[01:18] >>> Thursday Jul 26 2018 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[01:18] [Constance Kou (casual)] look not important! I'm really happy for you two and I think maybe i should go >.>
[01:22] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Awwww, come on Conney.... tell me who it is?
[01:23] [Constance Kou (casual)] it was great seeing you tonight but I've gotta split!
[01:23] > Constance Kou (casual) HUUUUGS Urvashi and runs!
[01:23] <-- Constance Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (...that...was...close)
[01:24] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) smirks a bit
[01:24] <-- Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (I will figure this you out, Conney.)
[23:14] ➣ Kou Estate, home of the Star Samurai
[23:14] --> Constance Kou (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Constance Kou (casual)
[23:14] > Constance Kou (casual) streaaaaches
[23:20] ➣ Constance gets a message on her phone
[23:20] > Constance Kou (casual) pauses and checks
[23:21] ➣ The message reads - Are you busy?
[23:22] > Constance Kou (casual) looks around.....and texts back "no..not busy"
[23:26] ➣ Another message comes in - Good.... come outside.
[23:27] > Constance Kou (casual) looks around...and sneaks outside
[23:30] --> Francisco Romano (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Francisco Romano (Casual)
[23:30] > Francisco Romano (Casual) leans against the wall next to the door
[23:30] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Hey there, doll.
[23:30] [Constance Kou (casual)] Francy!
[23:30] > Constance Kou (casual) runs over to him!
[23:30] > Constance Kou (casual) looks at Francisco Romano
[23:30] ➣ Francisco Romano: Franc is 6'4" with a fairly thin build, long dark hair, blue eyes and a thin goatee. He has a sophisticated look and air about him, but there's clearly something he's hiding.
[23:31] > Constance Kou (casual) goes over to hug him!
[23:38] > Francisco Romano (Casual) hugs back and smiles
[23:39] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] And how's my Conny tonight?
[23:40] [Constance Kou (casual)] heh bored really....tried to do some practice but it was no fun alone
[23:46] [Constance Kou (casual)] missed you!
[23:47] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I missed you too.... I'm glad I made it over here.
[23:48] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Things got a little..... hectic out there today.
[23:50] [Constance Kou (casual)] you're ok though?....my cousin has been asking about you >.> haven't said anything
[23:53] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I'm fine... but as you know.... the law isn't exactly my friend right now
[23:54] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..I know.....*hugs Francisco tightly*
[23:54] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..wish I could do more
[23:56] > Francisco Romano (Casual) holds Constance and smiles
[23:56] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Your support is all I can ask right now.
[23:57] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] The family business has never been kind, but it's something I have to deal with now.
[23:57] [Constance Kou (casual)] you know I just know my cousin sonya would say you're taking advantage of me :P
[00:00] >>> Friday Jul 27 2018 <<<
[00:01] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] How am I taking advantage? I've never asked you for anything I couldn't provide for myself.... besides your special brand of affection.
[00:04] > Constance Kou (casual) kisses Francisco
[00:10] > Francisco Romano (Casual) kisses back and smiles
[00:11] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] What do you plan on doing if one of your cousins finds out who I am finally?
[00:15] [Constance Kou (casual)] ...well..i'll just....take out my rapier and fight them off!
[00:18] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Oh no..... we can't have that
[00:19] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I won't be letting you fight your own family over me.
[00:21] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Though it begs a question....
[00:21] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Do you ever regret getting mixed up with someone like me?
[00:24] [Constance Kou (casual)] course not..never!
[00:28] > Francisco Romano (Casual) sighs
[00:28] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Well, hopefully one day, I can clear my family's name and we wont have these worries
[00:29] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] But on to more pleasant topics.... what would you like to do tonight before I have to leave
[00:29] [Constance Kou (casual)] hm?
[00:29] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..a walk in the moonlight?
[00:35] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Easily done
[00:35] > Francisco Romano (Casual) takes her hand and smiles lightly
[00:37] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You said earlier you were practicing?
[00:39] [Constance Kou (casual)] always am
[00:47] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You might have to show me your skills one day.
[00:49] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..heh I will! and beat you at it too ^_~
[00:50] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You think so, hmm?
[00:50] > Francisco Romano (Casual) smirks to her as they walk
[01:04] [Constance Kou (casual)] oh know so hee
[01:05] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] We shall see, my dear lady
[01:07] > Francisco Romano (Casual)'s phone goes off and he takes it from his pocket
[01:07] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Yes?
[01:09] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Of course...... we'll deal with that in the morning.
[01:09] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] How well are you and the ship hidden?
[01:13] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Very good. We'll reconnect in the morning.
[01:13] [Constance Kou (casual)] ??
[01:13] > Francisco Romano (Casual) puts his phone back in his pocket
[01:15] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Sorry, like I said, had a rough eveing.
[01:18] [Constance Kou (casual)] well you can relax here
[01:19] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I'm very glad for that.
[01:22] > Constance Kou (casual) yawns just a little
[01:24] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Sounds like we should start back
[01:25] [Constance Kou (casual)] aw man..was hoping to last longer
[01:29] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Yes well.... sometimes our bodies betray us.
[01:29] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Come on my dear, I'll walk you home.
[01:29] [Constance Kou (casual)] escort me home?
[01:29] > Constance Kou (casual) grins
[01:31] <-- Constance Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (..I'm so lucky)
[01:33] <-- Francisco Romano (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'm glad you think that way <3)
[21:55] ➣ Kou Estate, training grounds
[21:55] --> Constance Kou (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:55] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Constance Kou (casual)
[21:55] > Constance Kou (casual) walks onto the training grounds, wiping down her blade
[22:04] --> Francisco Romano (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Francisco Romano (Casual)
[22:05] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Here you are, dear.
[22:05] [Constance Kou (casual)] huh? Franc!
[22:10] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Getting some practice in?
[22:14] [Constance Kou (casual)] of oourse! have to keep up my abilities!
[22:17] > Constance Kou (casual) grins
[22:17] > Francisco Romano (Casual) smirks a bit
[22:17] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] What would you say to a sparing match?
[22:21] [Constance Kou (casual)] a sparring match??
[22:23] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Yeah
[22:24] > Constance Kou (casual) pauses..and grins "alright"
[22:24] > Constance Kou (casual) gets herself into a postion
[22:24] > Francisco Romano (Casual) takes a cylindrical object from his pocket and shakes it a bit, causing what appears to be a blade made of light to appear.
[22:34] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..whoa
[22:35] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Ya' like that? Tool of the trade.
[22:39] > Constance Kou (casual) grins and gets ready "en gard!"
[22:40] > Francisco Romano (Casual) takes a stance that looks rather familiar.
[22:49] > Constance Kou (casual) goes for a thrust!
[22:53] > Francisco Romano (Casual) parries and goes for a counter strike
[22:57] > Constance Kou (casual) barly manages to block
[22:59] [Constance Kou (casual)] hee!
[22:59] > Constance Kou (casual) goes for another thrust
[23:02] > Francisco Romano (Casual) blocks and deflects the thust
[23:05] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Heyah!
[23:05] > Francisco Romano (Casual) takes a swipe
[23:07] > Constance Kou (casual) is nearly hit and gets part of her clothes cut O_O
[23:10] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Oops.... I thought I turned the intensity down on the blade
[23:10] > Francisco Romano (Casual) taps on the handle a few times
[23:10] [Constance Kou (casual)] or did you do that on purpose :P
[23:17] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Why ever would you say that?
[23:22] [Constance Kou (casual)] never mind ^^;;; forgot you actually have honor!
[23:22] > Constance Kou (casual) goes for a slash!
[23:26] > Francisco Romano (Casual) side steps but almost takes the hit
[23:27] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Well now.... you are getting better.
[23:28] [Constance Kou (casual)] been training alot!
[23:31] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I can tell
[23:32] > Francisco Romano (Casual) hits a button and the blade vanishes
[23:37] [Constance Kou (casual)] huh what?
[23:38] > Francisco Romano (Casual) flips the handle around and offers it to Constance
[23:38] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You wanna try?
[23:41] [Constance Kou (casual)] may I?
[23:41] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Sure
[23:42] > Constance Kou (casual) takes it..and switches it on
[23:43] > Francisco Romano (Casual) watches as the blade materializes
[23:44] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Right now it's on the lowest setting.... the little switch next to the power button turns up the intensity.
[23:45] > Constance Kou (casual) blinks and tries turning it up
[23:47] ➣ The blade changes color from white to blue
[23:52] > Constance Kou (casual) tries swinging it a little
[23:59] ➣ The sword makes a buzzing noise as she swings it
[00:00] >>> Saturday Jul 28 2018 <<<
[00:00] > Constance Kou (casual) is having a hard time with it, it looks like
[00:01] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You might want to turn the blade down again
[00:03] > Constance Kou (casual) turns it down
[00:12] [Constance Kou (casual)] it feels weird...like I don't have a blade at all
[00:14] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Yeah, it takes some getting used to
[00:18] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..bet you've made good use of this hehe
[00:19] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Oh yeah.... it's come in handy in quite a few raids
[00:24] [Constance Kou (casual)] ..sometiems I wish i could come with you on a raid
[00:33] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You know there are few things I would ever deny you... that's one of them.
[00:34] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I don't need you getting into trouble on my behalf.
[00:37] [Constance Kou (casual)] I know....
[00:37] [Constance Kou (casual)] just every time you go out..I'm worried something might happen to you
[00:40] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I know....
[00:40] > Francisco Romano (Casual) puts his hand on her's, turning off the blade
[00:40] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] .... but I won't give up until our name is clean again.
