[00:16] >>> Monday Jan 08 2018 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[00:16] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Let's get a bite then
[00:22] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] wouldn't say no to that
[00:24] > +Vanadine (Workout) nods, heading for the kitchen
[00:25] <-- +Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (A quick snack before bed)
[00:36] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (yup)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Jan 09 2018 <<<
[23:47] ➣ Venus, Magellan City / Masato Home
[23:52] --> Violet (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Violet (Casual)
[23:52] [Violet (Casual)] I'm home!
[23:52] > Violet (Casual) closes the door behind her
[23:53] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) walks out of the kitchen
[23:54] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Hey Vi, welcome home.
[23:55] [Violet (Casual)] man i'm glad to be home
[23:58] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) walks over to Violet, hugging her tight
[23:58] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] I'm glad to have you home too..... I've missed you lately
[23:59] [Violet (Casual)] heh you did now?
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Jan 10 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Of course I did.
[00:04] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Do you doubt me?
[00:07] [Violet (Casual)] hehe of course not
[00:07] [Violet (Casual)] heard you had some fun ^_~
[00:08] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Oh? What did you hear?
[00:08] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) kisses Violet and winks
[00:13] [Violet (Casual)] that you had a couple guests over
[00:22] [Violet (Casual)] err..wait it was in the palace
[00:23] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Ooooh yeah...
[00:24] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] .... that was a fun night
[00:28] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) smirks a little
[00:28] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] We could discuss that more before we go to bed.
[00:29] [Violet (Casual)] we can...
[00:29] > Violet (Casual) just holds onto Jett
[00:34] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) holds on to Violet and smirks
[00:35] [Violet (Casual)] ..I love you
[00:35] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] I love you too, Vi~ I missed you while you were working.
[00:39] [Violet (Casual)] I always think about you
[00:45] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Yeah?
[00:45] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) grins, "Prove it...."
[00:53] > Violet (Casual) kisses jett
[00:55] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) kisses Violet back, holding it and her <3
[01:05] > Violet (Casual) holds him close
[01:06] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) slowly breaks the kiss and winks
[01:06] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] How about we go to bed?~
[01:13] [Violet (Casual)] alright
[01:16] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) scoops up Violet and carries her off to the bedrooom
[01:17] > Violet (Casual) giggles
[01:17] <-- Jett Masato (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (A night with my kitty is in urgent need. <3)
[01:17] <-- Violet (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (<3 meow!)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Jan 11 2018 <<<
[22:15] ➣ Crystal Tokyo, High Rise Apartments / Horus' Apartment
[22:15] --> Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:15] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Rose Sakazaki (Casual)
[22:16] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) tries to sneak in
[22:16] --> Horus Saotome (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:16] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horus Saotome (Casual)
[22:17] > Horus Saotome (Casual) is laid out on the sofa, asleep
[22:18] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) blinks but smiles
[22:18] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) walks over..and kisses Horus's forehead
[22:20] > Horus Saotome (Casual) smiles in his sleep, fidgeting a little
[22:22] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) kisses horus's ear "....having good dreams, sweetie?"
[22:23] > Horus Saotome (Casual) slowly opens his eyes and looks over to Rose with a smile
[22:23] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Always, when they're about you. <3
[22:29] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) grins and blushes
[22:31] > Horus Saotome (Casual) sits up
[22:31] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] When did you get in/
[22:32] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] just a few minutes ago
[22:32] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) turns and sits on Horus' lap
[22:33] > Horus Saotome (Casual) smiles and puts an arm around Rose
[22:37] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] wanted to talk to you ^^
[22:38] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Well, I'm glad you did. Is there something on your mind, Rose?
[22:40] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] *we* got an invite to visit my grandparents
[22:40] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Really?
[22:44] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] yeah just you and me
[22:45] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Oh wow
[22:45] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] not sure why
[22:47] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Well, being as you and I were the only ones invited.... I would imagine it's about our relationship.
[22:50] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ...that would make sense
[22:51] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Just the thought of it..... makes me really nervous though.
[22:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..honestly me too
[23:01] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..I don't see them often
[23:03] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Yes well, they have a certain...... reputation.... and I've heard it.
[23:10] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ^^;; yeah...but they're..good people
[23:13] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Here's hoping so. ^_^;;
[23:14] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ....I didn't expect to go out there...easpecally...just us
[23:20] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Well.... we have to go
[23:20] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] When?
[23:21] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ....they were thinking this weekend?
[23:43] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] We could do that
[23:49] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] we'd need to get to the nearest warp gate pretty quickly
[23:50] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] How quickly?
[23:56] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] well they...go through alot of traffic
[23:59] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] So.... how quickly do we need to leave?
[00:00] >>> Friday Jan 12 2018 <<<
[00:02] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] well
[00:02] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] um
[00:02] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] early in the morning saturday?
[00:04] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Oh okay.... well that's not too bad
[00:06] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Well, I should probably start packing then
[00:13] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] oh yes..yes!
[00:15] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) tries to get up but slips and falls over ><
[00:16] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Are you okay?
[00:17] > Horus Saotome (Casual) helps Rose up
[00:21] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] heh yeah just...moved a bit too fast
[00:26] > Horus Saotome (Casual) stands and walks over to his dresser of clothes
[00:26] <-- Horus Saotome (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Let's see..... what to take to wear)
[00:26] <-- Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'll help you pick!)
[00:00] >>> Monday Jan 15 2018 <<<
[22:51] ➣ Outside Dragon Pond Restaurant, Akira, Japan
[22:51] --> Isiah Aoki (Winter) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Winter)
[22:52] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) walks outside the resturant as it closes up, straightening his jacket
[22:57] --> Himeko Kaze (Winter) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:57] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Winter)
[22:57] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) is waiting outside
[22:57] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) looks up and notices Himeko, grinning a little
[22:57] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Waiting on me again?
[23:00] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] maybe...heh
[23:03] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) chuckles a little
[23:05] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] So, to what do I owe this nice little surprise?
[23:06] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] >.>
[23:06] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) holds out a bag
[23:06] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] ..we had left overs...thought you'd might want some....
[23:13] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Awwww, aren't you just the sweetest thing.
[23:17] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) smiles a little and winks
[23:18] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) blushes and smiles a little bit
[23:18] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Pardon me for being a little..... forward. But would you like to see my apartment?
[23:18] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] huh?..um.....sure
[23:23] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) leads the way down the street to a multi level apartment building
[23:29] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) follows close to Isiah
[23:33] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] I talked to my father about you earlier today
[23:33] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] y-you did?
[23:40] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Yeah.... he's.... concerned.
[23:46] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] He has the wrong idea about things. He's a...... very traditional man.
[23:50] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) steps into an elevator, holding the door open for Himeko
[23:54] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) walks through "what...do you mean"
[23:58] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) pushes the button for one of the upper floors
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Jan 16 2018 <<<
[00:01] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Well, because your family..... they have a lot of power and influence.
[00:02] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] While my family is... a ways lower on that ladder.
[00:04] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] o..oh..I see..I think
[00:05] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] In father's time.... families didn't date too far beyond their family's station
[00:07] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] so..he thinks..I'm beyond you
[00:08] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] FAR beyond me
[00:12] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] ...I think you're perfect
[00:12] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) can't believe she said that
[00:13] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) smiles sheepishly at that
[00:16] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) steps out as the door opens, leading Himeko down the hallway
[00:16] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) follows, looking around
[00:16] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Well, I told my father not to worry so much...
[00:17] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] ..... that times have changed and family position doesn't mean the same as it did back then.
[00:27] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) nods "yeah...it has"
[00:27] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) gets to his door, unlocking it and opening it for Himeko
[00:32] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) walks through
[00:33] ➣ Isiah's apartment is modest in size and lightly decorated. The mixture of Black American and Japanese cultures are very obvious.
[00:35] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] it's really nice
[00:37] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Thanks.... I picked up a lot of things on my last trip to visit my mo.
[00:37] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] mom
[00:37] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] your mom?
[00:38] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Mmhmm....
[00:39] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] My mother still lives in the states.... she runs a publishing company
[00:48] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] whoa..
[00:48] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) takes off her winter coat
[00:48] [Himeko Kaze (Winter)] um..is it ok..if I take it off
[00:48] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Sure, make yourself comfortable.
[00:54] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) looks around and finds a place to sit
[01:02] > Himeko Kaze (Winter) kicks her legs a bit, looking down
[01:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ^
[01:03] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] So, shall we have those left oves then? :)
[01:04] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um yes..yes let's!
[01:08] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes
[01:11] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..would it be alright if I....
[01:11] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um
[01:11] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ......stayed over
[01:18] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) pauses for a moment then smiles
[01:18] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] I would love that....
[01:18] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] ..... I welcome any extra chance I can take to get to know you.
[01:21] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) hides her face with her long long hair
[01:22] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Why all this hiding?
[01:22] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ....just...embarrsed
[01:24] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Awwww, why would you ever be embarassed around me?
[01:25] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] never...experienced this sort of thing before
[01:26] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] What? Being at someone else's house?
[01:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..being around a man *blushes deep crimson red*
[01:33] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) chuckles a little
[01:33] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] You have nothing to worry from me. I'll be a perfect gentleman.... as long as you want me to. ;)
[01:36] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes and smiles
[01:37] > Isiah Aoki (Winter) walks into the kitchen
[01:37] [Isiah Aoki (Winter)] Comeon, I could go for a late dinner
[01:38] <-- Isiah Aoki (Winter) has left #eventsbeta (^)
[01:38] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) follows Isiah
[01:38] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (..so is this a..dinner date?)
[23:08] ➣ Madox Castle, Quinox, The Future
[23:08] --> Eri Sita (Headmaid) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:08] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eri Sita (Headmaid)
[23:08] > Eri Sita (Headmaid) is keeping an eye on some trainee maids..she looks exausted
[23:10] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] no no no....sweep over there! don't step into your coworker's area of work..
