[14:13] >>> Wednesday Mar 07 2012 – Automatic reset triggered – Logging Start <<<
[14:13] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Aren't you curious what would get all those girls to do a Playboy shoot?
[14:14] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] heh..well what would?
[14:15] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Charity.
[14:16] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] oh is that so?
[14:16] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] that's very nice of them...though I think is this the first time I've heard of a shoot being used that way
[14:17] [+Vanadine (Workout)] From what Neph told me, it was Minako's idea.
[14:19] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Mmmm... I can't wait to see that book~
[14:20] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] why is that not surprising
[14:23] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] heh
[14:23] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] which one do you want to see in that book?
[14:25] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Honestly, I wanna' see them all~
[14:25] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] heh going to drool over your sister in law?
[14:26] > +Vanadine (Workout) giggles a little and smirks: Hey..... I can't help it Ami's cute.
[14:30] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Plus, I've always wondered what the rest of the girls looked like under those little skirts.
[14:30] > Hideki Kaze (casual) smirks and bops vana on the head
[14:32] > +Vanadine (Workout) grins and turns to face Hideki
[14:32] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Now what was that for?
[14:33] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] that mind of yours :P
[14:35] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Like you're not a little bit curious yourself. :P
[14:38] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] :P :P
[14:39] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] perhaps perhaps not
[14:40] > +Vanadine (Workout) giggles
[14:42] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] who knows what I think :P
[14:44] > +Vanadine (Workout) lays up against the wall of the hallway and pulls Hideki against her and grins, dragging her hand along his jawline
[14:44] > Hideki Kaze (casual) grins back
[14:44] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I have ways of finding out~
[14:47] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] do tell
[14:48] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Well.... sometimes.... it starts with this...~
[14:48] > +Vanadine (Workout) pulls Hideki into an aggresive kiss
[14:51] > Hideki Kaze (casual) is a bit surprised but returns the kiss
[14:52] > +Vanadine (Workout) wraps a leg around Hideki's waist, then wraps her arms around him, pulling him in closer as she continues the kiss
[14:52] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Mmmmmmm....~
[14:53] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] mmmmmm
[14:55] > +Vanadine (Workout) slowly breaks the kiss and grins
[14:55] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I thought so~
[15:03] > Hideki Kaze (casual) smirks
[15:03] [+Vanadine (Workout)] I think we need to find a room~
[15:04] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] I agree
[15:04] > +Vanadine (Workout) lets go of Hideki and suddenly picks him up off his feet
[15:07] [Hideki Kaze (casual)] WHOA
[15:12] > +Vanadine (Workout) smirks
[15:12] [+Vanadine (Workout)] Thought I'd turn the tables on you for a change~
[15:13] > +Vanadine (Workout) telekineticly opens a door and carries Hidkei through it before closing it
[15:13] <-- +Vanadine (Workout) [RedheadNinja@royalguard.co.q] has left #eventsbeta (I could get used to this~)
[15:14] <-- Hideki Kaze (casual) [AirKnight@Qtech.com] has left #eventsbeta (is that so?)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Mar 08 2012 <<<
[01:58] ➣ Jenny's apartment
[01:58] --> Jennifer Flare (Casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[01:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jennifer Flare (Casual)
[01:59] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) walks in, carrying a shopping bag
[02:01] --> Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[02:01] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) detected!
[02:01] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) follows, carrying another bag.
[02:02] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Thanks for coming shopping with me, Shota
[02:03] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] My pleasure. It was nice.
[02:04] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) kicks her door closed, carrying her bag over to the dining room table, going back to lock the door.
[02:07] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Hey Shota, I've been meaning to ask you something.....
[02:09] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Mmm?
[02:09] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) flops onto the sofa.
[02:10] > Pichu raises an ear off his eye on his pet bed, looking at them for a moment before goign back to sleep.
[02:11] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I wonder.... what would it take for a sexy older woman to get her handsome younger man to.... straighten up his ways?
[02:11] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] ...I dunno... I feel like I have a lot of work to do still..
[02:12] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Why?
[02:14] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Well..... partially because of the kind of person I am.... and also cause I like you and don't wanna' see anything bad happen to you.
[02:16] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) screws up his face, thinking a little.
[02:17] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) sits on the arm of the sofa, near Shota's head
[02:17] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I mean.... I know you've been doin' this for a while and you haven't been caught or anything.... but what happenes if ya' do?
[02:18] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] That's sweet of you, but nothing is going to happen to me. I have a lot of safeguards in place, and I don't take stupid risks.
[02:21] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I see
[02:22] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Well.. I suppose I could lay low for a while and think..
[02:24] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) smiles down to Shota, bending down and kissing his forehead.
[02:25] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] That'd give me a chance to research my gadgets and see what I can do with that plu- ^.^
[02:26] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Plu?
[02:29] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Plu..mm.. plums that we bought.
[02:31] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) thinks about that and sighs, standing.
[02:39] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) walks to the kitchen, putting things away, seeming rather annoye
[02:39] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] annoyed
[02:40] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) looks sheepishly over his shoulder at her.
[02:40] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Perhaps I've worn out my welcome. <.<
[02:41] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Look, I know I ain't the smartest person around.... but ya' don't have to lie to me...
[02:44] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] I didn't think you be happy to know I was working with plutonium.. Though I guess I already mentioned it once.
[02:45] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Well.... I ain't really happy with it... but I know ya' have your reasons for it....
[02:47] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] .... I just ask.... if ya' like me as much as ya' seem to.... then please don't lie to me about what you're doin'... okay?
[02:52] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) sighs and nods.
[02:53] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] A reasonable provision. Very well. I promise I won't lie to you anymore.
[02:53] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] In return.. can you promise not to do anything that would lead to my arrest?
[02:55] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Yeah.... I can do that.
[02:56] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) smiles a little over the couch.
[02:58] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Ya' know.... I feel a little guity about somethin'.
[02:58] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Mm?
[03:00] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Well....I've told ya' who I am.... but there's a secret about me. I figured.... if you're not gonna' lie to me.... I should probably show ya'..
[03:01] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) blinks a few times.
[03:04] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) pulls a pen like item from her pocket and holds it in the air / Ram of Aries, lend me your power!
[03:05] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) does a turn and is enveloped in a flash of bright light and fire
[03:07] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] O.O
[03:09] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) has transformed into Sailor Aries
[03:09] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) falls off the couch and scoots back, looking afraid.
[03:09] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] You... you're a hero?!
[03:09] > Sailor Aries stands in her fuku as the light and flames subside
[03:10] [Sailor Aries] I'm a protector of the stars and worlds of all languages.... I am Sailor Aries.
[03:12] [Sailor Aries] But yeah..... I haven't done much fighting lately.... but I'm a hero.
[03:12] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] And... you're dating a villain? o.o I mean...
[03:13] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) manages to blush a little despite his shock.
[03:15] [Sailor Aries] Yeah..... so can ya' understand why I kinda' want ya' to reform now....?
[03:16] > Sailor Aries looks down a little, blushing also
[03:17] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] >.<
[03:20] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] You're asking a lot. ~.~
[03:21] [Sailor Aries] I kinda' wish there were somethin' I could do to help ya' without breakin' the law....
[03:22] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] You don't need to worry about helping me.. really.. I have help in my... career.
[03:23] [Sailor Aries] Well..... alright
[03:24] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Crime means I can get the tools I need to advance science.. protect other kids from abuse.. protect myself.... provide for the girl.. I like..
[03:25] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) gives another sheepish smile.
[03:25] > Sailor Aries blushes again, smiling a little herself
[03:30] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) gets up and straightens his clothes.
[03:31] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] So... the sailor girl really isn't going to send me away?
[03:31] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) starts walking to her.
[03:32] > Sailor Aries shakes her head / Hey..... I haven't sent you away before showing you this side of myself.
[03:33] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Well then.. I guess this just got a little more complicated.. but still do-able.
[03:34] [Sailor Aries] Yeah, it does.
[03:36] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) smiles brightly and embraces her, slowly and carefully.
[03:38] > Sailor Aries hugs him back, smiling
[03:39] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) squeezes her in a hug, letting his face press against her bust, then stands on tip toe to kiss her.
[03:40] > Sailor Aries grins and kisses Shota back, giving him a little squeeze
[03:46] > Sailor Aries slowly breaks the kiss and smiles
[03:47] [Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual)] Need help putting the groceries away?
[03:47] [Sailor Aries] Well... we could finish that in the morning.
[03:47] [Sailor Aries] How about you..... help me out of my fuku? ^_~
[03:50] > Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) grins, pulling the fabric a little.
[03:50] <-- Shotaro Dasanteki (Casual) [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has left #eventsbeta (Was amazing to watch you put it on... seeing it come off must be a great show too.)
[03:51] <-- Sailor Aries has left #eventsbeta (Oh trust me, it will be ♡)
[11:46] ➣ Nall and Neva's house
[11:46] --> Neva (casual) [BHunterCat@SystemNova.com] has joined #eventsbeta
[11:46] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Neva (casual)
[11:46] > Neva (casual) sits at her computer, typing
[11:50] ➣ there's a knock at the door
[11:50] [Neva (casual)] Nall? can you get that?
[11:54] [Neva (casual)] Nall??
[11:56] --> Nall Sakazaki (Casual) [WhiteDragon@SilverStar.co.lun] has joined #eventsbeta
[11:56] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nall Sakazaki (Casual)
[11:56] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) is in his workshop, not hearing the door
[11:57] > Neva (casual) sighs and walks to the dooor
[11:57] > Neva (casual) opens the door
[11:57] [Neva (casual)] yes?
[11:58] --> Ria (casual) [sillygirl@mycidia.co] has joined #eventsbeta
[11:58] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Ria (casual)
[11:58] [Ria (casual)] ....hi
[11:58] [Neva (casual)] !!! RIA!
[11:59] > Neva (casual) hugs Ria
[11:59] [Ria (casual)] OOF...hi..sis
[12:01] ➣ Suddenly the sound of a small explosion comes from Nall's workshop
[12:05] [Ria (casual)] !!!
[12:05] [Neva (casual)] !!!
[12:05] > Neva (casual) runs to the workshop
[12:05] [Neva (casual)] Nall!?
[12:05] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) comes out of his workshop coughing, smoke pouring out
[12:06] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Everything's alright... no worries.
[12:06] [Neva (casual)] what happened!?
[12:07] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) flips a switch, activating an exhaust fan.
[12:07] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] I accidentally connected something wrong and caused my experiment to explode. Nothing harmful though.
[12:08] [Neva (casual)] ...oh good
[12:08] [Ria (casual)] is..everything ok?
[12:09] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Yeah...... everything's fine
[12:09] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) looks at Ria
[12:09] ➣ Ria: has purple hair with green highlights, cut in a short bob. She has purple cat ears and tail as well. Appears to be around 14 or so.
[12:10] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) blinks and looks somewhat shocked | Wait..... little Ria?
[12:12] [Ria (casual)] hi, nall ^^;;
[12:14] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) hugs Ria and smiles | Look who decided to grow up on us. How are you?
[12:15] [Ria (casual)] ...um....
[12:15] [Neva (casual)] ria..is something wrong?