[00:46] > Constance Kou (casual) smiles to Francicso
[01:02] [Constance Kou (casual)] ok I think I've practiced enough!
[01:07] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Well then, what would you like to do with the rest of the night?
[01:11] [Constance Kou (casual)] ...escort me again around the grounds ^^ I love it
[01:15] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Of course, m'lady
[01:15] > Francisco Romano (Casual) takes her hand with a smile, leaning in to give her a light kiss
[01:17] > Constance Kou (casual) blushes and kisses back
[01:21] > Francisco Romano (Casual) leads her out away from the training grounds
[01:21] <-- Francisco Romano (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I am your guard, please tell me where you'd like to go.)
[01:22] <-- Constance Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (well...)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Jul 29 2018 <<<
[23:46] ➣ Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Marriot Downtown Hotel
[23:47] --> Joanna Smithson (PJs) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (PJs)
[23:47] > Joanna Smithson (PJs) is lounging on the bed, typing on her phone
[23:53] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] ugh wish the wi-fi was better here...
[23:56] --> Vanadine (Nightwear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:56] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Nightwear)
[23:56] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Nightwear)
[23:56] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I know what ya' mean
[23:58] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] mmm good to be back in the room though
[00:00] >>> Monday Jul 30 2018 <<<
[00:02] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I know what you mean....
[00:02] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] ... I've never had so many interviews after a show, even back at home.
[00:04] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] makes a bit of a change
[00:07] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Yeah, fun.... but tiring.
[00:08] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] you miss home at all?
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Of course I do
[00:15] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] was worried a little that the trip was getting to you *laughs a little to herself*
[00:16] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] What do you mean?
[00:17] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] eh nothing
[00:18] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] when's our next show?
[00:19] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] We leave here tomorrow for Winnepeg
[00:23] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] man I lived in minnesota all my life..never been to canada
[00:24] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] No?
[00:25] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] not once
[00:25] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] We went to Toronto last time we were here.
[00:28] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] ........
[00:28] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] yeah I'm an idiot >.>
[00:28] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] must have been that drink I had eariler
[00:33] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) shakes her head a bit
[00:34] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] The last tour I went on to the west brought here.
[00:35] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] OH..oh....
[00:35] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] ....yeah....I..probably should not have had that drink
[00:35] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] making my thinking muddled
[00:38] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) giggles a little
[00:39] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) sits up then suddenly springs from her bed to Jo's, pinning her down with a smirk
[00:39] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] whoa!
[00:40] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Maybe now's the time I finally take advantage of you like I've always wanted~
[00:41] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] heh really now?
[00:43] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) leans in to the point where her nose is touching Jo's
[00:43] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Mmmhmmm~
[00:44] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] you sure your brother won't be upset?
[00:46] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I honestly doubt he would mind
[00:49] > Joanna Smithson (PJs) blushes
[00:54] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] You gonna stop me or are you just gonna lay there and let me have my way with you?~
[00:55] [Joanna Smithson (PJs)] I feel too wobbly to do anything
[00:56] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) smirks
[00:56] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Alright then...... you're mine tonight!~
[00:57] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) kisses Jo as she telekinetic-ally turns out the lights
[00:57] <-- +Vanadine (Nightwear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (Mmmmm <3)
[00:58] <-- Joanna Smithson (PJs) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Jul 31 2018 <<<
[00:15] ➣ Kinmoku / Kou Estate / Urvashi's Room
[00:15] --> Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)
[00:15] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) looks over some things on a monitor.
[00:20] [Markus (casual)] anything new?
[00:20] --> Markus (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:20] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Markus (casual)
[00:20] > Markus (casual) walks out from another room
[00:22] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Oh a couple things
[00:23] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] I'm trying to multi task a bit.... something is really bothering e.
[00:29] [Markus (casual)] huh what is bothering you?
[00:30] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Conny has this..... lover, that she's super secretive about.
[00:35] [Markus (casual)] ...and you're trying to find more information about them?
[00:41] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Yup
[00:44] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] I'm checking for sightings of them about the city.
[00:46] [Markus (casual)] ..worried about ther?
[00:46] [Markus (casual)] *her?
[00:48] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] A little, yeah.... I mean there has to be a reason she's keeping this person such a big secret.
[00:55] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] I mean..... what it it's a woman?
[00:57] [Markus (casual)] would that be so bad?
[00:57] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Personally, I don't think so.... but I'm not sure what her parents would thing.
[00:58] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) continues to search
[01:00] [Markus (casual)] heh being a bit of a detective? any luck?
[01:01] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Not at all
[01:04] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) yawns lightly
[01:09] [Markus (casual)] tired?
[01:10] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Just a little
[01:11] [Markus (casual)] maybe you should get some rest
[01:13] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] I'm not that tired yet.
[01:18] [Markus (casual)] well you shouldn't wear ourself out
[01:33] [Urvashi Kou (Nightwear)] Yeah.... I suppose you're right
[01:38] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) turns off her computer and slowly stands
[01:46] > Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) stretches and yawns again
[01:48] <-- Urvashi Kou (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (Since you're so worried about it.... escort me to bed.~ <3)
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Aug 01 2018 <<<
[00:19] ➣ Jennifer and Hitoshi's place
[00:19] --> Hitoshi Kazu (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hitoshi Kazu (casual)
[00:19] > Hitoshi Kazu (casual) walks in, soaking wet "..I'm home ><"
[00:20] --> Jennifer Kazu (casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:20] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jennifer Kazu (casual)
[00:21] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Welcome home, dear....
[00:21] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] ... you forgot your umbrella again, didn't you?
[00:23] [Hitoshi Kazu (casual)] ...yuuuup
[00:23] [Hitoshi Kazu (casual)] and just in time for a downpour..ugh..I'm soaked
[00:23] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Awwww... sweetheart.... let me get you a towel
[00:23] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Or three....
[00:24] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) goes into the bathroom and comes out with a pair of beach towels
[00:28] > Hitoshi Kazu (casual) is trying to remove his shirt but it's plastered onto him
[00:31] > Hitoshi Kazu (casual) ends up getting it stock on his head
[00:34] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Hold on...
[00:34] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) walks over, trying to dry Hitoshi off and helping him remove his shirt at the same time.
[00:35] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] gah..thank you, jenny
[00:35] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] heh ever feel sorry for marrying such an idiot like me ^^;;
[00:36] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] What? Never....
[00:36] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] You're not an idiot
[00:38] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] heh I sometimes feel like it
[00:39] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] ..how was your day then?
[00:39] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Oh, not bad
[00:40] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) hands Hitoshi one of the towels while helping to dry him off with the other
[00:41] > Hitoshi Kazu (pants) works on drying himself off ><
[00:43] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] The arcade is going well.... but I'm planning of the downswing when school starts.
[00:47] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] oh i was going to tell you...
[00:48] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] ..I um..might have a lead on a new machine
[00:48] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] well old machine...but....you know
[00:49] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Oh? What machine?
[00:52] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] ..I don't know yet
[00:52] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] but one of my teammates said he had a lead on one and was willing to get it for us
[00:56] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Ooooo
[01:00] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] though it might be of use
[01:01] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] We'll have to see what it is first.
[01:02] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) musses Hitoshi's hair with the towel, grinning ab it
[01:02] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] There... that feel better?
[01:04] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] heh much
[01:06] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Good
[01:06] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) kisses Hitoshi, one of her hands lightly tracing over his chest
[01:10] > Hitoshi Kazu (pants) kisses back and smiles
[01:17] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] well now I feel better
[01:18] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) grins / That help warm ya' up?
[01:22] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] completely toasty!
[01:29] [Hitoshi Kazu (pants)] how about we make it a bit more toasty
[01:29] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Good....
[01:29] [Jennifer Kazu (casual)] Mmmm.... you learn how to read minds?~
[01:36] > Hitoshi Kazu (pants) scoops up his wife
[01:36] <-- Hitoshi Kazu (pants) has left #eventsbeta (I can always read your heart <3)
[02:06] > Jennifer Kazu (casual) giggles as she's scooped up
[02:06] <-- Jennifer Kazu (casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Aug 04 2018 <<<
[23:01] ➣ Mark's Place
[23:01] --> Markus (PJs) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:01] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Markus (PJs)
[23:01] > Markus (PJs) is lounging in his room reading a pad
[23:02] ➣ A message pops up on Markus' phone
[23:04] > Markus (PJs) blinks and checks his phone
[23:06] --> Urvashi Kou (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Urvashi Kou (casual)
[23:06] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Can you come outside?
[23:12] > Markus (PJs) blinks but texts back that he can
[23:15] > Urvashi Kou (casual) texts back / Good, I'm tired of waiting out here and I can't find anything to throw at your window.
[23:15] [Markus (PJs)] !
[23:15] > Markus (PJs) goes outside
[23:20] > Urvashi Kou (casual) waves to Mark
[23:20] [Markus (PJs)] I'm sorry I kept you waiting!
[23:21] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] It's okay.... I just was trying to be more subtle about getting your attention, bu then couldn't find anything small enough to toss at your window that wouldn't break it.
[23:24] [Markus (PJs)] heh what are you doing here?
[23:26] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Well... I needed to get out of the house.
[23:26] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] That and I wanted to see you.
[23:26] [Markus (PJs)] is something wrong?
[23:28] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Not so much wrong.... I just had to get out.
[23:28] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] I think mother is getting suspicious..... she's checking my search history every couple days
[23:28] [Markus (PJs)] well you're..always welcome here
[23:28] [Markus (PJs)] ...about us?
[23:32] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Yeah
[23:32] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] I think she caught a look over my shoulder the other night while I was looking at homes on Earth.
