about this?
[22:42] [+Matsumi Kaze] I'm not sure honestly XD
[22:42] --> Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[22:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Matsuo Shin (casual)
[22:42] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] hi sis..oh..hello there
[22:42] > Matsuo Shin (casual) blinks at kit
[22:43] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Hey, Matsuo.
[22:43] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh hello, david
[22:46] [+David O'Cain (casual)] How're you?
[22:47] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] I'm fine
[22:51] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um who is this?
[22:59] > Matsuo Shin (casual) looks at Kit
[23:00] > +David O'Cain (casual) looks at Kitalia
[23:00] ➣ Kitalia: Kitalia is about 6 years old with long black hair that has natural blood-red highlights. She loves sports and martial arts, which is why she tends to latch onto Seiya. She also gets bored easily and tends to seek out her brother or Shiro.
[23:06] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Kid, would you like to introduce yourself?
[23:11] [+Kurisutaru] Oh um I'm Kakyuu's younger daughter...the youngest of us that lived that is >>
[23:12] [+Kurisutaru] Oh, that reminds me.... I should probably have left a message telling Seiya I was coming here >>
[23:12] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] who's Kakyuu?
[23:12] [+Kurisutaru] Since seiya is responsible for me right now...
[23:12] [Kitalia] ^
[23:12] [Kitalia] (( All of Kurisutaru should've been Kitalia I clicked the wrong tab XD ))
[23:13] [Kitalia] Kakyuu? My mom's the ruler of Kinmoku...
[23:13] [Kitalia] Well, was
[23:13] [Kitalia] It's somewhat blurred right now >>
[23:14] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] what is Kinmoku?
[23:14] [Kitalia] Kinmoku is a planet...
[23:16] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh I see
[23:16] [Kitalia] Maybe Aunt Mats could explain it better...
[23:17] [+Matsumi Kaze] I could..but I rather see my brother squirm >.>
[23:17] [+Matsumi Kaze] *^_^
[23:17] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] >.>;;;
[23:20] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Heh. You're nuts, Matsumi. :P
[23:20] [Kitalia] Aunt! >< It's kinda hard to explain things...
[23:21] [+Matsumi Kaze] mua-ha-ha!
[23:22] > Kitalia is away: sorry seiya's calling
[23:24] [+Matsumi Kaze] heh
[23:27] [+David O'Cain (casual)] So, what's going on, Matsuo?
[23:29] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] um not much
[23:34] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Alright.
[23:48] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] yourself?
[23:51] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Helped Solar out last night getting his two little girls back from captors.
[23:52] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] oh..I see
[23:54] > Kitalia is back
[23:54] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Yeah. Thankfully, they are safe. But we had to fight of some enemies to get them back.
[23:55] > Matsuo Shin (casual) nods
[23:59] > Kitalia is completely drenched and shivering "I swear, one of these days.... I can't believe Seiya called me for training and then bashed me into the outdoor pond! Kinmoku may be fairly warm for most people's idea of winter but it's still fairly cold to me barely 5 above freezing ><
[23:59] [Kitalia] >\
[00:00] >>> Sunday Feb 13 2011 <<<
[00:00] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Don't know what to say, kid.
[00:00] > Matsuo Shin (casual) puts a hand on kit's shoulder
[00:00] > Matsuo Shin (casual) has a pale hollow look in his face
[00:00] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ....you are so damn lucky, child...so damn lucky
[00:08] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] o-o
[00:11] [Kitalia] ?
[00:12] [Kitalia] O-o
[00:14] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] you should be happy
[00:14] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ...you were never trained by Beowolf or Freya
[00:15] [Kitalia] ...I've had Shiro who tried to kill me more than once in our training sessions ><
[00:15] [Kitalia] But I assume Beowolf and Freya are even worse than that?
[00:18] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] ..actually pretty much the same
[00:19] [Kitalia] ><
[00:19] [Kitalia] Even if I was really sick I still had to train at Shiro's pace ><
[00:20] [Kitalia] At least Seiya scaled it back if I could barely stay standing.
[00:24] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Can't do as well when sick, can you?
[00:30] [Kitalia] Not really ><
[00:38] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] are you sick?
[00:48] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Let's hope not.
[01:10] > Kitalia shakes her head I shouldn't be...
[01:11] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Good.