[23:12] --> Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)
[23:12] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) walks up next to Eri and smiles
[23:14] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] I swear to the gods...
[23:17] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] huh?
[23:17] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] ..oh..hello hun
[23:18] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] What're you up to, doll?
[23:21] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] putting the trainees through the ropes....
[23:21] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] they have me on this overnight shift...
[23:25] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Awwww.... does that mean I have to go to bed alone tonight?
[23:26] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] you might yeah...
[23:26] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] ..I probably won't be home till..about 13:30....
[23:28] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Awwww
[23:34] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Well, I'll try to get to sleep without my baby.... but it'll be hard
[23:48] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I know....not looking forward to this either
[23:50] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) puts her arm around Eri
[23:51] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Jan 17 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] ^
[00:05] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] So, what're you gonna have these girls do?
[00:11] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] we're cleaning up this hallway for now
[00:11] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] next I'm showing them wall cleaning duties
[00:14] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] So just the basics, eh?
[00:18] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] yes..these bunch just arrived
[00:18] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Do any of them stand out yet or are they all just rookies/
[00:18] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] ?
[00:23] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] still rookies..i haven't seen any that are....top notch yet
[00:34] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] I'm sure you'll find the best ones out of the bunch
[00:38] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] heh you bet I will!
[00:42] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) grins, turning Eri and kissing her suddenly
[00:44] > Eri Sita (Headmaid) smiles and kisses back, a few of the maids watching
[00:56] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) grins a little as she breaks the kiss
[00:57] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] I guess that kill will have to last me the night
[01:03] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] heh well....I hope you're there when I get home ^^
[01:17] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] I'm sure I will
[01:19] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) yawns and stretches a little
[01:19] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Well, I unfortunatley shoud get home and get some sleep
[01:20] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] awwwww
[01:20] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] well I'll be home later then
[01:21] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Alright, Doll. If I'm asleep, wake me that special way you like to. ^_~
[01:24] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] heee alright
[01:25] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) kisses Eri again really quickly
[01:26] [Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform)] Night, doll
[01:35] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] night hun!
[01:35] > Eri Sita (Headmaid) turns to face the maids
[01:35] [Eri Sita (Headmaid)] HEY DON'T STOP! GET BACK TO WORK!
[01:36] > Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) grins a little as she walks down the hall
[01:36] <-- Daphne Sita (Headmaid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta
[01:39] <-- Eri Sita (Headmaid) has left #eventsbeta (these newbies...)
[23:23] ➣ Mycidia Prime, Mycidius Oma system, delegate's dwelling
[23:23] --> Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:23] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Rose Sakazaki (Casual)
[23:23] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) steps out to the balacony and looks out
[23:24] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) breaths in the air
[23:24] --> Horus Saotome (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horus Saotome (Casual)
[23:26] > Horus Saotome (Casual) walks up next to Rose
[23:27] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] hey horus ^^
[23:29] ➣ the building their in is actually part of a larger structure, which is built to wrap around the trunk of a MASSIVE skyscraper like tree..in fact the entire city is built to intergrate into the gigantic forest..the sky is a strange purplish-red color, with five moons hanging high above their heads
[23:32] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] This place..... it's amazing
[23:32] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] isn't it! I've only been here once before..when I was super little so I don't remember it
[23:33] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] and we're so far away from home!
[23:34] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Yeah, no kiddin
[23:34] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] g
[23:35] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..one billion miles away
[23:37] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] err light years
[23:42] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Yeah, that's a long way from home alright.
[23:47] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] are you..doing ok here..I mean it's not too much..is it
[23:50] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Oh yeah, I'm fine
[23:52] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) walks over and hugs Horus "I was worried it was too aalien for you"
[23:53] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] It's beautiful
[23:54] > Horus Saotome (Casual) hugs and holds Rose
[23:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] so um...tomorrow..we're meeting my grandfather
[23:58] > Horus Saotome (Casual) nods
[23:59] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] I'm nervous
[00:00] >>> Thursday Jan 18 2018 <<<
[00:07] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] it will be fine!...though I have heard he can be..pretty tough
[00:12] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] we also are to stop by the Hall of Trade
[00:15] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..which I guess is a big deal
[00:31] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Ahhh
[00:35] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..it's like their..major..government thing
[00:35] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ..I don't know why we're being asked to go there
[00:41] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] There must be a pretty serious reason.
[00:47] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] I just hope it's not a bad reason.
[00:49] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] me neither...I mean...I..don't think we did anything wrong
[00:53] > Horus Saotome (Casual) puts his arm around Rose - Hopefullly, we find out soon either way.
[00:54] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) smiles and yawns a little
[00:55] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Tired already?
[00:57] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] heh I think so
[00:57] [Horus Saotome (Casual)] Let's go inside and get some rest then.
[00:58] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] lets ^^
[01:00] > Horus Saotome (Casual) leads Rose inside with a smile
[01:01] <-- Horus Saotome (Casual) has left #eventsbeta
[01:02] <-- Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta
[22:40] ➣ High Rise Apartments, Akira, Japan
[22:40] --> Isiah Aoki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:40] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Casual)
[22:41] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) hums to himself as he looks to be sowing a shirt
[22:42] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[22:42] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Hmm? Who's here this time of night?
[22:42] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) stands, walking over to the door and opening it
[22:44] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[22:44] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is standing there "um hi there"
[22:45] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well hello there, Himeko.
[22:45] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles , a bit shocked
[22:46] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] To what do I owe this surprise visit?
[22:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..thought i'd...stop by....
[22:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I brought..more food...a dessert
[22:53] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles and steps aside
[22:53] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well then, come on in
[23:00] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks in silently
[23:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] i mean it's..not much..I know
[23:02] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Aww, I'm sure anything you brought will be plenty.
[23:02] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) closes the door and smiles a bit
[23:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] am I coming at a bad time >.>
[23:09] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Not at all. I was just fixing a shirt I tore during work. Got it caught on a shelf.
[23:18] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] o..oh
[23:18] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I...was just..stopping by..so...um
[23:20] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) walks over and sits, going back to sowing his shirt
[23:21] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I..don't want to bother
[23:21] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, let me finish this really quick then I can give you my undivided attention.
[23:21] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] my..attention?
[23:21] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You're never a bother, Himeko. Please, relax, make yourself at home.
[23:25] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) pauses and sits on a sofa
[23:27] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You seem a bit on edge, Himeko... is anything wrong?
[23:35] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I just...I don't feel like I'm worth your time
[23:39] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) finishes his shirt and turns to Himeko
[23:39] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Where did you get a crazy idea like that?
[23:44] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] because I don't...I really shouldn't be with anyone ><
[23:45] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Huh? Why do you say that?
[23:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I'm...not....regular ><
[23:55] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) moves to sits next to Himeko
[23:55] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You make that sound like it's a bad thing.
[23:59] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it...I'm..just not normal
[00:00] >>> Friday Jan 19 2018 <<<
[00:02] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I'm not sure what you mean by that.....
[00:02] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] .... but it doesn't bother me.
[00:02] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) starts to have tears running down her cheeks
[00:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] h..huh?
[00:05] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Himeko..... you're fine just as you are. I like you.... for you.
[00:05] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) sniffles and rubs her face
[00:08] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] you..do?
[00:09] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Of course I do
[00:12] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ....
[00:12] > Himeko Kaze (Casual)'s eyes start to water..
[00:13] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles to Himeko
[00:15] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) hugs Isiah and cries against him
[00:17] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) hugs and holds Himeko
[00:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I like you too T___T I don't..I don't...please...
[00:32] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Don't what...?
[00:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I don't want to let you go T_T
[00:41] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) holds Himeko close
[00:45] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Then you won't have to
[00:48] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles a little and holds onto Isiah tightly
[00:57] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] s..sorry
[00:57] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] No need to apologize
[00:59] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] heh alright
[01:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] mind if I..stay here tonight again
[01:00] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Sure thing
[01:05] <-- Isiah Aoki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (The blankets are still out here from last night.)
[01:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] t..thank you
[01:06] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (thank you..*smiles*)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Jan 21 2018 <<<
[19:48] ➣ Mycidian Prime, Rose's grandparents place
[19:48] --> Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[19:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Rose Sakazaki (Casual)
[19:48] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) is sitting quietly at a table, wondering what this is all about
[19:51] --> Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) has joined #eventsbeta
[19:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)
[19:51] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) sits next to Rose, looking a little nervous
[19:53] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ...I don't know why we're here
[19:54] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] I just wish there was some kind of hint as to what this is about.
[19:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] exactly....
[19:55] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] all these speeches and meetings
[20:00] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] it's worrying me
[20:03] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Me too
[20:14] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) puts his had on Rose's shoulder
[20:14] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] ^hand
[20:14] --> ~Ameya (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, ~Ameya (Casual)
[20:14] > ~Ameya (Casual) walks in some food "there you two are"
[20:18] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] hello grandma
[20:20] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Good evening, ma'am.
[20:25] [~Ameya (Casual)] well i hope you are enjoying your stay ^^
[20:27] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] We have been.
[20:28] [~Ameya (Casual)] well good we wanted you two to be relaxed..I mean the signing ceremony can be very stressful ^^
[20:29] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Signing ceremony?
[20:35] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] what signing ceremony???
[20:36] > ~Ameya (Casual) puts out some tea
[20:36] [~Ameya (Casual)] why....the marriage contract of course...
[20:36] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) SPITS OUT HER TEA
[20:39] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] WHAT!?
[20:41] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) goes wide eyed
[20:41] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] UH.....
[20:47] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] ..... marriage....... contract!?