[23:33] [Markus (PJs)] ..what do we do?
[23:39] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Well, there isn't much we can do until she says something.
[23:40] [Markus (PJs)] let's go inside..dont' want you to be uncomfortble
[23:42] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Sure, lead the way.
[23:42] > Urvashi Kou (casual) smiles
[23:45] > Markus (PJs) walks into his house, holding the door for Urvashi
[23:45] > Urvashi Kou (casual) follows with a smile
[23:48] [Markus (PJs)] my abode!
[23:51] > Urvashi Kou (casual) looks around
[23:55] ➣ the house..isn't too specactular..little messy..obviously belongs to a lower middle class family
[23:56] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] I like your home..... it's so much more simple than my place.
[23:58] [Markus (PJs)] really?...I think it's...kind of boring
[00:00] >>> Sunday Aug 05 2018 <<<
[00:05] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] I do like it.
[00:06] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Sometimes I think my home is too busy.
[00:06] [Markus (PJs)] you know if you want..you could.........stay here for the night
[00:06] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Oh really?
[00:09] > Markus (PJs) blushes and nods
[00:11] > Urvashi Kou (casual) smirks a bit, grabbing Mark from behind
[00:11] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] You want me to stay with you tonight, Mark?~
[00:15] [Markus (PJs)] would love it
[00:16] [Urvashi Kou (casual)] Well then.... that is what I'll do
[00:17] > Urvashi Kou (casual) starts to unbutton her top
[00:18] > Markus (PJs) smiles a little
[00:21] <-- Urvashi Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'm sure you won't mind... I don't have any regular nightclothes with me <3)
[00:23] <-- Markus (PJs) has left #eventsbeta (..I don't mind <3)
[21:26] ➣ Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - Hotel Le Concorde Quebec
[21:26] --> Vanadine (casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:26] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (casual)
[21:26] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (casual)
[21:29] --> Joanna Smithson (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (Casual)
[21:29] > +Vanadine (casual) walks into the room, looking rather tired
[21:30] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] oh hey vana
[21:31] [+Vanadine (casual)] Finally done with the press junket
[21:31] > +Vanadine (casual) walks over and plops down onto her bed
[21:31] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh drain you?
[21:31] [+Vanadine (casual)] Ooooh yeah... luck you, gettin' to dip out early.
[21:32] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ha lucky me
[21:36] > +Vanadine (casual) sighs, laying on her back
[21:36] [+Vanadine (casual)] I'm just glad we're done here.
[21:36] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] where to next?
[21:37] > +Vanadine (casual) picks up her phone, looking it over
[21:38] [+Vanadine (casual)] Looks like we hit the states and head south
[21:38] [+Vanadine (casual)] We leave for New York tomorrow night.
[21:42] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] maybe we can visit my sister there.....my other sister
[21:47] [+Vanadine (casual)] Oh yeah?
[21:49] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah she lives there
[21:49] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] sara...tell you about her sometime
[21:50] [+Vanadine (casual)] I never knew you had another sister.
[21:52] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah..youngest one
[21:52] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) stretches
[21:54] > +Vanadine (casual) looks over with a smirk
[21:54] [+Vanadine (casual)] She cute like you?~
[21:54] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] hm?
[21:54] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) blushes a little
[21:54] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] wel if you go by matsumi...more irritating then anything
[21:54] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] short and angry
[21:55] [+Vanadine (casual)] So.... kinda like Himeko before she met her boyfriend?
[21:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah like her
[21:57] [+Vanadine (casual)] Ahhh
[22:01] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] well..nowe we can relax
[22:01] [+Vanadine (casual)] Yup...
[22:01] ➣ just as she says that, Vana's phone goes off
[22:02] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] it's yoru phone
[22:03] > +Vanadine (casual) picks up her phone, looking at the screen and answering it
[22:03] [+Vanadine (casual)] Hiii sweety~
[22:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] heeeey honey ^^
[22:06] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] ^
[22:08] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] I misss yooooou
[22:10] [+Vanadine (casual)] Awwww, I miss you too Sweety~
[22:10] [+Vanadine (casual)] How's everything at home?
[22:14] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] oh Miki is staying super close to me..Hideki won't leave alone for a moment and when I'm not starving, I feel like a soccar field ^^;;
[22:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] *soccor
[22:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] *soccer
[22:16] [+Vanadine (casual)] The little one's kickin' alot, eh?
[22:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] energetic like hell....*laughs*
[22:19] > +Matsumi Kaze (Phone) smiles a little sadly on the phone "..I do miss you..I realy do"
[22:19] [+Vanadine (casual)] I miss you too, hon
[22:20] [+Vanadine (casual)] This trip has been a lot more intense than I thought.
[22:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] are you doing well at least?
[22:21] [+Vanadine (casual)] Yeah, just worn out.
[22:21] [+Vanadine (casual)] Jo's been takin' good care of me.
[22:22] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) waves tired at the phone
[22:22] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] heh hey Jo....keep vana safe! she's deleciate you know!
[22:23] > +Vanadine (casual) snickers a bit
[22:23] [+Vanadine (casual)] Oh sure... I'm a delicate little flower
[22:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] you're MY delicate little flower
[22:27] > +Vanadine (casual) giggles
[22:27] [+Vanadine (casual)] Well, maybe for you
[22:28] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] oooo she's blushing
[22:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] heeee I love it when she do- ow ow ><
[22:30] [+Vanadine (casual)] Oh my, big kick?
[22:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] very >.O....
[22:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] probably heard you talking and wanted to join in too
[22:33] [+Vanadine (casual)] Awwww
[22:35] [+Vanadine (casual)] Part of me kinda' wants to come home from this tour, but we're just startin to get into the states.
[22:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] if I could..I would come over there right now
[22:39] [+Vanadine (casual)] I know...
[22:39] [+Vanadine (casual)] ... where's my munckin?
[22:41] > Miki Kaze (PJs) pokes her head into the screen
[22:41] [Miki Kaze (PJs)] VANA-MAMA!
[22:42] [+Vanadine (casual)] There she is! How's my munckin?
[22:48] [Miki Kaze (PJs)] GOOD! HELPING MAMA :D
[22:48] [+Vanadine (casual)] Oh yeah? What're you doing to help mama?
[22:52] [Miki Kaze (PJs)] giving her lotssa hugs and giving stuff!
[22:55] [+Vanadine (casual)] Awwww, that's adorable.
[22:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] like I said..she's keeping super close
[22:56] > Miki Kaze (PJs) hugs matsumi as best she can ^^
[22:57] > +Vanadine (casual) giggles a bit, that's cute
[22:58] > +Vanadine (casual) shows her phone to Joanna: Isn't it cute, Jo?
[23:00] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] hey squirt!
[23:00] [Miki Kaze (Phone)] HI AUNTIE JO!
[23:02] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] whoa hey there!
[23:03] [Miki Kaze (Phone)] you gunna beat the bad guys?
[23:03] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] wellll maybe yeah
[23:04] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] now it's late...tell vane-mama and auntie jo goodnight
[23:04] [Miki Kaze (Phone)] awww....
[23:12] [Miki Kaze (Phone)] nigh night vana mama! nigh nigh auntie jo!
[23:12] > Miki Kaze (Phone) waves!
[23:13] [+Vanadine (casual)] Nighty night munckin! *blows a kiss at her phone*
[23:14] > Miki Kaze (Phone) giggles and runs off
[23:17] <-- Miki Kaze (Phone) [Neoprincessofair@QTech.co] has left #eventsbeta
[23:19] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] my little treasure..
[23:19] [+Vanadine (casual)] Love that little munchkin
[23:20] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] she's a cutie
[23:26] [+Vanadine (casual)] When's your next appointment, Sweety?
[23:27] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] in a few weeks.....
[23:28] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] it's been quite the time
[23:30] [+Vanadine (casual)] I bet... you should be just about ready to let that little one out.
[23:32] > +Matsumi Kaze (Phone) blushes
[23:33] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] i'm just glad I've..gotten some support in all this...after all the trouble i've caused
[23:34] > +Vanadine (casual) sighs a little
[23:34] [+Vanadine (casual)] I'm sorry we left, Sweety....
[23:36] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] ..I understand...it was just getting a little hairy...
[23:40] [+Vanadine (casual)] Hopefully we'll be done before too much longer.
[23:46] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] yes..I'd love you to be here when the baby is born
[23:52] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] ^^
[23:57] [+Vanadine (casual)] I wanna be there too.... we'll see how it all turns out
[23:59] [+Vanadine (casual)] I should let you go though. Jo and I should get some sleep.
[00:00] >>> Monday Aug 06 2018 <<<
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] yeah i should get some rest too....night sis!...
[00:01] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] night!
[00:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] night vana..love you forever ^^
[00:01] [+Vanadine (casual)] Night Sweety, love you too
[00:01] > +Vanadine (casual) blows a kiss at the camera on her phone
[00:03] > +Matsumi Kaze (Phone) catches it and puts it to her lips..then blows a kiss back
[00:03] [+Matsumi Kaze (Phone)] night ^^
[00:04] > +Matsumi Kaze (Phone) hangs up
[00:04] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (Phone) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta
[00:04] > +Vanadine (casual) reaches over and puts her phone on the night table.
[00:06] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh..you're glowing, vana
[00:07] [+Vanadine (casual)] Well... I go to talk to my baby
[00:08] [+Vanadine (casual)] And my little munchkin
[00:10] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) yawns and stretches
[00:11] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] you big softie
[00:24] > +Vanadine (casual) giggles a little
[00:24] [+Vanadine (casual)] Hey Jo.....
[00:39] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah?
