[00:11] >>> Saturday Dec 02 2017 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[00:11] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) lays across Jade's lap
[00:12] <-- Cassandra Jones (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Let's get some sleep before we land.)
[00:13] <-- Jade Kapur (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (alright)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Dec 03 2017 <<<
[22:48] ➣ Fancy Hotel somewhere
[22:48] --> Jade Kapur (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (Nightwear)
[22:49] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) is trying to sleep in bed, but isn't having much luck...is tossing and turning
[22:50] --> Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)
[22:50] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) lays next to Jade, just starting to doze off as Jade starts tossing
[22:51] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] J....?
[22:52] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] ugh
[22:52] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) sits up and rubs her face a little
[22:53] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) sits up and reaches over, turning on a small light next to her side of the bed
[22:53] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Hey.... what's wrong?
[22:55] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] just keep thinking about my sister's last text
[22:58] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] It's still bothering you that much?
[23:00] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] I've never seen ya' so shook by a challenge before.
[23:02] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] you do not know my sister........
[23:03] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] she was and is a torment upon my life
[23:05] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] You barely even mentioned your sister before this came up.... what kinda' fighter is she?
[23:06] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] she prizes her strength and speed above all.....unlike us...she learned...what do they call it now...mixed martial arts?
[23:07] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Oh wow.... so she's like.... a legit fighter?
[23:10] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] she is...yes *grimaces a little...and actually shakes a little*
[23:16] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Aaah
[23:16] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Well.... I could see why you'd be a bit worried.... but I still think you could take her.
[23:17] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] I hope so...I was not planning to face her ever again
[23:20] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) snuggles up to Jade
[23:21] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Don't worry, babe..... I'm not gonna' let anything bad happen to you.
[23:22] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) smiles a little
[23:22] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] you will have my back?
[23:23] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Yup
[23:24] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Meanin' I ain't gonna' let her cheat ya'..... or jump ya' from behind or anything.
[23:30] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] well...I hope not heh
[23:31] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) gives cassandra a kiss
[23:34] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) kisses Jade back and smiles
[23:35] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Don't worry about her....... we'll take care of this.
[23:38] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] ..you are the only one that really keeps me calm
[23:40] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Well, I'm glad I can do that for you.
[23:41] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) actually has tears in her eyes
[23:44] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Awww
[23:44] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] What's all this tearin' up for?
[23:45] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] please....promise me you'll keep me safe
[23:46] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) actually seems terrified
[23:47] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) wraps her arms around Jade
[23:47] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Baby...... of course~
[23:47] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] If she hurts you..... I'll beat her ass myself if I have to...
[23:51] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) just snuggles up against cassandra...trying to stop her shaking
[23:52] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) holds onto Jade
[23:52] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Just calm down, love.... you'll be alright.
[23:59] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) nods and yawns a bit
[00:00] >>> Monday Dec 04 2017 <<<
[00:01] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] Finally startin' to calm down?
[00:12] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] I think so...
[00:12] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] I can probably sleep....
[00:13] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) slides back down into bed, holding onto Jade
[00:13] [Jade Kapur (Nightwear)] ...as long as you hold me
[00:14] [Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear)] I'm not lettin' you go tonight.
[00:14] > Jade Kapur (Nightwear) smiles and lays back down, snuggling up against cassandra, and wrapping her arms around her
[00:15] > Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) reaches back and turns off the light, bringing her arm back over to hold Jade
[00:16] <-- Cassandra Jones (Sleepwear) has left #eventsbeta (Ya' got yourself all worried..... I won't let you get hurt~)
[00:18] <-- Jade Kapur (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (thank you...)
[20:22] ➣ Kinmoku / Kou Estate - Urvashi's Room
[20:22] --> Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)
[20:23] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) types away on her computer
[20:25] > Markus (casual) tries to sneak up behind Urvashi
[20:25] --> Markus (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Markus (casual)
[20:25] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) smirks a bit
[20:25] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Hi Mark~
[20:27] [Markus (casual)] hey how did you know
[20:28] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] I saw your reflection on my monitor.
[20:28] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) spins around in her chair, sticking her tongue out at Markus
[20:34] [Markus (casual)] aww and I tried to be so sneaky too
[20:34] [Markus (casual)] I was hoping to surprise you
[20:34] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) giggles a little
[20:34] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Well, I am surprised. I was not expecting to see you tonight.
[20:35] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) stands, hugging and kissing Markus
[20:37] > Markus (casual) returns the hug and kiss
[20:37] [Markus (casual)] well I had time tonight so...I thought I'd visit!
[20:40] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Well, that is very sweet of you~
[20:42] [Markus (casual)] so did I interrupt something?
[20:43] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] I was working an a report.
[20:47] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] The merits of celebrating Terrin holidays
[20:47] [Markus (casual)] ..what sort of report ^^;;;
[20:47] [Markus (casual)] oh!
[20:51] [Markus (casual)] yeah it's....what's that holiday again
[20:51] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Christmas is about three weeks away
[20:54] [Markus (casual)] yeah!....i guess i need to do some shopping hehe
[20:55] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) giggles a little
[20:56] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] After doing some research, I have discovered there are quite a few other holidays during this time of the year.
[20:59] [Markus (casual)] huh didn't really know that
[21:00] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Yeah, it all depends on what religion you follow as to what holiday you celebrate.
[21:05] [Markus (casual)] I only tended to follow the local stuff
[21:10] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Well, everyone knows Christmas, because most of the humanoid cultures adopted it as the main one.
[21:12] [Markus (casual)] yeah true...even I know that!
[21:12] [Markus (casual)] ...this wil be our first christmas as a couple!
[21:12] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) smiles / Sure will
[21:15] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Speaking of which.... I need some suggestions from you.
[21:16] [Markus (casual)] oh?
[21:17] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Yes.....
[21:18] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] .... I have a few ideas.... but I would like to know..... what you would like for Christmas gifts.
[21:36] [Markus (casual)] oh! um uh...I...don't know...anything from you is perfect
[21:38] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) smirks
[21:40] [Markus (casual)] like you...
[21:41] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] You are entirely too complimentary.
[21:43] [Markus (casual)] hey i'm telling the truth!
[21:43] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] But seriously...... I want to get you something you will like, not ONLY because it came from me.
[21:46] [Markus (casual)] well...I always liked...um....art
[21:49] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Artwork.... hmm.... okay
[21:50] [Markus (casual)] I actually sometimes paint in my free time
[21:52] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Oh? This is something I did not know..... or expect of you.
[21:54] [Markus (casual)] um I just..don't often..talk about it
[21:54] [Markus (casual)] my parents don't really approve
[21:56] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Why not?
[22:00] [Markus (casual)] they think it's a waste of time
[22:03] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] No artistic expression is a waste of time.
[22:07] > Markus (casual) smiles "thank you for saying that"
[22:09] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] I would love to see some of your work, Mark.
[22:15] [Markus (casual)] do you have a piece of paper?
[22:19] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) looks around and finds a blank piece of paper, handing it to Markus
[22:23] > Markus (casual) takes it and grabs a nearby pencil and rapidly sketches something
[22:27] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) watches curiously
[22:33] > Markus (casual) finishes and shows Urvashi a sketch of herself
[22:38] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) gasps a bit
[22:38] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Oh wow.......
[22:38] [Markus (casual)] there you are...
[22:39] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] .... I think you imbelished that a little...... I do not look that good. :P
[22:45] [Markus (casual)] I tried to capture your beauty!
[22:45] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) blushes with a smile
[22:46] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] You are so sweeet...... I mean, your drawing style is beautiful.... you make me look so pretty.
[22:47] > Markus (casual) blushes "well I love you"
[22:48] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) suddenly springs up out of her chair, wrapping herself around Markus
[22:49] > Markus (casual) falls over O_O
[22:53] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) manages to guide Markus' fall so that he ends up on the bed, pinning him down with a grin
[22:53] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] You do realize what you have done?
[22:55] [Markus (casual)] what??
[22:57] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] You've doomed yourself to not be released by me tonight~
[23:00] > Markus (casual) blushes but smiles
[23:06] [Markus (casual)] I'm..not upset by this
[23:14] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) grins and kisses Markus, sliding over top of him and sitting on his hips
[23:15] > Markus (casual) kisses back happily
[23:17] ➣ There's a light knock and the bedroom door suddenly opens
[23:17] --> Eva Kou (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eva Kou (Nightwear)
[23:17] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] Vashy? I heard a noise up here is everything.... *peaks around the corner*
[23:18] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) breaks the kiss and blushes a little
[23:18] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Um.... hi mom.....
[23:24] [Markus (casual)] gah!
[23:28] > Eva Kou (Nightwear) steps in and clears her throat
[23:28] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] Markus....
[23:28] > Markus (casual) fumbles a bit
[23:29] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) slides off of Markus, sitting beside him on the bed
[23:30] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] Listen...... you two need to be a bit more careful.....
[23:32] [Markus (casual)] huh?
[23:32] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] ... it's a good thing my husband is asleep.
[23:33] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] Markus is not to blame, I was just.... over whelmed with emotion.
[23:33] > Markus (casual) turns a little pale
[23:33] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) picks up the drawing Markus did and hands it to her mother / Look!
[23:35] > Eva Kou (Nightwear) looks over the drawing.
[23:35] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] Wow.... did you draw this, Markus?
[23:36] [Markus (casual)] um..yes, miss Kou
[23:38] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] In a few minutes, no less.
[23:38] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] This is.... impressive.....
[23:38] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] .... and beautiful.
[23:40] [Markus (casual)] t..thank you
[23:42] > Eva Kou (Nightwear) smiles a little
[23:43] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] Alright well...... Markus.... you can stay, if that was the plan....