[20:47] [~Ameya (Casual)] well after all....two young people such as yourselves should plan for your futures
[20:56] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Planning for the future is one thing..... but a contract??
[20:58] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] I..I mean..we..we haven't....even thought about it
[21:01] [~Ameya (Casual)] oh you haven't?
[21:04] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Well.... saying we haven't THOUGHT about it at all might be..... a stretch.....
[21:04] [~Ameya (Casual)] I thought it was expected?
[21:13] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] .... I didn't expect a contract.
[21:16] [~Ameya (Casual)] it's common for our people
[21:16] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) looks to Rose
[21:25] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] but...we just..aren't ready...to confirm anything
[21:35] [~Ameya (Casual)] o...oh! am I doing it wrong then?
[21:41] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) is clearly nervous and a bit confused by the whole situation
[21:42] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] well um yes..and no..and...horus help me here
[21:45] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] I'm.... not even sure what to say here...
[21:50] [~Ameya (Casual)] perhaps it's best to..postpone ^^;;
[21:54] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] I think that may be a good idea.
[22:01] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] yeah probably for the best
[22:05] [~Ameya (Casual)] I will suspend it then..that's the best I can do ^^;;
[22:14] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Thank you for that....
[22:19] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] I apperciate that ^^;;
[22:24] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] I hope you're not..... disappointed with us.
[22:27] [~Ameya (Casual)] oh no!
[22:27] [~Ameya (Casual)] it just means we will have to wait a bit longer ^^
[22:31] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) looks to Horus
[22:50] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) smiles lightly to Rose
[22:52] [~Ameya (Casual)] well then...with that settled....I suppose we should just visit to...get a few things settled
[22:57] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] What do you mean, ma'am?
[23:11] [~Ameya (Casual)] just an honoring ceremony ^^
[23:29] [~Ameya (Casual)] as visitors
[23:37] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] Oooh, okay
[23:40] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] well that's nice at least
[23:56] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) stretches, as her stomach growls
[23:56] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] ...
[23:56] [~Ameya (Casual)] you should probably eat ^^;;
[00:00] >>> Monday Jan 22 2018 <<<
[00:02] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) chuckles lightly
[00:03] [Horus Saotome (Semi-formal)] That sounds like a great idea.
[00:05] [~Ameya (Casual)] once you two are done, we will head over ^^
[00:25] [Rose Sakazaki (Casual)] sounds like a plan!
[00:26] > Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) stands and offers his hand to Rose
[00:39] > Rose Sakazaki (Casual) takes horus's hand
[00:41] <-- Horus Saotome (Semi-formal) has left #eventsbeta (Let's get some dinner)
[00:51] <-- Rose Sakazaki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (lets)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Jan 23 2018 <<<
[00:00] ➣ Kenichi Ryoma's place
[00:00] --> Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:00] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)
[00:00] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) is in a wheelchair at the moment, still recovering from his accident
[00:01] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) sits in front of his computer, having just turned it off and trying his best to relax
[00:06] ➣ There's a light knock on Kenichi's bedroom door
[00:06] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) turns in his wheelchair
[00:06] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] come in?
[00:08] --> Talia Latu (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:08] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Talia Latu (Casual)
[00:08] > Talia Latu (Casual) walks in, carrying a tray
[00:09] [Talia Latu (Casual)] Hey Keni.... I brought a midnight snack for ya. ^_~
[00:10] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] oh Talia!
[00:10] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] pardon me not getting up but..you know ^^;;
[00:12] [Talia Latu (Casual)] That's why I brought it to you, silly
[00:13] > Talia Latu (Casual) walks over, bends down and kisses Kenichi with a smile
[00:16] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) kisses back
[00:18] [Talia Latu (Casual)] How're you feeling, Keni?
[00:26] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ..still a little weak in the legs but getting stronger
[00:30] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ..hoping i'll be better soon enough
[00:32] [Talia Latu (Casual)] I'm sure you will, Keni
[00:33] > Talia Latu (Casual) sits on Kenichi's bed
[00:36] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ..with you around, I'm sure I will
[00:43] > Talia Latu (Casual) smiles, handing Keni a drink
[00:45] [Talia Latu (Casual)] When's your next doctor's appointment?
[00:45] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) takes the drink
[00:45] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] tomorrow actually
[00:48] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] ..I was wondering if you could come with me
[01:02] [Talia Latu (Casual)] To where?
[01:05] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] to the doctor's
[01:05] > Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) smiles "i'd like the company"
[01:06] [Talia Latu (Casual)] Well, I'd be happy to come with you
[01:07] [Talia Latu (Casual)] In the meantime....
[01:07] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] hm?
[01:09] > Talia Latu (Casual) winks, setting the tray on Kenichi's desk
[01:09] [Talia Latu (Casual)] How about I stay with you tonight?~
[01:11] [Kenichi Ryoma (Casual)] I wouldn't say no to that
[01:14] > Talia Latu (Casual) starts to unbutton her shirt and grins, reaching over and turning out the lights
[01:15] <-- Talia Latu (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'm a bit tired of sleeping alone~)
[01:16] <-- Kenichi Ryoma (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'm sure)
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Jan 24 2018 <<<
[21:25] ➣ Daphne and Eri's place, Madox Castle, Quinox
[21:25] --> Eri Sita (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eri Sita (Casual)
[21:25] > Eri Sita (Casual) walks into the living room area, stretching and lounges on a sofa
[21:37] --> Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)
[21:37] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) walks into their quarters, looking rather tired.
[21:38] [Eri Sita (Casual)] hey welcome home
[21:42] [Eri Sita (Casual)] you just get off?
[21:44] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Yeah
[21:46] [Eri Sita (Casual)] been a hard day then?
[21:46] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] How did your day turn out?
[21:50] [Eri Sita (Casual)] it wasn't bad....just more training the new maids...I think tye're getting the hang of it
[21:58] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Well that's good to hear.
[21:58] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] I'm doing a bit of training myself.
[21:59] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Seems the mistress has decided that it's a good idea to have more of our skilled maids as secret service style body guards.
[22:08] [Eri Sita (Casual)] oh that so?
[22:10] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] yeah
[22:10] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) starts to unbutton the front of her uniform top
[22:11] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] So I've gone about scouting some of the more athletic of our maid team and checking into their backgrounds.
[22:41] [Eri Sita (Casual)] heh sounds good!
[22:41] [Eri Sita (Casual)] I know you can train them to be the best
[22:44] > Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform) walks over to the sofa and knees down
[22:44] [Daphne Sita (Head Maid's Uniform)] Unzip me, love?
[22:48] > Eri Sita (Casual) smiles and walks over, unzipping Daphne's top
[22:52] > Daphne Sita (Undies) smirks and sheds her uniform
[22:59] > Eri Sita (Casual) smiles "always a lovely sight"
[22:59] > Daphne Sita (Undies) winks and stands
[23:00] [Daphne Sita (Undies)] Flattery will get you everywhere~
[23:03] [Eri Sita (Casual)] I hope so
[23:04] > Daphne Sita (Undies) sits with Eri on the sofa
[23:20] > Eri Sita (Casual) leans against Daphne
[23:24] > Daphne Sita (Undies) slides her arm around Eri
[23:34] [Eri Sita (Casual)] well glad the day is done
[23:57] [Daphne Sita (Undies)] Me too
[00:00] >>> Thursday Jan 25 2018 <<<
[00:06] [Eri Sita (Casual)] you have plans tomorrow?
[00:07] [Daphne Sita (Undies)] Not really
[00:07] [Eri Sita (Casual)] maybe if i'm not busy..we can go out together
[00:08] [Daphne Sita (Undies)] I would love that
[00:08] > Daphne Sita (Undies) yawns lightly
[00:14] [Eri Sita (Casual)] you must be exausted
[00:15] [Eri Sita (Casual)] let's get some sleep ^^
[00:15] > Daphne Sita (Undies) nods with a smile, slowly standing
[00:17] <-- Daphne Sita (Undies) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (Rest would do me good)
[00:19] <-- Eri Sita (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (hehe I'm coming with)
[00:00] >>> Friday Jan 26 2018 <<<
[23:12] ➣ Venus, Magellan City / Masato Home
[23:13] --> Violet (Nightie) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Violet (Nightie)
[23:13] > Violet (Nightie) is making herself a drink
[23:18] --> Jett Masato (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jett Masato (Casual)
[23:19] > Jett Masato (Casual) walks in, stretching a bit
[23:21] [Jett Masato (Casual)] I'm hoooome
[23:24] [Violet (Nightie)] hey welcome home!
[23:27] > Jett Masato (Casual) walks into the kitchen and pauses a moment, grinning as he looks Violet over
[23:27] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Hello sexy kitty~
[23:30] > Violet (Nightie) smiles
[23:34] > Jett Masato (Casual) walks over, hugging and kissing Violet with a smile
[23:35] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Having a little nightcap, Vi?
[23:40] [Violet (Nightie)] heh just a little *kisses back*
[23:45] > Jett Masato (Casual) holds onto Violet, smiling
[23:45] [Jett Masato (Casual)] It's just us tonight
[23:57] [Violet (Nightie)] mmm it seems so!
[00:00] >>> Saturday Jan 27 2018 <<<
[00:03] [Violet (Nightie)] hey I had a question
[00:04] > Violet (Nightie) turns and leans against the wall
[00:04] [Violet (Nightie)] Rose called me and told me about her little trip and she brought up something I hadn't thought of
[00:06] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Oh? What's that?
[00:07] [Violet (Nightie)] well once we do get hitched...want to do an extra ceremony on mycidius?
[00:09] [Jett Masato (Casual)] An extra ceremony?
[00:15] [Violet (Nightie)] yeah I guess they have a sort..registery ceremony..something about our clan?
[00:17] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Interesting......
[00:19] [Jett Masato (Casual)] .... if you feel like it's important... we can do it.