[00:45] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] what's up, vana
[00:51] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) blinks, yawning
[00:55] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) nods off...
[00:55] <-- Joanna Smithson (Casual) has left #eventsbeta
[20:45] ➣ Kou Estate...Kinmoku
[20:45] --> Constance Kou (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:45] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Constance Kou (Casual)
[20:45] > Constance Kou (Casual) stretches, walking into one of the larger rooms of the house
[20:47] --> Urvashi Kou (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Urvashi Kou (Casual)
[20:48] > Urvashi Kou (Casual) stands from a chair in a corner of the room and smiles
[20:48] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Hey Conny!
[21:09] [Constance Kou (Casual)] huh? oh..vashi!
[21:09] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..you surprised me!
[21:11] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Sorry to come over unannounced, but I had to talk to you about some stuff
[21:14] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..about what
[21:24] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] About my potential move, mostly.
[21:24] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] You haven't told anyone.... have you?
[21:26] [Constance Kou (Casual)] of course not
[21:31] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Cause my mother's been asking questions.... and checking my search history almost daily.
[21:36] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ...well it isn't me
[21:39] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Well... I hope not
[21:40] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Considering some info I've discovered.....
[21:43] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ...what's that...
[21:45] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] .... well I'm going to preface this by saying one thing.... I'm worried.
[21:49] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..about what
[21:51] > Urvashi Kou (Casual) sighs / You are going to make me actually say it, aren't you?
[21:56] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ....i you have a problem..tell me
[21:56] [Constance Kou (Casual)] *if
[21:58] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Fine......
[21:58] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] ..... just the fact that your boyfriend is a wanted man.
[22:00] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ................
[22:00] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..why what do you mean
[22:01] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Don't play dumb with me Conney....
[22:02] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] ...... the guy you're with is the captain of a space pirate crew.
[22:03] [Constance Kou (Casual)] and how would you know this
[22:05] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] I've been checking up on you..... cause like I said, I've been worried.
[22:08] [Constance Kou (Casual)] you've been sneaking around me!?
[22:11] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] I told you, I was worried.... and now I find out it's with good reason!
[22:23] [Constance Kou (Casual)] it is not...that simple
[22:32] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] What do you mean by that?
[22:34] [Constance Kou (Casual)] he..it's...not as bad as you think
[22:37] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Indeed.... don't believe everything you read.
[22:37] --> Francisco Romano (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Francisco Romano (Casual)
[22:41] [Constance Kou (Casual)] Fran!
[22:41] [Constance Kou (Casual)] you shouldn't be here!
[22:43] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Why not? Do I not deserve to defend myself against my accusers?
[22:45] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Well then, Mr. Romano..... are you saying you haven't comitted the crimes you're accused of?
[22:47] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Not as they're written.
[22:49] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] You see.... yes... we did take things from people.... but what they don't tell you is that those things were ours to begin with and they were taken from us.
[22:54] > Constance Kou (Casual) walks over and hugs Francisco's arm
[22:57] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] And.... the murder on Aralias 3?
[22:57] > Francisco Romano (Casual) sighs and lowers his head at that.
[23:00] [Constance Kou (Casual)] fran?
[23:02] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Again, that was misconstrued..... the man that died there..... was one of my crew.
[23:03] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] He had disguised himself as one of the guards in order to help us regain an artifact stolen from my family's home.....
[23:04] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] ... a firefight began and he was caught up in it.
[23:11] [Constance Kou (Casual)] .....
[23:13] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] So of course.... since he was in a guard uniform.... they identified him as one of them.
[23:18] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..oh franz..
[23:20] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] I see...
[23:22] [Constance Kou (Casual)] you going to tell on me?
[23:22] [Constance Kou (Casual)] valhi?
[23:22] [Constance Kou (Casual)] *vashi?
[23:23] > Urvashi Kou (Casual) sighs a little
[23:23] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Look..... I won't say anything.... but you....
[23:23] > Urvashi Kou (Casual) points to Francisco
[23:25] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] ... you get my cousin caught up in any trouble...... and I will turn you in myself.
[23:29] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I would never want to put Conney in harm's way.
[23:32] > Constance Kou (Casual) blushes at the nickname
[23:34] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] You had best not.....
[23:34] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] .... as for me, I'm going to head home for now.
[23:36] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..I promise I didn't say anything
[23:37] [Urvashi Kou (Casual)] Thank you, Conney.
[23:39] <-- Urvashi Kou (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I have some stuff to take care of.)
[23:40] > Francisco Romano (Casual) sighs, turning to hold onto Conney
[23:44] > Constance Kou (Casual) looks to Francisco
[23:48] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Are you alright, Conney?
[23:56] [Constance Kou (Casual)] yeah I was...just worried..for a bit
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Aug 07 2018 <<<
[00:03] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Really?
[00:03] [Constance Kou (Casual)] thought they would take you...I wouldn't let them though
[00:06] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I don't want you getting yourself in trouble over me..
[00:10] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ...I would do anything for you
[00:12] > Francisco Romano (Casual) smiles
[00:12] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I know you would.... which is super sweet of you.
[00:16] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] But your cousin is right.... you shouldn't get yourself into any kind of trouble because of me.
[00:20] [Constance Kou (Casual)] hey...i love you
[00:21] > Francisco Romano (Casual) leans in and kisses Conney, holding her close.
[00:27] > Constance Kou (Casual) kisses back happily
[00:28] > Francisco Romano (Casual) slowly breaks the kiss with a smile
[00:29] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] I love you too, Conney....
[00:32] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] What should we do tonight, now that I'm here?
[00:33] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ...want to help me practice? *giggles*
[00:42] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ..I know it's late >.>
[00:43] [Francisco Romano (Casual)] Are you kidding? My night is just starting. Of course I'll help you practice.
[00:51] > Constance Kou (Casual) leans against franz
[00:51] [Constance Kou (Casual)] ....I'm so happy to have you
[00:52] > Francisco Romano (Casual) smiles, keeping one arm around her
[00:52] <-- Francisco Romano (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Where would you like to practice?)
[00:54] <-- Constance Kou (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (how about the gardens)
[23:09] ➣ Shin Estate, outside akita
[23:16] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:16] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[23:16] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) leans against one of the smaller buildings
[23:19] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks at the sky
[23:22] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks around..expecting someone
[23:24] --> Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)
[23:25] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) hops off of a motor-scooter, carrying a small bag with him
[23:25] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Hello my dear~
[23:27] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] Isiah!
[23:30] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Sorry I took so long getting here.... had a family come in last minute.
[23:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it's ok 8walks over and tries to give isiah a kiss*
[23:33] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) leans in, kissing Himeko with a smile
[23:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] so welcome to my home ^^
[23:38] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I brought some snacks from the resturant if you're hungry. :)
[23:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] starved!
[23:43] ➣ Isiah, you can probably sense you're being watched
[23:44] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Hmm?
[23:44] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) pauses, looking around
[23:47] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..oh ignore them
[23:47] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it's the ninjas
[23:47] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Ninjas?
[23:51] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah they're meant to protect the family
[23:52] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Wow... are there that many threats to you?
[23:53] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] my sister belongs to one of the most politically connected and weathy families in japan..so I guess so
[23:56] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Never thought of it that way.
[23:59] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] *my sister in law
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Aug 08 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] so they're probably watching you to make sure you don't "harm" her or me
[00:05] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Well.... I'm glad you have so many protectors.... though I'd never dream of harming you.
[00:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] of course you wouldn't!
[00:12] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I live over there *points to one of the smaller buildings*
[00:13] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Wow... this is amazing. I mean, I know I've been here before.... but it's still awesome how big this place is.
[00:14] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..sometimes I think it's too big
[00:18] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Really?
[00:20] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] gotten lost before here >.>
[00:22] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Oh wow
[00:22] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I guess with such a big place, that would be easier than one would think.
[00:25] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes isiah's hand
[00:26] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) smiles, squeezing Himeko's hand and following
[00:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] so..what do you want to do then..
[00:31] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Well, we could have a snack and watch a movie or something
[00:36] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..how about we do that in my place *grins*
[00:37] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) smirks
[00:38] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I would love that
[00:43] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I bet
[00:44] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) stops Himeko and leans in to kiss her again
[00:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] late night romance?
[00:47] --> Matsumi Kaze (Robe) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:47] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (Robe)
[00:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (Robe)
[00:47] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] GAH
[00:47] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) pauses and looks up
[00:48] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Um... well... uh....
[00:49] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] you know these are my lands and I could have you kicked out
[00:52] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) chuckles nervously
[00:53] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) frowns
[00:53] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] ha..don't worry just joking
[00:53] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] not sure if he would be though
[00:53] > +Matsumi Kaze (Robe) glances back at Hideki..who is tied to a tree and gagged
[00:54] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] O_o
[00:55] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Um....Himeko.... isn't that your brother?
[00:59] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah...yeah that's..him
[00:59] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] mph!
[01:01] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Why... is he tied up like that?
[01:05] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...was he following us
[01:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] yuuup
[01:07] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] That was that feeling I was having.
[01:14] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] so you're the young man who's swept my sister in law off her feet
[01:15] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I.... don't believe we've had the pleasure ma'am.
[01:15] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] Matsumi Kaze
[01:19] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Oh!
[01:19] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I didn't know Himeko's other sister in law was a celebrity too!!
[01:23] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] well I don't know if i'm a celebrity heh
[01:25] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] but it's wonderful to meet you
[01:26] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] I would like to think so... I have youer last two albums at home. I love your singing.
[01:29] > +Matsumi Kaze (Robe) blushes
[01:29] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] I like him, Himeko!