[12:16] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) lets go of Ria
[12:16] [Ria (casual)] I...I've..had my traders liscense suspended T_T
[12:17] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh my...
[12:19] [Ria (casual)] T___T
[12:19] [Neva (casual)] aww...now how did that happen?
[12:20] [Ria (casual)] I..I screwed up on a misson *tries to wipe the tears out of her eyes with her sleeve*
[12:21] [Neva (casual)] aww...ria...
[12:23] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] I'm sorry to hear that. Can we get you anything Ria?
[12:24] [Ria (casual)] ......is it ok if I stay the night?
[12:30] [Neva (casual)] hm..what do you think, nall
[12:30] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Of course you can, Ria. Our home is always open to family.
[12:33] [Ria (casual)] thank you *smiles*
[12:35] [Neva (casual)] what were you working on, Nall?
[12:36] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] A new security device for outside the house.
[12:37] [Ria (casual)] really?...what will it do?
[12:39] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Well, it's a multipurpose mount. It'll be a video camera, scanner and lazer.
[12:40] [Neva (casual)] I'm sure plenty, ria
[12:40] > Neva (casual) hugs nall "my wonderful inventor..keeping us safe"
[12:41] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) hugs Neva back and kisses her
[12:42] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Anything for my family.
[12:43] --> Mandrake Sakazaki has joined #eventsbeta
[12:43] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Mandrake Sakazaki
[12:43] [Ria (casual)] um....
[12:43] > Mandrake Sakazaki comes crawling out from the hallway.
[12:44] [Ria (casual)] huh?
[12:46] [Neva (casual)] aww drake!
[12:46] > Mandrake Sakazaki crawls up to Ria and sits up, looking up at her
[12:46] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Now how did you get out, little man?
[12:47] > Ria (casual) looks at Mandrake Sakazaki
[12:47] ➣ Mandrake Sakazaki: is an infant and a rather small one at that. He has whispy green hair which frame white cat-like ears and green cat-like eyes.
[12:47] [Ria (casual)] um..hello there
[12:48] > Mandrake Sakazaki smiles and waves, pawing lightly at Ria's shoes
[12:49] [Neva (casual)] oh Ria....this is Drake..your nephew!
[12:49] [Ria (casual)] you had another kid??
[12:50] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Two, actually.
[12:51] > Mandrake Sakazaki pulls one of Ria's laces, unting her shoe and putting the lace in his mouth.
[12:52] [Ria (casual)] gah!!!
[12:52] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh... no Drake....
[12:53] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) bends down, picking up his son
[12:53] [Neva (casual)] bad drakie!
[12:55] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] We talked about this, young man. You can't eat other people's things....
[12:55] > Ria (casual) pats drake on the head?
[12:55] > Mandrake Sakazaki looks at his father, then turns to Ria as his head is patted
[12:58] [Ria (casual)] um hello..........drake ^^
[12:58] > Mandrake Sakazaki smiles at Ria
[12:59] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Drake here started teething not too long ago.... it's been difficult to keep him from chewing on things.
[13:04] [Ria (casual)] ..can..I hold him?
[13:06] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Of course
[13:06] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) carefully hands Drake over to Ria
[13:07] > Ria (casual) carefully holds Drake
[13:07] [Ria (casual)] hi there ^^
[13:09] [Ria (casual)] I'm your aunt ria!
[13:11] [Neva (casual)] I'm betting Rose is still sleeping
[13:13] > Mandrake Sakazaki smiles, then lets out a light giggle, reaching out to Ria
[13:14] > Ria (casual) gives Drake one of her fingers
[13:18] [Neva (casual)] oh Nall!
[13:18] [Neva (casual)] before I forget
[13:18] [Neva (casual)] I need you to visit the Red Dwarf tonight for me
[13:18] > Mandrake Sakazaki reaches out and squeezes Ria's finger
[13:18] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh? What's going on?
[13:20] [Neva (casual)] I'm thinking of having Janice over tonight..so I'd like you to invit her please ^^
[13:22] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Sure, I'll head up whenever you need me to.
[13:25] [Neva (casual)] later
[13:25] > Ria (casual) tries to toss drake a bit in the air and catch him again
[13:29] > Mandrake Sakazaki giggles
[13:30] [Neva (casual)] heh....
[13:30] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Be careful with him, Ria
[13:30] [Ria (casual)] oh!..um..I hope I'm not going too far
[13:30] > Ria (casual) stops what she was doing and just holds drake
[13:31] [Ria (casual)] sorry
[13:31] [Neva (casual)] oh it's alright
[13:31] [Neva (casual)] Nall, do you know where violet is?
[13:33] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] She was in her room last time I checked.
[13:34] [Neva (casual)] I'll go and check on her
[13:34] > Neva (casual) is away
[13:34] [Ria (casual)] um
[13:34] [Ria (casual)] Nall
[13:34] [Ria (casual)] can you be honest with me?
[13:36] [Ria (casual)] ...am I going to be a burdan on you two?
[13:39] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Not at all, Ria....
[13:39] [Ria (casual)] cause I can..just stay on that one ship if I am
[13:40] [Ria (casual)] I don't want you to house my failure V_V
[13:42] > Neva (casual) is back
[13:42] [Neva (casual)] nonsense! isn't that nonsense, nall?
[13:43] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] It is. You're more then welcome here, Ria
[13:44] [Ria (casual)] thank you...just........don't tell papa, ok...
[13:46] [Neva (casual)] heh of course
[13:48] > Mandrake Sakazaki coos a little in Ria's arms, looking at her parents, then Ria.
[13:49] [Neva (casual)] drake..this is your aunt, ria....^^ she's family
[13:50] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Hey, I should go get Rose, provided she's awake.
[13:50] [Neva (casual)] alright, Nall
[13:51] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) nods and heads for the nursery.
[13:52] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) is away
[13:52] > Mandrake Sakazaki smiles brightly at Ria
[13:54] [Ria (casual)] heh he has papa's hair
[13:54] [Neva (casual)] yes, he does
[13:56] [Neva (casual)] ^^
[13:57] > Ria (casual) trickles Mandrake's tummy
[13:57] [Ria (casual)] *tickles
[13:57] > Mandrake Sakazaki giggles and squrims lightly
[13:57] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) is back
[13:58] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) walks in, carrying Rose | She was just waking up as I walked in.
[13:59] > ~Rose Sakazaki wiggles!!!
[14:00] [Neva (casual)] heh and energetic as ever
[14:00] [Ria (casual)] so...this is your other child?
[14:01] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Yes, this is Rose, Drake's twin sister. ^_^
[14:03] > ~Rose Sakazaki tries to climb up nall
[14:06] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Easy little one
[14:07] [Ria (casual)] she seems...very wiggly....
[14:07] [Ria (casual)] very diffrent from her brother...
[14:09] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Oh yes, these two are total opposites. Rose is very intergetic while Drake is more low key.
[14:11] [Neva (casual)] and he used to sleep quite a bit
[14:12] > Mandrake Sakazaki looks over to see his father and sister
[14:12] [Neva (casual)] hey nall...how about we have some lunch...then I'll go with you up to the ship
[14:13] [Nall Sakazaki (Casual)] Sounds great. We can have a big family lunch.
[14:14] [Neva (casual)] sounds wonderful ^^
[14:15] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) smiles to his little girl in his arms | Let's go get you some lunch.
[14:15] > Neva (casual) takes drake from Ria
[14:15] [Neva (casual)] Ria...why do you go get violet..and meet us in the dining room
[14:15] [Ria (casual)] um ok
[14:16] > ~Rose Sakazaki wiggles her ears happily
[14:16] > Mandrake Sakazaki smiles as his mother takes him from his aunt
[14:16] > Nall Sakazaki (Casual) carries Rose as he heads for the dining room.
[14:16] <-- Neva (casual) [BHunterCat@SystemNova.com] has left #eventsbeta (let's get some food, little one)
[14:17] <-- Nall Sakazaki (Casual) [WhiteDragon@SilverStar.co.lun] has left #eventsbeta (This is going to be like a mini runion here at the house.)
[14:17] <-- Mandrake Sakazaki has left #eventsbeta
[14:17] <-- Ria (casual) [sillygirl@mycidia.co] has left #eventsbeta (*getting her niece*)
[14:17] <-- ~Rose Sakazaki has left #eventsbeta
[00:00] >>> Saturday Mar 10 2012 <<<
[01:40] ➣ Madox Castle, Quinox, the future
[01:40] ➣ Tina's private room
[01:41] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) sits at her desk, looking over some papers
[01:42] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] ugh..now where was that other document...
[01:44] ➣ There's a knock on the door.
[01:46] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] come in...
[01:47] --> Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) [ShyTwinMaid@Mardox.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[01:47] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)
[01:47] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) slowly opens the door, peeking inside rather sheepishly
[01:47] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Princess Tina.... is there anything you need before I retire for the evening?
[01:49] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] hm?
[01:49] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] my you're up late
[01:50] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] please come in
[01:51] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] ^^
[01:52] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) nods and walks into the room, making her way over to the desk
[01:52] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] I could..use a drink I suppose
[01:53] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] first off
[01:55] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] ^^
[01:55] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Alright...
[01:56] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] ... what would you like?
[01:57] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] how about.....some chocolate milk
[01:59] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Alright then, coming right up. ^_^
[02:00] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] you're always so good to me ^^
[02:03] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles and smiles as she heads out to the kitchen.
[02:03] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) waits
[02:05] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) returns quickly with a tall glass of chocolate milk.
[02:05] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] why thank you, Emi
[02:05] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) takes the milk and drinks
[02:05] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] Emi..why don't you have a seat?
[02:06] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Alright, Princess
[02:07] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) pats her lap
[02:09] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) blushes a little, then walks over and sits on Tina's lap
[02:11] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) wraps her arms around Emi "was work hard for you today?"
[02:13] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] No, princess. Things were good today.
[02:13] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] well I'm glad...don't want a pretty thing like you to get broken
[02:14] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) giggles, lightly blushing.
[02:15] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] You treat my sister and I very well, Princess and I thank you for that.
[02:15] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] well that's cause you two are my favorites
[02:16] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) smiles to Tina
[02:18] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] I have something important for you girls to do tomorrow
[02:19] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] What is that, Princess?
[02:19] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] you two will be coming with me into the city
[02:19] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] to help me with my shopping
[02:20] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] do you think you can help me?
[02:21] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Absolutely Princess! I'm sure Eri will be thrilled!
[02:22] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] good
[02:22] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] oh..before you get sleep...
[02:22] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) carefully turns emi's head
[02:23] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) blushes lightly
[02:24] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) kisses Emi's lips
[02:25] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) kisses Tina back lightly holding onto her shoulders
[02:26] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) holds the kiss a bit
[02:27] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] Mmmmm....~
[02:27] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] mmmm...
[02:28] > Tina Detroit (nightdress) very slowly ends the kiss
[02:30] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) opens her eyes as Tina breaks the kiss and smiles
[02:31] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] mmm..if it wasn't for the fact you were going to get some rest
[02:31] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] I'd probably have some fun with you
[02:32] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) blushes and smirks
[02:32] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] If that is what you'd like Princess..... I could wait a little bit before going to bed~
[02:33] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] mmm..I'd like that very much
[02:34] [Tina Detroit (nightdress)] lock the door first
[02:35] > Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) blushes, giggeling and nods, slowly standing from Tina's lap and walking over to the door, locking it
[02:36] <-- Tina Detroit (nightdress) [FireyAirPrincess@QTech.com] has left #eventsbeta (now then...my little maid)
[02:36] [Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform)] I am at my Princess' command.