[00:19] [Violet (Nightie)] well I don't know....I mean
[00:20] [Violet (Nightie)] ..it's not like I really NEED to do it
[00:20] [Violet (Nightie)] barely been to that place
[00:22] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Well.... it's all up to you, sweetheart.
[00:25] [Violet (Nightie)] hey..but we're a couple *smiles and puts her arms around Jett*
[00:25] [Violet (Nightie)] still....oh I almost forgot! how was your day?
[00:26] > Jett Masato (Casual) holds Violet again with a smile
[00:27] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Good.... got some business taken care of with some of the other countries.
[00:33] [Jett Masato (Casual)] But all I could think about was getting home to you~
[00:36] [Violet (Nightie)] mmmm well I've been waiting
[00:36] > Violet (Nightie) moves her tail to slither along his waist
[00:40] > Jett Masato (Casual) grins, holding Violet by the waist, "Then I shouldn't keep you waiting any longer, should I?"
[00:43] [Violet (Nightie)] oh I'd hope not ^^
[00:44] > Jett Masato (Casual) kisses Violet again and smiles
[00:44] [Jett Masato (Casual)] Shall we turn in then?
[00:48] [Violet (Nightie)] I think so ^^
[00:48] > Violet (Nightie) purrs a little
[00:50] > Jett Masato (Casual) winks, slowly letting go of Vi and heading to the bedroom
[00:53] > Violet (Nightie) smirks and follows
[00:54] <-- Jett Masato (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Time to relax <3)
[00:58] <-- Violet (Nightie) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Feb 01 2018 <<<
[22:56] ➣ Hollywood, Florida / Kazu Residence
[23:00] --> Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:00] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)
[23:00] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) walks in, looking exausted
[23:00] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..I'm home...
[23:02] --> Jennifer Kazu (Casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jennifer Kazu (Casual)
[23:02] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Hey Toshi!
[23:02] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] You look beat...
[23:02] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) looks up from her tablet
[23:04] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..exausted
[23:07] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] You poor dear
[23:07] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) stands
[23:07] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Come sit... you want a drink or anything?
[23:09] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) walks over and sits down "yes please"
[23:11] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Alrighty
[23:11] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) bends down and kisses Hitoshi with a wink before going to the kitchen
[23:14] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) smiles at that
[23:24] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) walks back in carrying two large drinks, sitting next to Hitoshi and handing one to him
[23:24] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Busy day, eh?
[23:36] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] extremely....
[23:36] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ...I barely got out tonight in time
[23:36] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] What happened?
[23:36] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..and then meeting up with the others for some....other issues
[23:43] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ...just another project.....took forever to get finished
[23:46] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) takes a sip of her drink
[23:46] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) sips his drink
[23:46] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ...hey jenny...
[23:46] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] They've been putting you on a lot of special projects lately
[23:51] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..I wanted to talk to you
[23:53] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..I might be going away for a few days
[23:53] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Really? Goin' where?
[23:57] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] I have to meet a few of the other warriors to deal with...a potential threat
[00:00] >>> Friday Feb 02 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] I see.... can I help?
[00:01] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ....it might be dangerious...willing to risk your life?
[00:03] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) smirks a bit
[00:04] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Honey, I know it's been a while since I fought, but I was an' still am a knight of Mars.
[00:10] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) smiles
[00:11] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] alright....well...we leave the thursday after next..
[00:12] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] What's the threat?
[00:15] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] an breakout from the underground
[00:19] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..some sort of ancient power
[00:22] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Ancient power??
[00:24] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] yeah we're not sure
[00:25] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] all we know is that it has evil intentions...
[00:37] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Hmm..... sounds sinister
[00:39] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) leans against Hitoshi
[00:40] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] But you know I'm gonna' do anything I can to help
[00:42] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) smiles and holds jennifer close
[00:47] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] ..we'll figure this out
[00:56] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Of course we will..... you've got the universal translater for a wife.
[01:03] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) gives jennifer a kiss
[01:04] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) kisses Hitoshi back, holding it a bit
[01:22] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) holds the kiss
[01:22] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) breaks the kiss with a grin
[01:23] [Jennifer Kazu (Casual)] Ya' know...... I could use some help with somethin'....
[01:28] [Hitoshi Kazu (Casual)] I'd be happy to help
[01:30] > Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) stands..and scoops up Jennifer
[01:30] > Jennifer Kazu (Casual) grins and holds onto Hitoshi
[01:31] <-- Hitoshi Kazu (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (let me..help you, jenny)
[01:32] <-- Jennifer Kazu (Casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has left #eventsbeta (Only you can, Toshi <3)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Feb 06 2018 <<<
[00:17] ➣ Kinmoku, Kou Estate, Urvashi's Room
[00:18] --> Urvashi Kou (PJs) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Urvashi Kou (PJs)
[00:19] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) sits in bed, reading a book
[00:23] ➣ there's the sound of someone struggling with the window
[00:25] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Hmm? What's that?
[00:25] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) puts down her book, standing from the bed and walking over to the window, opening the curtains
[00:27] --> Markus (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:27] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Markus (Casual)
[00:27] > Markus (Casual) nearly tumbles in
[00:29] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) looks confused for a moment
[00:29] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Um.... hi Mark....
[00:32] [Markus (Casual)] s..sorry
[00:32] [Markus (Casual)] to come unannounced..like this
[00:33] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) offers a hand to help Markus up
[00:33] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Well.... it's a nice surprise.... but why'd you come through the window?
[00:35] [Markus (Casual)] force of habit ^^;;
[00:36] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) giggles a little
[00:37] [Markus (Casual)] um so..I was wondering if it would be ok if...
[00:37] [Markus (Casual)] ...I stayed the night here >.>
[00:43] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) grins a little
[00:45] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] You honestly think I'd say no?~
[00:46] > Markus (Casual) smiles
[00:46] [Markus (Casual)] I....might have locked myself out of my house while my parents were gone ^^;;;;;
[00:47] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Again?
[00:50] [Markus (Casual)] >.> yeah
[00:50] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] I swear sometimes you do this intentionally so that you have an excuse to stay here.
[00:51] [Markus (Casual)] would that be so bad?
[00:53] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) thinks for a moment, walking over and sitting on her bed
[00:53] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Well... no.... but...
[00:53] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] .... it's not like you need an excuse to come sleep with me.~
[00:58] > Markus (Casual) smiles and sits next to Urvashi
[00:59] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) leans in, kissing Markus
[01:03] > Markus (Casual) kisses back
[01:04] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) holds the kiss, sliding up next to Markus
[01:05] [Markus (Casual)] mmmm
[01:06] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Mmmm~
[01:09] > Markus (Casual) slowly breaks the kiss
[01:10] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) lays Markus back down on the bed, holding the kiss and sliding over top of him before breaking it with a smirk
[01:10] > Markus (Casual) smirks back
[01:10] [Markus (Casual)] wow..as always
[01:11] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] I don't suppose you brought anything to sleep in?
[01:12] [Markus (Casual)] nope
[01:14] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] Good.... you won't be needing it~
[01:14] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) reaches down and pulling off Markus' shirt
[01:17] [Markus (Pants)] heh hey
[01:17] [Urvashi Kou (PJs)] My parents are away on business until the weekend~
[01:22] > Urvashi Kou (PJs) grins and reaches out, turning off the lights in the room
[01:22] <-- Urvashi Kou (PJs) has left #eventsbeta (Now.....let's take care of the rest <3)
[01:25] <-- Markus (Pants) has left #eventsbeta (alright <3)
[22:49] ➣ Crystal Tokyo / Alcobus & Andria's Apartment
[22:50] --> Alcobus (Nightwear) [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Alcobus (Nightwear)
[22:51] --> Andria (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:51] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Andria (Nightwear)
[22:51] > Alcobus (Nightwear) walks out of the kitchen, carrying a drink while looking over something on a tablet
[22:51] > Andria (Nightwear) is trying to relax on the sofa
[22:53] > Alcobus (Nightwear) walks over and sits next to Andria
[22:54] [Andria (Nightwear)] what are you looking, Ally?
[22:55] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Vacation spots outside the country.
[22:56] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] I realized the rut I've been in.... and it's not that I need to live in a new place..... it's that I haven't left Neo Tokyo in a long time.
[22:57] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] ^Neo Japan
[22:58] [Andria (Nightwear)] that is true.....we've been here for awhile
[22:59] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] So I was putting together a list of places we could travel to.
[23:00] [Andria (Nightwear)] ooo what do you have?
[23:01] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Well.... even with all the changes as of late, we could always travel to the US. I hear New Vegas is a fun place to visit.
[23:07] [Andria (Nightwear)] ooo never been there
[23:09] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] We could go to the European Union.... I've read the northern regions are filled with historical sites.
[23:13] [Andria (Nightwear)] is that pretty cold?
[23:13] [Andria (Nightwear)] never been anywhere cold
[23:14] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] It can get pretty cold there.
[23:20] > Andria (Nightwear) hugs her tails "...might be fun"
[23:22] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Yeah?
[23:36] [Andria (Nightwear)] well yeah I've..never been there..and historical stuff is interesting
[23:47] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Well then, I guess that's where we should go.
[23:49] [Andria (Nightwear)] well are there other choices?
[23:50] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Well..... if you wanted to go some where warmer, I've heard the South American coastlines are really nice this time of year too.
[23:51] [Andria (Nightwear)] oooo that would be good!
[23:55] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] You were so excited about going somewhere cold. Would you rather go somewhere warmer?
[23:58] [Andria (Nightwear)] well....it might be a little bit more fun
[23:58] > Andria (Nightwear) whispers in alcobus's ear "we can wear less"
[23:59] > Alcobus (Nightwear) giggles a bit and snuggles up to Andria
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Feb 07 2018 <<<
[00:08] > Andria (Nightwear) smiles and wraps her tails around Alcobus
[00:19] > Alcobus (Nightwear) snuggles and pets one of Andria's tails
[00:20] [Andria (Nightwear)] so..somewhere hot then...