[01:29] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] :P well he's mine
[01:30] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) chuckles at that
[01:30] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) holds his hand out to Matsumi / Isiah Aoki... and again..... the pleasure is mine!
[01:33] > +Matsumi Kaze (Robe) takes it and smiles "nice to meet you"
[01:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] now
[01:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] I should let you two love birds enjoy the evening
[01:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (Robe)] take care!
[01:38] > Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) smiles / Thank you so much.
[01:39] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] heh let's go Isiah
[01:39] [Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron)] Lead the way, my dear
[01:40] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) leads isiah to her home/room
[01:40] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (now then <3)
[01:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (Robe) grins and walks over to untie her husband
[01:42] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (Robe) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (cute couple)
[01:42] <-- Hideki Kaze (casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (mumps!)
[01:42] <-- Hideki Kaze (casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (*mmph!)
[01:43] <-- Isiah Aoki (Casual / apron) has left #eventsbeta (This night can only get better <3)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Aug 11 2018 <<<
[23:52] ➣ Madox Castle
[23:52] --> Ren Ajaro (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ren Ajaro (Casual)
[23:52] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) tries to sneak in, using an empty pizza box as an exucse >.>
[23:58] --> Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)
[23:59] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) appears from the shadows behind Ren, holding a rifle , pressing it against Ren's back
[23:59] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] !
[23:59] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Identify yourself!
[00:00] >>> Sunday Aug 12 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ...r..r..ren...Aa...ajaro...f..from.....A..Ajaro..pi...pizzaria
[00:00] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) tries her best to say serious, but suddenly bursts into laughter, lowering her gun
[00:01] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I'm sorry Ren.... I had to mess with you!
[00:01] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I mean, the way you were sneaking around, I couldn't resist! XD
[00:04] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) is shaking
[00:04] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] i...it's ok...
[00:05] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Why ARE you sneaking around like that though?
[00:09] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ..to..deliver a pizza?
[00:09] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) smirks a bit
[00:09] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] ... I know that box is empty, Ren.
[00:10] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] You comin' to give Emi a special delivery of sausage? ;P
[00:10] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] ^
[00:12] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) turns bright red
[00:14] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] t..that...I...um
[00:14] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ...where is she? >.>
[00:16] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Her shift ended an hour ago, so probably in her apartment.
[00:16] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I won't keep you any further. Have fun, loverboy. ;) <3
[00:16] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) gulps and runs off
[00:17] <-- Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (He's too fun to mess with. Oh well, back to my post.)
[00:18] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) heads for Emi's apartment...
[00:24] --> Emi Sawyer (Casual) [ShyTwinMaid@Mardox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Emi Sawyer (Casual)
[00:24] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) hums to herself as she makes a dessert
[00:25] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) knocks on the door
[00:26] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Who's here at this time of night
[00:26] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] ?
[00:26] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) makes her way over, opening the door
[00:28] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] um...pizza..delivery?
[00:29] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Ren!!
[00:30] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) hugs and kisses Ren, pulling him through the doorway
[00:31] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) returns the kiss and nearly stumbles in
[00:34] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) opens the pizza box as she breaks the kiss
[00:35] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Awww, it's empty
[00:35] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] I..sort of..used it...as an excuse
[00:37] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) giggles and smirks
[00:38] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Like you needed an excuse to come see me. :P
[00:38] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) smiles and leans his head against emi's
[00:38] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ...heh you're right..I just..guess I wanted to look extra bold
[00:42] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) holds onto Ren
[00:44] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) grins / Like you need to be extra bold around me
[00:46] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ....thank you, Emi...
[00:47] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] For what?
[00:51] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] ...for loving me
[00:52] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Awww... you don't have to thank me for that, Ren
[00:57] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] but I feel so lucky
[00:58] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] I feel lucky too..... to have found someone who accepts all my.... quirks.
[01:02] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) gives emi the kiss this time
[01:03] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) kisses Ren back, pulling him over to the sofa
[01:04] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) follows Emi's motions
[01:07] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Hey Ren...... you wanna....
[01:07] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] .... stay the night?
[01:08] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] of course
[01:13] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] I'd be happy to
[01:20] > Emi Sawyer (Casual) grins
[01:23] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) grins back happily
[01:24] [Emi Sawyer (Casual)] Then, perhaps we should..... turnin for the night?
[01:26] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] let's
[01:32] > Ren Ajaro (Casual) stands..and picks up emi as best he can....which to be honest..he's wobbling a bit
[01:35] [Ren Ajaro (Casual)] let's..go..then
[01:35] <-- Ren Ajaro (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (:))
[01:38] <-- Emi Sawyer (Casual) [ShyTwinMaid@Mardox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[22:56] ➣ Madox Castle, Quinox
[22:56] --> Eri Sawyer (Maid) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:56] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eri Sawyer (Maid)
[22:57] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) is working on directing a few of the maids...she has a cast over one foot
[22:58] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] ugh..this is such a pain
[23:02] --> Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)
[23:02] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Hey doll.... what happened to your foot??
[23:03] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] long story short...I slipped over the twins ><
[23:05] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] OH geez
[23:07] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] My poor doll
[23:07] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] have to finish my shift first..
[23:10] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] such a paaaain
[23:13] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) pouts
[23:19] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Can I help?
[23:21] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] are you sure?..I mean...it's not..your shift, hun..
[23:23] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Of course I'm sure!
[23:23] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] What do you need done?
[23:23] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] honestly just need to sweep up a bit
[23:25] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Well yeah, that's no problem
[23:26] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) winks and takes the broom
[23:29] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] heh you look so sexy sweeping up
[23:30] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) grins at that, bending over more than she normally would while sweeping
[23:30] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) pauses..looks left and right..and flips up daphne's skirt a bit
[23:32] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles a bit and blushes
[23:33] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] You're so naughty!~
[23:34] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] you make me naughty!
[23:35] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) turns towards Eri, using the handle of the broom to flip up Eri's skirt
[23:37] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) giggles, pushing down her skrit "heeeeey"
[23:38] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Whaaaat? Turn about's fair play, babes.
[23:43] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) smirks
[23:43] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) glances up..and sees the clock has finished her shift
[23:43] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] ...ugh finally
[23:44] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] All done, doll?
[23:46] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] yup! done!
[23:46] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Gooood
[23:47] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) looks for a nearby closet, putting the broom away and smiles
[23:48] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) manages to hobble a bit towadrs her
[23:49] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Oh no no no
[23:50] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] We can't have you hobbling all the way back home.
[23:54] [Eri Sawyer (Maid)] huh???
[23:54] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) walks over to Eri and turns around, squatting down
[23:54] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Get on my back, babes
[23:58] > Eri Sawyer (Maid) smiles and gets on Daphne's back
[23:58] [Eri Sita (Maid)] ^
[23:59] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) holds Eri's legs and walks towards their apartment
[00:00] >>> Monday Aug 13 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Eri Sita (Maid)] lucky to have such a tall wife
[00:01] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Tall and strong ^_^
[00:03] [Eri Sita (Maid)] and beautiful ^^
[00:03] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Awwwww
[00:03] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] So sweet
[00:07] > Eri Sita (Maid) leans her head a bit against daphne
[00:07] [Eri Sita (Maid)] ..I'm so happy I married you
[00:08] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles a bit, you're gonna make me turn purple from blushing if you keep it up
[00:10] [Eri Sita (Maid)] oh I know
[00:10] [Eri Sita (Maid)] ...you know my mother is still bothering me with questions
[00:11] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Like what?
[00:13] [Eri Sita (Maid)] well...
[00:13] [Eri Sita (Maid)] ..she's wondering when she's going to have a grandchild
[00:15] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) stops for a moment
[00:16] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] She expects that.... from us?
[00:17] [Eri Sita (Maid)] yeah...
[00:17] [Eri Sita (Maid)] she keeps sending me links to a few of those Kaguya clinics....>.>
[00:19] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) starts to walk again
[00:19] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Um..... if we were to do it..... who would carry, you or me?
[00:20] [Eri Sita (Maid)] I..I don' tknow
[00:20] [Eri Sita (Maid)] ...which..one do you think...
[00:21] [Eri Sita (Maid)] though...
[00:21] [Eri Sita (Maid)] wouldn't mind taking care of you
[00:23] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Well, I mean.... if you'd really rather I did it... I would
[00:27] [Eri Sita (Maid)] well this is a big..decision
[00:27] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I agree
[00:30] > Eri Sita (Maid) kises daphne on the cheek "you're just sweet"
[00:33] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) smiles as she opens the door to their apartment
[00:36] [Eri Sita (Maid)] home sweet home ^^
[00:38] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Our special little place~
[00:39] > Eri Sita (Maid) giggles and snuggles a bit against her back
[00:42] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) carries Eri all the way into the bedroom before sitting on the bed
[00:42] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] There we go, dolly
[00:46] > Eri Sita (Maid) giggles "...you make me feel so special"
[00:47] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] That's because you are special.
[00:49] > Eri Sita (Maid) blushes "....you still make me blush"
[00:49] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) stands, turns around and kisses Eri, reaching around to undo the back of her top
[00:51] > Eri Sita (bra and skirt) kisses back, letting her top slip off
[00:57] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) grins as she breaks the kiss
[00:58] > Eri Sita (bra and skirt) smiles back
[00:59] [Eri Sita (bra and skirt)] well now
[00:59] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Let's get you ready for bed~
[01:03] [Eri Sita (bra and skirt)] alright
[01:04] <-- Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (Then you can help me get started)
[01:05] <-- Eri Sita (bra and skirt) has left #eventsbeta (alright then...be happy to)
[21:53] ➣ Plane, in flight
[21:53] --> Joanna Smithson (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:53] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (casual)
[21:53] --> Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:53] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Casual)
[21:53] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Casual)
[21:53] > Joanna Smithson (casual) comes back from the back of he plane..trying to find her seat again
[21:54] > +Vanadine (Casual) is sitting in her seat, ear buds in and laying back
[21:54] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] gah excuse me..sorry
[21:54] > Joanna Smithson (casual) tries to squeeze in past vana
[21:57] > +Vanadine (Casual) looks up and smirks a bit, reaching out and grabbing Jo's butt as she passes by
[22:01] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] gah!