[02:38] <-- Emi Sawyer (Head Maid's Uniform) [ShyTwinMaid@Mardox.gov] has left #eventsbeta (^)
[11:16] ➣ On the crowded streets os Shibuya, one person stands out among everyone else.
[11:18] --> Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) has joined #eventsbeta
[11:18] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)
[11:19] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) walks down the crowded street, carrying a couple of shopping bags, wearing a tight, dark blue turtleneck sweater and matching jeans.
[11:21] --> Taki Kou (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[11:21] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Taki Kou (casual)
[11:21] > Taki Kou (casual) walks down the street "hm?...good morning"
[11:23] > Taki Kou (casual) waves
[11:23] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) smiles seeing Taki | Hi there. It's been a while.
[11:24] [Taki Kou (casual)] shopping?
[11:25] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Indeed, celebrating a little after helping with a special project last week
[11:26] [Taki Kou (casual)] hm special project?
[11:27] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, past couple weeks actually.
[11:28] [Taki Kou (casual)] oh do tell
[11:28] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Perhaps we could step inside somewhere and talk about it. But you have to keep it to yourself.
[11:29] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh of course..my lips are sealed
[11:30] [Taki Kou (casual)] where shall we go?
[11:34] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] There are plenty of places to eat here. I could use a bite to eat
[11:34] [Taki Kou (casual)] how about that cafe over there *points to a small cafe*
[11:35] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Sounds great
[11:36] > Taki Kou (casual) heads for the cafe
[11:37] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) follows, looking over Taki from behind
[11:38] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] So, what are you doing down here today, Taki?
[11:39] [Taki Kou (casual)] oh I was just window shopping as it were
[11:41] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] You did not buy anything?
[11:41] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh nope nothing
[11:43] > Taki Kou (casual) walks in and sits at one of the tables
[11:44] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) sits across from Taki, setting her shopping bags down next to the table.
[11:44] [Taki Kou (casual)] how about you?
[11:47] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, I picked up a new outfit, a new bikini for summer and some.... intimate wear. ^_~
[11:47] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh plan to do some photoshooting of yourself?
[11:47] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Perhaps...... ^_~
[11:49] [Taki Kou (casual)] now what was that special project?
[11:50] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) writes down her food order and sets it on the edge of the table
[11:51] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, let me ask you this first... you have heard of the magazine playboy, right?
[11:51] > Taki Kou (casual) orders his food
[11:51] [Taki Kou (casual)] of course
[11:52] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, there was a very special shoot for charity.... the five original senshi girls.
[11:53] [Taki Kou (casual)] you should keep your voice down
[11:53] [Taki Kou (casual)] on that subject that is
[11:55] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) leans in closer to Taki | Well.... I was able to help during the shoot!
[11:56] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh must have been a very important job then
[11:58] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] I was a backup photographer, put in place on behalf of my boss. ^_^
[11:58] [Taki Kou (casual)] I bet you felt honored
[12:02] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] I was... and rather envious.
[12:05] [Taki Kou (casual)] oh? why?
[12:04] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Those five girls are so beautiful.....
[12:05] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] ... it makes me wonder what that must be like.
[12:06] [Taki Kou (casual)] well you're plenty beautiful
[12:07] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) blushes lightly | Thank you, Taki
[12:10] [Taki Kou (casual)] don't you think that?
[12:11] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well.... when it comes to girls around here... I think I am a little... on the big side.
[12:11] [Taki Kou (casual)] big?
[12:12] > Taki Kou (casual) looks at Belinda Vila Lobos
[12:12] ➣ Belinda Vila Lobos: is 5'3" with brown skin, shoulder length hair and eyes. She has an average figure with curves in all the right places.
[12:13] [Taki Kou (casual)] you look perfectly good to me
[12:14] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) blushes a a little more | You are just being nice now
[12:14] [Taki Kou (casual)] I am quite serious
[12:15] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) giggles lightly
[12:16] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] You are such a sweet man. That is why I like you so much.
[12:17] ➣ A waitress brings their lunch and drinks
[12:20] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh...why thank you
[12:21] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] It just seems that men like their women.... smaller or thinner then what I am.
[12:23] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) sips her drink, then picks up her sandwich, starting to eat
[12:27] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh
[12:27] [Taki Kou (casual)] well they're not looking for the right women
[12:27] > Taki Kou (casual) eats
[12:28] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) smiles lightly while eating.
[12:29] [Taki Kou (casual)] so what are you doing the rest of the day
[12:30] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, I was done shopping when I ran into you, so I was just going to head home.
[12:32] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh mind if I escort you then?
[12:33] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] That would be wonderful.
[12:33] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) flashes Taki a wink as she eats
[12:37] > Taki Kou (casual) blushes and smiles
[12:39] [Taki Kou (casual)] well maybe tonight you can stop by the mansion
[12:42] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] That sounds like a nice idea.
[12:43] [Taki Kou (casual)] I'll make you dinner tonight
[12:43] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) finishes her sandwich
[12:45] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] You cook?
[12:50] [Taki Kou (casual)] a bit yes
[12:50] > Taki Kou (casual) finishes his meal
[12:53] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well then, I would like to see what you can do.
[12:54] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh well I hope I can impress you then
[12:55] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) goes into her purse, taking some money out and leaving it on the table.
[12:58] [Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater)] Well, I think it is time for me to head home.
[13:07] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) stands, collecting her bags
[13:07] [Taki Kou (casual)] heh very well
[13:07] > Taki Kou (casual) stands
[13:11] > Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) smiles to Taki and leads him out
[13:12] <-- Taki Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (lead the way)
[13:12] <-- Belinda Vila Lobos (Turtleneck sweater) has left #eventsbeta (I have not had a man cook for me before at home.)
[00:00] >>> Monday Mar 12 2012 <<<
[13:13] ➣ Eternal Star Talent Agency
[13:13] --> Yoshi Kou (casual) has joined #eventsbeta
[13:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Yoshi Kou (casual)
[13:14] > Yoshi Kou (casual) is playing with an executive's toy and staring at how the balls bounce off one another
[13:15] ➣ There's a knock on the door.
[13:18] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] come in....
[13:19] --> Eva Gala (Business) has joined #eventsbeta
[13:19] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Eva Gala (Business)
[13:19] > Eva Gala (Business) opens the door, looking in | Are you busy?
[13:19] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] do I look like I'm busy?
[13:19] > Yoshi Kou (casual) stares at the ball...
[13:20] [Eva Gala (Business)] Heh, you don't need to be like that about it. :P
[13:21] > Eva Gala (Business) sits in a chair
[13:22] [Eva Gala (Business)] I was thinking.... with the girls on hiatus for a while.... maybe we should take some time off.
[13:23] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] ..maybe you're right
[13:23] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] this is the second week of no work...
[13:24] > Eva Gala (Business) nods | We might actually save money by not working for a week or two.
[13:25] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] that and it's so boring right now
[13:25] [Eva Gala (Business)] Yeah..
[13:26] [Eva Gala (Business)] .... also, if we're going to take time off.... I have an idea for when we come back.
[13:26] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] hm what's that?
[13:28] > Yoshi Kou (casual) looks up at Eva
[13:29] [Eva Gala (Business)] Well, with Saiya pregnant and unable to make apperances.... how about having Yaten and Taiki do apperances seperately?
[13:32] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] hm
[13:32] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] might have to run it by the princess and see what she thinks..but it might work
[13:34] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] what do you want to do in the meantime?
[13:36] [Eva Gala (Business)] Well.....
[13:37] > Eva Gala (Business) stands and sits on an empty corner of Yoshi's desk.
[13:37] [Eva Gala (Business)] .... it's been so chilly lately.... I thought we could go somewhere warm, somewhere we could go to the beach and relax.
[13:39] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] well there is the private beach..
[13:39] [Eva Gala (Business)] Oooo... a private beach?
[13:40] > Yoshi Kou (casual) nods
[13:40] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] we rent it often as a place to get away
[13:40] > Eva Gala (Business) giggles a little and grins
[13:41] > Eva Gala (Business) leans in close to Yoshi
[13:42] [Eva Gala (Business)] I was going to say that maybe I could pick up this cute bikini I've had my eye on for the past couple weeks.... but if it's a private beach, I might not even end up wearing it. ^_~
[13:44] > Yoshi Kou (casual) blushes deeply
[13:44] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] well...that is an option ^^
[13:47] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] and I wouldn't mind seeing you that way
[13:47] > Eva Gala (Business) winks and giggles | Only for you, Yoshi.
[13:48] > Yoshi Kou (casual) smiles "heh I suppose I could buy a new speedo then"
[13:48] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] or not wear one either ^_~
[13:50] > Eva Gala (Business) grins | I'd like that too.
[13:51] > Eva Gala (Business) gives Yoshi a light kiss
[13:51] > Yoshi Kou (casual) returns the kiss
[13:53] [Eva Gala (Business)] I'll go set up the phone and email message that we're going to be out of the office. How long should we go for?
[13:54] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] hm..maybe three days?
[13:59] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] good amount of time
[14:00] [Eva Gala (Business)] Hmmm, okay then
[14:02] > Eva Gala (Business) slides off the desk, straightening her skirt
[14:03] [Eva Gala (Business)] I'll go get everything ready then.
[14:04] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] alright
[14:06] > Eva Gala (Business) looks back over her shoulder and winks at Yoshi as she walks out of the office.
[14:08] > Yoshi Kou (casual) smiles
[14:11] > Eva Gala (Business) leaves the door open as she sits at her desk, typing something on her computer
[14:12] > Yoshi Kou (casual) watches Eva
[14:16] > Eva Gala (Business) picks up the phone reciever while unbuttoning her top slightly
[14:17] > Yoshi Kou (casual) blushes...
[14:18] [Eva Gala (Business)] Hello and thank you for calling the Eternal Star Agency. We will be closed down for the next few days, but please feel free to leave a message and we will return your call in the order it is recieve upon our return. Thank you and have a pleasent day.
[14:22] > Eva Gala (Business) hands up the phone reciever and stands from her desk, turning off her computer.
[14:25] > Eva Gala (Business) turns and walks back into Yoshi's office, her top unbottoned half of the way, grinning
[14:25] [Eva Gala (Business)] Alright, our away messages are all set to go.
[14:27] [Yoshi Kou (casual)] heh shall we go then?
[14:32] [Eva Gala (Business)] I'm ready if you are. ^_~
[14:34] > Yoshi Kou (casual) stands and offers his hand
[14:36] > Eva Gala (Business) takes Yoshi's hand and snuggles up to his arm
[14:37] <-- Yoshi Kou (casual) has left #eventsbeta (now let's enjoy our day)
[14:38] <-- Eva Gala (Business) has left #eventsbeta (I'll enjoy this one and the next few also. ♡)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Mar 13 2012 <<<
[12:36] ➣ Mugan Acadamy, Cafeteria
[12:37] --> Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) [sagusa.hana@mugen.edu.jp] has joined #eventsbeta
[12:37] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)
[12:37] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) walks in from the lunch area with her tray, looking for a place to sit
[12:40] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] gah....now where to sit...