[00:20] > Alcobus (Nightwear) nods
[00:22] [Andria (Nightwear)] I like that idea
[00:25] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] Well then, that's where we'll go
[00:35] > Andria (Nightwear) yawns just a little bit
[00:35] > Alcobus (Nightwear) yawns lightly also
[00:36] [Alcobus (Nightwear)] I think it's about time we turned in
[00:43] [Andria (Nightwear)] yeah i think so
[00:48] > Andria (Nightwear) stands, wiggling her tails at Alcobus
[00:53] > Alcobus (Nightwear) slowly stands
[00:53] <-- Alcobus (Nightwear) [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has left #eventsbeta (We'll get some rest, then start planning our vacation tmorrow.)
[00:54] <-- Andria (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (heh alright)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Feb 08 2018 <<<
[21:52] ➣ Shin Estate, outside of Akita, Japan
[21:54] ➣ The sound of the bell, calling from the door can be heard through the halls of the Estate
[21:59] --> Hideki Kaze (Casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hideki Kaze (Casual)
[21:59] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) opens the door
[21:59] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] yes?
[21:59] --> Isiah Aoki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Casual)
[22:00] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Oh, um hello there. I was looking for Himeko.
[22:07] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] .....why
[22:10] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, I hadn't heard from her in a couple of days, so I wanted to make sure she was alright.
[22:12] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] .....
[22:12] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) looks at Isiah....
[22:13] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles a bit nervously
[22:16] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ..come in...
[22:16] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) bows slightly and steps inside
[22:16] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Thank you.
[22:23] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] .....
[22:23] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] sit
[22:24] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Uh... okay
[22:24] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) finds a place and sits
[22:27] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) sits across from Isiah...staring at him
[22:30] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) looks around at the decorations in the house then nervously looking back at Hideki
[22:34] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ......so what do you have to do with my sister
[22:57] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well.... we've been spending q uite a bit of time togeter of late
[23:00] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ..I see
[23:07] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Is she alright?
[23:08] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] yes
[23:09] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, that's good.....
[23:09] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] .... can I see her?
[23:10] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ........
[23:10] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] why
[23:11] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Because..... I care for her and I'd like to see how she's doing for myself.
[23:12] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) looks at Isiah..thinking
[23:15] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ...alright
[23:20] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Thank you
[23:20] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles lightly
[23:27] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ..one thing
[23:29] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Yes?
[23:32] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ..I'm keeping my eyes on you
[23:32] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ..so don't try anything
[23:34] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Um.... alright
[23:35] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) nods
[00:00] >>> Friday Feb 09 2018 <<<
[01:16] <-- Isiah Aoki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (As intense as I'd heard....)
[01:17] <-- Hideki Kaze (Casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (....)
[21:20] ➣ Quinoxian Ambassador's Home, Crystal Tokyo
[21:21] --> Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)
[21:21] > Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) gently closes one of the room doors and heads downstairs
[21:28] --> Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) [FauRedheadman@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:28] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)
[21:33] > Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) sits in a chair reading from a tablet.
[21:37] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] he's finally asleep
[21:38] [Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)] He's been really fussy lately.
[21:41] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] heh well knowing his parents..not surprised
[21:43] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] hey what are you looking at?
[21:44] [Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)] Just checking some messages.
[21:46] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] anything interesting?
[21:55] [Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)] Not really
[22:01] > Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) slides next to Vance
[22:10] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] heh you ok there, babe?
[22:24] [Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)] Yeah
[22:27] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] heh I was just worried you were so quiet
[22:27] > Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) leans in, kissing Joanna
[22:29] > Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) smiles and kisses back
[22:32] > Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) smiles
[22:33] [Vance Shinobi (Nightwear)] Now that you got the little man to sleep, perhaps we should turn in our selves.
[22:36] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] heh might be a good idea
[22:36] [Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear)] have a ton of meetings tomorrow ><
[22:36] > Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) stands, offering Jo his hand
[22:39] > Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) takes vance's hand and stands
[22:40] <-- Vance Shinobi (Nightwear) [FauRedheadman@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (Time for some rest)
[22:41] <-- Joanna Shinobi (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (yup)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Feb 11 2018 <<<
[22:32] ➣ Akita, Japan
[22:32] ➣ it's snowing lightly that night
[22:33] --> Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)
[22:33] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) walks through the snow, along the road
[22:38] --> Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:38] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)
[22:38] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) sits on a bench along the road, looking over his phone
[22:50] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) pauses then walks up to Isiah...
[22:54] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] hey...
[22:56] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) looks up from his phone and smiles lightly
[22:57] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Hey
[23:00] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) stops, looking akward
[23:03] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Are you okay?
[23:04] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ...sorry...about my brother...
[23:05] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] He's just being protective of his sister.... I can't blame him for that.
[23:08] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ...listen...if he..bothers you....I don' tknow if..
[23:14] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ... Himeko..... it's okay.
[23:14] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Sit with me?
[23:14] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] I mean if...
[23:14] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ok..
[23:14] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) walks over and sits next to Isiah
[23:19] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Meeting your brother..... was an eye opening experience.
[23:20] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] it was?
[23:21] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Yes....
[23:22] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ...how?
[23:22] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] .... it reinforced the idea..... that I have to make sure to take care of you and keep you happy.
[23:23] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Not that I wouldn't do that..... but now I know I'm being watched by someone....
[23:26] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] .... so I HAVE to make sure to keep on my game.
[23:26] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) winks and grins a bit
[23:29] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) blushes
[23:29] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] to..take care of me?
[23:30] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Well yeah...... I mean.....
[23:31] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] .... making sure you're happy..... feeling good.... not wanting for anything.... or providing it when you do.
[23:32] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) looks at Isiah "...provide it how?"
[23:34] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Well.... depends on what you'd need....
[23:34] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] .... it could be something I need to buy or.....
[23:35] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ..... if you need something more...... physical.
[23:35] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) looks at Isiah in wonder...
[23:39] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] What's that look for?
[23:42] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ..you'll think me silly but
[23:42] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ...I wasn't sure if..
[23:47] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Wasn't sure if..... what?
[23:49] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) mutters something
[23:50] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] What'd you say?
[23:55] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ....that you...loved me
[23:58] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Was there anything I did that...... made you think I didn't?
[23:58] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] n..no but....
[00:00] >>> Monday Feb 12 2018 <<<
[00:01] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] you...never said anything...
[00:02] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Oh.... that.....
[00:04] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] .... there's a reason for that....
[00:04] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] there is?
[00:05] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) nods
[00:07] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] I wasn't really planning on bringing it up...... but my last relationship ended pretty badly.
[00:07] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] huh it did?
[00:08] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Yeah..... everything was going great..... it seemed to me like we had a good, serious connection....
[00:09] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ... and after a short time...... I told her how I was feeling about her.....
[00:10] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ..... she laughed at me..... then told me there was no way she could love a guy like me.
[00:12] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ......
[00:12] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] not sure why anyone would laugh at you
[00:13] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Well.... the whole situation hurt.....
[00:14] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ..... which is why I've kind of.... kept the core of my feelings to myself.
[00:14] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ....want me to go and beat her up?
[00:20] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) chuckles a little
[00:21] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Oh no.... she lives far away from here now. She met a foreigner and moved out of the country last year.
[00:25] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ..well if you want..I will
[00:26] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] ...I would never laugh at you
[00:27] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) smiles
[00:28] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Well.... I'm glad for that
[00:30] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] But that's also why I haven't initiated anything..... physical yet....
[00:30] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ... I didn't want to rush it.
[00:34] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] I..understand
[00:34] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] makes sense..
[00:37] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) shivers just a bit
[00:37] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Cold?
[00:39] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear)] just a bit....think I wore too thin a jacket
[00:40] > Isiah Aoki (Sweatshirt) stands, taking his jacket off and putting it over Himeko
[00:41] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) smiles "..but you'll be cold"
[00:42] [Isiah Aoki (Sweatshirt)] I'll be fine until we get somewhere a bit warmer
[00:42] > Isiah Aoki (Sweatshirt) holds his hand out to Himeko
[00:44] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) pauses then takes Isiah's hand
[00:51] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) smiles
[00:53] <-- Isiah Aoki (Sweatshirt) has left #eventsbeta (Let's find somewhere to warm up)
[00:54] <-- Himeko Kaze (Winter Gear) has left #eventsbeta (yeah)
[22:48] ➣ Just oustide Madox City / Zenthi & Elias' House
[22:48] --> Zenthi (Casual) [staffhead@Q.ry.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Zenthi (Casual)
[22:48] > Zenthi (Casual) walks in "i'm home..."
[22:50] --> Elias Sita (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Elias Sita (Casual)
[22:50] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Welcome home, dearest
[22:51] > Zenthi (Casual) looks exausted
[22:52] > Elias Sita (Casual) peaks out from the kitchen / Rough day?
[22:53] [Zenthi (Casual)] extremely ><
[22:55] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Awww, you poor dear
[22:56] [Elias Sita (Casual)] How about you sit down, relax..... and I'll bring you something to eat?
[22:56] [Zenthi (Casual)] mmm i would love that
[22:56] > Zenthi (Casual) sits down on the sofa
[22:58] > Elias Sita (Casual) slips back into the kitchen
[22:59] [Zenthi (Casual)] how was your day?
[23:02] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Oh, not too bad.
[23:02] [Elias Sita (Casual)] I cataloged a few new stars today through the space camera.
[23:03] [Zenthi (Casual)] heh well at least you got to do something fun
[23:06] > Elias Sita (Casual) chuckles a bit as he can be heard milling around the kitchen
[23:20] > Elias Sita (Casual) walks out of the kitchen with a warm turkey sandwich and some potato salad.