[22:01] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] hey :P
[22:02] > +Vanadine (Casual) giggles a bit, taking one of her ear buds
[22:02] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Sorry, I had to do it
[22:03] > Joanna Smithson (casual) sits down
[22:03] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] heh you must really miss things :P
[22:05] [+Vanadine (Casual)] What do you mean by that?
[22:05] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] oh nothing nothing heh
[22:08] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] so where are we going again?
[22:14] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Chicago
[22:14] [+Vanadine (Casual)] We're part of a sold out show that a couple of Indy wrestlers organized.
[22:15] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] seriously? the windy city?..don't think I've been there
[22:17] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yeah.... I've only been there a couple times.
[22:18] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Fun town, but busy.
[22:18] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] man this has been some trip
[22:18] [+Vanadine (Casual)] I'm just glad we don't have to drive. The traffic is aweful.
[22:19] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yeah and just think, we're not done yet.
[22:20] [+Vanadine (Casual)] We head to Mexico here pretty soon too.
[22:24] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] aren't the sisters suppose to meet us there?
[22:26] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yup! They're excited to see us, too.
[22:29] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] bet you're excited to see you hehe
[22:35] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] *they're
[22:43] [+Vanadine (Casual)] They're ready to see you too
[22:44] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] heh I guess so..still...
[22:44] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ...been all over the world it feels like
[22:44] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..never thought it would be like this
[22:44] > Joanna Smithson (casual) unconciously leans against vana
[22:56] > +Vanadine (Casual) looks over at Jo for a moment and smiles a bit
[22:56] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yeah, it's been fun traveling with you.
[23:02] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..you know..sometimes you really remind me of your brother
[23:04] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Really?
[23:06] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] yeah...you both have good hearts
[23:10] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Awwww~
[23:10] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Aren't you just the sweetest thing?
[23:14] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] hey I have a soft side......sometimes...once in awhile
[23:14] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] tiny bit
[23:17] [+Vanadine (Casual)] You should let it show more often.
[23:17] [+Vanadine (Casual)] It's adorable.
[23:19] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] hey have to keep up an image
[23:20] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well.... I guess ya' have a point.
[23:26] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..I should probably lift my head up but I just can't
[23:27] > +Vanadine (Casual) giggles a bit at that
[23:29] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] too comfy
[23:29] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well, I don't mind you having your head there. I mean, your sister does it enough.
[23:37] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] mmm I suppose...she does alot of other things with you too
[23:38] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well... of course she does. She is my wife, after all.
[23:53] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] glad you two met
[23:54] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yeah?
[23:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ..I think
[23:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] you two were meant for each other
[23:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] lol I sound like an idiot
[23:58] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Awwwww, you just sound sweet as sugar. :P
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Aug 14 2018 <<<
[00:03] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] guess that's a side i don't talk alot about...
[00:05] > +Vanadine (Casual) smiles and lays her head against Joanna's
[00:16] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh now what are you doing
[00:17] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Getting comfortable.
[00:19] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] well *yawn*..hope you don't get too comfortable.....one of us might fall asleep
[00:21] ➣ *beep* Ladies and gentlemen, we are in our final decent into Chicago O'Hare Airport....
[00:23] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh just in time
[00:23] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Gah...
[00:23] > +Vanadine (Casual) sits up a bit
[00:27] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) struggles to get up
[00:27] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh no time for sleep i guess...
[00:32] [+Vanadine (Casual)] It's fine.....we'll get to our hotel as soon as we land
[00:38] <-- +Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (If you get up too early, I'm gonna grab your ass again. ;P)
[00:39] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] if my sister was here, she'd offer to carry you there :P
[00:39] <-- Joanna Smithson (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (hey :P)
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Aug 15 2018 <<<
[00:23] ➣ The Future, Horus and Rose's home, Mycidia Prime
[00:24] --> Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Rose Sakazaki (Casual)
[00:24] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) is putting up a picture on the wall
[00:25] --> Horus Saotome (Suit) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horus Saotome (Suit)
[00:25] [Horus Saotome (Suit)] I'm hooooome
[00:27] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] oh welcome home!
[00:28] > Horus Saotome (Suit) walks over, hugging and kissing Rose
[00:28] [Horus Saotome (Suit)] How was your day, my dear?
[00:29] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) kisses back
[00:29] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] actually kind of busy...went to talk to some talent people around the city!
[00:31] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] how was your day???
[00:54] [Horus Saotome (Suit)] ;retty busy
[00:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] heh you must be tired
[00:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] well you're home now...heee oh i love saying that..home
[00:56] > Horus Saotome (Suit) chuckles a bit and sits
[00:57] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) moves to sit in his lap
[00:57] > Horus Saotome (Suit) holds onto Rose with a smile
[01:01] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] mmm comfy
[01:03] [Horus Saotome (Suit)] Good
[01:06] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] the one problem with living with you...
[01:06] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] I get too distracted
[01:06] [Horus Saotome (Suit)] Hmm?
[01:06] > Horus Saotome (Suit) chuckles
[01:14] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) gives horus another kiss "I was thinking..if you weren't too tired..we could go out to eat tonight"
[01:42] <-- Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I know just the place..)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Aug 16 2018 <<<
[23:06] ➣ Kinmoku - Kou / Latu Estate / Talia's room
[23:06] --> Talia Latu (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Talia Latu (Nightwear)
[23:06] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) lays in bed looking over a data pad with a smile
[23:09] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] something interesting?
[23:09] --> Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:09] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)
[23:12] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Juuuuust looking at dress designs.
[23:15] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] oh???
[23:15] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] hehe
[23:19] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] looking forward to it?
[23:23] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Of course I am
[23:23] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Every girl looks forward to their dream wedding
[23:36] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ...i'm glad I could give you this
[23:46] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) smiles and kisses talia on the cheek
[23:52] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) smiles and turns to kiss kenichi
[23:54] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] nervous?
[00:00] >>> Friday Aug 17 2018 <<<
[00:06] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] a little
[00:07] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ..me too actually
[00:08] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Yeah?
[00:16] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] well this is a big step for me as well
[00:16] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] one..I'm looking forward to
[00:24] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] but if I recall i'm not suppose to look atthese
[00:38] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Only if I'm wearing one
[00:43] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) nods..and winces
[00:49] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] You okay, Keni?
[00:50] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] heh just my leg acting up again
[00:55] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Awww
[00:57] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) smiles and pats the bed next to her
[00:58] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] If it's hurting you to stand there, they why don't you lay down with me?
[01:02] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) smiles "well I would not wish to disturb you heh"
[01:10] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] You'd never bother me
[01:13] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) moves to lay down next to Talia
[01:16] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) lays her head on Kenichi's shoulder.
[01:20] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) puts his arm around talia
[01:21] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) lays her pad down and snuggles up to Kenichi
[01:22] [Talia Latu (Nightwear)] Mmmm.... i could fall asleep.... like.... this....
[01:23] > Talia Latu (Nightwear) slowly closes her eyes
[01:23] <-- Talia Latu (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (My.... special pillow~ <3)
[01:26] <-- Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[22:01] ➣ Madox Castle, the Future
[22:02] --> Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)
[22:02] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) walks down the main hall, looking over some of the decorations.
[22:05] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] I'm quite pleased
[22:05] --> Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) [FireyAirPrincess@QTech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:05] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)
[22:06] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) pauses upon hearing the voice, facing Tina and bowing / I'm glad the decorations meet your approval, your highness.
[22:06] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] this year's festival should be a good one
[22:06] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] I'm glad I chose you to head it this year in the castle ^^
[22:10] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Awwww.... you flatter me, Princess Tina.
[22:10] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) blushes lightly
[22:11] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] now there's a blush I miss
[22:15] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles a little
[22:16] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] You did always like trying to make me turn purple
[22:17] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] it's a beautiful shade
[22:20] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)'s blush only fades slightly as she smiles.
[22:27] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Is there anything I can do for you this evening, your highness?
[22:30] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] well I wanted to see how far you were in preparing for this weekend
[22:31] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] you know we will have guests
[22:33] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Ah yes, perpetration are nearly compleate. We're just putting the finishing touches on the last of the guests rooms and the common areas.
[22:38] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] you know there will be many children here....I am hoping you can...deal with them
[22:41] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Of course. If we can handle the twins, we can handle any child that might visit.
[22:48] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] oh I'm glad! speaking of..I should check on celest
[22:48] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] keep up the excellent work
[22:49] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Of course, your highness. I won't keep you any further.
[22:49] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) goes to leave..then stops
[22:49] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) bows to Tina again and smiles / Enjoy your evening
[22:49] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) turns back and kisses Daphne on the lips
[22:50] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) is caught by surprise, blushing a bit but kisses Tina back in kind
[22:53] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) holds the kiss
[22:55] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Mmmm~
[22:55] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) pushes into the kiss a bit, putting her arms around Tina
[22:58] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) holds daphne..then slowly breaks the kiss
[23:01] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] It's been a while since I've shared such a moment with you.
[23:08] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] thought I better reward you a bit
[23:09] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I greatly appreciate a reward such as that.