[12:42] --> Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) [FrenchProjector@Mugen.edu] has joined #eventsbeta
[12:42] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)
[12:43] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) waves from her table.
[12:44] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) carefully walks over to the table and sits down
[12:45] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] thanks for saving me a spot
[12:45] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) removes the lid of her udon meal, taking apart her chopsticks
[12:45] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Of course.
[12:47] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) has already started eating
[12:47] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] man...I can't wait till finals are done ~_~
[12:52] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] As much as I like school, I could use a break myself.
[12:55] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] so what are you going to do during break *starts eating*
[12:57] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] I'm not sure yet. It's not warm enough to hit the beaches yet.
[12:58] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] meh I'll probably work at the dojo all during break
[13:00] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Awwww, I don't want to go on a trip alone.
[13:02] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] huh what trip?
[13:04] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Well, I mean IF I went somewhere.....
[13:04] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] you planning on going somewhere?
[13:05] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Well, I'd like to.
[13:06] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] with my brother I bet
[13:07] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Actually, I kind of hoped all four of us could go somewhere together.
[13:08] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] seriously?
[13:08] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] what like to the french riveria or something XD
[13:09] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) giggles a little / Maybe not quite that far... besides I'm not sure if you could handle some place like that.
[13:11] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] hey are you saying I'm too lowbrow or something?
[13:13] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] No no no... nothing like that!
[13:15] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] what do you mean then :P
[13:15] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Well, it all comes down to two words....
[13:16] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) leans in and whispers
[13:16] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) turns bright red
[13:18] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] w..what kind of girl do you think I am?
[13:18] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Huh?
[13:19] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] I don't go to those sorts of places >.>
[13:21] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Well, that's a lot of what the French Rivera is about.
[13:22] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] well good thing we're not going then
[13:22] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) finishes her lunch
[13:22] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] do you remember class was next?
[13:25] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] *what
[13:25] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] English class is next.
[13:26] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] .....
[13:26] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] >.<
[13:26] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) buries her head on the table
[13:28] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) mumbles something
[13:28] ➣ people are already leaving the lunch room to get to their next class
[13:30] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) pounds the table a bit....
[13:31] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) stands and puts her hand on Hana's shoulder | What's wrong?
[13:33] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] I forgot today's homework T_T
[13:34] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) sighs
[13:34] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] I can only help you so much.
[13:35] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) stands and grabs her bookbag
[13:35] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] ...guess we should hurry to class....
[13:38] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] Yeah, let's go.
[13:38] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) walks out of the cafeteria
[13:38] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] hopefully the elevators aren't too full....
[13:41] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] hate using those stairs...
[13:42] [Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform)] I've actually gotten used to it.
[13:43] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] ugh...ok..we'll take the stairs
[13:46] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) starts to head towards the stairway, trying to avoid some of the younger students
[13:48] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) passes Hana on the stairs, almost running up.
[13:48] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] O_o
[13:48] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) tries to follow chanelle as best she can
[13:50] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) huffs a little as she reaches the floor the class is on, holding the door open for Hana
[13:51] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) walks into the classroom
[13:52] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) quickly tries to find her desk ><
[13:52] [Hana Sagusa (winter uniform)] I'm so dead I'm so dead
[13:53] > Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) sits at her desk and calmly takes everything she needs out of her bag.
[13:54] > Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) pulls out her workbook and her supplies..but still looks distressed...
[13:57] <-- Chanelle Challe (Winter Uniform) [FrenchProjector@Mugen.edu] has left #eventsbeta (Stop stressing Hana... you'll be fine.)
[13:57] <-- Hana Sagusa (winter uniform) [sagusa.hana@mugen.edu.jp] has left #eventsbeta (oh god I'm dead ><)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Mar 15 2012 <<<
[01:59] ➣ Tao and Taiki's House
[01:59] --> Taiki Kou (nightgown) has joined #eventsbeta
[01:59] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Taiki Kou (nightgown)
[02:00] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) sits in bed, reading a book
[02:00] --> Tao Latu (PJ pants) has joined #eventsbeta
[02:00] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Tao Latu (PJ pants)
[02:01] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) walks into the room, carrying a pair of mugs, setting one on the nightstand next to Taiki
[02:01] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] What are you reading tonight, dear?
[02:01] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] thank you, tao ^^
[02:01] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] The Silmarilion
[02:03] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) sits next to Taiki on the bed, sipping his drink.
[02:04] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) takes the mug and sips whatever it is in it
[02:06] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] What is your book about?
[02:06] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] fantasy...sort of a....fantasy bible thing if you will
[02:07] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] it's rather difficult to explain
[02:07] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] the princess lent it to me
[02:07] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] oh Tao
[02:07] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] I might stop by your work tomorrow
[02:08] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Feel free.
[02:09] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] You know I always love seeing you at work. ^_^
[02:10] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] I don't think I've really see much of what you do at work
[02:10] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] so I thought I'd love to spend some time there ^^
[02:11] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Well, there isn't much to it really. Most of the time I just stock the shelvs, but the owner is also having me work the counter on occasion.
[02:12] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] well I'd still love to see it
[02:15] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Well, I'd love to have you, dear.
[02:16] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) smiles "should I disguise myself at all?"
[02:16] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Only if you want to.
[02:18] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) takes another drink
[02:19] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] also I do need time to get out of the house a bit
[02:19] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] there just hasn't been much to do around here lately
[02:22] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) closes her book
[02:23] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] I totally understand.
[02:25] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) finishes her drink
[02:25] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] what was this drink?
[02:27] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Hot cocoa with a touch of powdered peppermint.
[02:27] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] quite nice ^^
[02:28] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) sips his and smiles | Thank you, I like to think I'm at least a little creative with things like this.
[02:29] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) yawns a little bit
[02:31] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] seems it tired me a bit
[02:34] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Perhaps we should turn in then.
[02:34] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) takes off her glasses and sets them aside
[02:34] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] perhaps that would be wise
[02:35] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) takes a sip of his drink and smiles
[02:36] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) kisses Taiki and smiles
[02:37] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) returns the kiss and smiles back
[02:37] [Taiki Kou (nightgown)] mmm..a goodnight kiss?
[02:38] [Tao Latu (PJ pants)] Why not? ^_~
[02:38] > Taiki Kou (nightgown) giggles and gets under the covers
[02:39] > Tao Latu (PJ pants) reaches over and turns off the light before sliding under the covers with her
[02:39] <-- Tao Latu (PJ pants) has left #eventsbeta (Goodnight, sweetheart. ♡)
[02:40] <-- Taiki Kou (nightgown) has left #eventsbeta (goodnight ♡)
[00:00] >>> Sunday Mar 18 2012 <<<
[00:27] ➣ Masato Manor, The Future
[00:27] --> Queen Hotaru [Healing.Queen@Saturn.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:27] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Queen Hotaru
[00:28] > Queen Hotaru lays in bed in a spare bedroom holding twin baby boys, one in each arm.
[00:29] --> Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:29] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)
[00:30] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) walks into the room, looking at Hotaru and the boys with a smile
[00:30] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] How's my firefly and our new little ones?
[00:30] [Queen Hotaru] Mmm, hello dear~
[00:30] [Queen Hotaru] We're doing well, thank you~
[00:32] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) walks over to Hotaru, kissing her
[00:33] [Queen Hotaru] Mmm~ ♡
[00:33] [Queen Hotaru] I'm not sure what to do about names, though. We didn't really plan for this.
[00:34] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Hmm..... that's true.
[00:40] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Well... it seems all my children's names are based on stones.
[00:41] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] I mean.... if you don't mind that...
[00:42] [Queen Hotaru] Of course not, dear. It's kind of fun~
[00:42] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) sits on the bed next to Hotaru, putting an arm around her.
[00:47] > Queen Hotaru leans her head against Neph, sighing contentedly.
[00:50] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Well, let me think....
[01:00] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] ... for some reason I'm drawing a blank. ^_^;;
[01:01] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Maybe I'll sleep on it and come up with some ideas in the morning.
[01:01] [Queen Hotaru] I've been having the same problem. Maybe Naftis will have some ideas too.
[01:03] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Yeah, it might be best to include her in the naming process too.
[01:03] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] I mean, they're our boys after all.
[01:04] [Queen Hotaru] Of course. We are all one big family~
[01:06] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] And we've grown by two. ^_^
[01:15] [Queen Hotaru] Mmm~ Maybe after I'm back in shape I'll go and get Naftis pregnant~ ^_~
[01:17] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Heh, that's still a rather odd thought.
[01:20] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] I know it's happened quite a bit.
[01:22] [Queen Hotaru] Well, Haruka-san and Michiru-san weren't going to have children any other way but with each other. It's no surprise they worked it out.
[01:24] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Kind of like Kaede and Kalli
[01:26] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Krystal is quite the young beauty. Jett seems quite taken with her too.
[01:26] [Queen Hotaru] As I understand it, their case was a very different set of circumstances.
[01:27] [Queen Hotaru] Yes, Krystal is a very beautiful young woman. ;)
[01:27] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Heh, why do you say it like that?
[01:28] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] You almost sound like you want a crack at her. :P
[01:29] [Queen Hotaru] Oh, I was humoring you, dear. I assumed YOU wanted a go with her. :P
[01:30] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) chuckles
[01:30] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] No no, I don't think it would be a good idea to sleep with my friends' daughter.
[01:33] > Queen Hotaru giggles~
[01:34] [Queen Hotaru] Have you heard from Topaz recently?
[01:35] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Yes, she's coming here tomorrow to see you and the boys.
[01:35] [Queen Hotaru] I'd like to know how she's coping out there.
[01:35] [Queen Hotaru] Oh, good. That will give us time to catch up.
[01:36] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) nods, "I've heard she's doing quite well on Saturn. Though she misses her boyfriend terribly.
[01:40] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Maybe she should move him to Saturn to live with her. ^_~
[01:41] [Queen Hotaru] Mmm, I think they should finish school first, but after that I don't think we'd be able to stop them from doing just that.
[01:42] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] You have a point, as always.
[01:42] [Queen Hotaru] I'm really glad they met. Poor Topaz was feeling pretty lonely before then.
[01:44] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] I am too. She seems so much happier and he seems to be capable of taking care of her.
[01:45] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) sighs lightly and grins, "It won't be long before Kya's taking Minami out on full on dates."
[01:46] > Queen Hotaru giggles~ "You sound a bit like Minako-san."
[01:47] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Well, she and I do have quite a few similarities.
[01:49] > Queen Hotaru yawns.
[01:50] [Queen Hotaru] Sorry, dear... ~_~
[01:52] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] No need to apologize.
[01:52] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] It's understandable that you would be tired after taking care of these little guys all day.
[01:54] [Queen Hotaru] I'm just glad I have my husband around to run errands for me~ ^_~
[01:58] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) smiles and kisses Hotaru again, "I'm always at my queen's service"
[01:59] [Queen Hotaru] Mmmm~
[02:03] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) slowly breaks the kiss with a smile, "How about I put the boys to bed so you can get some rest, Firefly?"