[23:22] [Zenthi (Casual)] now that smells good!
[23:25] > Elias Sita (Casual) sets the plate on the table in front of the sofa and smiles
[23:25] [Elias Sita (Casual)] You want something to drink, dear?
[23:28] [Zenthi (Casual)] heh oh yes wouldn't say no to that
[23:30] [Elias Sita (Casual)] I'll be right back then
[23:31] > Zenthi (Casual) smiles
[23:34] > Elias Sita (Casual) goes into the kitchen again
[23:37] [Zenthi (Casual)] you're too good to me!
[23:44] > Elias Sita (Casual) comes out with a couple of drinks, sitting with Zenthi
[23:46] [Zenthi (Casual)] sometimes I feel too lucky to have you
[23:49] [Elias Sita (Casual)] I always feel lucky to have you. <3
[23:52] [Zenthi (Casual)] you make these long days worth it
[23:52] > Elias Sita (Casual) smiles, sipping his drink
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Feb 13 2018 <<<
[00:00] > Zenthi (Casual) drinks and eats
[00:04] [Zenthi (Casual)] hey Elias....
[00:06] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Yeah Zen?
[00:11] [Zenthi (Casual)] ..what do you think of going on a trip this weekend
[00:12] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Ooooo, where?
[00:17] [Zenthi (Casual)] I was thinking to my home world, Mercury
[00:20] [Elias Sita (Casual)] It's been a while since we've been there.
[00:21] [Zenthi (Casual)] I thought it might be nice
[00:24] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Ya know what..... that sounds great
[00:26] > Zenthi (Casual) finishes her meal "really??"
[00:26] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Yeah. I've always liked traveling to Mercury.
[00:30] [Zenthi (Casual)] well i'll get it started tomorrow then! *yawns*
[00:33] [Zenthi (Casual)] ugh must be more tired then I thought
[00:36] [Elias Sita (Casual)] Shall we turn in for the night then?
[00:36] [Zenthi (Casual)] probably the best thing to do *smiles*
[00:39] > Zenthi (Casual) stands and stretches
[00:42] [Zenthi (Casual)] i'll get the bed ready
[00:44] > Zenthi (Casual) smiles and walks towards the bedroom
[00:44] <-- Zenthi (Casual) [staffhead@Q.ry.com] has left #eventsbeta (..we'll sleep after...<3)
[00:56] > Elias Sita (Casual) smiles, collects the dishes and stands
[00:56] <-- Elias Sita (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Indee <3)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Feb 20 2018 <<<
[00:06] ➣ Future - Nadi, Fiji/
[00:07] --> Alcobus (Bikini) [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:07] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Alcobus (Bikini)
[00:07] > Alcobus (Bikini) walks along the beach, the moon the only light around for miles.
[00:09] --> Andria (Bikini) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:09] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Andria (Bikini)
[00:09] > Andria (Bikini) is laying on her stomach on the sand, her top next to her
[00:11] > Alcobus (Bikini) moves over and sits next to Andria, rubbing her back
[00:11] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Andiiiii~
[00:13] [Andria (Bikini)] hmmm?????
[00:14] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Having fun?~
[00:18] [Andria (Bikini)] of course
[00:21] [Andria (Bikini)] everything is fun with you ^^
[00:24] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Awww hehe
[00:25] > Alcobus (Bikini) lays on Andria's back and smiles, kissing the nape of her neck
[00:26] [Alcobus (Bikini)] This was such a good idea.... and it was all yours.~
[00:30] > Andria (Bikini) giggles "well I wanted you to have fun as well"
[00:31] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Well of course I'm gonna' have fun with my Andi~
[00:32] > Alcobus (Bikini) moves over and stretches out, laying next to Andria
[00:34] [Andria (Bikini)] mmm it's so nice and peaceful
[00:37] [Alcobus (Bikini)] It really is
[00:38] [Alcobus (Bikini)] This is such a nice place. I glad we found it.
[00:41] [Andria (Bikini)] and right now..it's so quiet and alone...
[00:41] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Yeah....~
[00:41] > Alcobus (Bikini) turns Andria's head towards her and kisses her
[00:50] > Andria (Bikini) kisses back happily
[00:54] > Andria (Bikini) makes sure to put on her top at the same time
[00:56] > Alcobus (Bikini) turns Andria over as she's putting her top on, kissing her again and pinning her to the sand
[00:57] [Andria (Bikini)] mmmm
[01:00] > Alcobus (Bikini) slowly breaks the kiss and grins
[01:00] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Awww.... you put your top back on~
[01:03] [Andria (Bikini)] I'll take it off again later
[01:05] > Alcobus (Bikini) giggles a bit
[01:08] [Andria (Bikini)] I'm just glad we have this time together
[01:11] [Alcobus (Bikini)] Me too
[01:12] > Alcobus (Bikini) proceeds to lay on top of Andria, laying her head on Andria's chest
[01:15] > Andria (Bikini) smiles and holds Alcobus close
[01:16] [Alcobus (Bikini)] I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful creature for a mate~
[01:19] [Alcobus (Bikini)] What do ya' say we go inside?~
[01:22] [Andria (Bikini)] alright
[01:24] > Alcobus (Bikini) slowly stands, holding her hand out to Andria
[01:26] > Andria (Bikini) smiles and takes Alcobus' hand, standing
[01:28] > Alcobus (Bikini) leads Andria towards a small cabin just up the beach
[01:28] <-- Alcobus (Bikini) [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has left #eventsbeta (I love having such a place all to ourselves)
[01:29] <-- Andria (Bikini) has left #eventsbeta (me too)
[22:32] ➣ Akita, Japan - Coffee Shop
[22:32] --> Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:32] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)
[22:32] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) sits in a plush chair, reading from a tablet while sipping some tea
[22:42] --> Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)
[22:42] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) walks in, looking around
[22:48] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) is sitting in a corner of the shop, still reading from his tablet
[22:51] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) smiles and walks over to him
[22:52] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] hello Isiah
[22:54] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) looks up and smiles
[22:54] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Hey there Himeko
[23:09] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] you called?
[23:10] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Yeah.... have a seat
[23:17] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) sits down next to Isiah
[23:19] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] what's.up?
[23:24] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Well, I felt this was a question that was important to ask in person.
[23:24] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] ..a question?..what question?
[23:25] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Um...... how interested would you be in.... taking a trip with me?
[23:25] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] ...a..trip?..a trip where??
[23:28] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] To America....
[23:28] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] um...s..sure
[23:30] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) smiles lightly
[23:31] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Good... I hate traveling alone
[23:32] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Not to mention..... my.... mother wants to meet you.
[23:37] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] she..does??
[23:38] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) nods
[23:38] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] I mentioned you to her and now she's super gung ho about meeting you.
[23:39] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) blushes
[23:41] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] wh..what did you tell her
[23:42] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] I told her that.... this beautiful little lady captured my heart like noone before.
[23:45] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] Isiah...
[23:46] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Did I say something wrong?
[23:46] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] n..no
[23:47] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] ..you..said something..right
[23:47] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] you make me feel...really happy
[23:49] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) smiles
[23:49] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] I hope so.... because you've made me very happy since we met.
[23:53] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) fidgets a little, playing with her long black locks
[23:55] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) hesitates for a moment then suddenly leans in and lightly kisses Himeko
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Feb 21 2018 <<<
[00:06] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] !!
[00:06] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) kisses back
[00:07] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) slowly breaks the kiss, smiling a bit
[00:16] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] wow...
[00:17] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) smiles, sliding his arm around Himeko
[00:22] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] was...that..our first..
[00:23] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) nods
[00:27] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) smiles..and leans against Isiah
[00:34] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) holds onto Himeko and smiles
[00:34] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] Hopefully.... the first of many.
[00:37] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] I hope so too...
[00:51] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] What would you like to do tonight
[00:51] [Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual)] ?
[00:51] [Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual)] um..how about..we go to your place?
[00:53] > Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) smiles and nods, finishing his tea, pocketing his tablet and standing, offering her his hand
[00:56] > Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) takes Isiah's hand and stands
[01:01] <-- Isiah Aoki (Winter Casual) has left #eventsbeta (We should talk about when we're leaving.)
[01:03] <-- Himeko Kaze (Winter Casual) has left #eventsbeta (alright)
[22:42] ➣ Shin Estate, Outside Akita, Japan
[22:42] ➣ it's dark outside, everything is silent...
[22:43] ➣ a figure dashes from shadow to shadow, moving along the roofs of the estate
[22:49] ➣ the figure pauses, trying to slink deeper into the shadows
[22:52] --> Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:52] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Casual)
[22:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Casual)
[22:52] > +Vanadine (Casual) steps outside
[22:57] ➣ the figure spots vana..and tries to remain quiet..but slips and CRASHES into some trash cans
[22:58] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Huh? What was that?
[22:58] > +Vanadine (Casual) follows the noise
[23:00] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] ow ow ow ow ><
[23:00] > +Vanadine (Casual) walks over to the fallen trash cans to see Maki among them.
[23:00] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Maki.... are you alright?
[23:01] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] think i slipped...
[23:01] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] GAH! Sorry Lady Vana!
[23:01] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) DEEPLY bows
[23:03] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] I was doing my nightly patrols, my lady!
[23:05] [+Vanadine (Casual)] sI see
[23:05] > +Vanadine (Casual) offers to help Maki up
[23:07] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) stands with help ><
[23:07] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] need to..keep up with security
[23:10] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yes, but you should also be more careful about it.
[23:13] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] my grandpa always said I need alot more work >.>
[23:19] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Yes well, noone is truly perfect
[23:19] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Everyone has room for improvement.