[23:43] [Eva Kou (Nightwear)] ..... just....be careful and don't make TOO much noise.
[23:45] [Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear)] We will try to keep quiet.
[23:52] > Eva Kou (Nightwear) winks before leaving the room, closing the door behind her
[23:53] <-- Eva Kou (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta (My daughter..... <3)
[23:54] > Markus (casual) gives a sigh
[23:54] [Markus (casual)] that was close
[23:55] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) giggles
[23:56] > Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) reaches over and turns the lights out in the room
[23:56] <-- Urvashi Kou (Sleepwear) has left #eventsbeta (Where were we?? <3`)
[23:58] <-- Markus (casual) has left #eventsbeta (oh yes <3)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Dec 05 2017 <<<
[21:54] ➣ Shin Estate, outside of Akita, Japan
[21:54] --> Himeko Kaze (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:54] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (casual)
[21:54] > Himeko Kaze (casual) is looking outside
[21:56] ➣ There's a sudden flash of light just outside the house
[21:56] > Himeko Kaze (casual) blinks ><
[21:57] ➣ As the light fades, a small figure can be seen where the column of light was
[22:01] --> Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[22:01] [@HOL_6000] Kaede Sasaki (Casual) reporting for duty.
[22:01] > Himeko Kaze (casual) blinks
[22:01] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) walks up to the door of the manor
[22:03] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) rings the bell
[22:09] > Himeko Kaze (casual) walks over and opens the door
[22:10] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) smiles, holding a large bag in her hand
[22:11] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Um... hello there. This is the Shin residence, isn't it?
[22:16] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] yeah
[22:17] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] you're kaede
[22:19] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Well now, you have me at a disadvantage.
[22:20] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] You know me.... but I don't think we've met
[22:22] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] .I'm Himeko
[22:27] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Well.... it's nice to meet you Himeko. Um.... is Matsumi-nechan in?
[22:34] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] yeah she's in the main house....
[22:35] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) takes a good look at Himeko
[22:35] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Ya' know..... you look kinda' familiar.....
[22:44] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] I'm Hideki's...sister
[22:45] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] OH, okay!! I can see it now!
[22:45] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I never knew Hideki-san had a sister.
[22:45] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) looks at Himeko Kaze
[22:45] ➣ Himeko Kaze: is a VERY short woman with long trailing black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. She is Hideki's "sister".
[22:50] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) smiles / It's nice to see someone as short as me for a change.
[22:54] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] some people think I'm a kid
[22:55] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I get that sometimes too.....
[22:56] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] ... it's actually kinda' fun when people don't know me. I get free things sometimes for being a cute little girl.
[22:57] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] I guess that's a good thing
[22:59] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] It can be
[23:02] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Anywho, I came to deliver an early Christmas present for Miki-chan
[23:04] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] I'm sure she'll like it!
[23:07] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I have some more things to buy yet
[23:10] > Himeko Kaze (casual) leads Kaede out of the building they were in...and outside towards a larger building
[23:10] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) looks up
[23:10] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Oh wow..... so that wasn't even the main home?
[23:15] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] yeah this place is pretty big.....
[23:22] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] the company she inherted is insanely weathly
[23:22] > Himeko Kaze (casual) walks into the larger building
[23:22] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) follows Himako
[23:30] > Himeko Kaze (casual) walks in "hey..mats...Kaede is here..."
[23:30] --> Matsumi Kaze (Casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:30] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (Casual)
[23:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (Casual)
[23:30] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) walks over "I'd prefer being called sis ^^;;"
[23:31] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] Kaede!
[23:31] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Nechan!!
[23:31] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) jumps up and hugs Matsumi
[23:38] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) smiles and hugs code back!
[23:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] *Kaede
[23:40] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] How's my nechan??
[23:47] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] hehe I'm adjusting to the new life
[23:50] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I've noticed how huge this estate is.
[23:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] yeah I sort of..inherted I guess
[23:53] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] It's really amazing.
[23:54] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] I might have to come by during the day so I can see it better.
[23:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] oh hey yeah! I'd love that!
[23:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] I see you met himeko
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Dec 06 2017 <<<
[00:02] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Yup! Finally someone I can relate to height wise. :)
[00:05] > Himeko Kaze (casual) puts
[00:05] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] *pouts
[00:08] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Awwww, what's that look for Himeko-chan?
[00:10] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] not a fan of being short....
[00:11] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Awwww.... why not?
[00:11] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] It can be fun.... you can sneak around in places other places can't get into.
[00:12] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] That's how I met my Kalli-chan~
[00:20] > Himeko Kaze (casual) turns red
[00:26] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] hehe I think you're embarrassing her
[00:27] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Aww, I didn't mean to
[00:34] [Himeko Kaze (casual)] it's..ok
[00:37] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Speaking of Kalli-chan, I should probably get back to her. I just wanted to bring down this Christmas present for Miki-chan.
[00:42] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] aww thanks!
[00:42] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] it was wonderful to see you!
[00:42] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] It's always nice to see my nechan!
[00:43] > +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) gives Kaede a big hug!
[00:43] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] And it was nice to meet you too, Himeko-chan. Maybe we can hang out sometime. :)
[00:43] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) hugs Matsumi back as best she can, giggling
[00:51] > Himeko Kaze (casual) nods
[00:51] [+Matsumi Kaze (Casual)] please visit again!
[00:51] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Oh I plan on it!
[00:52] [Kaede Sasaki (Casual)] Goodnight Nechan, Himiko-chan!
[00:52] > Kaede Sasaki (Casual) takes out a small remote from her pocket, hitting a few buttons and vanishing in a flash of light
[00:53] <-- Kaede Sasaki (Casual) [HeadCook@RedDwarf.net] has left #eventsbeta (I like that Himiko-chan)
[00:55] <-- +Matsumi Kaze (Casual) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (come on, hime)
[00:55] <-- Himeko Kaze (casual) has left #eventsbeta (gah do you have to call me that)
[23:39] ➣ Tokyo, Japan, Jade & Cassandra's apartment
[23:40] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) opens the door, dragging a wheeled bag behind her
[23:44] --> Jade Kapur (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:44] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (casual)
[23:44] > Jade Kapur (casual) follows behind her
[23:47] [Jade Kapur (casual)] it is good to be back
[23:52] > Jade Kapur (casual) stretches
[23:55] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] It really is
[23:56] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] I'm so tired
[23:56] [Jade Kapur (casual)] this has been a long journey
[23:57] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Indeed
[23:58] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) sits on the sofa, exhausted
[23:59] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Do we have any messages?
[00:00] >>> Thursday Dec 07 2017 <<<
[00:00] [Jade Kapur (casual)] I'll check
[00:00] > Jade Kapur (casual) goes over and checks the phone...looking over the messages
[00:02] [Jade Kapur (casual)] the usual so-....
[00:03] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Hmm?
[00:03] > Jade Kapur (casual) goes a little pale
[00:04] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] J?
[00:05] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ...she's coming....
[00:07] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Huh? Who?
[00:08] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ..my sister
[00:08] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ...she's on her way to this country
[00:08] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] No way....
[00:09] [Jade Kapur (casual)] yes...
[00:09] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Did she say when she'd get here?
[00:11] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ..in a few weeks
[00:13] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Well then.... we have time to get ready
[00:17] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ..I didn't expect her to hunt me down like this
[00:18] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Well, she ain't gettin' to you without goin' through me first.
[00:23] > Jade Kapur (casual) smiles and nods
[00:28] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] I think we should train in some actual fighting styles though....
[00:28] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] ... and I know just the person to train us.
[00:28] [Jade Kapur (casual)] I suppose..though i have not..ever done so
[00:34] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] That's okay.... it's gonna' be weird though...
[00:38] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) yawns
[00:38] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] .... I'll make the call in the morning
[00:38] [Jade Kapur (casual)] to who
[00:40] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] .... Vna
[00:40] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Vana^
[00:47] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ..oh her..does this mean we shall be dealing with Joanna as well?
[00:53] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Likely
[00:53] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) yawns again, this time a bit heavier
[00:54] [Jade Kapur (casual)] tired?
[00:58] [Jade Kapur (casual)] I think we need rest...
[00:58] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Jet lag is kicking in....
[01:00] > Jade Kapur (casual) puts an arm around cassandra
[01:01] [Jade Kapur (casual)] how about I help you get into your night things
[01:01] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) giggles and nods, holding onto Jade
[01:01] <-- Cassandra Jones (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Any help would be greatly appreciated~)
[01:02] <-- Jade Kapur (casual) has left #eventsbeta (of course)
[23:10] ➣ Neo Tokyo / Base of Mt. Fuji - Drake's Room
[23:11] --> Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:11] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)
[23:16] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) sits at his computer, checking on his vineyard
[23:21] ➣ a mirror nearby shimmers a little
[23:23] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Everything looks good
[23:33] ➣ two arms wrap around drake from behind
[23:34] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) jumps briefly
[23:37] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Um.... hi
[23:43] [Sonya Kou (casual)] is that how you're going to greet me?
[23:43] [Sonya Kou (casual)] um hi?
[23:45] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) turns his head and smiles
[23:45] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I didn't realize it was you at first, you surprised me dear.
[23:50] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] How is my beautiful fiancee tonight?
[23:50] [Sonya Kou (casual)] hehe bored and lonely
[23:50] [Sonya Kou (casual)] thought I'd visit you for once
[23:52] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Awww, well be lonely no more, dearest.
[00:00] >>> Friday Dec 08 2017 <<<
[00:05] > Sonya Kou (casual) grins
[00:06] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I was checking on our investment.... which is now netting us quite the profit.