[02:05] [Queen Hotaru] They did just eat, I hope they'll stay asleep for a couple hours at least.
[02:08] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) nods, carefully taking on of the newborn boys from Hotaru and laying him down in a nearby crib.
[02:11] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) repeats with his other son and smiles at the boys
[02:12] [Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual)] Now.... should I lay down with my Firefly... or would you rather sleep alone tonight?
[02:13] [Queen Hotaru] I'd rather sleep with my husband and wife in our own bed, but that would just wake us all up.
[02:14] [Queen Hotaru] But I'd be happy to have you stay~
[02:16] > Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) smiles and nods, reaching up to turn out the lights
[02:17] <-- Nephrite Masato (Future, Casual) [FormerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has left #eventsbeta (♡ Then here is where I wil sleep.)
[02:17] <-- Queen Hotaru [Healing.Queen@Saturn.org] has left #eventsbeta (Until our new little darlings need attention again.)
[00:00] >>> Monday Mar 19 2012 <<<
[02:12] ➣ Stars seem to shine a little brighter over the Masato residence.
[02:14] ➣ A phone booth springs up from the floor of the porch, and a bright figure walks out of it and through the back door.
[02:14] --> Naftis Masato [LightofHope@NewGalactica.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[02:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Naftis Masato
[02:15] > Queen Hotaru is in the kitchen, sipping a cup of tea.
[02:15] [Naftis Masato] I'm home~
[02:16] [Naftis Masato] Someone looks like she lost a little weight while I was gone~
[02:16] [Queen Hotaru] Welcome home, dear~
[02:16] [Queen Hotaru] ^_^; I certainly did.
[02:19] > Naftis Masato closes the door behind her and crosses to Hotaru, kissing her.
[02:20] > Queen Hotaru wraps her arms around Naftis, kissing her back~
[02:22] --> Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) [FomerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[02:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)
[02:23] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) walks down the hall from the nursery, "And our little men are sound asleep, finally."
[02:23] [Naftis Masato] Oh no, they're asleep. :/ I wanted to meet my new sons.
[02:25] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Well, you could go see them, sweetheart, but you have to be very quiet. Topaz helped me to get them to sleep finally.
[02:25] [Queen Hotaru] I'm sure they'll be awake again before too long.
[02:25] [Queen Hotaru] They are hungry little boys.
[02:25] [Naftis Masato] Oh no, I wouldn't dream of disturbing them. I'll wait. Topaz is still here, then? That's good.
[02:26] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Yeah, she's up in her old rooom.
[02:28] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Jett is staying with Krystal tonight. I swear, those two get closer every day.
[02:28] [Naftis Masato] It's wonderful to come home to a nearly full house. ♡^.^♡
[02:29] > Queen Hotaru giggles~
[02:30] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) walks over to Naftis and hugs her tight
[02:30] [Queen Hotaru] How was your trip, dear? Productive?
[02:31] [Naftis Masato] Oh yes. I had to fight the leader of the Steel system, but that was more out of culture than conflict. They've joined the coalition.
[02:33] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Excellent work, dear.
[02:33] [Naftis Masato] Just another day at the office. Have you decided on names?
[02:34] > Queen Hotaru shakes her head.
[02:34] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Well, not yet. We were waiting for you to come home so we could decide together.
[02:34] [Queen Hotaru] We're a little stuck on that. Since I decided to be surprised this time and we got a double surprise that I hadn't planned on. ^_^;;
[02:35] [Naftis Masato] I'd love to. I'm sure I can think of something once I set eyes on them.
[02:38] [Queen Hotaru] Our dear husband wants to keep up the mineral naming tradition with his new sons. That narrows things down, at least.
[02:39] [Naftis Masato] Of course. Been reading up? I know a lot of them by heart.
[02:40] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) nods to that, "Would you like a drink, sweetheart?"
[02:40] [Naftis Masato] Please. It's been a long trip.
[02:41] > Naftis Masato lays down on the couch, kicking her feet a little.
[02:42] [Queen Hotaru] I've looked up a few today, in between feedings and naps.
[02:42] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) nods and heads to the kitchen
[02:47] [Queen Hotaru] Of course with two little redhead boys, part of me wants to forget the minerals and just name them Castor and Pollux. ^_^;;
[02:47] > Naftis Masato giggles.
[02:48] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) chuckles from the kitchen
[02:49] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Firefly, did you want a drink too?
[02:49] [Queen Hotaru] Yes, please~
[02:49] [Naftis Masato] Nothing too strong. She has to nurse with both barrels now~
[02:50] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Of course
[02:57] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) brings the drinks in, handing them to the girls and keeping one for himself.
[02:57] > Naftis Masato sits up and drinks.
[02:58] > Queen Hotaru sits down by Naftis' side and sips hers~
[03:00] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) sits with his girls and smiles
[03:02] [Naftis Masato] I never dreamed I'd have such a large, loving family.
[03:04] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Same here....
[03:05] [Naftis Masato] Heh, no? With your sexual appetite?
[03:05] > Queen Hotaru grins.
[03:06] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) smirks a little, "Yes well... that can only get you so far.:
[03:10] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] At any rate....
[03:11] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] ...... Firefly's idea is starting to warm up on me. I know we've been naming our children after minerals and stones, but maybe that could work.
[03:12] [Naftis Masato] Oh. Well, if that's your wish, dear.
[03:14] > Queen Hotaru smiles~
[03:15] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] So, you're okay with that, sweetheart?
[03:15] [Queen Hotaru] It's not the first time, Ayaka did get her name because of her hair.
[03:17] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] True
[03:17] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) sips his drink
[03:24] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Well then, I guess it's settled.
[03:28] > Queen Hotaru leans over and kisses Neph~ "Thank you for indulging my idea~" ♡
[03:28] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) kisses Hotaru back and smiles, "It was a great idea, Firefly."
[03:33] [Naftis Masato] I wonder how you'll choose who gets what name.
[03:36] [Queen Hotaru] Thankfully they do have a little birthmark.
[03:37] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Indeed
[03:37] [Queen Hotaru] They have a couple big freckles on the bottom of their feet. One on the left, one on the right.
[03:37] [Queen Hotaru] Cas will be the left and Pol the right, I think.
[03:40] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) smirks, "You're full of great ideas, Firefly"
[03:41] [Naftis Masato] A bright light in the darkness.
[03:44] [Queen Hotaru] Aww, thanks~ ♡
[03:46] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) looks at Naftis and smirks
[03:47] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] I'm thinking something, sweetheart.
[03:53] [Naftis Masato] I'm listening.
[03:54] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] Well, if our sexy momma here is up to it... I think we should go..... reward her for her brilliance tonight. ^_~
[03:55] [Naftis Masato] She did just squeeze out twins, dear. ^^;
[03:56] [Queen Hotaru] I appreciate the offer, dear. But Naftis is right. ^_^; I wouldn't say no to a nice cuddle session, though~ ♡
[03:57] [Naftis Masato] Best take advantage of the silence, and of Hotaru still having energy for now.
[03:58] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) smiles, "A cuddle session sounds wonderful.... though I feel like I should do something else for a reward.."
[03:58] > Naftis Masato stands.
[03:58] [Naftis Masato] We'll figure out something. Let's not overthink.
[03:59] > Queen Hotaru nods, getting to her feet as well.
[03:59] > Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) stands and grins, scooping Hotaru off her feet
[04:00] [Knight Nephrite (Nightwear)] How about this for a start, I shall carry you to bed. ♡
[04:03] <-- Naftis Masato [LightofHope@NewGalactica.org] has left #eventsbeta (Let's see if I remember the way~)
[04:05] [Queen Hotaru] Mmm!~
[04:06] <-- Knight Nephrite (Nightwear) [FomerGeneral@DarkKingdom.net] has left #eventsbeta (Your bed awaits ♡)
[04:06] <-- Queen Hotaru [Healing.Queen@Saturn.org] has left #eventsbeta (I think I'll be quite happy watching you give our dear wife a proper welcome home~)
[00:00] >>> Thursday Mar 22 2012 <<<
[23:06] ➣ Masato Manor - Topaz' Room
[23:06] --> Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) [SecondGenSenshi@Saturn.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:06] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)
[23:06] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) sits at her computer, chatting with someone from Saturn
[23:09] ➣ there is a knock at the door
[23:09] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Come in
[23:09] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) types something on the computer
[23:10] --> Sagiri Shin (casual) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has joined #eventsbeta
[23:10] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Sagiri Shin (casual)
[23:11] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] am I intruding?
[23:12] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) spins around and smiles, "NO.... get over here!"
[23:12] > Sagiri Shin (casual) smiles and walks over to Topaz
[23:14] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh had to see you ^^
[23:15] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) hugs Sagiri around the waist, "I was hoping you'd come over tonight"
[23:16] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] I have to head back to Saturn tomorrow....
[23:16] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] is that so?
[23:17] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Mmhmm
[23:19] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) lets go of Sagiri, looking up at him with a smile and turning back around
[23:20] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) types on her computer, "I'm signing off now, I have an important visitor."
[23:23] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] who were you talking to?
[23:23] > Sagiri Shin (casual) looks over Topaz's shoulder
[23:24] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] My assistant on Saturn
[23:24] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh you have an assistant already?
[23:25] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Well, she's mom's assistant normally, but since mom put me in charge, she's been helping me.
[23:26] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] oh....have I met her?
[23:29] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] I'm pretty sure you did last time you came home with me.
[23:29] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) looks off the chat and turns to face Sagiri again
[23:30] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] hm?
[23:30] > Sagiri Shin (casual) smiles and gives Topaz a kiss
[23:31] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) kisses Sagiri back and smiles
[23:32] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] so I came at the right moment, huh?
[23:33] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Every moment is right when you show up
[23:34] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] so when do you have to leave?
[23:35] > Sagiri Shin (casual) drags in a bag
[23:36] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Tomorrow afternoon..... what's with the bag?
[23:36] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] mind if I stay the night?
[23:39] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Of course not
[23:39] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh
[23:39] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] it's...sort of lonely at the palace
[23:40] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] ....I've sort of...started to doodle pictures of you on my homework >.>
[23:40] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Awwwwww~
[23:40] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] That's so incredibly sweet!~
[23:40] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] it's starting to make me think I'm going crazy ^^;;;;
[23:41] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) giggles and stands, wrapping an arm around Sagiri
[23:41] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Crazy with love maybe. ^_~
[23:42] > Sagiri Shin (casual) smiles "heh I would agree with that"
[23:42] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] how are things going without me XD
[23:43] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Boring..... and kinda' lonely too.
[23:43] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh well once I graduate..maybe I can...move in with you?
[23:44] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] That would be fantastic
[23:45] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] though I wonder what you mother would have to say about that ^^;;;;
[23:45] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Then I could have you around all the time.
[23:45] > Sagiri Shin (casual) kisses Topaz's hand
[23:46] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) giggles, "Such a gentleman"
[23:47] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] well I was always taught to be kind to a woman ^_~
[23:47] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] You've always been good to me
[23:49] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] As far as my mom..... as long as it's after we graduate, I don't think she'd be against it.
[23:50] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] well I have to give you some credit
[23:50] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] you loved me just as deeply
[23:52] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Of course I do.....you're one of the few people who truely understands me Sagi.