[23:22] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] I feel honored to receive advice from you
[23:23] > +Vanadine (Casual) smiles a little at that
[23:24] [+Vanadine (Casual)] It's been a while since I could call myself a teacher.
[23:26] [+Vanadine (Casual)] However, if you'd like, I could teach you a few of the things I learned from Master Taki.
[23:27] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] ..y..you could?
[23:28] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Absolutely.... if you're willing to listen and do everything I tell you.
[23:34] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] I will do my best!
[23:37] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well, your first lesson is now.
[23:40] [+Vanadine (Casual)] When it comes to running along the rooftops, silence and balance are the most important things to keeping yourself hidden.
[23:50] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) nods and sits down!
[23:53] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Now let me ask this.... I know some memebers of the Shin family have special powers. Do you?
[23:56] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] ..only my ninja training
[23:56] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Hmmm okay.... did they teach you about channeling your chi?
[00:00] >>> Thursday Feb 22 2018 <<<
[00:04] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] a little..but not much
[00:07] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Well.... try this
[00:07] [+Vanadine (Casual)] If they taught you about channeling your chi, concentrate on sending it to the bottoms of your feet.
[00:08] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] ok...
[00:09] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) closes her eyes...trying her best
[00:13] > +Vanadine (Casual) takes a trashcan lid and places it on the ground
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Casual)] When you feel you're ready, stomp on that can lid.....
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Casual)] ... if your chi is strong enough, it won't make a sound.
[00:15] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) opens her eyes and nods
[00:16] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) takes a deep breath.....and stomps on the lid...which is silent
[00:23] > +Vanadine (Casual) smiles a bit
[00:24] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] I did it!
[00:25] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Indeed you did
[00:35] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] oh man it's late...I should get back to patrol!
[00:36] > +Vanadine (Casual) nods
[00:36] [+Vanadine (Casual)] Just make sure you keep that chi sent to your feet and no one will find you.
[00:40] [Maki Shin (Ninja Gear)] yes, Lady Vana!
[00:45] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) salutes her!
[00:53] > Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) darts back into the shadows
[00:53] <-- Maki Shin (Ninja Gear) has left #eventsbeta (I will make everyone proud!)
[01:18] <-- +Vanadine (Casual) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (One step at a time, Maki.)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Feb 25 2018 <<<
[23:46] ➣ Branch 6 Apartments
[23:46] --> Sskt (Casual) [lizardhunter@Branch6.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:46] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sskt (Casual)
[23:46] > Sskt (Casual) sits in a wheelchair, her legs bandaged up in a high tech series of casts...
[23:47] > Sskt (Casual) looks around the empty apartment...
[23:47] [Sskt (Casual)] ..hate being left behind on missions
[23:50] > Sskt (Casual) wheels over to turn on the holo display
[23:58] [Sskt (Casual)] ugh same old crap on the display
[00:00] >>> Monday Feb 26 2018 <<<
[00:07] > Sskt (Casual) sighs and looks to the comm system
[00:08] ➣ The comm system suddenly beeps with an incoming call
[00:13] [Sskt (Casual)] huh?
[00:13] > Sskt (Casual) wheels over and turns on the system
[00:13] [Sskt (Casual)] yeah?
[00:14] --> Aaron Abernathy (Comm) [Snakeman@AsteroidWarriors.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Aaron Abernathy (Comm)
[00:14] > Aaron Abernathy (Comm) sets mode +tele
[00:14] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] 'ello chere
[00:17] [Sskt (Casual)] Aaron!!!! thank spirits!! I've been dying here!
[00:18] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Awwww..... how ya' feelin' chere?
[00:23] [Sskt (Casual)] frustrated
[00:23] [Sskt (Casual)] both my legs still hurt, even in these casts
[00:24] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Geez.... well....I've a bitta' news ya' might like~
[00:28] [Sskt (Casual)] huh what's that?
[00:32] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] I'm takin' some leave from work ta' help ya' recover, chere
[00:33] [Sskt (Casual)] Aaron!!!!!!!! ^^ thank you!!!
[00:33] [Sskt (Casual)] I mean..the girls are always so busy and it just gets...it's so freaking lonely here
[00:34] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] So..... here's one for ya' ta decide....
[00:36] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] ...... ya' wan' me ta' come stay there......'er ya' wanna' come stay at my place?
[00:39] [Sskt (Casual)] well....
[00:40] [Sskt (Casual)] ..I wouldn't say no to staying with you
[00:40] [Sskt (Casual)] I'd need some help getting there though
[00:42] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Oh we're already workin' on that.
[00:49] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] How are ya' with 'porters?
[00:50] [Sskt (Casual)] well...fine I guess
[00:52] [Sskt (Casual)] I mean I can use them just fine
[01:02] [Sskt (Casual)] ...it doesn't matter as long as I get to see you
[01:02] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Oh ya' will
[01:03] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] So mucha' me, you'll be beggin' for me ta' leave ya' alone after that first day.
[01:07] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Ah've got everythin' set up. Gonna' 'port ya' over in the mornin', okay?
[01:07] [Sskt (Casual)] haha never
[01:10] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Ya' say that now.
[01:11] [Sskt (Casual)] alright
[01:11] [Sskt (Casual)] I'll see you then!
[01:12] [Aaron Abernathy (Comm)] Right then. G'night chere...love ya'~
[01:14] [Sskt (Casual)] night aaron..I love you too
[01:16] <-- Aaron Abernathy (Comm) [Snakeman@AsteroidWarriors.com] has left #eventsbeta (*Comm window closes*)
[01:19] > Sskt (Casual) smiles
[01:19] <-- Sskt (Casual) [lizardhunter@Branch6.org] has left #eventsbeta (...this will be wonderful)
[22:41] ➣ Akita, Japan - Isiah's apartment
[22:42] --> Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)
[22:42] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) stands in his kitchen, putting away some groceries
[22:46] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[22:47] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) puts he last box away as he hears the knock, heading into the living room.
[22:48] ➣ there is another knock
[22:49] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) walks to the door, opening it
[22:49] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] *+-/*9+-/8*9-8
[22:49] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] \
[22:49] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] (( Oops ))
[22:52] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:52] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[22:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hi there..is...ia...
[22:52] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) stares...and slightly nose bleeds
[22:54] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Himeko!?
[22:54] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) quickly ushers Himeko into the apartment
[22:54] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Are you alright!? What happened!?
[22:55] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] h-huh?...wha?
[22:56] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Your nose is bleeding.... did you have an accident or something?
[22:56] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...o..oh u..um no..I'm..*rubs her nose*..fine
[22:57] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Are you sure? You don't seem like yourself...
[22:59] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yes..yes i'm fine *is just..staring at Isiah in his pajamas*
[23:01] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) guides Himeko to a sofa, setting her down and sitting next to her.
[23:01] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Well... I'm glad you're alright.... but what brings you here so late?
[23:03] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um...well....was checking up on you...brought some more food..
[23:05] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..um..was..hoping to..stay over again
[23:10] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Oh... well of course ya' can.
[23:13] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) smiles / I'd never say no to you.
[23:13] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes
[23:13] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] they're doing some work back at the estate so..i thought I could..be here
[23:17] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles
[23:17] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Ahhh, okay
[23:21] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) smiles, sliding over and putting his arm around Himeko
[23:23] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] You are so thoughtful.... bringing food and.... coming to check on me.
[23:24] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) leans against Isiah "well..you know why"
[23:26] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) winks, playing dumb
[23:26] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Do I?
[23:27] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) frowns just a little "...cause I love you"
[23:28] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] Awwww.... don't give me that look...... of course I know you do
[23:29] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) smiles, tilting Himeko's chin up to look at him
[23:30] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] And I hope you know how much I love you.
[23:32] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..I do *smiles*
[23:33] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) leans in, kissing Himeko
[23:39] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) kisses back
[23:40] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) holds the kiss, pressing it a bit more
[23:46] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is surprised but returns the more passionate kiss
[23:49] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) slowly breaks the kiss, grinning lightly
[23:49] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] w..wow
[23:50] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] My thought exactly
[23:56] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles, blushing
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Feb 27 2018 <<<
[00:23] > Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) stands, holding his hand out to Himeko
[00:28] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes Isiah's hand
[00:30] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] I know the last few times you stayed over.... you slept out here
[00:31] [Isiah Aoki (Nightwear)] But tonight.... I feel like we should sleep.... together~
[00:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I..I would like that
[00:39] <-- Isiah Aoki (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[00:39] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[23:31] ➣ Taiki, Hokkaido, Latu Household
[23:32] --> Taiki Latu (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:32] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Taiki Latu (Nightwear)
[23:32] > Taiki Latu (Nightwear) is sitting in the living room, looking outside at the falling snow
[23:43] --> Tao Latu (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:43] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tao Latu (Nightwear)
[23:44] > Tao Latu (Nightwear) steps up behind Taiki, wrapping his arms around her
[23:44] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] oh hello Tao *smiles*
[23:45] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] What has you thinking so intently tonight, my dear?
[23:47] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] oh..just watching the weather
[23:51] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] It's snowing a lot more than normal this year
[23:55] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] i've noticed....I know the children would love it but a little too cold out there
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Feb 28 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] Yeah, the wind seems to be blowing it tooo
[00:00] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] I'm just glad it is nice and warm in here
[00:03] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] Me tooo
[00:03] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] Nice and warm..... and in beautiful company
[00:07] > Taiki Latu (Nightwear) smiles and blushes
[00:07] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] you make me feel so much warmer
[00:10] > Tao Latu (Nightwear) chuckles a bit
[00:10] [Tao Latu (Nightwear)] Well... I am a big space heater after all.