[00:14] [Sonya Kou (casual)] oh???
[00:15] > Sonya Kou (casual) hugs drake "I'm so proud of you!"
[00:15] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) lays back against Sonya and smiles
[00:16] [Sonya Kou (casual)] i'm a little scared about all this
[00:16] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] What do you mean?
[00:18] [Sonya Kou (casual)] ..about getting married
[00:20] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Ooooh
[00:20] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) puts his hands over Sonya's
[00:20] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I am too... a little
[00:26] [Sonya Kou (casual)] yeah?
[00:26] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) nods as he turns around to face Sonya
[00:26] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] But as long as I'm with you through it all, I know it'll be alright.
[00:36] [Sonya Kou (casual)] hey.....
[00:36] [Sonya Kou (casual)] there's not chance of your..parents showing up here, is there
[00:39] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Oh no... mom and dad went out for the night. I think they're holiday shopping.
[00:42] [Sonya Kou (casual)] oh thank the spirits
[00:46] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Why do you say that?
[00:54] [Sonya Kou (casual)] well...was hoping to stay awhile ^_~
[00:59] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Oh really?
[01:00] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) grins a little and stands, kissing Sonya
[01:06] > Sonya Kou (casual) kisses back happily
[01:09] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I would love to have you stay for a bit.
[01:14] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I don't suppose you brought anything to sleep in?
[01:16] [Sonya Kou (casual)] nope
[01:18] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Part of me was hoping you'd say that.~
[01:18] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) winks
[01:20] > Sonya Kou (casual) giggles a bit at that
[01:26] > Sonya Kou (casual) yawns just a little
[01:27] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] Sounds like someone's a little tired already
[01:27] [Sonya Kou (casual)] heh yeah i feel pretty worn out
[01:31] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) slides his arm and his tail around Sonya, pulling her close with a smirk
[01:31] [Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit)] I hope you're not..... too worn out just yet~
[01:33] [Sonya Kou (casual)] mmmm try me
[01:35] > Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) guides Sonya over to the bed, gently laying her down and turning out the lights
[01:36] <-- Mandrake Sakazaki (sweatsuit) has left #eventsbeta (I don't plan on letting you stay lonely for long. <3)
[01:37] <-- Sonya Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[22:02] ➣ Tokyo, Japan, Jade and Cressandra's Apartment
[22:03] --> Jade Kapur (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:03] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (casual)
[22:03] > Jade Kapur (casual) is trying her best to relax on a sofa, but keeps moving about a bit
[22:04] ➣ Jade's cell phone ringss
[22:04] > Jade Kapur (casual) pauses and checks her cell phone
[22:07] ➣ Vana's name displays on the phone
[22:09] > Jade Kapur (casual) answers the phone
[22:09] [Jade Kapur (casual)] hello?
[22:13] > +Vanadine (Workout) sets mode +tele
[22:13] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hey Jade
[22:16] [Jade Kapur (casual)] hello Vanadine
[22:21] [Jade Kapur (casual)] I hear you are helping us
[22:23] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Yup
[22:24] [+Vanadine (Workout)] When did you want to come over to our first training session?
[22:31] [Jade Kapur (casual)] when do you have time?
[22:34] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Anytime between shows is fine
[22:35] [Jade Kapur (casual)] perhaps tomorrow?
[22:35] [Jade Kapur (casual)] I thank you for this help
[22:37] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Sounds good to me
[22:37] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hey, it's been a while since I had a serious sparing match with someone.
[22:37] [+Vanadine (Workout)] But you have to understand a few things.
[22:39] [Jade Kapur (casual)] what is that?
[22:40] [+Vanadine (Workout)] This won't be like our wrestling training
[22:41] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I'm not going to pull any punches or kicks..... so you'd better be ready to take a few actual hits.
[22:44] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ....that will be..interesting..never took one
[22:45] [+Vanadine (Workout)] There's something else you should know before we actually train.
[22:45] [+Vanadine (Workout)] There's a reason I know how to actually fight like this.
[22:47] [Jade Kapur (casual)] and what would that be?
[22:48] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well.... I'm a ninja
[22:59] [Jade Kapur (casual)] ..a ninja?
[23:00] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Yes..... a ninja
[23:02] [Jade Kapur (casual)] like...japanese...ninja
[23:02] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Yes.... trained by the head of a clan of ninja called the Fuma.
[23:05] [Jade Kapur (casual)] that is..hard to believe...
[23:08] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I can show you proof when you come for training if you don't believe me.
[23:12] [Jade Kapur (casual)] well I would appreciate that
[23:13] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Very well
[23:19] [Jade Kapur (casual)] it is just..hard to belive
[23:20] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well, you will see tomorrow
[23:36] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] well I'll look forward to it
[23:42] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...after everything that has happened
[23:42] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...you are willing to help
[23:49] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Heh, not to mention the fact that we have to wrestle in a few weeks.
[23:50] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] oh yes in..all this I almost forgot...
[23:53] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...my mind has been...elsewhere...
[23:56] [+Vanadine (Workout)] After Cassie told me the situation, I totally understand.
[23:56] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Plus, I looked up your sister..... she's a serious fighter.
[00:00] >>> Saturday Dec 09 2017 <<<
[00:06] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ...she is a monster
[00:12] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] she tried to break my arm once when we were children
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well.... we'll make sure that doesn't happen again
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I know quite a few styles that can help you out.
[00:16] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] I feel a little..nervous oddly enough
[00:16] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I did when I began training also
[00:28] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] You must not let anyone know about this
[00:29] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Honestly...... there are only a few people I can't hide it from. But beyond them, noone else will know.
[00:39] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] thank you....it's..good for my image
[00:40] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hey, what are friends for, right?
[00:51] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] friends..yes I suppose we are
[00:55] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] I should sadly go...it is getting late
[01:02] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Indeed. I'll see you tomorrow, Jade.
[01:04] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] yes goodnight, Vanadine
[01:05] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Night
[01:05] <-- +Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (*hangs up the phone*)
[01:09] > Jade Kapur (Casual) sighs and lays back on the sofa
[01:11] [Jade Kapur (Casual)] ..this will be..interesting
[01:11] <-- Jade Kapur (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I need rest)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Dec 12 2017 <<<
[22:57] ➣ Madox Castle, Quinox, The future
[22:58] --> Eri Sita (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[22:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eri Sita (casual)
[22:59] > Eri Sita (casual) is working to put away wedding gifts she had forgotten to put away
[22:59] [Eri Sita (casual)] gah why didn't i do this before we left
[23:02] --> Daphne Sita (Casual) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:02] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Daphne Sita (Casual)
[23:02] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Because we were too excited about the honeymoon
[23:03] [Eri Sita (casual)] oh yeah ^^;;;;
[23:03] [Eri Sita (casual)] gah...where do we put this.......hydrocooker?
[23:07] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] I'd say... in the kitchen if we're going to use it.... in the closet if not.
[23:15] [Eri Sita (casual)] ...we got three of them
[23:16] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Well.... we'll keep one and return two of them.
[23:17] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Did we get gift receipts for any of em?
[23:24] [Eri Sita (casual)] um i think so
[23:24] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[23:26] [Eri Sita (casual)] huh?
[23:28] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] I'll get it
[23:28] > Daphne Sita (Casual) walks over to the door, opening it.
[23:30] --> Tina Detroit (Casual) [FireyAirPrincess@QTech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tina Detroit (Casual)
[23:30] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] hello you two!
[23:31] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] OH, um.... hello Princess Tina!
[23:35] [Eri Sita (casual)] your majesty!
[23:36] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] I wanted to check up on you two ^^
[23:36] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] wow quite the pile here
[23:36] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Um..... yes. We're still sorting through our wedding presents.
[23:45] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] well I hope you enjoyed our gift ^^
[23:48] > Daphne Sita (Casual) looks over at Eri as if to ask her what they got from her
[23:51] > Eri Sita (casual) looks back as if to say she has no idea
[23:52] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] heh anyway..i'm just glad to see you both so happy
[23:56] [Eri Sita (casual)] awww thank you
[23:56] > Daphne Sita (Casual) smiles at that / Thank you, we're just glad we can finally be together.
[23:58] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] I have another gift for you two
[00:00] >>> Wednesday Dec 13 2017 <<<
[00:01] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] But, Princess.... after all you've already given us, I don't know what more we deserve.....
[00:04] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] I'm giving you a month off from work
[00:05] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] But.... we already had so much time for our honeymoon.... we couldn't possibly....
[00:07] [Eri Sita (casual)] ......
[00:07] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] no no I insist
[00:07] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] it's the least i can do for you two
[00:10] > Daphne Sita (Casual) looks at Eri, slightly panicked, trying to get her to say something
[00:17] [Eri Sita (casual)] t...thank you?
[00:17] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] oh you're very welcome!
[00:18] > Daphne Sita (Casual) smiles nervously, putting her arm around Eri
[00:32] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] now you two get some rest
[00:32] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] i want you to enjoy your day tomorrow!
[00:33] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Um... thank you again, Princess. We will.
[00:36] [Tina Detroit (Casual)] night both of you!
[00:36] > Tina Detroit (Casual) exits the room
[00:36] <-- Tina Detroit (Casual) [FireyAirPrincess@QTech.com] has left #eventsbeta
[00:37] > Daphne Sita (Casual) looks at Eri
[00:38] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] Uh.... what are we supposed to do with another month off?
[00:40] [Eri Sita (casual)] I...don't know
[00:43] [Eri Sita (casual)] ...I'm at a loss
[00:45] > Daphne Sita (Casual) shakes her head a bit
[00:46] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] I love you to death, but I wish you would've said something....