[01:27] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] good then
[01:33] > +David O'Cain (casual) gets himself something to drink
[01:46] [+Matsumi Kaze] sooooooo I heard a teeny tiny rumor that my bro-bro had a party last night
[01:46] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] >.>
[01:50] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Eh?
[01:57] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] please don't tell Ami ><
[01:58] [+David O'Cain (casual)] Okay, man.
[02:11] > Matsuo Shin (casual) is blushing
[02:27] > +Matsumi Kaze yawns as does Matsuo
[02:27] [+Matsumi Kaze] I guess I better head home
[02:27] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] same
[02:28] [+Matsumi Kaze] night david
[02:28] [Matsuo Shin (casual)] night
[02:28] <-- +Matsumi Kaze [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #reddwarfbeta (tired)
[02:28] <-- Matsuo Shin (casual) [PsychicGuy@Q.Tech.gov] has left #reddwarfbeta (time to head home)
[02:31] <-- +David O'Cain (casual) has left #reddwarfbeta (Night.)
[02:45] --> Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:45] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) reporting for duty.
[02:47] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) walks over to the bar, making herself a drink.
[02:53] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) finishes making her warm drink, walking over and sitting on one of the sofas. Pulling a pad out of one of her pockets and looking it over.
[02:57] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) pulls out a stylus, writing something
[02:59] --> Rowenta (Pajamas) [Orangetabby@reddwarf.co.uk] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[02:59] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Rowenta (Pajamas)
[02:59] [@HOL_6000] +Rowenta (Pajamas) reporting for duty.
[03:00] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) walks in, purring loudly enough to be heard across the room.
[03:03] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) looks up | Hey Rowe-san. You're up late. ^_^
[03:04] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Hi, Kaede-chan~
[03:05] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) bounds quickly across the room, snuggling and nuzzling against her as she purrs~
[03:06] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) giggles and hugs Rowe, setting down her pad
[03:06] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] You're very affectionate tonight, Rowe-san. ♡ ^_^
[03:07] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I think it happened-nya~ ♡
[03:08] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Oh?
[03:09] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) rolls over on her back and pats her belly.
[03:10] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) thinks and gasps | Wait..... you mean you.... and Nate-kun...?
[03:12] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I think so-nya~~
[03:13] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) giggles and hugs Rowe | I hope you're right, because that's so exciting!
[03:13] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Felis women tend to be super affectionate when they're pregnant~
[03:14] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) nuzzles Kaede back, her face vibrating from the strength of her purrs~
[03:15] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) giggles more| You're purring really loud... it's very cute~
[03:19] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) curls up on the sofa, her head in Kaede's lap, purring still~
[03:20] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) smiles and lightly stroke's Rowe's ears
[03:20] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] This is so nice. ^_^
[03:21] --> Nate Detroit [SmashChamp@reddwarf.com] has joined #reddwarfbeta
[03:21] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +o to Nate Detroit
[03:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, @Nate Detroit
[03:21] [@Nate Detroit] Its been really nice up here, lately.
[03:21] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Hey Nate-kun
[03:21] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] NATE-KUN~~~ *purr purr purr*
[03:22] [@Nate Detroit] Hello dearest. Hello fairly endeared also.
[03:22] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] There's a special kitty on my lap. ^_^
[03:23] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I think it might be two~ooooo~~
[03:24] > @Nate Detroit laughs and smiles, walking behind them, scratching Rowe behind the ears and stroking Kaede's hair.
[03:25] [@Nate Detroit] Think so?
[03:26] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] She seems pretty sure.
[03:26] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Mmmmmhmmm~ Felis women get really super affectionate during pregnancy, especially early on~
[03:27] [@Nate Detroit] Like you're cold and distant regularly~
[03:27] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) giggles
[03:28] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) reaches over, picking up her drink and sips
[03:29] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I can't stop myself right now-nya~ I almost nuzzled right through Vana-chan today~~
[03:30] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] I bet sensei enjoyed that.
[03:30] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] :3 :3
[03:30] [@Nate Detroit] Hmm... sorta like how we met, though that wasn't nuzzles and snuggles.
[03:31] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Oooo la la
[03:31] [@Nate Detroit] We'll have to do something nice for your sister.
[03:33] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Rowe-san has a sister?
[03:33] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Nya? O_o
[03:33] [@Nate Detroit] Oh, wait.. didn't I tell you?
[03:34] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Tell me what? O_o
[03:35] [@Nate Detroit] She gave me pills that... well, without going into the gritty details, made this possible.
[03:35] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) looks confused.