[00:13] [Taiki Latu (Nightwear)] so I was thinking..tomorrow let's take the children into the city
[00:00] >>> Thursday Mar 01 2018 <<<
[22:59] ➣ Cassie and Jade's Place
[23:00] --> Jade Kapur (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:00] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (Casual)
[23:00] > Jade Kapur (Casual) is sitting in the living area...still awake
[23:01] --> Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:01] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)
[23:01] > Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) walks out of the bedroom, yawning
[23:01] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] J.... I thought you were comin' to bed....?
[23:01] > Jade Kapur (Casual) is looking over her phone
[23:01] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] she is going to be here tomorrow
[23:02] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Huh? Who?
[23:16] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...my sister
[23:19] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] She's still after you??
[23:23] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] yes...
[23:35] > Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) sighs and sits next to Jade
[23:36] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] she's coming for me
[23:39] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Well..... she's not gettin' to you without goin' through me
[23:44] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...I know..but she wants a one on one match
[23:58] > Jade Kapur (Casual) sighs
[23:59] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] I don't understand your sister....
[00:00] >>> Friday Mar 02 2018 <<<
[00:00] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] I thought the last match settled things
[00:03] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] It really should have
[00:04] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] she's just..stubborn
[00:10] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Well.... we'll have to do somethin' to get the point across.
[00:13] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...double team her?
[00:14] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] I mean.... we COULD.... but I kinda' wanna find a non violent way of gettin' through to her.
[00:20] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...I hope so...I don't want another fight
[00:33] > Jade Kapur (Casual) yawns a bit
[00:42] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Tired?
[00:47] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ..worn out yes...
[00:48] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Well then.... are you ready to come to bed with me?
[00:48] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ..I think I might yes *smiles*
[00:50] [Cassandra Jones (Nightwear)] Well then....
[00:50] > Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) stands then turns around and scoops up Jade
[00:58] > Jade Kapur (Casual) smiles and holds onto Cassandra
[00:58] > Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) grins, carefully carrying Jade to the bedroom
[00:59] <-- Cassandra Jones (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (If ya' need me to... I'll help ya' change for bed. <3)
[00:59] <-- Jade Kapur (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I think I might say yes to that <3)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Mar 03 2018 <<<
[20:30] ➣ Shin Estate, Outside Akira
[20:30] ➣ it's snowing outside the main building, meanwhile..in the main living area
[20:30] --> Joanna Smithson (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (Casual)
[20:30] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) is propping herself against a wall, while the TV plays some old drama
[20:37] --> Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:37] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Workout)
[20:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Workout)
[20:37] > +Vanadine (Workout) walks in: Hey.... what're you watchin'?
[20:41] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] oh..I wasn't watching
[20:41] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) nods to Matsumi is fast asleep on the sofa, drooling
[20:41] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] thought it best not to wake her
[20:43] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Awwww, hehe
[20:47] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] got a message from Jade of all people
[20:48] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Really?? What'd she have to say?
[20:50] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] I guess she's still dealing with her sister..whatever that means
[20:51] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Isn't her sister that badass in MMA?
[20:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah I think so..I guess she's still going after her
[20:55] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Geez.... I guess that stubborn streak runs in their family.
[21:00] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah don't know why she's telling me this stuff
[21:05] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Maybe.... and I'm just spitballin' here..... she's asking for your help without actually asking.
[21:08] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ..wait me?.....seriously?
[21:13] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] thought she could barley stand me
[21:17] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well... with us working together in the stable.... maybe she got past her original feelings
[21:22] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] well what should we do?
[21:27] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Text her back. Ask her if she wants us to come by.
[21:34] > Joanna Smithson (Casual) sends a text
[21:38] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ..she says....don't bother. especially not tomorrow.
[21:46] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hmmm
[21:47] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Heh, the fact that she specified tomorrow kinda' gives it away.
[21:47] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeaaaaah that is kind of obvious
[21:49] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I have an idea....
[21:52] [+Vanadine (Workout)] ... go over there tomorrow.... but make it seem like you didn't get her text about not coming over.
[21:53] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Make up a silly reason like.... you wanted to watch a movie together or something.
[21:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ..think she'll buy it
[21:55] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] ?
[21:55] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Maybe, maybe not. But at least you'll be there to help.
[22:00] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] yeah true..true
[22:07] > +Vanadine (Workout) walks over and carefully scoops up Matsumi
[22:09] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) is like a noodle and flops a bit
[22:15] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Wow... she's totally out
[22:20] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] haha she's turned to liquid
[22:26] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I'm gonna' take this one to bed
[22:28] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] heh alright
[22:28] [Joanna Smithson (Casual)] well best of luck with her!
[22:29] [+Vanadine (Workout)] No luck needed ;)
[22:29] > +Vanadine (Workout) carries Matsumi out
[22:29] <-- +Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (My little jellyfish)
[23:15] <-- Joanna Smithson (Casual) has left #eventsbeta
[00:00] >>> Sunday Mar 04 2018 <<<
[20:17] ➣ Tokyo, Japan / Masato Manor
[20:17] --> Nephrite Masato (Casual) [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nephrite Masato (Casual)
[20:17] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) sits at his computer, looking over some sites online.
[20:18] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[20:21] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Hmm?
[20:21] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) stands, leaving his home office and going to the front door, opening it.
[20:21] --> Matsumi Kaze (Casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:21] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (Casual)
[20:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (Casual)
[20:21] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] hey there!
[20:24] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Hey there, Matsumi! Long time no see!
[20:24] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) smiles and hugs Matsumi
[20:25] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) hugs back
[20:25] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] it has been such a long time!
[20:29] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] We've done so much on the phone and through email..... It's so good to see you in person for once.
[20:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] heh I'm here partially for business, partially for pleasure
[20:31] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) smirks
[20:31] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Pleasure, you say?
[20:34] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] lol why you sly dog...
[20:34] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] We'll.... discuss that in a bit.
[20:35] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) walks Matsumi over to the sofa, sitting, "What business did you want to discuss?"
[20:38] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well I wanted to know how the album is going...I mean..figures wise...is it selling well?
[20:39] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Actually, I was just checking that.
[20:39] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) stands and motions for Matsumi to follow him to his office
[20:42] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) follows
[20:43] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) sits at the computer, showing Matsumi the figures.
[20:45] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Not only is the album doing well, it's actually surpassing my initial expectations.
[20:48] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] whoa nice! have you sent this info to taiki?
[20:49] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Oh yes, though I have yet to get a responce.
[20:54] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well I'm sure she'll get back to it
[20:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] but I'm glad to hear this
[20:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] are we doing anymore concerts attached to it?
[21:02] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] I thought about having you two do a short summer series, if you think you're up for it.
[21:03] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] of course I'm up for it. Always happy to do my part ^^
[21:08] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Good... I'll just wait for Taiki's reply then.
[21:09] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] so what was this thing you were going to talk about?
[21:09] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Now.... ther's a bit of a.... personal matter I wanted to talk to you about.
[21:12] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] oh?
[21:14] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Yeah.... being you're one of my best friends and my first client I thought you deserved to know...... though I would appreciate some discretion.
[21:17] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] hm?
[21:18] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] It seems that..... I got Mina pregnant during the New Year's party. ^_^;;
[21:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] ....
[21:20] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] huh!
[21:21] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well somehow I'm not totally surprised ^^;;
[21:23] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) smirks a bit, "That's pretty much how 'Taru & Naffy reacted when I told them last night."
[21:24] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] hehe yeah somehow I can understand that
[21:28] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) pauses for a moment then laughs to herself
[21:28] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Heh, what's that laugh for?
[21:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] oh nothing
[21:30] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] was imagining what would happen if you did that to me
[21:31] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) smirks and pulls Matsumi down on his lap
[21:31] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] You wanna' find out?
[21:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well..
[21:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] suppose it wouldn't hurt
[21:36] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) grins
[21:36] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) kisses Matsumi briefly and winks
[21:37] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) kisses back
[21:39] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] As much as I'd love to.... don't think my girls would let me get away with that twice.
[21:41] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well..maybe someday *winks*
[21:41] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) gives another kiss
[21:41] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) kisses back again and smirks
[21:43] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] That's okay, the girls came up with an idea for me to "make up" for my transgressions.
[21:44] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] oh?
[21:45] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Yeah.... don't be surprised if I'm announcing another little one on the way soon. ;)
[21:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] awww sweet
[21:49] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Naftis said it was Hotaru's turn. :P Felt like Celest needed a sibling.
[21:50] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] that's adorable ^^
[21:54] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] How about you?
[21:55] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Any plans on giving Miki a little brother or sister any time soon?
[21:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] well not yet...
[21:56] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] we're giving it a bit of time
[22:04] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] That's understandable.
[22:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] so...
[22:05] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] ....should I get off your lap..or
[22:10] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) smirks, "You stay there as long as ya' like"
[22:11] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) smiles and snuggles up against neph
[22:11] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] ..it's been awhile.....
[22:12] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) holds Matsumi and smiles, "It really has"
[22:13] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] ...never knew how much I missed it
[22:18] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Really?
[22:18] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Even with your husband and beautiful wife..... you still missed being with me?
[22:19] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] mmhmmm
[22:19] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] yuup
[22:20] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] You sure know how to make a guy feel special.
[22:20] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) rests her head against his shoulder
[22:25] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) holds Matsumi, smiling and rocking a bit in his desk chair
[22:25] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] I miss spending this time with you too.... all you girls have a special place in my heart.
[22:28] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) gives neph another kiss
[22:29] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) kisses Matsumi back again
[22:30] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) holds the kiss a bit
[22:31] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] Mmmm
[22:32] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] mmmm
[22:35] > Nephrite Masato (Casual) slowly breaks the kiss and smirks
[22:36] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] You're really tempting, ya' know that~
[22:37] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] I'm good at that
[22:41] [Nephrite Masato (Casual)] I happen to remember a FEW things you're quite good at. ^_~