[00:46] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] .... part of me was kinda' looking forward to goin' back to work.
[00:50] [Eri Sita (casual)] I..I froze!
[00:52] > Daphne Sita (Casual) sighs a little, but smiles
[00:52] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] It's alright..... we'll just have to figure out what we're gonna' do
[00:52] [Daphne Sita (Casual)] At least, past tonight..... because I think for now, it's time we got some rest.
[00:57] [Eri Sita (casual)] yeah..I agree..I'm exausted
[01:06] [Eri Sita (casual)] let's get some sleep ^^
[01:07] > Daphne Sita (Casual) nods, heading for the bedroom
[01:07] <-- Daphne Sita (Casual) [ElvenMaid@quinox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (We'll come up with a plan for our new time off in the morning.)
[01:13] <-- Eri Sita (casual) has left #eventsbeta (I hope we can come up with something...)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Dec 14 2017 <<<
[00:10] ➣ Venus, Magellan City, Masato Home
[00:11] --> Jett Masato (Nightwear) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:11] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jett Masato (Nightwear)
[00:12] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) sits in the living room, looking over a tablet
[00:13] --> Violet (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[00:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Violet (Casual)
[00:13] > Violet (Casual) walks in, looking worn out "I'm home..."
[00:14] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) looks up, "Hey there, Pretty Kitty"
[00:16] [Violet (Casual)] this kitty is worn out ~_~
[00:17] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Come sit with me and tell me all about work
[00:19] > Violet (Casual) walks over and plops herself onto jett
[00:19] [Violet (Casual)] ..had to work on over seventy orders.......
[00:22] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Wow.... so many
[00:22] [Violet (Casual)] ..have eighty more to do tomorrow T_T
[00:23] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Geeez! Why is it so busy??
[00:24] [Violet (Casual)] I don 't know..there's been some sudden onrush
[00:27] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) wraps his arms around Violet
[00:28] [Violet (Casual)] I feel burnt out T_T
[00:31] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] I can only imagine
[00:34] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] We've missed you here at home....
[00:36] [Violet (Casual)] I missed home too...feels like forever...
[00:41] [Violet (Casual)] ugh I want to take the day off tomorrow but I can't...
[00:44] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Krys and I would love it if you could...
[00:45] [Violet (Casual)] ...miss you both....
[00:48] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) leans in and kisses Violet with a smile
[00:51] > Violet (Casual) kisses back
[00:54] [Violet (Casual)] well...maybe I'll find a way...
[00:54] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] That would be wonderful
[00:56] > Violet (Casual) yawns
[00:58] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) smiles and carefully scoops up Violet, standing
[00:58] [Violet (Casual)] ugh...so tired
[00:58] [Violet (Casual)] hehe
[00:58] [Jett Masato (Nightwear)] Sounds like time to take kitty to bed.
[01:00] [Violet (Casual)] heh yes please
[01:01] > Jett Masato (Nightwear) smiles as he carries Violet to bed
[01:02] <-- Jett Masato (Nightwear) has left #eventsbeta
[01:02] <-- Violet (Casual) has left #eventsbeta
[23:27] ➣ Shin Estate, outside of Akita, Japan
[23:30] ➣ Home Gym
[23:30] --> Vanadine (Nightwear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:30] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Nightwear)
[23:30] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Nightwear)
[23:30] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) stretches, looking somewhat tired
[23:31] --> Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) has joined #eventsbeta
[23:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)
[23:31] > Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) is practicing with a kendo sword
[23:34] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) glances over at Himeko
[23:37] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Working with the stick, eh?
[23:40] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ..yeah..I like it
[23:45] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] I like the feel of the sword
[23:59] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ..I couldn't sleep
[00:00] >>> Friday Dec 15 2017 <<<
[00:02] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I know what ya' mean
[00:03] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] I need to find something to do..that I can do
[00:04] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) smirks a little
[00:04] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I could think of a few things. ;P
[00:07] > Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) blushes deeply "I..I mean....like..to help"
[00:09] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) winks
[00:10] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] There's plenty you can do
[00:11] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] I just..can't figure out what specifically
[00:11] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) thinks for a bit
[00:13] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Well..... do you have any hobbies?
[00:15] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] I like fighting and...
[00:15] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ....
[00:15] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ...*mutters something*
[00:17] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] What did ya say
[00:17] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] ?
[00:19] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ..I like baking
[00:21] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Oh! Well there ya' go!
[00:23] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Matsy said she could use some help with pies and things in the next couple weeks
[00:23] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] And, while I can cook some things okay.... baking is a weakness of mine.
[00:27] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] I..well we always liked it
[00:31] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) smiles and puts her hand on Himeko's shoulder
[00:31] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] hm?
[00:32] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Well, there's something you can do for now.
[00:40] > Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) smiles and nods
[00:46] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Don't worry, Himeko-chan.... we can always find ways for you to help around the house.
[01:07] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] if I can be a productive member of the family..then I shall be happy
[01:11] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] I don't think that'll be a problem at all
[01:16] > Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) yawns
[01:16] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Gettin' tired?
[01:24] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] yeah..really tired
[01:27] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] ..think I should get some sleep
[01:28] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) yawns: Me too.... let's get some shut eye
[01:29] [Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes)] night, vana
[01:32] [+Vanadine (Nightwear)] Night Himeko-chan
[01:32] > +Vanadine (Nightwear) follows Himeko out and turns off the lights
[01:32] <-- +Vanadine (Nightwear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (We'll find more for you to do)
[01:32] <-- Himeko Kaze (Gym Clothes) has left #eventsbeta (thank you)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Dec 30 2017 <<<
[20:27] ➣ Saturnian Royal Palace - The Queen's Office
[20:28] --> Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) [SecondGenSenshi@Saturn.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:28] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)
[20:28] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) sits behind a large desk, looking over some papers, looking rather tired.
[20:31] --> Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:31] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)
[20:31] > Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) pokes his head in "...are you alright, dear?"
[20:32] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] Hey Sagi..... yeah, just been working on these treaties all day.
[20:35] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] you should get some rest
[20:36] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I had to get these done before the end of the solar year though...
[20:41] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] i know but you don't want to collapse heh
[20:46] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) shakes her head, looking through the papers
[20:47] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I have to do SOMETHING of worth around here....
[20:48] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] well you are the queen...everything you do is of worth
[20:48] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] ...... that's not what the tabloids say.
[20:51] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) looks down, upset
[20:52] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] They're saying that I'm ineffective as queen.... that I'm too young to be queen.....
[20:55] > Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) frowns
[20:55] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] ignore them!
[20:59] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) looks up, sniffling a little
[20:59] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] .... but what if they're right Sagi....?
[20:59] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] What if I can't live up to my mother....if I just can't measure up to her.
[21:03] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] I totally believe in you
[21:07] > Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) smiles
[21:12] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I know you do..... and I appreciate that greatly.
[21:13] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] But with the moons starting to fight each other over mineral and trade rights and prices....
[21:13] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] .... with the difficulties we've been having.... I just..... I'm really beginning to doubt myself.
[21:17] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] maybe.. what you need to do
[21:17] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] ...is go by what YOU feel is right..rather then what others think is right
[21:28] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) sighs a bit, laying her head down on the desk
[21:40] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] dear?
[21:51] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I don't know what to do......
[21:55] > Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) puts his hands on Topaz's shoulders
[21:55] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] do what you feel you must
[21:56] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] stop thinking them as moons or countries...start thinking of them like you would people
[22:02] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] That's the problem..... I am
[22:02] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] Which is why I'm having such an issue with this....
[22:02] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] .... I can't side one way or the other.
[22:04] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] do you want advice?
[22:08] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I'm always willing to listen ~_~
[22:15] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] ...you are the queen of saturn
[22:16] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] and they need to know that
[22:16] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] they think they can pressure you into doing what they want
[22:20] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] I know that.....
[22:20] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] ... but I don't want to deny them of what they deserve either.
[22:24] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] maybe some rest would help you think
[22:28] [Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual)] Maybe you're right...
[22:36] [Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual)] you're thinking too hard on it
[22:46] > Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) slowly stands from her seat
[22:47] > Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) smiles and helps her
[22:57] <-- Topaz Tomoe (Royal Casual) [SecondGenSenshi@Saturn.net] has left #eventsbeta (I am rather tired)
[22:58] <-- Sagiri Shin (Royal Casual) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has left #eventsbeta (I'm sure you are)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Dec 31 2017 <<<
[20:28] ➣ Shin Estate, outside of Akita, Japan
[20:29] --> Hideki Kaze (Casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hideki Kaze (Casual)
[20:29] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) is looking at his watching, waiting
[20:32] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] *watch
[20:33] --> Vanadine (Dress) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:33] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Dress)
[20:33] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Dress)
[20:37] > +Vanadine (Dress) steps down the stairs in a red dress that comes down just below her knees with a plunging neckline
[20:37] [+Vanadine (Dress)] How do I look, 'deki?
[20:39] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] stunning as usual
[20:39] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] ...I take it the other girls are taking their time
[20:41] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Yeah, Matsy's getting dressed.... I haven't seen Himeko or Jo.
[20:42] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] Himeko still hasn't talked to me
[20:47] > +Vanadine (Dress) shakes her head a little
[20:47] [+Vanadine (Dress)] She's so sweet to me and Matsy.... I don't know why she won't talk to you.
[20:48] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] maybe akwardness
[20:50] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] i'd find it awkward too
[20:50] --> Joanna Smithson (dress) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:50] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Joanna Smithson (dress)
[20:50] > +Vanadine (Dress) walks over, hugging and kissing Hideki and smiles
[20:50] > Joanna Smithson (dress) walks downstairs in a blue dress which shows off her back
[20:50] > Hideki Kaze (Casual) kisses vana back
[20:50] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] hey now..you guys getting ahead of things?