[23:53] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] I have to ask
[23:53] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] has Aiko..given you any new advice lately?
[23:54] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Not really
[23:55] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh alright..just had to ask
[23:56] > Sagiri Shin (casual) sits on Topaz's bed
[23:56] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) plops down on the bed next to Sagiri and grins
[23:57] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Why.... thinking she taught me some new naughty trick?
[23:58] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] maaaybe
[00:00] >>> Friday Mar 23 2012 <<<
[00:00] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] is that wrong to try and guess?
[00:02] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) smirks, "Nah.... I think it's cute."
[00:03] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] though I think you've learned enough from her *runs his hand through topaz's hair*
[00:03] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) sighs lightly at his touch and smiles
[00:04] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] I think I have too.....
[00:07] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh so you agree with me then?
[00:07] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) pushes Sagiri back onto the bed and kisses him
[00:09] > Sagiri Shin (casual) returns the kiss, wrapping his arms around Topaz
[00:11] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) rolls on top of Sagiri and breaks the kiss with a smirk
[00:12] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Why is it everytime I see you, I want to do this to you?
[00:12] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] mmmm
[00:12] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] because
[00:12] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] you love me
[00:13] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) straddles Sagiri's lap, rubbing his chest through his shirt
[00:13] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Mmm.... I think that is the main reason, yes~
[00:14] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh..main...what other reason is there?
[00:15] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Well.... the fact that you're sexy doesn't hurt~
[00:16] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh..even with the goatee?
[00:17] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] I'd say a little more so since you decided to grow that out~
[00:17] > Sagiri Shin (casual) smiles "heh doesn't scrach you when we kiss?"
[00:19] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] It tickles a little, but I like it
[00:21] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh I was worried about it for awhile...
[00:21] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] don't want to scare you away with it
[00:23] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Never!
[00:23] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) lays down on top of Sagiri, bringing a hand up to lightly scratch his goatee
[00:23] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh well that was abrupt XD
[00:24] > Sagiri Shin (casual) chuckles and holds Topaz close
[00:24] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) snuggles against Sagiri
[00:24] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] I feel so safe around you..... like I can really be myself~
[00:25] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] well I'm happy to provide that for you
[00:27] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh I feel a bit overdressed
[00:30] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Then, should I get up so you can.... change for bed?~
[00:30] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] that would probably be for the best, yes
[00:32] > Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown) fake pouts and nods, rolling off of Sagiri onto her back next to him on the bed
[00:33] > Sagiri Shin (casual) sits up and grabs his bag
[00:33] [Sagiri Shin (casual)] heh...I'll go change in the bathroom
[00:35] [Topaz Tomoe (Nightgown)] Okay.... hurry back ♡
[00:37] > Sagiri Shin (casual) is away: changing
[00:37] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) stands and unbuttons her nightgown, hanging it up, sitting back on the bed in just a dark purple bra and panty set
[00:40] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) is back
[00:40] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) walks back in, wearing blue pajamas pants
[00:40] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] ...well now...
[00:41] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) smirks, "You like?"
[00:41] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] but of course
[00:43] ➣ There is a knock at the door.
[00:44] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] huh?
[00:45] [Naftis Masato] Kids! Is this a bad time? I made tea and cakes.
[00:45] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] ...oh geez
[00:46] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] EEP!
[00:46] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) looks to Topaz
[00:46] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) covers herself up with the covers
[00:46] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Um.... no, it's okay Mama Naftis
[00:46] > Naftis Masato opens the door, and giggles at the rush to cover up.
[00:47] [Naftis Masato] Yes, at least some modestly left it seems. ♡
[00:47] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] um..hello Miss Naftis ^^;;;
[00:47] > Naftis Masato walks in with a serving tray with a tea kettle, two cups, and a plate of different colored cheesecake bites.
[00:48] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) blushes
[00:48] [Naftis Masato] Looks like I'm not interupting too much. Still, good to get you two kids energy for when you need it~ How are you, Sagiri?
[00:49] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] oh...I'm..I'm fine, Miss Naftis
[00:49] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] I see you're well ^^
[00:49] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) giggles
[00:49] [Naftis Masato] Oh yes, quite well, and no reason to be shy.
[00:50] > Naftis Masato gives Sagiri an apprasing look.
[00:52] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) stiffens in his stance a bit
[00:52] [Naftis Masato] Been getting enough excersize, dear?
[00:52] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] um..yes! I swim every day!
[00:53] > Naftis Masato scratches down the middle of his chest.
[00:53] [Naftis Masato] Mmm... that's good.
[00:53] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) grabs a cheesecake bite and pauses
[00:54] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Um....
[00:55] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) blushes deeply
[00:55] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] u....uh...mi...miss naftis?
[00:55] [Naftis Masato] Hehe, sorry dear, I got carried away. Sometimes handsome young men do that to me. ^^; Shall I take my leave?
[00:57] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) smirks a little, "Well.... you don't have to leave right now Mama.... as long as you don't try to make a move on my man again." :P
[00:57] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] um....
[00:57] > Naftis Masato covers her mouth and giggles. ^.^
[00:58] [Naftis Masato] How was everyone's day?
[00:59] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] I'm was great. It was fun visiting with mom and my new baby brothers.
[00:59] [Naftis Masato] It's so nice to have you home with us.
[01:00] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] it was fine, Miss Naftis
[01:01] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] I sort of rushed out of home as soon as I could
[01:02] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] I almost wish I didn't have to go back to Saturn, but I have to get back to school.
[01:03] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh so far away too...
[01:03] [Naftis Masato] I kind of wish we could move to Saturn.. *sigh*but your father thinks it best we stay close to Earth.
[01:07] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Well, papa has his reasons
[01:07] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] well Earth is a nice world
[01:07] [Naftis Masato] Of course.
[01:07] [Naftis Masato] It is. I love it here, don't get me wrong.
[01:10] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] even though the sun is a bit dim
[01:10] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) pops a cheesecake bite
[01:11] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Speak for yourself Sagi... it's plenty bright for me.
[01:11] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh remember what it's like on Mercury, Topaz
[01:11] > Naftis Masato giggles again, taking a bite.
[01:12] [Naftis Masato] You've been to Quinox, I presume?
[01:13] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Yes, super bright
[01:13] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] mmhm
[01:13] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] to visit my aunt yes
[01:13] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Quinox is pretty.
[01:15] [Naftis Masato] You must hate the dim light there.
[01:15] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] it is...hard on my eyes at times
[01:16] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Well, he'll get used to dimmer lights, right Sagi? ♡
[01:17] [Naftis Masato] Surely he can find ♡other♡ ways to brighten his days.
[01:18] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) giggles and slides behind Sagiri, hugging his back
[01:19] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) smiles
[01:21] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] well...I'm certain I can get used to it
[01:21] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Hey Mama, can I ask you a hypathetical question?
[01:21] [Naftis Masato] Ask me anything you like, dear.
[01:22] > Naftis Masato sits on the bed, smiling warmly at them.
[01:23] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Well..... how do you think mom would react to me..... moving Sagi into the palace on Saturn after we graduate?
[01:24] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) blushes a little, laying her head on Sagiri's shoulder
[01:25] [Naftis Masato] I think we'd all be happy to know you had a good man living with you and keeping you happy. That castle must be lonely, even with your servants. It might help if you two were to wed, of course.
[01:26] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) giggles lightly as she said wed
[01:28] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) turns a bit red in the face but smiles
[01:30] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] well....that would be nice ^^
[01:32] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] I...well...I still need to graduate
[01:33] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] We both do
[01:34] [Naftis Masato] Yes, but you could always transfer. Nephrite respects chivialry. I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you asked him out to dinner, Sagiri, and asked for his daughter's hand. And even being engaged doesn't mean you have to move quickly. It's good to have a plan as well.
[01:35] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) moves to pour some tea for she and Sagiri
[01:39] [Naftis Masato] Of course, your father must approve of Sagiri, if he allows you two to share a bed under his roof.
[01:40] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) nods, handing Sagiri a cup of tea
[01:41] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] thank you
[01:41] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] ...I am..a tad intimidated by your father, topaz
[01:42] [Naftis Masato] You're going to have to man up then, sweetie. Nephrite wants strong, proper gentlemen to court his girls. ^.^
[01:43] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] ...I'm not that strong >.>
[01:44] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] You'll be fine, Sagi. Just don't let him scare you and he'll respect you.
[01:48] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh..well....
[01:49] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] it's alot of pressure
[01:49] [Naftis Masato] Only because you think it is, dear.
[01:50] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Mama's right.....
[01:50] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] .... it's like taking a test. No matter how much you study, if you let the pressure get to you, you'll forget the answers.
[01:52] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] very well...ladies
[01:52] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] I will do my best ^_^
[01:55] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) sets down her tea cup and goes back to hugging Sagiri's back, wrapping her arms around his waist
[01:55] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] your pep talk has given my heart new strength
[01:55] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) smiles, running his hand over her hand
[01:55] [Naftis Masato] Hee.. I want to say something about punishing you if you don't... but I won't want to make you more nervous.
[01:58] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] I have to ask, Miss Naftis
[01:58] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] why are you so supportive of this?
[01:58] [Naftis Masato] I wonder if you two have found the dungeon in the castle?
[01:59] [Naftis Masato] Why? Sagiri is a sweet young man who makes you happy. Why wouldn't I be?
[01:59] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Dungeon?
[02:00] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] dungeon?
[02:01] [Naftis Masato] I'll take that as a 'no.'
[02:02] > Naftis Masato sighs.
[02:03] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) looks confused
[02:03] [Naftis Masato] I could never get Nephrite or Hotaru to play with me there... but you two always have the option. ♡
[02:03] [Naftis Masato] Lots of instruments of pleasure and pain.
[02:04] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) blushes, "Oh my...."
[02:04] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] o..oh wow
[02:06] [Naftis Masato] And I know a few people you could turn to for pointers if you needed them. ^.^ But I'll stop.
[02:10] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) giggles again and yawns lihgtly
[02:11] [Naftis Masato] Oh my~ Topaz is winding down and you haven't even gotten her clothes off, Sagiri.
[02:12] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh
[02:12] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] well....I can't do that with you here, Miss Naftis
[02:12] [Naftis Masato] Maybe you'll be spending the night with me instead.
[02:13] > Naftis Masato scratches Sagiri's chin as she stands.
[02:14] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) blushes deeply....
[02:15] [Naftis Masato] Well, I'm not hard to find. Goodnight, you two.
[02:16] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) gives Naftis a look as if to tell her to back off
[02:17] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Night Mama
[02:17] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] goodnight, Miss Naftis
[02:17] [Naftis Masato] Sorry dear.. he's just so cute. ^.^; I'll leave you be. Goodnight.
[02:17] <-- Naftis Masato [LightofHope@NewGalactica.org] has left #eventsbeta (~)
[02:18] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) can't help but giggle a little
[02:19] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) blushes
[02:19] [Topaz Tomoe (Undies)] Mama Naftis was hitting on you.... I must be doing something right~
[02:19] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] ....are you tired, topaz?