[03:36] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Who's "she"?
[03:36] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I'm an only child, so I don't have a sister..
[03:37] [@Nate Detroit] That other Rowenta with the purple hair.
[03:37] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] o_O
[03:37] [@Nate Detroit] I could have swore you met before. Kaede's met her.
[03:38] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) thinks | Oh wait, y eah!
[03:38] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] I remember her now!
[03:39] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) is so totally baffled that her purring has stopped cold.
[03:40] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] o_o There's another me running around?
[03:41] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah... um.. she's just like you but has purple hair and seems to have a lot more magical power. Likes to walk on the ceiling.
[03:41] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) nods lightly |
[03:41] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) continues to stroke Rowe's ears
[03:41] [@Nate Detroit] It's nothing to worry about, dear.
[03:42] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] If you say so... O_o
[03:43] [@Nate Detroit] I think she teaches at some magic school.
[03:43] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] She's really sweet, just like you.
[03:46] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] That's comforting. ^_^;
[03:47] > @Nate Detroit squeezes in with them.
[03:47] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] You'll have to introduce us sometime, I guess. ^_^;;
[03:50] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) lays down across Nate and Kaede's laps~
[03:51] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) smiles leaning agianst Nate and continuing to pet Rowe
[03:52] > @Nate Detroit puts an arm around ether of them.
[03:53] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] I feel so warm and content right here. ^_^
[03:53] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) purrs~
[03:53] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah. Pity it wont last after my spawn bursts screaming from her womb.
[03:55] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] :P :P :P
[03:56] [@Nate Detroit] Heh.. nah, I wasnt a bad baby. Wasn't a bad kid ether, but some of that came from.. well.. yeah.. I was never given much room to spread my wings.
[03:58] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] :<
[03:58] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Well, you two both know that I'm going to help any way I can. :)
[03:58] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I think we can improve on that-nya.
[03:58] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Thanks-nya~ ♡
[03:59] [@Nate Detroit] I hope so. I know so. I can't wait to see how I might have turned out if my parents had more faith in me and didn't treat me like a burden and an accident. And we're counting on you to babysit, Kaede.
[04:00] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Of course.
[04:02] [@Nate Detroit] I just hope it has your brain.. ~_~
[04:03] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Aww..
[04:05] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) yawns lightly
[04:06] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Mousy's starting to get tired
[04:06] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah.. it is really really late..
[04:07] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] As nice as I feel with you two, my bed is calling.
[04:07] [@Nate Detroit] Get out of here, beautiful.
[04:08] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) gives each of them a kiss with a smile
[04:08] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) sits up on Nate's lap so Kaede can escape~
[04:08] > @Nate Detroit returns the kiss and pinches her butt as she turns to leave.
[04:08] > +Rowenta (Pajamas) kisses back~ ♡
[04:09] > Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) giggles at the pinch as she gets up
[04:09] [Kaede Sasaki (PJ's)] Nighty NIght Nate-kun, Rowe-san.... and congradulations. ^_^
[04:10] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Thanks-nya~~ ♡
[04:11] <-- Kaede Sasaki (PJ's) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #reddwarfbeta (I'm so happy for them... gott'a tell Kalli-chan)
[04:11] [@Nate Detroit] We've both come a long way, huh?
[04:13] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Very much so-nya~
[04:17] [@Nate Detroit] We've got a lot of work ahead of us, too. And, lets see.. two plus nine, should be due in November.. bahh.. right around my busy season..
[04:18] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] It might be a little sooner.
[04:18] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Felis' usually carry for 8 months, not 9.
[04:18] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I guess we bake just a bit faster. :P
[04:19] [@Nate Detroit] Oh. Heh. Well, you're carrying a human, too. It'll probably average out, and really humans carry for about nine and a half. We'll see though.
[04:21] [@Nate Detroit] Gotta pick schools, come up with a name, clothes, a crib..
[04:22] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Well, at least we have a little time to sort that all out-nya.
[04:24] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah. Hope its a boy..
[04:24] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Oh?
[04:25] [@Nate Detroit] Yeah.. I think in my mind I want to have a boy so I can reboot my childhood and try to make it happy.
[04:25] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] Aww..
[04:26] [+Rowenta (Pajamas)] I wouldn't mind either way.
[04:27] [@Nate Detroit] Oh, its not like I wouldn't love a girl too.. but.. yeah.. I hope its a boy. ^_^