[20:51] > +Vanadine (Dress) turns to look at Joanna
[20:52] [+Vanadine (Dress)] What? I had to give my husband a preview of later on.
[20:52] [+Vanadine (Dress)] By the way.... you look great, Jo!
[20:53] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] hey thanks! not my usual thing
[20:55] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] hoping vance will be there for the party....only reason i'm dressed that way
[20:57] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] I'm sure there will be no trouble
[20:57] [+Vanadine (Dress)] I got a text from him ealier, he said he'd be there.
[20:59] > Joanna Smithson (dress) grins
[20:59] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] well i'm sure this will be fun
[20:59] --> Matsumi Kaze (dress) [Airsenshi@Qtech.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[20:59] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[20:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Matsumi Kaze (dress)
[20:59] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) walks downstairs, dressed in a green c[SMEG]ktail dress which keeps one of her shoulders uncovered
[21:01] > +Vanadine (Dress) whistles and winks
[21:01] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Hey there sexy~
[21:01] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) grins and gives a little pose
[21:01] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] you approve?
[21:01] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] beautiful as always
[21:02] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Absolutely~
[21:04] [+Vanadine (Dress)] I can only imagine what this party is gonna' be like
[21:04] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) smiels and then looks up the stairs
[21:04] --> Himeko Kaze (dress) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:04] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (dress)
[21:05] > Himeko Kaze (dress) slowly makes her way down the stairs....dressed in a party dress....her hair is tied up in a high ponytail
[21:05] > Himeko Kaze (dress) looks a bit uncertain
[21:05] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Himeko-chan!
[21:06] [+Vanadine (Dress)] You look great!
[21:06] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] ..you think so? *blushes*
[21:06] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] you make a fine Kaze, sister
[21:06] > Himeko Kaze (dress) looks to Hideki and smiles
[21:06] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Mmhmm
[21:07] > Himeko Kaze (dress) hops down the stairs
[21:09] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] this will be my first time...
[21:09] > +Vanadine (Dress) giggles a little
[21:12] [+Vanadine (Dress)] You'll be fine
[21:12] > +Vanadine (Dress) smirks a bit
[21:13] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Maybe you'll find yourself a man there. Minako is the channel for the goddess of love, after all~
[21:15] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] oh um..I..um....
[21:15] > Himeko Kaze (dress) turns red
[21:15] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] I will need to approve them first....I cannot just let anyone date my sister
[21:16] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] brother!
[21:16] [+Vanadine (Dress)] 'deki!
[21:16] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] see..getting along already
[21:20] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) smirks
[21:21] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] what?
[21:21] [+Vanadine (Dress)] I know she's your sister..... but let Himeko have fun....
[21:22] [+Vanadine (Dress)] ... she can take care of herself.
[21:23] [Hideki Kaze (Casual)] heh alright
[21:24] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] wonder what Minako would say to seeing me
[21:27] [+Vanadine (Dress)] She's sweet.... I have no doubts she'll be happy to see you if you want
[21:28] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) walks over and gives vana a kiss "..you look beautiful"
[21:28] > +Vanadine (Dress) kisses Matsumi back and smiles
[21:28] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Thanks Sweety, so do you~
[21:34] [Himeko Kaze (dress)] can that wait till midnight..sides..shouldn't we be going
[21:37] [+Vanadine (Dress)] Heh, fine fine fine
[21:38] [+Vanadine (Dress)] We should get moving
[21:39] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] I'll get the car started..or are we being driven there?
[21:39] [+Matsumi Kaze (dress)] beliv eit or not..driven there
[21:40] [Joanna Smithson (dress)] ...being rich feels weird
[21:41] [+Vanadine (Dress)] I know.... but it's so much better than how I started.
[21:43] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] alright girls..let's head out to the car
[21:47] > +Vanadine (Dress) nods, taking one of Hideki's arms
[21:48] > +Matsumi Kaze (dress) takes Hideki's other arm
[21:48] > Joanna Smithson (dress) glances to Himeko..both of which shrug and take arms!
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[00:00] >>> Wednesday Jan 03 2018 <<<
[21:59] ➣ Dragon Pond Restaurant, Akira, Japan
[21:59] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[22:00] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is sitting at a table, waiting for her food
[22:11] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) plays a bit with some of her very long hair
[22:13] --> ~Waiter has joined #eventsbeta
[22:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, ~Waiter
[22:13] [~Waiter] Well.... if it isn't our regular customer.
[22:14] > ~Waiter is not the same person who took Himeko's order
[22:16] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hm?....
[22:16] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] oh um..yeah...
[22:16] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..place has good food....
[22:17] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks a little uneasy
[22:19] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..um....you aren't the one..I ordered with
[22:19] [~Waiter] Um.... you look nervous for some reason.
[22:19] [~Waiter] Oh.... I'm sorry for that.
[22:19] > ~Waiter is now known as Isiah Aoki
[22:20] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Just I see you all the time from the other side of the resturant and I thought I'd come say hello.
[22:21] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks at Isiah Aoki
[22:21] ➣ Isiah Aoki: has dark skin, is about 6'5" and somewhat muscular with short black hair and brown eyes.
[22:21] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks, blushing just a tiny bit "oh..hi...yeah I...like this place a lot"
[22:22] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) smiles at that
[22:22] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I can tell... you're in here almost every day.
[22:24] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...lets me think..and figure stuff out
[22:27] > ~Waiter comes over with Himeko's food, setting it down and shooting a look at Isiah before going back to the kitchen
[22:28] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks at that look
[22:30] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) catches the look but smirks, returning his attention to Himeko
[22:33] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks at Isiah
[22:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] what..is it
[22:34] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Oh.... some of the other waiters.... don't like me.
[22:35] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] why?
[22:36] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Well.... there's the obvious.....
[22:36] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I don't exactly.... look like them.... which gets me extra attention around here.
[22:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...you look fine to me...
[22:38] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) winks - Well, I thank you for that.
[22:39] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes again
[22:39] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..you're..welcome...
[22:39] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] But yeah.... that's part of the reason they don't like me...
[22:39] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) starts to eat with her chopsticks....though there is no food on it
[22:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] what's the other reason?
[22:40] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] .... well....
[22:40] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] ...... my father owns the resturant.
[22:42] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) smirks
[22:43] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks "he does?"
[22:43] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) nods
[22:43] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes another bite of her (non) food
[22:44] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] The fact that I'm standing here talking to you and not getting yelled at for it like they would, irks them.
[22:48] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] well it's your resteraunt
[22:48] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Yeah.... but I'm still supposed to be a server.....
[22:48] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] ... anyway.
[22:49] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I should let you concentrate on eating your food before it gets cold.
[22:54] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..alright.....
[22:54] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it was.....nice talking to you....
[22:56] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] And you Miss....?
[22:57] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..Himeko...Himeko Kaze
[22:58] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) gives Himeko a slight bow with a smile
[22:58] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Miss Kaze... enjoy your meal.
[23:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I...i will.....
[23:00] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] mister?...
[23:01] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Isiah Aoki
[23:03] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..I will...Isiah Aoki...
[23:04] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) chuckles lightly before going back to the kitchen
[23:05] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) bites down on her chopstick again..then realizes she was eating nothing..then embassered...starts to eat
[23:18] ➣ a while later...the restaurant is being closed...
[23:18] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) has lost track of time
[23:19] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) also has been quietly waiting
[23:20] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) leans against a wall nearby
[23:20] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks around silently..leaning against the outside wall
[23:24] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) steps outside the resturant, sighing a bit to himself and walking down the sidewalk.
[23:25] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) sees Isiah
[23:25] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um...hey there
[23:27] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) looks a little surprised
[23:27] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Oh.... hello again, Miss Kaze....
[23:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hey...
[23:28] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) runs up to walk next to him
[23:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...you heading home?
[23:30] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I have to make a quick stop on the way, but yes.
[23:30] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Didn't you.... leave Dragon Pond a couple hours ago?
[23:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um...I..decided to come back...
[23:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] i mean...it's a dark night........
[23:31] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] tough guys around...might need protection
[23:31] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) grins a bit at that
[23:31] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Yes well..... I suppose I do strike a bit of an imposing figure.
[23:32] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Big black man among the typical Japanese..... I stand out like a sore thumb.
[23:34] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] don't need you to get attacked
[23:34] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] so I'll be your bodyguard
[23:35] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Oh... you meant....
[23:35] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) snickers and tries to hold back, but breaks out into a loud laugh
[23:36] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks
[23:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hey I'm pretty strong!
[23:37] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) calms himself with a smirk, shaking his head
[23:37] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I'm sorry... I shouldn't have laughed like that....
[23:39] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it's ok....I know i'm short
[23:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] you get a pass
[23:41] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Well... yes... but that doesn't mean you can't be strong.... or a good aren't a good fighter.
[23:44] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] So... you waited up for me....
[23:44] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...yeah
[23:44] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] .... I must have made an impression.
[23:46] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes and says nothing
[23:46] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ....so um..where are you going
[23:47] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Well.... I have to stop at 7-11 before I get to my apartment.
[23:49] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..then i'll..stick with you till you get home..i mean you..never know
[23:51] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) smiles a little at that
[23:53] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Do you typically go around protecting people like this? Are you some kinda' super hero?
[23:54] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..only protect certain people
[23:59] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Well then, I am honored to make the cut
[00:00] >>> Thursday Jan 04 2018 <<<
[00:01] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] you...you're welcome...I guess
[00:01] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) glances at him..then looks away a bit
[00:02] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] So, where is it that you're from, Miss Kaze?