[02:19] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh I suppose so
[02:20] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) smirks, "Not so tired that we can't have some personal time"
[02:21] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] heh
[02:21] [Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants)] well now
[02:22] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) slowly lets go of Sagiri and stands, slowly making her way to the door and locking it
[02:24] > Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) smiles, watching Topaz
[02:25] > Topaz Tomoe (Undies) turns out the lights with a smirk
[02:25] <-- Topaz Tomoe (Undies) [SecondGenSenshi@Saturn.net] has left #eventsbeta (I have to make sure to keep my sexy man happy~)
[02:25] <-- Sagiri Shin (pajamas pants) [princeofmists@Mercury.org] has left #eventsbeta (heh yes)
[00:00] >>> Saturday Mar 24 2012 <<<
[02:07] ➣ Electric humming and electronic devices chirping are the only noise breaking the quiet in Jennifer's apartment.
[02:08] --> Shotaro Dasanteki [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[02:08] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Shotaro Dasanteki detected!
[02:08] > Shotaro Dasanteki is sitting on the floor next to the coffee table. A force field swirls over a metal briefcase, and several other electronic devices lay scrawled over the table.
[02:10] --> Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[02:10] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)
[02:10] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) yawns as she walks out of her bedroom
[02:10] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] You're still up/
[02:11] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Yeah.. I have to get ready..
[02:12] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Get ready for what?
[02:13] > Shotaro Dasanteki sighs.
[02:14] [Shotaro Dasanteki] You wanted me to be honest with you, so I'll be honest with you. I'm planning a mayhem mission with some other villains.
[02:14] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Oh
[02:15] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) looks slightly disappointed.
[02:16] [Shotaro Dasanteki] My main reason is because I want to free someone from holding before they can be transferred to a real prison.. but as long as I'm at it I have to make it worth the while of my backup too.
[02:18] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] I see. Well... please be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt.
[02:19] [Shotaro Dasanteki] I will, Jenny. Thanks.
[02:20] > Shotaro Dasanteki puts on some gloves and reaches through the field, opening the case, removing a tiny rock with tweezers and placing it in a device.
[02:22] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] When are you leaving?
[02:23] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Monday Morning. Poor woman is going to be stuck in holding all weekend..
[02:24] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Why is she there?
[02:25] > Shotaro Dasanteki finishes putting together the device before sitting up on the couch and faces Jenny.
[02:26] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Met a young boy on Xbox live, met up with him..
[02:27] [Shotaro Dasanteki] They dated a while, his parents caught wind of it... and now she's going to spend the rest of her life in jail.
[02:27] > Shotaro Dasanteki crosses his arms and tilts his head a little at Jenny.
[02:27] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] I take it he was too young to be with her....
[02:28] [Shotaro Dasanteki] He's a month older than I am.
[02:29] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) looks away / A life sentance.... that's a bit harsh, isn't it?
[02:29] [Shotaro Dasanteki] So, yeah, she's a complete monster who deserves to have her life obliterated, right?
[02:30] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Seventy three years, because they decided it was 'multiple counts of child molestation.'
[02:31] [Shotaro Dasanteki] I mean, what kind of sick, demented woman goes around touching little boys like that?
[02:32] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] >_>
[02:32] > Shotaro Dasanteki starts reassembling a pistol.
[02:32] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] You're making me feel a bit uneasy.
[02:33] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Merely illustrating a point. The legal system is broken and punishes people who didn't really hurt anyone.
[02:34] [Shotaro Dasanteki] And in an instance, it'd throw you away despite all your other heroic accomplishments.
[02:35] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Instance? Instant. Whatever.
[02:35] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) sighs and sits next to Shota
[02:36] > Shotaro Dasanteki clicks the hammer into place and pulls the trigger a few times, pointing the gun into the ground and letting it click as the barrel rotates.
[02:39] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Well, be careful getting your friend.....
[02:39] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Of course.
[02:39] > Shotaro Dasanteki smiles at her.
[02:40] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) leans in and kisses Shota
[02:40] [Shotaro Dasanteki] And I promise, I'm not doing this to get in her pants.
[02:40] [Shotaro Dasanteki] ^.^ mmph!
[02:41] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) slowly breaks the kiss and smirks a little / I'd hope I give ya' enough here for ya' to not need to run off, lookin' for strange.
[02:42] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Nope. I just hate to see mixed age couples forced apart and the so called 'predators' in them get persecuted.
[02:44] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Well, I know many places it's frowned upon to be.... intimate with people under a certain age....but.... I mean sometimes the younger ones are more mature then they seem.... like you.....
[02:45] [Shotaro Dasanteki] I'll help her escape to the Rogue Isles. If he cares about her, he'll come too. It'll be rough living.. but they'll be allowed to be together. Yeah, exactly. Age is just a number. Hell, I've met a lot... a LOT of stupid adults who shouldn't be allowed to engage in procreation.
[02:48] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) wraps her arms around Shota from behind
[02:49] > Shotaro Dasanteki puts the gun down and leans back against her.
[02:51] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Well, I hope you're able to get her out.... so she and her guy can be happy.
[02:52] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Like us....
[02:52] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Glad you see it my way.
[02:54] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Umm... maybe I shouldn't ask... but do you want anything while we're creating a diversion? ^^;
[02:55] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Heh, yeah.... asking me something like that isn't the best thing to do. Though if you bring home something that is common enough that noone would notice I have it... I wouldn't turn it down.
[02:56] > Shotaro Dasanteki writhes a little and nuzzles Jenny's chest.
[02:57] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) sighs lightly, holding onto Shota
[02:57] [Shotaro Dasanteki] That's my girl.
[02:59] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] It feels good to hear me say I'm yours...
[02:59] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] ^you
[03:01] [Shotaro Dasanteki] It does? Feels good for The Straight Shota to take ownership of you? Stealing your heart?
[03:02] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) giggles a little
[03:03] > Shotaro Dasanteki turns in her arms and pins her.
[03:03] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) grins up at Shota
[03:05] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Well then, it's decided. You belong to me, Jennifer Flare, Sailor Aries. >:)
[03:09] > Shotaro Dasanteki kisses her, maintaining the pin.
[03:12] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) kisses Shota back and smiles
[03:16] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Mmmm..~
[03:25] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) breaks the kiss and grins up at Shota
[03:28] [Jennifer Flare (Nightgown)] Well... now that you've claimed me.... what do you plan on doing with me? ^_~
[03:29] [Naftis Masato] Mmmm.. get you into the bedroom and break a few laws.
[03:29] > Naftis Masato stands, pulling her wrists gently.
[03:29] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Mmmm.. get you into the bedroom and break a few laws.
[03:30] > Shotaro Dasanteki stands, pulling her wrists gently.
[03:30] > Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) smirks and gets up with him
[03:32] <-- Shotaro Dasanteki [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has left #eventsbeta (Why don't you dance for me a little~)
[03:32] <-- Jennifer Flare (Nightgown) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has left #eventsbeta (*starts to do a little dance as they make their way towards the bedroom*)
[00:00] >>> Monday Mar 26 2012 <<<
[17:22] ➣ Jenny's apartment
[17:22] --> Jennifer Flare (Casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has joined #eventsbeta
[17:22] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Jennifer Flare (Casual)
[17:23] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) walks out of her bedroom, tieing her hair back and moving to sit on a sofa, watching a news program on tv.
[17:26] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Ugh... why are they talkin' about that all the way up here? It's bad enough I have to listen to mom talkin' about it.
[17:26] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) turns the channel in annoyance.
[17:26] ➣ A news program begins with its usual fanfare of CGI and intense music, wiping to a male and female anchor sitting at a desk. The male anchor takes the lead as the camera fades to a one shot of him.
[17:28] [~] Good evening everyone. We lead off the news this evening with a report of a crime spree. Mayhem spread through the Founder’s Falls district of Paragon City today, as a team of already wanted criminals believed to be operating out of the Rogue Isles spread mayhem like a force of nature. We take you on the scene to reporter Jane Hallaway for more.
[17:28] ➣ The shot changes to a female reporter standing before a smoldering building and a tall Bank of America building, with a line of police and a few costumed heroes speaking around police cars with flashing lights.
[17:29] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Oh my...
[17:29] [~Jane Hallaway] Thank you. The Founders Falls branch of the Bank of America was robbed, along with a local jewelry store and an outpost for Paragon’s Longbow Special Forces. Two buildings were set on fire, and the property damage costs are still being calculated. Two criminals were released from holding cells that were to be transported to Zigursky Penitentiary. Twenty eight members of The Paragon police department have been hospitalized from the action, though twenty one have already been released and none are in critical condition. Additionally, Paragon City’s own Mynx, John Strong and Glacial Ray attempted to thwart the robbery, but were overcome by the villainous forces.
[17:31] [~Jane Hallaway] The PPD has ID’ed known wanted criminals, so called ‘villains,’ who are suspected in the rampage. Among them Black Scorpion, The Skull Mistress, Robokitty, Alcobus, Mistress Debt, Mayor Kilpatric, and The Straight Shota, as well as six young masked accomplishes seemingly taking orders from The Straight Shota.
[17:31] ➣ The screen cross-shots with a graphic of several eccentric looking characters, Shotaro among them, with only Black Scorpion and Alcobus not appearing as a police mug shot.
[17:32] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Shota....
[17:33] [~Jane Hallaway] A sad day to be reporting the news, as truly the villains succeeded in this mission of mayhem. From Founders Falls, I’m Jane Hallaway.
[17:33] [@HOL_6000] ~: Only OPs and Priviledged users may clear nicks.
[17:33] > @The Server has cleared Jane Hallaway
[17:33] --> Shotaro Dasanteki [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[17:33] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Shotaro Dasanteki detected!
[17:34] > Shotaro Dasanteki walks in and locks the door, carrying a duffle bag, three deep scratches obvious across his face at one angle, and across his chest at another.
[17:34] [Shotaro Dasanteki] *phew* @.@
[17:34] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] O_O Shota!?
[17:35] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Jenny! ♡ ^.^
[17:35] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) jumps up and rushes over to Shota / You're hurt!
[17:36] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Hmmm? I am? Ohh, yeah, Mynx might have got to me.. don't worry about it. I can fix it.
[17:37] > Shotaro Dasanteki takes off his trenchcoat and drops his bag.
[17:37] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I thought you said you were helping some friend of yours in jail...?
[17:38] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Well, friend might be a bit much. I don't know her, but yeah, I did. Dropped her off in the isles only a few minutes ago. I put in a good word for her with Crey Industries. I'm sure she'll be fine there.
[17:39] [Shotaro Dasanteki] I'm starved. What's for dinner? :D
[17:40] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] So... what did robbing three places and burning down two big buildings have to do with helping this woman?
[17:41] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) looks a bit upset at him
[17:41] --> Alcobus [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[17:41] [@HOL_6000] Intruder Alert! Alcobus detected!
[17:42] > Alcobus appears out of nowhere, phasing through the door - Who is this, your mom or something?
[17:43] [Shotaro Dasanteki] You followed me??
[17:44] > Alcobus appears to be a normal girl with long red hair in a light sun dress
[17:44] [Alcobus] Why not? You were fun to hang around with last night?
[17:44] [Alcobus] -?
[17:45] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Now who is this!?
[17:46] [Shotaro Dasanteki] ....a friend. Jenny, this is Alcobus. She helped me today in the mission. Alcobus, this is my girlfriend, Jenny, and I'm sure she prefers people only enter her dwelling invited..