[23:15] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) kisses daphne's nose and heads off to see celeste
[23:20] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles again, blushing a little as Tina walks away before resuming her inspection in a rather flustered state.
[23:32] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) heads off, looking for celeste
[23:32] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) heads to their shared quarters
[23:35] <-- Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta
[23:36] --> Celestite Detroit (Casual) [CrystalGirl@dimensionzero.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:36] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Celestite Detroit (Casual)
[23:36] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) is just starting to get ready for bed
[23:39] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] hello love
[23:40] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) turns around just as she starts to lift off her shirt
[23:40] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] Hello there, sweetness
[23:42] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] well now..already getting ready without me *pouts*
[23:43] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] Awwww, I didn't know what time you would be finished with your inspections.
[23:45] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] everything is looking wonderful
[23:47] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] I'm glad to hear that
[23:47] > Celestite Detroit (bra / pants) walks over and puts her arms over Tina's shoulders, grinning a bit
[23:48] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] But what's got you in such a....feisty mood?
[23:49] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] I don't know..just..feel a fire inside
[23:50] > Celestite Detroit (bra / pants) grins a bit at that
[23:50] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] Need me to help cool you off? Make a little steam tonight?~
[23:51] [Tina Detroit (Royal Casual)] mmm love it
[00:00] >>> Saturday Aug 18 2018 <<<
[00:01] > Celestite Detroit (bra / pants) kisses Tina, pulling her close
[00:01] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) kisses back happily
[00:06] > Celestite Detroit (bra / pants) breaks the kiss with a wink
[00:07] [Celestite Detroit (bra / pants)] How about you help me with the rest of this... then I'll help make YOU more comfortable?~
[00:09] > Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) grins and snaps her fingers...causing the lights to dim
[00:14] <-- Celestite Detroit (bra / pants) [CrystalGirl@dimensionzero.cc] has left #eventsbeta (Mmm... love the mood lighting~)
[00:14] <-- Tina Detroit (Royal Casual) [FireyAirPrincess@QTech.com] has left #eventsbeta (hold stillll)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Aug 19 2018 <<<
[23:39] ➣ Akira, Japan / Isiah's Apartment
[23:40] --> Isiah Aoki (Suit / Apron) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:40] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Suit / Apron)
[23:42] > Isiah Aoki (Suit / Apron) walks in with a light sigh, reaching back and untieing his apron
[23:44] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) walks starts to empty his pockets
[23:44] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[23:45] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] ^over and
[23:45] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Hmmm?
[23:46] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) goes back over to the door, looking through the peep hole
[23:51] > Himeko Kaze (casual) waves!
[23:52] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) smiles and opens the door
[23:52] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Hello there sweetness
[23:53] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Why didn't you let yourself in?
[00:00] >>> Monday Aug 20 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] heh thought I'd try to surprise you
[00:00] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks in
[00:04] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) chuckles a bit and closes the door as Himeko walks in
[00:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] were you busy with something?
[00:06] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] No, I actually just got in from work. We had another late night large party show up.
[00:09] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] you must be exausted
[00:12] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Yeah, I kind of am
[00:12] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) sits on the sofa, relaxing
[00:14] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks over and sit son Isiah :P
[00:14] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) looks up and smiles, wrapping his arms around Himeko's waist
[00:14] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] How about you? What did you do today, my dear?
[00:14] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] been kind of dull actually
[00:15] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] just practiced...ran some errands for my sister in law
[00:16] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Wow, you poor dear
[00:19] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I've become her legs
[00:20] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Ahh, is she getting to a point where she can't walk?
[00:25] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] she's having a bit of difficulty
[00:27] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) snuggles against isiah
[00:28] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) holds Himeko and smiles
[00:28] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Well then, perhaps we can help each other relax tonight after tough days
[00:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] that's just what I need.....
[00:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] heh sometimes I think I spend more time here then at home
[00:49] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Not that either of us minds
[00:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] nope
[00:54] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) leans in, kissing Himeko, holding her close
[00:57] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) kisses back happily
[00:59] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) smiles and winks
[01:00] [Isiah Aoki (Suit)] Perhaps you'd like to help me get ready for bed~
[01:01] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] be happy to
[01:03] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) grins, scooping Himeko up as he stands
[01:05] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) giggles
[01:07] > Isiah Aoki (Suit) carries Himeko to the bedroom
[01:07] <-- Isiah Aoki (Suit) has left #eventsbeta (Who knows when we'll get to sleep <3 ~)
[01:07] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Aug 26 2018 <<<
[20:50] ➣ Sagusa Home and Dojo
[20:50] --> Isamu Sagusa (Gi) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isamu Sagusa (Gi)
[20:50] > Isamu Sagusa (Gi) finishes the last few students and sends them on their way
[20:58] --> Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) [FrenchProjector@DigitalDojo.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)
[20:59] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Finally finished with class for the day?
[20:59] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) walks in, carrying their toddler son
[21:02] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Out little man here had to some see his papa before bed time.
[21:03] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] oh??
[21:03] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] he missed the action I'm afraid
[21:07] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) smiles as Reichard reaches out for his father
[21:10] > Isamu Sagusa (Gi) puts his hand ontop of his son's head and then takes his son in his arms
[21:13] > ~Reichard Sagusa tugs lightly on his papa's Gi
[21:14] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] heh this is my clothes of pride...they show my skill, Rei..
[21:15] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) smiles / I'm actually in the process of making one for him too
[21:18] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] oh??
[21:18] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Mmhmm.... I'm planning on making him look like his papa by the time he's two.
[21:20] > ~Reichard Sagusa giggles a bit, holding on to his papa's arm
[21:25] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] well we shouldn't forget his mama
[21:27] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] What do you mean by that, love?
[21:30] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] he will be as talented as you are..i know it *smiles*
[21:31] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) puts her arm around Isamu's back and smiles
[21:34] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] I just want our little man to be happy
[21:43] > Isamu Sagusa (Gi) smiles and kisses chanelle "well i'm happy"
[21:45] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) gets up on her tip toes to kiss Isamu back
[21:47] > ~Reichard Sagusa giggles again, reaching out to play with his mama's hair
[21:51] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] he seems very happy
[21:54] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) smiles turning and reaching up to lightly tickle Rei's feet
[21:58] > ~Reichard Sagusa giggles, wiggling a bit in Isamu's arms
[22:00] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] ..he certainly has plenty of energy..he will do well in anything he wants
[22:03] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Very true
[22:03] > ~Reichard Sagusa shows down a bit and yawns, holding onto his papa again
[22:07] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] ..and the little man seems to be sleepy
[22:10] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Indeed
[22:10] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] How about you put our little guy to bed.....
[22:11] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) smirks and brushes Isamu's arm with her fingers
[22:11] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] ....then meet me in ours~
[22:12] [Isamu Sagusa (Gi)] alright
[22:18] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) kisses Rei on the forehead as he lays in Isamu's arms
[22:19] [Chanelle Sagusa (Casual)] Night night little man
[22:21] > ~Reichard Sagusa smiles a little, already starting to doze off a bit
[22:21] > Isamu Sagusa (Gi) heads off to put reichard to bed
[22:23] > Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) makes her way to the master bed room, humming happily to herself.
[22:29] > Isamu Sagusa (Gi) finishes putting reichard to bed
[22:36] <-- Chanelle Sagusa (Casual) [FrenchProjector@DigitalDojo.com] has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[22:42] <-- Isamu Sagusa (Gi) has left #eventsbeta (:))
[00:00] >>> Friday Aug 31 2018 <<<
[22:07] ➣ Mexico City / Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel
[22:07] --> Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:07] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Casual)
[22:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Casual)
[22:08] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] /JONI
[22:08] --> Joanna Smithson (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:08] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (casual)
[22:10] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Another night of press done!
[22:10] > +Vanadine (Casual) sets her bag on her bed and sighs a bit, stretching
[22:11] > Joanna Smithson (casual) is on her bed, staring at her phone
[22:12] > +Vanadine (Casual) looks over at Joanna
[22:12] [+Vanadine (Casual)] You alright, Jo?
[22:17] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] yeah I guess.....kind of....
[22:17] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] heh it's stupid....
[22:18] > +Vanadine (Casual) sits on her bed, looking at Jo
[22:18] [+Vanadine (Casual)] What's up? Talk to me?
[22:18] [+Vanadine (Casual)] -?
[22:22] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] .....I miss Vance...
[22:22] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..I mean no offense..you're great...you've been...super....good *turns a little red*
[22:23] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ...but he's my guy....
[22:26] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Awww
[22:26] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well...I can understand how you ya' feel....
[22:27] > +Vanadine (Casual) lays out on her bed
[22:28] [+Vanadine (Casual)] ... you're great too, Jo.... but I'll always miss Matsy and 'deki while I'm gone.
[22:30] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ...am I being stupid..I mean...I haven't been gone THAT long
[22:30] [+Vanadine (Casual)] I don't think you're being stupid
[22:31] [+Vanadine (Casual)] I mean, you love him, so of course you're gonna' miss him when you're away from him.
[22:34] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] you know it's amazing....you remind me so much of him sometimes ^^
[22:35] > +Vanadine (Casual) smirks a bit at that
[22:35] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well....I mean we're practically twins.... so that's understandable.
[22:39] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..sometimes I wonder if that's why I'm doing this...
[22:39] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] like..I miss him so much....that I'm just..going for you cause you remind me of him
[22:45] > +Vanadine (Casual) sits up a bit at that
[22:46] [+Vanadine (Casual)] I suppose that would.... kind of make sense....
[22:47] [+Vanadine (Casual)] .... but there's obvious things I can't do that he can.... and vice versa.