[00:04] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..the Shin Estate.....outside the city
[00:09] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] That big mansion on the outskirts?
[00:11] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah that place
[00:11] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] my sister in law runs the place
[00:13] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Oh wow....
[00:13] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] .... if my father knew I was talking to you, he'd probably slap me.
[00:15] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] huh why?
[00:16] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] He's always told me "Never bother the rich or powerful. That can only lead to trouble."
[00:17] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] heh then why are you still talking to me?
[00:18] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Well.... in spite of the fact that I respect my father's judgement.....
[00:18] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] .... I don't ALWAYS obey his rules.
[00:18] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) winks
[00:19] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes at the wink but smiles a little
[00:22] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] say listen.....
[00:27] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..are you...busy tomorrow....
[00:28] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) pauses for a moment
[00:28] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Tomorrow...?
[00:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah...
[00:31] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Just in the morning, I have some errends to take care of, but nothing major. I don't have work or anything.
[00:32] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...want to meet up again?
[00:35] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) is taken a back slightly
[00:35] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Are you...... asking me out?
[00:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um n-no..I mean we can..hang out..and stuff.....and things like that!
[00:37] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is getting flustered....she's sort of obvious
[00:39] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) chuckles a little and smiles
[00:39] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Sure, we can meet up again
[00:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] .....o_o
[00:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] GR...I mean...ok
[00:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] should be good
[00:43] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Here, let me give you my number so you can let me know when and where to meet.
[00:43] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) takes out his ticket book and pen, writing something down
[00:44] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) tries to look cool through all this
[00:48] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) tears off the piece of paper, which he's written his name, phone number and drawn a little picture that looks like him bowing
[00:49] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes it..her hand shaking a little
[00:49] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] You seem to be shaking a little.... are you cold at all?
[00:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I...don't think....
[00:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..I don't thin kso
[00:53] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] Oh, okay
[00:53] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) stands just feet away from the 7-11 he was heading for
[00:53] [Isiah Aoki (Waiter)] I could buy you a coffee if you want.
[00:54] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..thank you...
[00:55] > Isiah Aoki (Waiter) opens the door to the store, motioning for Himeko to enter
[00:57] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks in
[00:58] <-- Isiah Aoki (Waiter) has left #eventsbeta (Feel free to pick what you like.)
[00:59] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (well ok...)
[19:54] ➣ Park in Akita
[19:55] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[19:55] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[19:55] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is waiting in the park
[19:59] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks at her phone....
[19:59] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks around again....and hops onto a bench, sighing, looking down
[20:01] --> Isiah Aoki (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:01] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Isiah Aoki (Casual)
[20:02] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) walks towards the bench Himeko's sitting on
[20:06] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Sorry I'm a bit late
[20:07] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] thought we agreed to meet awhile ago...
[20:08] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Again, I'm sorry..... something came up on the way that I had to take care of....
[20:10] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..well if was important..then no problem..what was it
[20:11] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I had to pick up a few things for my father in order to keep from having to work tonight.
[20:12] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) nods "yeah that's important"
[20:13] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, if I hadn't have done it, I wouldn't be able to meet you here at all because he would've needed me to fill in for someone else.
[20:14] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) nods slowly "..it's no problem"
[20:16] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) sits next to Himeko
[20:16] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Anyway.... what do you wanna' do ?
[20:18] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ......I just realized I have no idea >.>
[20:18] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...usually I..train..when I'm here....
[20:22] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Oh yeah? What do you do to train?
[20:27] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I do kendo moves....with a bamboo sword
[20:27] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Ahh..... so is that what you wanna do then?
[20:28] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Not exactly what I expected.
[20:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] .....I.....don't know..
[20:28] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks very lost for ideas...and a little upset that she can't think of anything
[20:30] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I guess..I just...uh...
[20:30] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Are you... alright?
[20:31] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] y..yes i'm fine >_<...I just...
[20:31] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...I don't know what i'm doing V_V
[20:32] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles lightly and stands, offering his hand to Himeko
[20:32] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Then allow me to make a suggestion
[20:33] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blinks up at Isiah
[20:36] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] We could do some shopping, get something to eat or find something more.... active to do
[20:42] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] a..alright....that sounds like it..might be nice
[20:42] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes Isiah's hand
[20:45] > Himeko Kaze (Casual)'s hand is very small compared to islah's
[20:46] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) helps Himeko up and smiles, leading her down the street
[20:46] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) follows...trying not to blush at this
[20:48] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smirks a bit
[20:48] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Ya' know.... some people would look at us walking together and think you're my kid.
[20:50] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I'M NOT A KID
[20:51] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Woah woah..... calm down....
[20:51] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] .... I was saying OTHER people could look and think that. Trust me, I know better!
[20:51] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I..I know...just...it bothers me
[20:54] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, I apologize for bringing up such a sore subject
[20:55] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] no..it's ok...
[20:56] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles a little
[20:56] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) stops in front of a store as they walk down the street
[20:57] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) glances over
[21:03] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Oooo
[21:03] ➣ The shop they stop in front of carries a wide variety of sports clothing.
[21:07] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..whoa
[21:07] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] What do you think, should we check it out?
[21:08] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hey why not heh
[21:09] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) opens the door for Himeko and smiles
[21:13] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks in and starts looking over the different clothes
[21:22] ➣ As you go through the shirts and workout outfits, you notice there's a section with some print t-shirts with a rather familiar face on it.
[21:33] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Ya' know.... I don't get this wrestling thing
[21:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hm?
[21:37] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks at the shirt
[21:39] ➣ The shirts, in one form or another, have either a picture of Vana and Jade facing off at the big event of the year or a logo for either of them.
[21:39] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ....huh..my sister in law is on that one
[21:40] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You sister in law?
[21:42] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah *points to vana*
[21:43] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] married to my other sister in law
[21:44] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Wait.... you have two sisters in law?
[21:47] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] How does that work?
[21:50] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...it's complicated
[21:52] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I see
[21:54] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Do ya' see anything you want here?
[21:55] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks around...then notices a shirt for a baseball team..but frowns..as she's too small for it
[21:57] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Somethin' wrong?
[21:58] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...I'm too short..again
[22:01] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks sad
[22:01] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) takes it off the rack and sizes it up on Himeko
[22:02] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is too small for the shirt..it would be more like a dress on her
[22:03] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] It would make a great night dress on you though
[22:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..you think so???
[22:06] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) fidgets a bit at that
[22:06] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Oh absolutely
[22:07] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) flashes a devious grin, trying to hide it
[22:10] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..alright..maybe....I will buy it then
[22:11] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I'll buy it for ya'.... if ya' want it.
[22:12] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..you will?
[22:14] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well sure
[22:15] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] t-thank you!
[22:17] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles and nods, taking the jersey to the sales counter
[22:19] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) follows
[22:21] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is...a bit surprised by all this
[22:25] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) pays for the jersey, making conversation with the teller as she puts it in a bag
[22:30] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) watches this conversation......frowning a little bit to herself
[22:32] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) finishes paying for the jersey and leads the way out the door, handing it bag to Himeko
[22:33] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) takes the bag
[22:34] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Are you upset at me?
[22:36] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] huh...no...
[22:36] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is a bad liar
[22:36] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) stops
[22:37] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You are.... I can tell.
[22:37] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You're mad about something.
[22:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um....what..w.ere you talking about?
[22:37] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..to her >.>
[22:37] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is embarrsed
[22:39] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) grins a bit
[22:40] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] She said it was clear that the jersey wasn't for myself, she asked me who I was buying it for and I motioned to you
[22:40] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] wh..what
[22:40] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) turns red
[22:42] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Then she asked me if you were my girlfriend.
[22:45] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] w..what did you say
[22:46] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I told her we were on our first night out.
[22:46] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is speechless
[22:48] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Are you still mad?
[22:49] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] n..no
[22:51] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smiles lightly
[22:51] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Good
[22:51] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) shuffles ahead...hiding her face in her long hair
[22:53] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) follows, looking over Himeko from behind
[22:54] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] What do you want to do now, Miss Kaze?
[22:55] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I..don't know..I guess......
[22:55] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..anywhere is good
[23:00] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) notices an American resturant and points it out
[23:00] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Maybe we should get a bite, eh Miss Kaze?
[23:01] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um....you don't..hav etc call me that
[23:01] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ...you can call me Himeko
[23:01] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Oh, alright
[23:02] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Are you hungry at all?
[23:04] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah i'm pretty hungry heh
[23:06] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I've been dying to try that American place.
[23:08] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it does look pretty good at least
[23:08] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) unconciously grabs Isiah's hand
[23:09] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) grins a little and gives Himeko's hand a light squeeze
[23:15] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) returns the squeeze and enters the resteraunt
[23:20] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) steps inside, finding a small table just big enough for two people, leading Himeko over and pulling a seat out for her.
[23:22] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) sits down in it
[23:25] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] thank you
[23:33] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) sits
[23:35] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) gets the menu and leans forward
[23:41] ➣ The pair enjoy a dinner with little conversation.
[23:47] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) pays for the meal and stands, leading Himeko out of the resturant
[23:47] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Mmmmm.... that was really good
[23:49] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it was! I really liked it!
[23:53] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I'm glad for that
[23:53] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smirks a bit as they walk down the street
[23:54] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] hm?
[23:57] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You've really taken to me rather quickly, haven't you Himeko?
[00:00] >>> Friday Jan 05 2018 <<<
[00:01] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um...uh...