[17:48] [Alcobus] SHE'S your girlfriend!?
[17:48] > Alcobus breaks into an obnoxious laugh
[17:48] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] And what's so damned funny about THAT?
[17:49] > Shotaro Dasanteki scowls at Alcobus and puts his arm around Jenny's hips, not coming up very high against her frame.
[17:51] > Alcobus stops and sighs a little | Whatever... you guys have fun with each other then. Shota, you have my number if you want me to help with another job.
[17:52] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Indeed. Goodnight.
[17:52] > Alcobus phases out through the door again
[17:52] <-- Alcobus [ScientificSuccubi@Darklab.net] has left #eventsbeta (Him with an old woman like that.... just makes me wonder.)
[17:53] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Sorry about that, Jenny. I didn't realize she'd follow me home..
[17:53] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I hope noone else followed you....
[17:55] [Shotaro Dasanteki] I don't think anyone who'd do us harm, at least. >.> I'll set up some security in any case.
[17:56] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Well, I appreciate you defending my home, Shota.
[17:56] > Shotaro Dasanteki produces a remote control and presses a few buttons. Two spining disks hover out of his bag and move toward the door, bobbing around in the air.
[17:57] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Can't have anything bad happening to my girl. ^.^
[17:59] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) smiles down to Shota
[17:59] > Shotaro Dasanteki returns the smile, then sways, looking faint. @.@
[17:59] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) quickly steadys him / Shota... are you sure you're okay?
[18:00] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Adrenaline crash.. and I'm hungry..
[18:01] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) helps Shota over to the sofa, laying him down.
[18:02] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Ohh.. rents on me this month. And I got you something I'll show you after dinner. ^.^
[18:05] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Okay..... you rest for now and I'll get dinner goin'. Gonna' make tuna casserole tonight.
[18:06] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Sounds great!
[18:10] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I heard on the news that none of the police that tried to stop you were critically hurt....
[18:11] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Yeah, Paragon has a top notch medical system, and we... well, -I- wasn't really interested in killing anyone.
[18:11] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Maybe the lawmakers who say people like us can't have a consensual relationship..
[18:11] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) smiles to herself as she starts cooking
[18:13] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Please Shota...... try not to kill anyone..... there's no reason for that.
[18:14] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Okay, Jenny. For you.
[18:15] > Shotaro Dasanteki sighs and goes to his bag, pulling a small device and returning to the couch. He holds it over his face and shines green light on himself, causing the wounds to begin healing.
[18:16] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Thank you.
[18:17] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) smiles again and hums a pleasent tune to herself as she cooks.
[18:20] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] So, this Alcobus.....was she the person you were helping in the first place or was she helping you?
[18:20] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Just helping me. The woman I sprung was quite ordinary. I'm sure "Child Molestation" was the only crime she ever committed.
[18:21] > Shotaro Dasanteki holds his hands up to make quotation marks so Jenny can see.
[18:27] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) sighs a little, thinking about that
[18:27] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I've been asked about you by my friends....
[18:28] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] .... I'm having trouble describing you.
[18:29] > Shotaro Dasanteki hesitates, then laughs.
[18:32] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Yeah, I can see where I don't fit many normal molds.
[18:35] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] I just don't want to say the wrong thing about you.
[18:36] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Ashamed of me?
[18:38] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Not at all! I just don't want to draw any attention to you....
[18:39] [Shotaro Dasanteki] Ahh. Smart. Well then, tell them whatever you like.
[18:40] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Alright
[18:40] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) turns down the heat on her cooking
[18:40] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Food is ready Shota
[18:41] > Shotaro Dasanteki gets up and skips over to the table, his cuts already healed pink lines.
[18:45] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] You look a lot better already
[18:46] > Jennifer Flare (Casual) makes up a plate, setting it in front of Shota, then makes one for herself and Pichu
[18:46] [Jennifer Flare (Casual)] Pichu, come eat!
[18:47] <-- Shotaro Dasanteki [StraightShota@RogueIsles.net] has left #eventsbeta (itadakimasu!)
[18:47] <-- Jennifer Flare (Casual) [AriesSenshi@usa.cc] has left #eventsbeta (I really like these family dinners.)
[00:00] >>> Tuesday Mar 27 2012 <<<
[00:13] ➣ A bright figure sits knitting in the sitting room of Magellan castle, watching the news.
[00:13] --> Queen Minako [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:13] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Queen Minako
[00:14] --> Artemis (Future / Casual) [AnimalGuardian@Venus.gov] has joined #eventsbeta
[00:14] [@HOL_6000] Welcome aboard, Artemis (Future / Casual)
[00:15] [Queen Minako] ♡ ~
[00:15] > Artemis (Future / Casual) walks in with a smile | There's good news on that tv I hope, my queen
[00:15] [Queen Minako] Mmmm... sometimes... they tend to fixate on the bad. Good to see you, Ar~te~mis~ ♡
[00:19] > Artemis (Future / Casual) walks over and sits next to Minako
[00:19] > Queen Minako puts down her knitting and hops up, wrapping herself around Artemis and kissing him agressively.
[00:19] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] MMMMmmm!
[00:19] > Artemis (Future / Casual) is pinned to the sofa by Mina, hesitating at first, but kissing back, rubbing her back
[00:20] [Queen Minako] Mmmmmuah! How's my guardian? ^.^
[00:21] > Artemis (Future / Casual) chuckles, blushing lightly | Pleasently surprised and just fine
[00:22] [Queen Minako] What brings you? Business, or.... pleasure? ♡
[00:22] > Queen Minako gently scratches his chest.
[00:24] > Artemis (Future / Casual) grins up to Mina| I guess you could say pleasure, since I just came to visit you.
[00:25] [Queen Minako] Mmm... last time wasn't enough? Or maybe you just have a fetish for expectant mommies.
[00:26] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Nah... it's just you...~
[00:26] > Queen Minako smiles and leans against him.
[00:26] > Artemis (Future / Casual) holds onto Mina and smiles
[00:28] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Ya' know.... Luna would probably skin me alive if she saw this... but she's got to understand that just because I have a natural attraction to you, doesn't mean I love her any less.
[00:28] [Queen Minako] Love never was a simple thing.
[00:29] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Indeed, you're living proof of that. :P
[00:29] [Queen Minako] Indeed I am. And you're helping.
[00:30] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] What do you mean?
[00:32] [Queen Minako] You're one of my many lovers.
[00:33] [Queen Minako] Though we don't have a kitten yet... but I suppose that's a matter of time.. no matter how overwhelmed I am by my children already. ^^;
[00:33] > Artemis (Future / Casual) chuckles and grins | You and I don't HAVE to have a child together, Mina.
[00:34] [Queen Minako] I know that. :P Only saying it's bound to happen.
[00:35] > Artemis (Future / Casual) smirks, sitting up and kissing Mina
[00:37] [Queen Minako] ^.^
[00:37] [Queen Minako] So, what's new in your life?
[00:37] > Queen Minako lets her hands idly trace over his chest, seeking the groves of his muscles.
[00:39] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Oh, nothing much really.
[00:39] [Queen Minako] How's Diana?
[00:39] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Luna's spending some time with Usagi, so I thought I'd come look in on my old charge too.
[00:40] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Diana's good... worried she'll start bringing boys home anytime now.
[00:40] [Queen Minako] Awwwww.... What kind of thing to say is that? :(
[00:43] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] I'm a father Mina... I'm worried about who my little girl is going to bring home to date.
[00:44] > Queen Minako sits up and inches away from him.
[00:44] [Queen Minako] Little girls have to bring someone home.
[00:44] > Queen Minako pouts and crosses her arms.
[00:45] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Mina....
[00:47] > Artemis (Future / Casual) sits up | Come on now, you can't tell me that Katori wasn't at least a LITTLE worried at first about who Ai would bring home to him.
[00:49] [Queen Minako] >.> Maybe a liiiittle.... but she goes through suitors pretty quickly, and I encouraged him to let her follow a path of love.
[00:52] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Yes well.... I am a tiny bit concerned when she stats to date.
[00:54] [Queen Minako] Well.. promise you'll be accepting of her being courted, as long as the guy isn't -too-shady.
[00:54] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Of course
[00:57] [Queen Minako] Guess we won't be seeing her volunteer down in the brothels, then. Ohh, that reminds me, next month benefits animal protection and welfare.
[00:58] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Heh, if I let her do that, Luna really would skin me alive.
[00:58] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] And these little meetings of ours would never happen again. :P
[00:59] > Queen Minako makes a tsk-tsk noise and shakes her head a little.
[01:00] [Queen Minako] So.. Luna knows we've shared intimacy?
[01:02] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Well, she knew about the new year's party..... but beyond that, I'm not sure.
[01:08] [Queen Minako] She must love you if she was able to shrug that off.
[01:11] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Yeah
[01:12] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Sometimes, I do feel a little guilty though
[01:17] [Queen Minako] Understandable..
[01:18] [Queen Minako] Sometimes I feel guilty when me or Kato or one of my kids seduces someone who'se in a relationship... especially off of Venus, that isn't a popular thing to do.
[01:21] > Artemis (Future / Casual) smiles
[01:27] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Mina.... are you going to stay over there the whole rest of the time I'm here?
[01:28] > Queen Minako sighs.
[01:28] > Queen Minako climbs back into his arms and snuggles his chest.
[01:29] > Artemis (Future / Casual) smils, holding Mina to him
[01:29] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] What's troubleing you?
[01:29] [Queen Minako] I could never stay mad at you.
[01:32] [Queen Minako] Oh, nothing at all. Just thinking that people are responsible for themselves in the end.
[01:33] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] It's true
[01:33] [Queen Minako] No more angst. I'm happy you're here.
[01:35] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] I'm glad to be here with you
[01:38] > Queen Minako kisses him again, now sliding a hand up his shirt.
[01:38] > Artemis (Future / Casual) snuggles Mina with a smile
[01:39] > Artemis (Future / Casual) kisses Mina back
[01:39] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Mmmm...
[01:41] > Queen Minako maintains the kiss as she straddles his lap and runs her hands through his hair.
[01:43] > Artemis (Future / Casual) runs his hands over Mina's back as he kisses back, stopping by wrapping his arms around her waist
[01:44] > Queen Minako grinds her hips against his lap and gets more aggressive with the kiss, beginning to remove his shirt.
[01:45] > Artemis (Future / Casual) slowly breaks the kiss and grins, letting Mina remove his shirt
[01:46] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Should we be doing this right here?~
[01:46] [Queen Minako] Where would you like to do it? My room is free tonight~
[01:47] [Artemis (Future / Casual)] Well, if that's the case.... shall we retire to the queen's chambers?
[01:47] > Artemis (Future / Casual) winks at Mina
[01:48] > Queen Minako shifts on his lap to be sitting sideways, arm around his shoulders.
[01:49] > Artemis (Future / Casual) sits up and lifts her as he stands
[01:51] <-- Queen Minako [SoldierOfLove@Venus.net] has left #eventsbeta (Love me, my knight, my guardian, my lover~)
[01:51] <-- Artemis (Future / Casual) [AnimalGuardian@Venus.gov] has left #eventsbeta (I shall service the queen tonight ♡)