[22:50] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Do you..... want me to stop?
[22:58] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..not really..but I'm just..wondering
[23:10] > Joanna Smithson (casual) smiles
[23:17] > +Vanadine (Casual) looks over at Joanna
[23:20] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] heh do I have something on my face?
[23:20] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well... that smile is rather nice
[23:22] > +Vanadine (Casual) winks
[23:23] > Joanna Smithson (casual) blushes "...hard to belive...most people are scared of me"
[23:27] [+Vanadine (Casual)] I'll never understand that
[23:30] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] eh I was sort of the tough girl at school
[23:33] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well then... you should do something to soften your image.
[23:37] > +Vanadine (Casual) stands off of her bed and moves to sit next to Joanna's on her's
[23:37] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Unless you'd rather have people afraid of you
[23:43] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] I dn't really
[23:43] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] just don't want to have people think I'm an easy person to take advantage of
[23:46] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Oh trust me.... I don't think anyone will be trying to take advantage of you...
[23:46] > +Vanadine (Casual) smirks a bit and lays her head on Joanna's thigh
[23:46] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well.... besides me when you're tired. ;P
[23:47] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] :P
[23:48] [+Vanadine (Casual)] But, about softening your image.... would you consider.... a swimsuit photo shoot?
[23:49] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..a what??
[23:49] [+Vanadine (Casual)] A swimsuit photo shoot.... something on the beach somewhere.... you in a few different suits.... maybe a bikini or two.
[23:52] [+Vanadine (Casual)] It shows you off..... brings out your vulnerable side without making you look weak.
[23:53] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ..I..could try I guess
[23:54] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Neph has a personal photographer for the company.... she'll make you look fantastic.
[23:57] > Joanna Smithson (casual) smirks but nods
[00:00] >>> Saturday Sep 01 2018 <<<
[00:07] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] why not
[00:10] > Joanna Smithson (casual) yawns a bit
[00:21] [Joanna Smithson (casual)] ugh think I'm getting tired
[00:30] > Joanna Smithson (casual) looks to Vana..and then smiles, laying back and letting vana rest against her
[00:38] <-- Joanna Smithson (casual) has left #eventsbeta (you going to sleep against me then heh)
[00:54] <-- +Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (If it doesn't bother you~)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Sep 02 2018 <<<
[21:04] ➣ Quinox, Maddox Castle / Celest's personal office
[21:04] --> Celestite Detroit (Casual) [CrystalGirl@dimensionzero.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Celestite Detroit (Casual)
[21:06] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[21:09] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) sits at her desk, looking over some paperwork when she hears the knock
[21:09] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Come in
[21:09] --> Zenthi (Head Maid) [staffhead@Q.ry.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:09] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Zenthi (Head Maid)
[21:09] > Zenthi (Head Maid) walks in with a tray of drinks
[21:11] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] I brought some drinks, my lady
[21:12] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) smiles, "Thank you, Zen. That's very thoughtful."
[21:14] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] my pleasure ^^
[21:16] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Have a seat, Zen. I'm almost done with this last contract.
[21:21] > Zenthi (Head Maid) pauses and sits down
[21:24] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) writes a few things on the paper and sighs, "There.... all done"
[21:28] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) takes a sip of the drink Zenthi brought and smiles
[21:28] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] I feel like we haven't talked in a while, Zen. How are things going?
[21:30] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] oh things are going alright I suppose ^^
[21:32] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Yeah?
[21:34] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Things going well with, Elias?
[21:37] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] oh very well!
[21:37] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] we've been together for awhile now...
[21:39] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) smiles, sipping her drink again, giving Zenthi a look
[21:39] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] That's good to hear. I'm glad you're happy with him.
[21:40] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] is something wrong?
[21:43] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Not wrong... persay..... just, a thought crossed my mind.
[21:57] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] what's that?
[21:58] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) stands and walks around her desk, sitting on the front edge in front of Zenthi with a smile.
[22:00] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] It's been a while since you and I.... spent some serious time together.
[22:01] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] that..is true *smiles*
[22:01] > Zenthi (Head Maid) blushes a little
[22:03] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] I remember some of our romps when you first started working here~
[22:05] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] I remember those too
[22:15] > Zenthi (Head Maid) smiles a bit
[22:19] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] You miss it?
[22:21] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] a bit of it yeah
[22:23] > Zenthi (Head Maid) moves a bit cloesr to celeste
[22:25] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) smiles at that
[22:26] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] What if I were to say.....
[22:27] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] ..... I want you to spend the night with me tonight, like old times?
[22:29] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] why not
[22:34] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] I don't want you to feel pressured to do this because you work for me...
[22:39] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] of course I don't
[22:40] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] .... so you're sure?
[22:43] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] I don't want you missing out on anything with Elias.
[22:46] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] I'm sure
[22:51] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Good.
[22:51] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) sides off the front of the desk onto her feet, bends down and kisses Zenthi
[22:52] > Zenthi (Head Maid) kisses back
[22:53] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) holds the kiss, sitting on Zenthi's lap and wrapping an arm around her
[22:58] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] mmmmmmmmmmm
[23:01] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) slowly breaks the kiss and winks
[23:12] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] You always were a great kisser~
[23:16] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] and you always tasted great
[23:20] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) stands with a grin
[23:21] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] You haven't had that real taste yet~
[23:21] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Shall we retire to the royal quarters?
[23:25] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] let's
[23:34] ➣ Zenthi's Comm sounds that she's gotten a message
[23:40] > Zenthi (Head Maid) blinks and checks her comm
[23:43] [Elias Sita] Hey Zen, I got back early from my last mission! Are you coming home soon?
[23:47] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) pauses, "Hmmm?"
[23:48] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] Elias just sent me a message...he's waiting for me
[23:52] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Oh, I see
[23:53] [Celestite Detroit (Casual)] Well... like I said before.... if you're going to miss out on something, by all means go home sweetheart.
[23:54] > Zenthi (Head Maid) smiles and gives celestie another kiss
[23:54] [Zenthi (Head Maid)] maybe another time
[23:55] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) kisses Zenthi back and smiles
[00:00] >>> Monday Sep 03 2018 <<<
[00:01] > Zenthi (Head Maid) sends a message back "I'll be home in just a bit!"
[00:10] [Elias Sita] Can't wait!
[00:10] > Zenthi (Head Maid) walks out of the office with a little sway in her step
[00:15] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) watches Zenthi leave then returns to her desk, sitting
[00:59] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) yawns lightly, looking over another set of paperwork.
[01:08] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) closes the file folder and stands
[01:11] ➣ Celest's comm goes off
[01:15] ➣ scrach that..there's a knock at the door
[01:21] --> Eri Sita (Head Maid) has joined #eventsbeta
[01:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eri Sita (Head Maid)
[01:21] > Eri Sita (Head Maid) opens the door slowly
[01:22] [Eri Sita (Head Maid)] my lady?
[01:26] <-- Eri Sita (Head Maid) has left #eventsbeta (I was told you might be..lonely)
[01:33] > Celestite Detroit (Casual) smiles lightly, putting the file folder away
[01:35] <-- Celestite Detroit (Casual) [CrystalGirl@dimensionzero.cc] has left #eventsbeta (You could say that, Eri. <3)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Sep 04 2018 <<<
[22:21] ➣ Mercury Knight's resdidence..the present
[22:21] --> Freya (PJs) [CatGuard@Q.Gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Freya (PJs)
[22:21] > Freya (PJs) sits at a computer, sighing and typing
[22:24] --> Raoul Bertrand (Casual) [Brightbeauty@mercury.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Raoul Bertrand (Casual)
[22:26] > Raoul Bertrand (Casual) walks in
[22:27] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] Another late night, dear?
[22:27] [Freya (PJs)] you could put it that way...
[22:27] [Freya (PJs)] trying to perform..damage control
[22:28] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] What happened?
[22:30] [Freya (PJs)] been trying to smooth things a little from my student's....miiiiistake
[22:34] > Raoul Bertrand (Casual) bends down to read over Freya's shoulder.
[22:35] > Freya (PJs) has been sending emails and IMs explaining that such things happen and that perhaps it was some manner of destiny and then she goes into a really long talk about destiny and fate adn to trust in what happened....it goes on for nearly ten pages
[22:36] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] Wow.... zat is quite ze speech.
[22:40] [Freya (PJs)] this has turned into such a mess up it's all I could think to do
[22:41] > Raoul Bertrand (Casual) kisses Freya's cheek with a smile.
[22:42] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] If anyone can fix zis, it's you, my love.
[22:47] > Freya (PJs) smiles "I hope so...I just feel I can at least make things a little smoother"
[22:55] [Freya (PJs)] Athena finally sleeping?
[22:55] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] Yes.... finally
[22:59] [Freya (PJs)] ..heh have any trouble?
[23:14] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] She was a little fussy at first, but I started to read to her and she finally fell asleep.
[23:19] [Freya (PJs)] that's my girl
[23:23] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] So, how much more do you have to do before you can come to bed?
[23:26] [Freya (PJs)] just sending this last message out and that should be it
[23:30] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] Good....
[23:30] > Raoul Bertrand (Casual) kisses along the edges of one of Freya's ears
[23:30] [Raoul Bertrand (Casual)] Cause I simply cannot go to bed wizout my beautiful wife~
[23:31] > Freya (PJs) giggles a bit
[23:43] [Freya (PJs)] of course
[23:57] > Raoul Bertrand (Casual) hugs Freya from behind her chair
[23:57] > Freya (PJs) sends the message
[23:57] > Freya (PJs) smiles a bit
[23:57] [Freya (PJs)] shall we?