[00:01] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) looks away a little
[00:03] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I mean.... the fact that you left and returned to see me last night....
[00:03] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] ... then called me out, in spite the fact that you had no idea what to do.
[00:07] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..I...I guess..so
[00:08] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) grins a bit
[00:08] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Not to mention that you grabbed my hand before dinner.
[00:10] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes very deeply
[00:10] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] t..then why..did you keep watching me..whenever I went into the resteraunt
[00:12] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Well, honestly
[00:13] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] I kept seeing you pop into the resturant, but there was something different..... something..... familiar.
[00:14] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) stops and looks down a bit
[00:14] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] familiar?
[00:15] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Yeah..... you look different from most people.... kind of like me, but in a totally different way.
[00:19] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I guess so
[00:20] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] The more I saw of you the more I began to like you.
[00:21] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes and smiles, hiding her face a little
[00:22] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] But my father saw that I was observing you and he already knew who you were, so I was told to keep my distance.
[00:23] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] But when I saw you last night, I just decided to take a chance.
[00:24] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) smiles just a little
[00:29] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..like I took a chance
[00:30] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You took a chance?
[00:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] y..yeah
[00:38] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I mean you could have...ignored me
[00:39] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) grins a little
[00:39] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] How could I ignore a pint sized beauty like you?~
[00:40] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) turns bright red at that and giggles just a little
[00:43] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) has led Himeko back to the bench where their night started
[00:44] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] this was...
[00:45] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) sits on the bench with a smile
[00:45] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Was?
[00:46] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..it is
[00:46] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) sits on the bench as well
[00:48] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) grins a little
[00:49] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] You remember in the store, when I said that jersey would look good as a night dress?
[00:52] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah?
[00:53] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) smirks a bit
[00:53] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Part of me thought about how good it might be if you wore nothing beneath it~
[00:57] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] r..really?
[00:59] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) nods with a wink
[01:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] it's..awfully dark...
[01:02] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) leans in and kisses Himeko on the cheek
[01:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] O_O
[01:02] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) is stunned by this
[01:04] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] It is dark. Perhaps it's time we turned in for the night.
[01:05] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) slowly stands from the bench and winks
[01:06] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah..I..think so
[01:06] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] Tonight was eye opening.... and a lot of fun
[01:06] [Isiah Aoki (Casual)] We'll have to do it again, my dear Himeko.
[01:09] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes and nods smiling
[01:09] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] yeah...Isiah
[01:10] > Isiah Aoki (Casual) bows and waves before turning and heading back towards his apartment
[01:10] <-- Isiah Aoki (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (Goodnight, Himeko~)
[01:12] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) pauses...then walks off...but a little lighter in her step
[01:12] <-- Himeko Kaze (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (goodnight, Isiah)
[20:59] ➣ Tokyo Dome, Press Room
[21:08] ➣ In a room filled with reporters, there is one table set up with multiple microphones
[21:12] --> Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)
[21:12] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) carefully walks in
[21:12] --> Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:12] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)
[21:13] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) follows just behind Jade
[21:14] ➣ The sound of camera shutters echo through the room as Jade and Cassie walk in, flash bulbs going off in time.
[21:15] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) tries to keep up a haughty look
[21:16] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) pulls a chair out for Jade before sitting herself.
[21:18] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) sits down
[21:19] [~Reporter] Jade, how would you rate your performance in tonight's main event?
[21:30] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] I did my best....my perfection is legendary........
[21:30] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) puts her hand on Jade's shoulder with a smile
[21:32] [~Reporter] Then how would you rate the performance of your opponent, Vanadine?
[21:33] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] perhaps this time i have met a warrior....who....in their own way..is my equal....BUT ONLY IN SOME WAYS....
[21:33] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] she still has a long way to go if she is to reach my level of greatness!
[21:37] --> Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:37] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)
[21:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)
[21:37] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Why do you continue to be so bull headed...?
[21:37] > +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) walks in, the world title belt hanging off her shoulder
[21:38] ➣ The shutters and flashbulbs go off again as Vana walks into the room
[21:41] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] you dare call me bull headed!
[21:42] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] J.... calm down...
[21:42] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Of course I do.... because you are.
[21:46] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) scowls at her
[21:47] > +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) walks over and takes a seat next to Cassie
[21:47] > +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) sets her title on the holder in front of her on the table.
[21:48] [~Reporter] Vana, how would you rate YOUR performance in the main event tonight?
[21:51] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Well.... honestly, I've never been in such a tough fight.
[21:53] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Over the past year, I've grown to know these girls so well...... but Jade really took things to a new level this year.
[22:00] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] She.... brings out the best in me.... I think this was my best match ever.
[22:02] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) tries to not look impressed....but is a bit
[22:03] [~Reporter] As a question for the entire panel..... what's next for all of you?
[22:09] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Well..... being as she's the former champion, I expect Jade to envoke her rematch clause.
[22:12] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) looks over at Vana
[22:15] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Which I'm sure will be another awesome match
[22:21] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] ..it shall be..indeed!
[22:22] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Beyond that.... only time will tell.
[22:23] [~Reporter] And what of Cassandra?
[22:24] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Well um....
[22:30] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) looks to Cressida
[22:31] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) blushes a bit
[22:34] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] ... there is one thing that I wanted to do this year..... but that... can wait.
[22:37] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] I am certain such a thing shall happen
[22:39] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Oh and it will.
[22:40] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) winks to Jade
[22:41] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) smiles a little
[22:43] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] In the more immediate future..... I want to regain my US title....
[22:46] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] ... but I guess I'll have to get a certain someone to come here for me to do it.
[22:49] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) coughs a little
[22:51] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] I am sure that Cassandra shall succeed in such things....she is almost as good as myself
[22:53] [~Reporter] There's a rumor that the Aritza sisters are coming back
[22:56] [~Reporter] ... and they want to battle two of you.
[22:58] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) smirks a bit
[22:59] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Well they can bring it on.
[23:00] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] indeed..they will surely fail!
[23:03] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] I'm sure you two will handle them.
[23:03] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) grins at that
[23:08] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Anymore questions?
[23:09] ➣ The team of reporters go quiet, the photographers still taking photos
[23:09] > +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) stands, picking up her belt, smiling to the other two
[23:10] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Until next time~
[23:13] > +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) leaves the press room with a grin
[23:13] <-- +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (Champion again.... feels good)
[23:16] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) calmly stands....tossing her long braid in an uppidty fashion
[23:16] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) stands with a shy smile
[23:21] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] now if there is nothing more to be said...I think it is time we left
[23:25] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Actually..... there is one thing....
[23:26] [~Reporter] The press corps look on, still clicking pictures and holding their recorders
[23:36] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] hm?
[23:38] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] J...... with everything we've been through in and out of the ring..... in public and in private...... so... I thought I'd do this in public too.....
[23:39] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] cassandra?
[23:41] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) blushes a bit with a smile / When we went public about our relationship..... it was one of the most nerve wracking things we could've done..... but we did it and everything's been so great sense....
[23:42] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) blushes a little
[23:43] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) steps away from the table a little, holding onto Jade's hand
[23:45] > ~Press Corps continue to shoot photos and record the scene
[23:46] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] ... I know we haven't done a whole lotta' things traditionally, but this is one..... I kinda' wanna' do right.
[23:51] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) drops down to a knee in front of Jade, trying to keep her cool, pulling a box from her drunks
[23:51] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] ......
[23:52] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Jade Kapur..... will you marry me!?
[23:52] > ~Press Corps gives a collective gasp as Cassandra asks the question
[23:53] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] .......
[23:53] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) looks in shock...
[23:55] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] ...yes, Cassandra...I shall
[23:56] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) starts to tear up a bit, taking a ring from the box and putting on Jade's hand as the flash bulbs go off in the background
[00:00] >>> Saturday Jan 06 2018 <<<
[00:05] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) smiles and gives topaz a kiss on the cheek
[00:05] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] *smiles
[00:05] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] (( gah stupid auto fill ))
[00:08] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) stands with a smile
[00:11] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) leans in and full on kisses Jade, causing a flurry of flashbulbs again
[00:15] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) kisses cassandra back
[00:17] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) holds onto Jade's hand, leading her out of the press room with a mile wide grin
[00:19] ➣ Various members of the Press Corps yell their congratulations to the couple as they leave.
[00:24] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) follows Cassandra, happily
[00:26] <-- ~Press Corps has left #eventsbeta
[00:27] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] As they get into the backstage area she pauses and breaks down into tears
[00:28] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) ^
[00:30] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] Cassandra?
[00:31] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] I can't believe I did that in front of all those people.
[00:31] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) turns around and wraps herself around Jade
[00:37] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) holds Cassandra close
[00:38] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] I hope.... you're okay with me..... doing that in public like that.....
[00:44] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] I'm very happy, my love
[00:46] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) smiles, sniffling a bit
[00:46] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] So am I..... cause I love you so much....~
[00:47] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) smiles and kisses cassandra again
[00:47] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) kisses Jade back and holds onto her
[00:48] --> Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:48] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)
[00:48] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)
[00:48] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Hey there love birds~
[00:49] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] I just wanted to give my congratulations to you two~
[00:55] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] oh yes well thank you
[00:55] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Awww, thanks Van
[00:59] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] I'll let you two change.
[00:59] [+Vanadine (Wrestling Gear)] Later girls
[00:59] <-- +Vanadine (Wrestling Gear) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (This is great. <3)
[01:01] [Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear)] Van's got the right idea..... let's go change
[01:09] [Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear)] yes let's...
[01:10] > Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) smiles to Cassandra
[01:17] > Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) leads the way back
[01:18] <-- Cassandra Jones (Wrestling Gear) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[01:18] <-- Jade Kapur (Wrestling Gear) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[20:17] ➣ Tokyo, Japan / Cassie & Jade's Apartment
[20:17] --> Cassandra Jones (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:17] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Cassandra Jones (Casual)
[20:20] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) sits, watching a sports review show on tv
[20:23] --> Jade Kapur (Robe) has joined #eventsbeta
[20:23] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jade Kapur (Robe)
[20:23] > Jade Kapur (Robe) walks out of the bathroom, drying her hair
[20:23] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] hm?
[20:25] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Seems we're quite popular.
[20:25] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] oh?
[20:26] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Yeah.... all the sports shows are showing my proposal last night.
[20:29] > Jade Kapur (Robe) smiles "it was quite good"
[20:32] ➣ Suddenly, Cassie's cell phone rings
[20:33] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] hm?
[20:33] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) picks up her phone
[20:33] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Oh... it's papa!
[20:34] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] oh?
[20:35] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) answers her phone
[20:36] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Hey papa! Yeah..... oh?
[20:36] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Um.... okay....
[20:37] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) pushes the button on her phone to change it to speaker phone
[20:37] [@HOL_6000] ~Charles Jones (Telephone): Only registered users can set a text mode.
[20:38] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] Can ya'll both hear me now?
[20:40] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Yeah papa, we're here.
[20:43] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] yes we can hear you!
[20:44] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] I had video sent to me this mornin'.....
[20:45] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] ..... Pumpkin.... I can't believe you did that in public.... in front of all those reporters.
[20:50] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) giggles nervously, blushing a little
[20:50] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] well I thought she was very romantic
[20:51] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] Well, Jade.... honestly.... I thought it was really sweet.
[20:52] > ~Charles Jones (Telephone) can be heard sniffling lightly
[20:52] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] Pumpkin..... if yer mama was still around.... I know she'd be so proud an' happy for ya'll
[20:53] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) starts to tear up a little / Awwwww.... papa.....
[21:00] > Jade Kapur (Robe) smiles and hugs Cassandra from behind
[21:00] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] well I am honored by your daughter
[21:02] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] Jade, it'll be great to officially have ya' as part of the family.
[21:07] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] and I am very glad to be a part of that family!
[21:08] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Has anyone else seen the video yet?
[21:09] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] I forwarded it to the rest of the family. It's goin' over really well!
[21:11] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] I'm kinda' surprised I haven't heard from anyone else.
[21:15] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] I'm sure ya'll will here soon
[21:15] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] I'm gonna' let ya'll go though.... just know I'm happy for ya'll an' I hope to see ya'll soon.
[21:15] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] thank you so much!
[21:16] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Thanks papa, love ya'!
[21:16] [~Charles Jones (Telephone)] Love ya' too, Pumpkin. Bye bye, now.
[21:16] <-- ~Charles Jones (Telephone) has left #eventsbeta
[21:17] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) turns and kisses Jade as the call closes
[21:19] > Jade Kapur (Robe) kisses back happily
[21:22] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Papa must be really happy if he's tearin' up like that.
[21:22] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] indeed ^^
[21:28] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] That makes me wonder who else has seen the video?
[21:39] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] ..if my parents saw it
[21:43] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] How do you think they'd react?
[21:45] > Jade Kapur (Robe)'s phone buzzes
[21:47] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Uh.... I have a feelin' we're about to find out....
[21:49] > Jade Kapur (Robe) checks her phone
[21:49] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] .......
[21:50] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] they have disowned me
[21:51] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] What!?
[21:52] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] the rest of my family has
[21:52] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] not my parents
[21:52] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] ..luckly
[22:15] > Jade Kapur (Robe) checks her phone "...my parents are congraulatiing us"
[22:15] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) smiles lightly
[22:16] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Well that's good at least.....
[22:21] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] .... I'd feel really bad if you lost your family cause of me. ~_~
[22:32] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] they're offering to pay for it
[22:33] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Oh wow..... really?
[22:34] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] That's so incredibly sweet of them!
[22:41] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] mmhm
[22:42] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) leans back against Jade
[22:58] > Jade Kapur (Robe) holds cassandera
[22:59] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Mmmm~
[23:00] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] I'm so glad we're finally gonna' do this~
[23:05] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] me too
[23:06] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] We should start thinking about when and where to hold the ceremony.
[23:10] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] oh..yes I agree
[23:23] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] ..like who's name will who take
[23:27] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Oooo..... I didn't think about that.
[23:35] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] indeed, my love
[23:45] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] What do you think?
[23:50] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] .....
[23:50] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] ...how about I take your name
[23:53] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Really?
[23:56] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) thinks about it and giggles a little
[23:57] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Then people could call you JJ
[00:00] >>> Sunday Jan 07 2018 <<<
[00:01] > Jade Kapur (Robe) smiles a bit amused
[00:08] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] If I took your name, people could call me CK
[00:09] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] I used to have people call me CJ back in Texas.
[00:09] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] either one is quite funny
[00:16] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Maybe we could combine our names..... hyphenate.
[00:20] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] ...that would work
[00:35] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) grins
[00:35] > Jade Kapur (Robe) yawns a little
[00:36] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] Gettin' tired, darlin'?
[00:38] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] yes i am a little weary
[00:43] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] We should probably turn in for the night then.
[00:45] [Cassandra Jones (Casual)] After all, we have another tour to start tomorrow.
[00:47] [Jade Kapur (Robe)] we do indeed!
[00:48] > Cassandra Jones (Casual) stands from her seat and offers her hand to Jade
[00:50] > Jade Kapur (Robe) takes Cassandra's hand and stands
[00:51] <-- Cassandra Jones (Casual) has left #eventsbeta (I'm to get ready for bed..... but fiiirst <3)
[00:53] <-- Jade Kapur (Robe) has left #eventsbeta (<3)
[21:23] ➣ Shin Manor, just outside Akita
[21:24] --> Himeko Kaze (Casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[21:24] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Himeko Kaze (Casual)
[21:24] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) walks into the manor, humming to herself
[21:25] --> Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has joined #eventsbeta
[21:25] >>> @HOL_6000 sets mode +p to Vanadine (Workout)
[21:25] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, +Vanadine (Workout)
[21:26] > +Vanadine (Workout) walks out of the kitchen, drinking from a water bottle
[21:27] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] oh hey vana!
[21:28] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Himeko-chan... you're comin' in rather late....
[21:28] [+Vanadine (Workout)] .... not to mention this pleasant mood.
[21:33] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] oh well..um..no...reason
[21:34] > +Vanadine (Workout) smirks a little and walks over to Himeko
[21:35] [+Vanadine (Workout)] You're hidin' something....
[21:41] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um...maybe
[21:42] > +Vanadine (Workout) throws an arm around around Himeko and smirks
[21:42] [+Vanadine (Workout)] .... come on, spill it~
[21:45] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I...
[21:45] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um
[21:45] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] .....I might have met someone
[21:46] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Did ya' now....?~
[21:50] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..y..yes
[21:50] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] we....had a date..
[21:52] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Ooooo.... who is it?
[21:53] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) pauses....and pulls out her phone..showing a selfie she took with him...
[21:54] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Oooo... he's cute... wait...
[21:55] [+Vanadine (Workout)] .... that's the big guy from Dragon Pond, isn't it?
[21:57] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um..yes....
[21:59] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Wooooow.... your cute little self and that big hunk'a man
[22:00] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) turns bright red
[22:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] um we..we are planning..another date
[22:07] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Nice..... so when are you gonna' bring him by here?
[22:09] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] I..I hadn't thought of that
[22:19] [+Vanadine (Workout)] You know 'deki will need to meet him too.
[22:19] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] ..oh god no
[22:22] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Oh yes....
[22:23] [+Vanadine (Workout)] .... with how protective he is... you'd better tell him yourself rather than him find out on his own.
[22:25] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] >_>..y..yeah..I can...undestand that...
[22:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] but..he's a really nice guy!
[22:29] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well then, ya' shouldn't have any issues with 'deki meetin' him.
[22:32] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] but..you know what he's like!
[22:34] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Yup and I know you have nothing to worry about if he's as good as you say.
[22:50] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] well he is..he's..very nice
[22:54] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) blushes "very handsome"
[22:57] > +Vanadine (Workout) giggles a bit
[22:57] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Listen to you....
[23:02] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] huh what?
[23:04] > +Vanadine (Workout) winks
[23:04] [+Vanadine (Workout)] .... it's just cute to hear you talk like your head's in the clouds.
[23:07] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] >.> i'm too short for that
[23:08] > +Vanadine (Workout) giggles: I didn't mean it literally, silly.
[23:08] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I mean you've been bitten by the looooove bug~
[23:09] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) hides her face in her long long hair
[23:13] > +Vanadine (Workout) smirks
[23:17] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] not funny
[23:23] [+Vanadine (Workout)] How long have you guys been datin'?
[23:28] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] not..very long
[23:33] > +Vanadine (Workout) winks: Have ya' kissed him yet?
[23:35] > Himeko Kaze (Casual) TURNS BRIGHT RED
[23:35] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] uh..uh..um..well...I..he..kissed me...on..the cheek
[23:36] > +Vanadine (Workout) giggles again
[23:36] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well, nothin' wrong with takin' it slow.
[23:39] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] y..yeah..we're..taking it slow
[23:51] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hey, if you're happy, that's all that matters
[23:53] > Himeko Kaze (Casual)'s stomach grumbles
[23:54] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Hungry?
[00:00] >>> Monday Jan 08 2018 <<<
[00:03] [Himeko Kaze (Casual)] starving...